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Blackburn Rovers
October 25, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 10/25/2011

The decision to attempt to drown out the fans' concerns in the aftermath of the Spurs defeat by playing some 'white noise' Rihanna track over the Ewood PA system is indicative of the contempt shown by the powers that be for the Rovers' supporters. I don't believe the blame can be placed at the door of Radio Rovers Gerald Jackson but whoever believed it to be in the best interests of club, scored a massive own goal.

Rover’s supporters were magnificent throughout the afternoon and got behind a side which was low on confidence but 'spurred' them on to produce their best display of the season. Many of the protesters were the very same people who gave such tremendous, positive vocal backing throughout the 90 minutes. It was only on the final whistle that these fans reserved the right to let their feelings be heard about the bigger picture at the club.

October 18, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 10/18/2011

Were there any positives to take from our trip to Shepherds Bush on Saturday? Apart from the novelty aspect of a trip to the 'subbuteo stadium' for the first time in a number of seasons, not many. I remember the last couple of occasions we played at Loftus Road when Fulham were the tenants due to Craven Cottage being 'redeveloped' (if that actually did occur), on both visits we scored four goals respectively. Those were the days!

The hard truth is, the game on Saturday was there for the taking. These were two pitifully poor sides who appeared quite content to settle to share the spoils from the moment Chris Samba's header hit the back of the net with only a quarter of the game gone. At one stage it seemed as if both sets of players could not distinguish which side was wearing what coloured shirt. Passes were going astray and set pieces were finding touch more regularly than in the egg chasing World Cup in the Southern Hemisphere.

October 5, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 10/05/2011

The character of Baldrick from Blackadder is popularly associated with the comedic catch phrase "I have a cunning plan." The "cunning plans" in question are dreamed up by Baldrick as a solution to a particular problem or crisis and are usually ridiculed scathingly by Blackadder on account of their implausibility, but Blackadder frequently resorts to using these plans when the situation becomes desperate. Sound familiar?

Venky's have said they are putting together an action plan which they hope to see Rovers out of its current crisis. Venkatesh Rao said he had "..spoken with Steve Kean and we are working on our weak points." After Saturday's tragicomedy, we all know just where our weak point lies! I'm afraid that the doomsday clock has hit midnight for Steve Kean.