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Bolton Wanderers
January 30, 2009

I should be celebrating.

For years I've had only a limited audience to seethe and rant at. My friends have been far too understanding about being subjected to fifteen-minute soliloquies about Kevin Davies versus Emile Heskey. They would smile and placate me, while Iā..m jumping about, sweating, swearing and spitting. If Iā..m in public, I start to draw alarmed sideways glances and mothers move to protect their children.

And now I have this amazing platform, my very own space to vent, nitpick and argue. All of a sudden I have become the totally unofficial, semi-authoritative international mouthpiece for Bolton Wanderers.

Of course, I canā..t be allowed to enjoy this. That would be just too good.

No, because Kevin Nolan is dead, (to me).