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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 05/03/2012

Those of us who were at White Hart Lane on Sunday to witness our once proud football club surrender in the embarassing and pathetic manner that it did, will not forget it in a hurry.

Rovers were a team that needed to take the game to the opposition and gain a positive result in order to have any chance of preserving their Premier League status. We were promised all week that there was a game plan to exploit Tottenham's weaknesses, but we have been given false promises for 18 months from the owners and a manager who have treated the fans with utter contempt. Not a single shot in anger towards the end that we were attacking sums up this horrific season.

In all honesty the supporters who made their way to North London on Sunday deserve a refund. We should also contact Amnesty International to highlight the torture we have endured since the Venkys purchased their 'toy'. Gallows humour was the order of the day for Rovers supporters as they left the ground with the Spurs supporters almost apologetic towards us.

Living in the capital puts you in contact with supporters from a variety of clubs up and down the land. All season they have been manipulated and duped by the London media into believing that Rovers' problems lie at the door of their 'ignorant' and 'thuggish' supporters. After Sunday, opinion has well and truly swung in favour of the fans. 'Embarassing' and 'pathetic' are words that have been used to describe the team's efforts by rival supporters.

Next Monday evening in what surely will be our final Premier League fixture at Ewood for some time, it would be nice to show the watching football world how much we do care. We have the opportunity to 'thank' Venkys for all they have done this season. It is our last chance because after it's all over, the national media will not want to listen sob stories about being swindled and ruined. Rovers' plight will be yesterday's fish and chip paper and be replaced by articles reflecting other Premier League happenings. The press will not care about us as we plot a path across the wasteland of the Championship.

We all know that Steve Kean is Venkys little puppet. His press conferences and post match interviews have become largely irrelevant, due to the deluded nonsence he often utters. So too often his ramblings are interupted with the familiar phrase and default response..."We have gone to Old Trafford, Anfield and Goodison this season and got results.." We know Steve and are very bored of it! Funny you don't discuss the 21 defeats this season...?

It was on a May Bank Hoilday Monday 17 years ago that Ewood experienced one it's greatest nights and atmospheres. Monday 8th May 1995 on the 50th anniversary of VE day will never be forgotten. It would be fantastic if we could try to recreate that sort of atmosphere this coming Monday evening against Wigan and show the regime that enough is enough. Whatever happens, Rovers' fans have to do this in a dignified manner and not allow any nonsense to go on. We cannot give any ammunition to those who have wrongly criticised us all season for being a major contributing factor towards the team's misfortune on the field. You can just imagine the glee on some so-called pundits' faces if this was to happen.

One of the most effective and spontaneous aspects of the protests this seson was in the last home game against Norwich when all four sides of the ground (even those in the Upper Jack Walker) joined in with a rendition of "We want Venky's Out". At 2-0 up, this sent out a massive message to everyone watching.

Like most Rovers fans, I could stomach relegation if it was a consequence of a natural decline in fortunes despite honest endeavours to prevent it. That's what frustrates and hurts the supporters so much. Next season, supporters and their families who have followed the club for generations will choose not to renew their season ticket. For many, apart from their loved ones, Rovers is the most important thing in their life. They will stop coming, not as a result of relegation as the national media will have us believe, but because the Rovers they once cherished and everything it stood for has disintegrated.


Posted by Iceburn9 on 05/03/2012

You summed up my thoughts exactly. Similarly in two decades supporting the club, I have never felt so forlorn and despondent about its fortunes.

Like you said, we could stomach relegation if everybody gave it their best. But this season, it seems to be a meek surrender after another. Like they waved the white flag without a whimper.

Even when they went down under Bryan Kidd, they put up a semblance of a fight. At Spurs last weekend, it was more of roll-over-and-die.

Many will point their fingers at Rovers fans for their harsh treatment of the manager.

But what do they expect, when this puppet spouts banalities game after game. It's like somebody who keeps crashing his car into the wall, and after the 29th time, he tells you he'll take the positives from that experience.

Rovers fans are simply sick and tired of seeing their beloved club, torn apart by the ineptitude of owners who have no business running a football club.

Posted by Paul on 05/07/2012

The player I feel most sorry for is Paul Robinson. I still believe that had he been in goal, the Croatia debacle would not have occurred. And then, with nary an explanation, Capello totally ignored him until injury provided him the opportunity to snub him back. I suspect someone will snap him up, although he appears to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I have to admit that the chicken on the pitch was quite humorous, and I hope it did not end up on the wrong end of an assembly line.

Posted by Andrew Greiner on 05/09/2012

I am often fascinated by the decline of a corporation because of inside deals and the brittle mental state of a few men. For Kean to not walk away is indecent at this point. Even as a neutral I am appalled and saddened at was is STILL OCCURRING at Ewood Park. The pain you are going through I suspect will continue for some time. I can only hope that the way Kean has behaved will guarantee that no club will ever touch him again. To place the fortunes of a City aside for one's ego are the actions of a mad dictator. Very sad... Good luck in Blackburn.

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