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Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 01/04/2011

We may have stumbled into a brand new year but for Rovers fans there has been no change with the media circus that engulfed Ewood at the back end of 2010. On Monday we had the familiar tale of rumour followed by counter rumour followed by a denial followed by confirmation that the club had contacted AC Milan and tabled a £6.2 million offer for former World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho.

Nothing surprises Rovers fans now. In the past month, the club has been linked with three of the highest profile names to have ever graced this great game. When it was suggested that Maradona would take over the reins from Big Sam, my phone went into overdrive with fellow Rovers fans and friends who have no connection to the club texting their views on the incredible breaking story. Over the Christmas period, Beckham has been linked with the club but this was largely greeted with cynicism from Rovers supporters as yet another PR stunt gone wrong by the owners. When the Ronaldinho story broke on Monday evening, it may have raised the eyebrows of the rest of the football world, but it was probably taken with a pinch of salt by the majority of Rovers supporters.

Indeed local radio on Tuesday morning did not even mention the story and had a piece on Accrington Stanley before Rovers were even mentioned.

I said before Christmas that Venky's should be judged on February 1st about their true intentions for Rovers’ future. What happens in the January window will set the mood and direction for the long term future of the club. If they were to achieve the signing of a huge name who was committed to the cause, the owners would certainly have healed much of the wound which became infected in December.

In 1991 we were flabbergasted when it was revealed that Rovers had made a £2 million offer to Spurs for Gary Lineker. Nobody then could envisage the journey that Jack Walker would take the club on in the years to come. The difference with Jack was that we knew he had the best interests of the club at heart. But could these 'chicken farmers' derided in the press and by supporters alike have the last laugh as history repeats itself? We should know more very soon.


Posted by Sam on 01/04/2011

Nice article Marcus. The rumours around Ronnie are indeed interesting but can you see the player choosing Blackburn over a return to Brazil and the party lifestyle? I just dont know what he would have to gain from joining except a few extra bob. Unless Blackburn sign a number of extra players he will probably not be playing in Europe and probably not competing for any trophies this year anyway and the weather and lifestyle would probably suit him more in Brazil. I just cant see it happening and if it did I think his game would not be suited for Blackburn. I can understand the owners wanting to make a statement and gain prestige back in India with a big name but they need to build better foundations for this to work successfully. What do you think?

Marcus Replies:

Thanks Sam.You are quite right that the firm foundations need to be in place before they can dream of getting the 'Hollywood stars' they crave. They have however succeeded in having the name Blackburn Rovers plastered over the newspapers and internet feeds around the globe. At the same time, the Venkys brand has received exposure beyond their wildest dreams.
I will judge them on February 1st but I do fear that the exploitation of their new 'Blackburn toy' has only just begun.
As for Ronny, I can just imagine him on a night out in Blackburn at on a tropical January evening!

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