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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 08/29/2011

Some people seem to be blessed with good fortune without having to work particularly hard for it, however there are others who repeatedly fail despite their efforts and talents. I don't think there would be many Rovers fans who would place Steve Kean in that second category but you couldn't help but feel a little bit of sympathy for the man on Saturday.

Having seen Rovers dismantle a frighteningly dire Everton side without reward, there was a consensus among the folk leaving Ewood that Kean, far from being the greatest manager in the world is also unlucky. Not a great combination. The reality is that despite dominating the 2nd half and having enough chances to win three games let alone one, Rovers find themselves pointless and supporters becoming increasingly vocal in their opposition towards Kean and his employers.

There is no doubt that the club have some potential stars in the making. The trio of Rochina, Formica and Goodwillie have already showed signs that they will be capable of creating and scoring chances in the future but the clock is ticking and the youngsters are desperately looking for a helping hand from the experienced pros to guide them through the current turmoil. Unfortunately the old heads are not stepping up to the plate. Both Pedersen and Dunn (apart from being unlucky with a shot which hit the post) were largely innocuous for the 35 minutes they were on the pitch before injury curtailed their afternoon and the almost inevitable inclusion of Jason Roberts in the starting line up is beginning to baffle Rovers fans.

Roberts has always given his all to the cause without frightening the quality defences but on Saturday he spent more time on his backside or gesticulating to his fellow team mates about how it was their fault rather than his own that he could not control a pass delivered at a pace that a geriatric tortoise would regard as slow. I have supported Jason over the years due to his wholehearted attitude and honest nature but there is a school of thought that he is becoming somewhat of an apologist and unofficial PR officer for the manager and owners and using his media work as an outlet to argue their cause.

On the subject of penalties, nobody can legislate for a double miss in a game but I was baffled by the comments of the usually respected David Moyes. I have always admired the Everton boss and would love to see him in the hot seat at Ewood (in my dreams) but I found it impossible to agree with his assessment of the penalties awarded. Formica certainly was looking for a spot kick on both occasions but was caught on both occasions which resulted in two clear penalty decisions. At the other end, Samba did make contact with Fellaini but only after he had won a clear header with the ball ending up high in the stand.

Saturday also saw the farewell appearance of Brett Emerton who had given 8 years of great service to the club. Brett's attitude and commitment could never be doubted but there is a feeling that he never scaled the heights of his amazing debut against Wolves in 2003 where we all thought that a world beater had joined the club. All Rovers fans will want to wish him all the best for the future.

The next few days up to the closing of the window will be a nervous time for Rovers fans. Reports suggest that the deals for centre back George John and striker Ibisevic have fallen through. Rovers fans are now so use to the break down in alleged transfer deals that they have learnt not to become too excited. If as it seems likely there will be few imports, we certainly do not want to see any exports. Yesterday's comedy performances from both the North London clubs have added to the speculation that they may bid for the colossus that is Chris Samba. We can only hope that they only have eyes for Phil Jagielka and Gary Cahill.

Samba proved yet again on Saturday that he is a leader and inspiration to those around him. If he is still a Rovers player on Thursday morning then that would far surpass any 'marquee' signing the Venkys could dream of.

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Posted by Eliot on 08/29/2011

fantastic article i agree with everything completely! if only kean had good luck and won the next 4 games and we will start singing his name again... haha but seriously i've heard through sky sports were in for dann wich would be a fantastic signing. we need to sort out our defense. if your good at the back then you have a good chance of gettin points lol. look at stoke!!! n wolves nowadays even us last season before kean took over.

Posted by Mike Williams on 08/29/2011

I really dont understand what the Venky's owners see in Steve Kean. The man has no charisma, so how is he supposed to inspire a team or finalise transfer deals for big players. Formica, Rochina and Goodwillie had a cracking game in the carling cup, and what does he do in a premier league match.....leave all 3 of them and Petrovic on the bench. The man has no talent and as a Rovers supporter i hope that there is some shread of intelligence left in Rao and Kean gets the chop. Time is running out and letting players like Jason Roberts still get 1st team football is what will cost us relegation!

Posted by bigo1723 on 08/30/2011

I can't believe a player of Chris Samba's obvious ability wants to stay at Blackburn, given the current state of affairs at the club. Also, from a viewpoint outside the club Brett Emerton's leaving seems ill-timed and almost like jumping the ship. Ugly time to be a Blackburn supporter.

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