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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 05/10/2012

Steve Kean 9th May 2012: "I said a number of weeks ago this is a changing time for the club. We have new owners. I am new into the job, but the club is moving forward and these are exciting times for the club."

And that sums up what we have had to contend with for so long and why this once wonderful football club will spiral further towards oblivion unless sense prevails and the puppet and his masters get out of town. But remember, in Steve's world 18 months is no time at all to be in the job. Bless him, he's probably only just been given his swipecard for the canteen, and it's far too early for him to have been invited into the lottery syndicate. He's got to learn everyone's name first.

On Monday night, the end was largely predictable and the lights went out on our Premier League lives. The fans were magnificent and the chicken had a stormer, but we were never good enough against a Wigan side that thoroughly deserve to stay in the division. They have everything that we used to possess - a well respected manager, a chairman who is football crazy and who has more common sense than Venky’s will ever know, and integrity. Our regime doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Pathetically, Dave Whelan was our spokesman on Monday night rather than our absent owners, who apparently were in 'mourning' due to relegation. He was more upset at our plight than they will ever care to be.

What has deeply frustrated me over the last 48 hours is the number of inquests that have taken place in the national press. In the deep mid-winter, the fans were crying out for their voice to be heard but a combination of Steve Kean's allies in the media and the Rovers PR machine helped to demonise the supporters. The Paul Hunt leaked letter and his subsequent sacking has confirmed that there is little hope now and that the club is lost as we knew it.

Unfortunately there is still a long way to run in the Venky’s/Kean saga and relegation is only the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end for them.

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Posted by Brian on 05/10/2012

I feel for you - a lot of people are on Blackburn supporters for booing the team, but honestly they were a shambles. In two absolute must win games (Tottenham last week and Wigan Monday), they played without any conviction or heart. Kean is a muppet of the highest order, and parroting this 'exciting times' nonsense is embarrassing. The least he could do is take some responsibility, but he comes off like a coddled child who really doesn't understand the magnitude of the situation, or how much of it can be directly attributed to himself. It's well and good to support your players, but if they're off week and in and out, you can't keep saying "the lads did well tonight..." No, no they didn't. So what else are the supporters to do but (loudly)voice their discontent? It's a shame and I hope your club gets sorted, but that won't happen until all of these bums are replaced.

Posted by dazzwater on 05/10/2012

Condolences. Hope you guys find a permanent solution to the problem with Venky's.

Posted by m.wylie on 05/10/2012

Arsenal supporter here. Shameful outcome for Rovers fans - very sad. A question for you though: if you could emulate any one team in the Premier League, which would it be? why? and can Rovers realistically get to that goal? Just wondering ...

Posted by Chris T on 05/11/2012

It was interesting that Dave Whelan had those comments because from what I gathered he cared and made more sense then Kean and Venkys combined. Our club is being turned to rubble and I am in pain to see this proud club being made the example of how not to run a Premier League club when for so long it was run efficiently. Kean and Venkys out and lets hope it dont take too long!

Posted by Michael on 05/11/2012

Wigan supporter here. Sincere condolences to Blackburn fans. You have a great club, which has been shamefully run into the ground by Venkys and Kean, a horrific combination that would also have brought any other club to its knees. I hope you can get rid of them as quickly as possible. Cheers for the kind words for Dave Whelan, his postmatch comments were magnificent. If "it" had to happen, glad it happened Monday night, so Whelan could provide a voice for the Blackburn supporters. Best wishes to you for next season and beyond, hope to see you soon again in the Prem!!!

Posted by adebayo on 05/12/2012

at the begining of the season, the blackburn did well, but there sudden deformation is quite astonded, the players plays unoptimistically which has ended up relegation. It will b a lesson 4 every weak team to witness the rope of relegation. Swansea has done wel and now on the premiership next season.

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