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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 03/07/2012

Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish reckons his side were "bullied" by Rovers in the 2nd half of the encounter at Ewood on Saturday. Whether this was the case is open to conjecture but McLeish’s comments have to be welcomed as it seems like an eternity since an opposition manager has given Rovers credit for getting amongst his team and imposing themselves on them.

Ewood during the mid 'noughties' was a place to avoid if you happened to be an over paid, underperforming prima donna who might be suffering a slight twinge to a hamstring or a few sniffles. Managers such as Wenger and Benitez prepared for a trip to Ewood with trepidation and in the days leading up to the visit to 'hell' were prepared to play mind games with referees warning of the consequences of being soft towards the 'bully boys'. Rovers need many more 2nd half performances like against Villa on Saturday to stay in this division.

The 1st half was dreadful but a couple of substitutions changed the course of the game and Dunny was on hand to grab a vital point. Wolves thumping at Fulham has helped Rovers to clamber out of the bottom three and the final placings could well come down to goal difference or even goals scored. The only thing consistent about the bottom five at present is the inconsistency of all the teams. No side can seemingly put a run together to break free.

We have seen what a few victories can do to help sides catapult up the table like Fulham and West Brom so if Rovers can do something they have failed to do under Steve Kean and win two games on the trot, the side may well gain enough confidence to help preserve Premier League status.

Equally, there has been no better time for that old friend, 'a clean sheet', to pay an unexpected return. 60 goals conceded this season tells its own story, but surely a big fat zero next to the opposition when the results are being read out on Sports Report must happen soon. The novelty of this would take so much pressure off the need to score at least two goals to gain a positive result.

'One-nil to the Rovers' would have a far from boring ring to it!

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Posted by Gerson on 05/10/2012

This is a well written altrcie and many of the points raised by you are those of any decent supporter. Football supporters are a passionate bunch in the UK. You only have to go to a match in Scotland to realise that. Most of us who follow football have grown up attending our hometown club or have adopted a club when we have moved around the country. In my own case I grew up following Reading FC in the old Third Division South in the 60 s and 70 s. A lovely old ground, Elm Park, with a loyal following of around 4 5,000 supporters. In 1978 I moved to Lancashire and my introduction to Blackburn Rovers was by way of the Darwen End, where I stood with a family member who always stood in the same spot along with the away supporters! I soon bought a season ticket in the Enclosure at the front of the Nuttall Street stand and I've been there as a season ticket holder ever since. When Rovers are not playing on a Saturday or mid-week I often go to Stanley, so I have an interest in 3 clubs. However, I only have a passion for Blackburn Rovers.So, I pay my money like everyone else and reckon I have the right to an opinion on the entertainment I am served up. I have watched Rovers in crowds of 4000 and been there when we won the Simod Cup, the Premiership and Carling Cups, so I've seen the good times and the bad. I will be there next year even if the unthinkable' happens, unlike some of those who are already drifting away this season. I, like you do not intend to demonstrate or march to show my displeasure. However, I do take exception to Steve Kean and the Venky's PR machine (if it does exist) in putting a spin on things by suggesting that the majority of supporters are behind him. Well we are not. Venky's have made huge mistakes in their year in charge. None more so than to remove a manager who had yet again got Rovers clear of danger and punching above their weight. No mean feat for a small town club. During my time as a supporter those so called brilliant coaches' don't often make good managers. Jack Walker above his love for the club, was a good businessman. He would take action to prevent his vision being derailed by pruning the management or digging a little deeper into his pockets. Venky's we are led to believe are good business people in their own country, with their interests in the poultry and pharmaceutical industries. They were poorly advised from the start. If you bought a business about which you knew nothing then the last thing you would do is to immediately rock the boat and tinker with the stability of the business. All that is history now. Venky's need to bring in new experienced management, whilst moving Kean aside to continue to coach the team if that's what they think he can do. They also need to dig deep into those pockets and provide funds in January to support a new manager in the fight against relegation. We all know that if you are in the bottom 3 at Christmas then there is a very strong possibility of relegation. A Championship team won't excite many fans in India will they? The Championship is full of once great teams, all trying to get back to the top. Rovers will probably never come back from relegation. I will be there next season, along with the hardcore of Rovers fans. Those fans who don't demonstrate and don't march but love their club. We will be there, but I ask you Venky's will you? NOW is the time for you to act.

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