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Blackburn Rovers
April 26, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 04/26/2011

Lets face it, did any Rovers fan really expect anything other than a City victory at Ewood Park? Despite Steve Kean's proclamation, Rovers went into the game bereft of confidence and with the majority of the supporters having no confidence in the manager to turn things around and rid the club from the spectre of relegation.

Rovers however defied logic and produced a performance that was brimming with commitment, heart and desire and apart from the opening 20 minutes when we showed City far too much respect and allowed them space and an eternity on the ball, we matched our wealthy Mancunians in every department apart from the art of goalscoring.

This has been a common theme throughout the sorry season and could ultimately prove to be our downfall and the statistics don't lie. Nikola Kalinic is Rovers top scorer this campaign and is placed in position number 46 in the Premier League scoring charts having amased a grand total of 5 goals. To be fair to the young Croat, he has been largely warming the substitutes bench since the turn of the year but I fear we will not have anyone who would be capable of finding the net if we had to the chase the games at West Ham and Wolves repectively. If Hoilett is fit, then he could be the solution, but it is a big IF.

April 18, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 04/18/2011

As we know, the former Downing Street press secretary, Alistair Campbell, is not noted for his love of Blackburn Rovers for obvious reasons. But the Burnley fanatic and spin doctor supremo is bound to be impressed by the methods used by Rovers boss Steve Kean to give us all the impression that everything is rosy in the Rovers garden.

Kean described Rovers as being "excellent" in the first half of the defeat at Goodison on Saturday, this despite not having a single goal attempt on target and the quotes continued from a man who seems as unflappable and belligerent as Quinn, the Captain of 'The Orca', as Jaws starts to eat everything in its path leading to the inevitable conclusion. (Only this time I think we are going to need more than a bigger boat to save us!)

April 11, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 04/11/2011

It was certainly a case of two valuable points being lost at Ewood on Saturday. Referee Chris Foy did not help matters with a performance that was full of inconsistancies and the constant noise pollution from the shrill of his whistle. But ultimately, Rovers could not brake down a Birmingham side which was average at best.

There were some positive performances from the likes of the ever improving Jermaine Jones and David Dunn, who looks fitter and more eager than he has done for some time. Micheal Salgado was again at his buzzing best and is now arguably the fans cult hero taking over the mantle from the legend that was Tugay.

April 5, 2011
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 04/05/2011

As I made my way from South London to the Emirates on Saturday, I didn't need my ESPN phone app to tell me that West Ham were having a first half to dream about at Upton Park. Arsenal fans in the meantime were making the tedious journey on the Victoria Line a whole lot worse with their songs and general merriment about winning the Premier League etc.

The tube ride gave me time to consider the future. Given the foregone conclusion that West Ham would win the game and consequently leapfrog Rovers in the the battle at the bottom and United themselves giving Arsenal a free hit to go and win the title, I contemplated the afternoon to come with huge trepidation. As I left the underground and made my way out of Finsbury Park Station the expected atmosphere of jubilation among the Gooners was not evident. Their fans were subdued and at that moment I believed Rovers had a chance.