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Blackburn Rovers
December 22, 2009
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 12/22/2009

As an ex-pat season ticket holder living in the capital, nothing surprises me when I analyse the press reports on a morning after a game. This is particularly the case when Rovers have played against one of London's so-called elite. I am used to seeing the same old lazy headlines referring to 'bully boys' and 'hoof and rush' and if we are lucky,we see the occasional blooper of our very own football club having their name changed to Blackpool Rovers! The London based media were no different in their assessment on Sunday morning.

The truth is, Rovers were the better side and did try to play football. I have been quite critical of the tactics and performances of late but I have no complaints about Saturday. We just can't finish chances created and unfortunately any team who can't put the ball in the back of the net in this division will find themselves closer to the trap door.

December 16, 2009
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 12/16/2009

I resisted the temptation of venting my spleen after coming in from the match last night in order to give a more balanced view of things this morning. Quite frankly, nothing has changed my view, we were shocking! That game highlights all that is wrong with this league. One mediocre side that incredibly is clinging onto the shirt tales of those wanting a Champions League spot and another team that ridiculously, having scored one solitary goal in five games, is still in mid table.

That said, if Wolves persist in short changing their fans by playing a team of reserves in games they feel they have no chance of winning then there is hope for us all. The trend was initiated by Rovers as this column has alluded to in the past.

December 8, 2009
Posted by Marcus Tattersall on 12/08/2009

Rovers were ugly on Saturday according to Glen Johnson, so what about Liverpool? They are a team that once seduced the whole of Europe with beautiful, elegant football but are now like some hagged ex-beauty queen trying to recapture their former youth. Liverpool were poor but Rovers, bouyed by the great night last Wednesday against Chelsea, played some decent football at times.

Let's be honest, it wasn't the greatest game you will ever witness but it could prove a turning point in Rovers season. It was the first time for many games that we didn't allow our bellies to be tickled by one of the so-called 'big 4'. It also saw Benni have one of his more influential games for a long time. Could differences be resolved and he is still wearing blue and white halves into February.