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Posted by Rik English on 12/01/2010

Ian Holloway has called for the Premier League to take into consideration bringing in a winter break.

Around Christmas and New Year football is played on Boxing Day and New Years Day, leaving players little time to train and prepare in the correct way for the fixtures, and little time to celebrate with their own families.

Blackpool host Liverpool on Boxing Day then travel to Eastlands to face Manchester City on New Years Day, two of six Premier League fixtures for the Seasiders over the festive period.

Ollie also believes that families across the nation would rather be sat at home with their families tucking into some turkey, rather than traveling the length and breath of the country to go support their team.

If recent results are anything to go by, then December should be another positive month for the Tangerines.

Blackpool are in a healthy 11th position in the Premier League table, five points clear from the relegation zone.

So far Ollie's Tangerine Army are proving all of their critics wrong, and the most refreshing thing from a fans point of view is that the players are doing it by playing attractive attacking football.

Up next is the one that every fan circled on their fixture list at the start of the season; Manchester United at Bloomfield Road.

The Red Devils look like they are hitting top form following their 7-1 thrashing of Blackburn on Saturday.

The biggest fear for anybody though is going into the unknown. The table toppers have not faced this Blackpool side before and will be weary of the all out attack attitude that Ian Holloway's side posses.

The Seasiders have only lost one of their previous six premier league fixtures and that was a last minute winner at Villa Park.

This unique Premier League footballing philosophy has led to Blackpool picking up points against Liverpool, Bolton and Newcastle who are all in the top ten.

By the end of December could we be adding Manchester United and Manchester City to the list?

I think it's a possibility, as I'm sure everybody else connected to Blackpool FC does.

The congestion of fixtures over the festive period means that it is crucially important for the Seasiders to carry on picking up points over December into the New Year.

So get your thermals on and get to the games as the Tangerine army will be backing Ollie's Army all the way into 2011!


Posted by EDIDIONG NED on 12/04/2010

Think that if the manager of the club maintains the club, spends their money on quality players, then the club will be great in future.

Posted by Seyi Alabi on 12/04/2010

The congestion complaint by Blackpool's manager Ian Holloway is due to his small pool of players to use.

Posted by Mike on 12/05/2010

The money that professional players receive is far more than the average household family combined makes. Football is entertainment, our time off is partly for entertainment. The one reason football is played on Saturdays and Sundays. We have a Christmas holiday, we need to see our football.

If the players need time off, let them have it in the middle of January, when we are back trying to make a living.

If you are in the sports industry, you know you work evenings, weekends, holidays. That is why you are paid outrageous money and the fans can watch on their time off.

It is the same in many contries. American football and basketball is played on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Never change, this is the way it is.

Posted by n0manarmy on 01/15/2011

I was going to come in here agreeing with Holloway but after seeing Mike's comments, I take that thought back. I could understand Holloway wanting to get some time for his team to get a rest and get ready for the next run but in respect to the other clubs it would be a waste. So in that light, let it continue as it should.

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