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Bolton Wanderers
June 11, 2009

It's finally happened. For the first time in almost two years there is absolutely no football to follow. (Well, except for The Confederations Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup. And the European U-21 Championships. And some Asian World Cup Qualifying. And South American football and the Copa Libertadores). That's right, no football to follow. Now it's time to board up the windows and find some shelter, because a stormy transfer season is a'coming.

June 3, 2009

When I first heard that Gary Cahill was in an England squad, I naturally assumed that it was some sort of vicious joke, perpetrated by the cruel people around me purely for their own sick amusement. "Hey, Tom… you know the widespread acknowledgement you've craved for the better performers on your crummy Bolton team? Well, Gary Cahill got an England call-up. [smirking] Nah, I'm pulling your leg. Wes Brown got in again."

Well this time, the joke is going to be on you. And Matthew Upson. And Jagielka and Lescott. If he gets a chance, Gary Cahill is going to be good.