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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 02/06/2011

There are some weeks which you would like to confine to the dustbin of history and Rovers have certainly had one of those. A cup defeat to our nemesis which is Aston Villa FC followed by two League reverses and sandwiched in between came the news we had feared for some time that the magnificent John Williams was leaving the club.

I have waxed lyrical in recent months as to the immense contribution of Williams in shaping the modern Blackburn Rovers we know today. He was the architect in laying the foundations for a stable Premier League club in the post-Walker era and the fans recognised his honesty and integrity and above all, his loyalty to the club and themselves. Transfer funds may have been tight but this did not stop the faithful from chanting his name. John Williams's legacy can be found in the form of cheap tickets and vastly increased attendences. He will be sorely missed as we venture further into the land of the unknown.

The defeat at the DW/JJB/MFI/ELO stadium or whatever it calls itself these days was as dire as it was unexpected. I have applauded Steve Kean's footballing philosophy of trying to play attractively in the cause of gaining results but he was naive yesterday. On a pudding of pitch which was more fitting to the great game of Swamp Football, a more pragmatic approach should have prevailed. The owners may have given Kean the remit of providing entertainment to the masses but there is a time and place. The style of a side has to evolve before it can revolve fully.

These are crazy days in the mad world of the Premier League. Transfer inflation is rocketing at a time when most of us are tightening our belts and it seems as if David can beat Goliath far to regularly. Nothing can be taken for granted and so it is imperative that Rovers are focused and ready to get back to winning ways against Newcastle next Saturday. Samba needs to regain his beat and Santa has to get back on his sleigh!

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Posted by RoversFan on 02/06/2011

It's definitely been a difficult week. John Williams should go down as a club legend, such was his contribution. I hope Givet recovers quickly, he's a great defender and his presence allows Olsson to press forward and not have to worry about defending.

I wonder when we'll get a look at Formica and Rochina? Perhaps not until safety is secured, or even later, but I'd like to see what they've got!

Posted by Bob, Blackburn on 02/07/2011

You have to worry about the intelligence of some of our players on Saturday. With the pitch rapidly turning into a quagmire from the off, why did our midfield, and Jones in particular, insist on playing tippy-tappy football, and holding onto the ball in order to display his combative qualities. Similarly our left full-back was guilty of holding onto the ball for too long and inviting pressure from the opposition.
In contrast, Wigan hit the wings as soon as possible, exploiting the poor defensive capabilities of Olsson and the lack of pace of Salgado.

The conditions were more suitable to a long ball-game in which you hit the channels as soon as possible. Contrary to what some would have us believe, this style of play isn't against the rules, and was employed effectively by Wigan.

Posted by Bob, Blackburn on 02/07/2011

In closing, if Kean, Crocky, an average player from Schalke reserves, and two unfit youngsters from the sunshine leagues of Spain and Argentina are the best that Venky's can muster, then I have real worries, if not about this season then certainly for next.

This season Sam Allerdyce left with quite a few points on the board. Next season, I fear that the "entertaining" football will see us go the way of Norwich, West Brom, Burnley (and maybe even Blackpool on current form).

Venky's, get your hands in your pockets if you want to deliver what you have promised. You'll need an experienced manager at this level, not a yes man, and some quality, experienced players.

This weekend I am expecting Nolan and Barton to show us the type of quality Venkys should have funded. I fear that a team that can come back from 4-0 down against Arsenal aren't going to find Rovers much of a challenge.

Posted by MiggsiRovers87tillDEATH on 02/07/2011

john williams is a legend and will go down in history if not by the club by the fans.chanting his name at the wigan game alone with jacks.formica and rochina shud get thrown in at the deep end bring em up 2 speed with the premier league

Posted by Dallas Rover on 02/07/2011

Losing JW is gutting. His steadying hand was what kept the team relevant and the city from giving up on them. I've had the pleasure of working with JW on a minor project and he was nothing but humble, accessible and cooperative. He will be sorely missed at Blackburn and he cannot be replaced.

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