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Blackburn Rovers
September 27, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 09/27/2011

The lifeless and limp display in the North East on Saturday diluted all the positive vibes that came out of Ewood last weekend following the unexpected but welcomed win against Arsenal. Many of us and most apparently the 'King of Spin' himself got a little carried away last week and the Rovers Red Rose if not fully blooming, was starting to look a little healthier.

The problem for Steve Kean is that there are many more than 2% of fans who have a gripe against him as he may wish to believe. There is a silent majority who may not be as vocal as some but who are just as concerned about the direction the club is going and will not tolerate the kind of performance witnessed at St James'.

Chris Samba has called for "more heart" against City at Ewood on Saturday but that commodity will have to come from some unlikely sources with the forced absences of Dann, Salgado, Givet and Olson giving opportunities to fringe players. Only time will tell if Rovers can produce another miraculous result to match that of two weeks ago. It also remains to be seen whether the Venky's invitation to a group of fans to visit their Pune headquarters in India for talks about the club will have the topic of a new manager on the agenda.

September 18, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 09/18/2011

A surreal Saturday had Rovers fans both shaking their heads in disbelief and nodding in enthusiastic approval as one of the most exciting games witnessed in recent years at the famous old ground concluded. The day may have begun with protests but ended in great applause for a team that battled and fought for every ball. Lady luck may have at times worn a blue and white shirt but take nothing away from the players and on this occasion the tactical awareness of Steve Kean.

I said last week that supporters with differing views on Steve Kean should be allowed to exercise their right to free speech without fear of being ridiculed or seen as troublemakers. The anti-Kean lobby of approximately 500 in number protested in a resolute but peaceful manner prior to the game before taking their seats to cheer on the side. Those who are firmly in the Kean camp may feel that they had the last laugh but the real winner emerging yesterday was the football club as a whole.

September 14, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 09/14/2011

Leaving Craven Cottage on Sunday evening ,the wild windy and wet weather which greeted our departure along the banks of the Thames acted as a metaphor for the current turmoil inflicting our club. Many friends of a non Rovers persuasion who had not watched the game texted me saying that I must be happy with a point. In other circumstances I would have tended to agree.

True, we did look fairly comfortable in the first half and the performances of Rochina and Scott Dann (despite his indiscretion) were encouraging. But it must be said that Fulham were largely one dimensional using the poorer right foot of Damien Duff as their only outlet.

The second period was different and summed up Steve Kean's tenure as manager. Rovers could not keep possession of the ball and far too frequently players would not take responsibility for their own positions. Once again we were tactically naive and some of the substitutions were bizarre to say the least. So where does this leave the supporters, manager and owners of the club?