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Bolton Wanderers
December 30, 2009

After two troubled years, Phil Gartside has bitten the bullet and Gary Megson is clearing out his office. In every report, Megson's relationship with the Bolton fans is cited as the main reason he has lost his job, but little consideration is given to Megson's performance, his behaviour and the role of the mainstream media in covering this breakdown.

You have to understand where all this is coming from.

December 27, 2009

You might not have heard about this, but when Mick McCarthy wanted to get a result against Burnley, he threw away the chance to get something at Old Trafford against a wounded and wobbly Man Utd team and made sure that his players were well rested. Gary Megson decided to go with the same approach (only without the forward planning and with more dumb luck involved), and he still couldn't coax a convincing ninety minutes out of his team.

December 14, 2009

Whatever Gary Megson says now is almost beside the point. The tension that has been simmering in the stands of the Reebok for months now has long since spilled onto the pitch and has been affecting the team performances at home, but Megson has always managed to keep a lid on it and make it appear as if the team is still behind him. Now, for the first time, the mask might be slipping.

December 7, 2009

If you need a number to tell you just what a bad result that was at Molineaux, here it is: 5. That is the number of times Mick McCarthy has ever won a Premier League match.

It is getting hard to argue that Bolton don't deserve to be 19th. Are Bolton any better than Wolves, who beat Bolton to get Kevin Doyle this summer? Are they any better than Pompey, West Ham or Hull?