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Blackburn Rovers
November 28, 2010
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/28/2010

When we purchase a product, we are always reminded to keep hold of the receipt in the event of us changing our minds and wanting a refund. After Saturday's fun and games, I wonder if such thoughts consumed the heads of our new owners?

Let's be fair, United decided from the first whistle that they use Rovers as the guinea pig in a football experiment till eventually they decided they were bored. Berbatov and Rooney were outstanding but Rovers were diabolical. The heaviest defeat since the other Manchester mob hit 6 without reply against a hapless Vince O'Keefe in September 1983 showed in microscopic detail all of Rovers frailties.

November 22, 2010
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/22/2010

The third revolution in the illustrious history of Blackburn Rovers is underway. Both co-founder John Lewis and the great Jack Walker have been towering figures in the development of the club and now it is the turn of the Rao family, owners of Indian poultry giants Venky's to see if they can make their mark on this famous football institution.

Like many Rovers fans, I am filled with mixed emotions regarding the takeover. There is apprehension yet excitement and the general feeling at Ewood yesterday was one of very cautious optimism. The new owners were given a warm welcome but were also reminded that the memory, legacy and achievement of Jack Walker will never be forgotten.

November 15, 2010
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/15/2010

Despite the constant moaning and whinging of some managers that there are too many games played, it is worth remembering that the top division has seen a gradual reduction in matches since 1992. For fans of clubs in the lower leagues, there is the consolation that they will be able to see their side in action far more frequently during the cold and dark midweek Winter nights than some. This last week however has given us who sit at the top table of English football the rare treat of taking in 3 matches in 7 days.

Rovers fans would certainly have settled for 6 points out of a possible 9 before the triology of games began but each one was very different in its own way and did not follow any particular pattern. The Newcastle game proved that the good guy can overcome the bad boy and also that Allardyce can be at times as tactically astute a manager as any in this league. However, the Spurs defensive debacle showed we are not as watertight as Sam chooses to believe.

November 8, 2010
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/08/2010

Rovers returned from their one week excursion to the land of free flowing and inventive football and went back to basics on Saturday at Ewood.

Last weekend we waxed lyrical about a team who played the Champions off the park with not a bully boy in sight. Rovers were wonderful and showed that they were capable of so much more than the one dimensional game we have seen of late.

Whereas Rovers were dreadfully unlucky against Chelsea last weekend, lady luck was wearing a blue and white halved shirt on Saturday. Wigan played some excellent football and at times completely overwhelmed the Rovers midfield through their crisp passing game. Charles N'Zogbia is good enough to grace any side and he gave Salgado a torrid afternoon which has not happened often this season.

November 1, 2010
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/01/2010

I was saddened to hear yesterday evening that the original host of 6-0-6 and broadcasting radio genius, Danny Baker, is suffering from cancer.

Baker was the pioneer of radio football phone-ins in the early 90's when he hit the airwaves with 6-0-6 on the original Radio 5. Up until 1991, it was virtually impossible to listen to anything football related on the radio past 6pm. This led to many tedious motorway journeys going home from far-flung away grounds, particularly if your team had been thumped!

Danny Baker changed all that and I remember sometimes anticipating 6-0-6 more than the afternoons match. This was not the run-of-the-mill radio phone-in with all its tedium that has been replicated time and time again in recent years. Rather than discuss really interesting topics such as whether a player was standing in an offside position, Pirate Baker wanted to know such things as whether you had dated someone who looked like a footballer or what the most bizarre thing you had ever taken to a match was.

This was belly aching laughter, revolutionary radio at the time. I am remember driving back from Watford in 1992 having to come off at some services on the M1 with tears rolling down my cheeks, not being able to concentrate on the road due to the hilarity on the radio. This was a football phone-in for true masochistic football fans who understood Baker's leftfield approach.And the feeling was mutual.

This paved the way and inspired everything from Skinner and Badiel's Fantasy Football through to Soccer AM and less we forget, James Corden's World Cup Live. Many have tried, but none have come close to Danny Baker.

Here's to a very speedy recovery and back on the airwaves where he belongs.

Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 11/01/2010

On the eve of Halloween, there was certainly something freaky in the air at Ewood on Saturday. Rovers did not press their own default button or refer to their own manual, but took the game directly to the Champions. The refreshing and attacking Rovers with the midfield supporting the frontline was a wonderful sight. Rovers did not bully Chelsea but were inventive and Ronnie Clayton would have been proud as punch.

I desperately wanted the watching media to convey to the nation and wider football world that Rovers played the better football and created more opportunities and to be fair they largely agreed with that assessment. Benjani thoroughly justfied his selection leading the front line and had great support from the two Diouffs and Brett Emerton with the Austrailian rolling back the years. It was a pity that Benjani had to be replaced at half time with Jason Roberts.