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Blackburn Rovers
August 20, 2009
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 08/20/2009

For those of us lucky enough to follow the other 16 sides in the division, Champions League Tuesday, or Wednesday, or whatever day, can become as interesting as listening to the constant 'Will he?' Won't he?' saga of Joleon Lescott.

Clive Tyldseley and David Pleat can quickly become white noise. Indeed there are occasions in the midweek where I am more inclined to look at the latest scores from the Leyland Daf Trophy Northern Section or whatever its title is at the momment.

Because it seems we see the continental stars and teams so frequently playing the 'Big 4' in the Champs League these days, there is a tendency to become apathetic about them as opposed to the old European Cup which seemed to capture our imagination and the players playing in it.