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Posted by Arun Verma on 01/30/2011

Where were you when Craig Gardner stole the show? Where were you when he hit the back of the net? Where were you when Blues completed one of the greatest turn-arounds in their recent history? Where were you when spirit, true grit, guts, determination and passion won the day? Where were you when Blues booked their first return to Wembley since the mid-50's?

Where were you when we won?

The game needs no analysis, the fans simply outstanding, and the evening was one that will be remembered forever.

So, where were you?

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Posted by woody on 01/28/2011

Row 21 gill merrick stand .up the blues

Posted by Mike Bledsoe on 01/28/2011

I was home watching the game live on Fox Soccer Plus
Im happy for all Birmingham City Fans Worldwide KRO from USA.

Posted by Matt Bluenose on 01/28/2011

Block 10 Tilton road! Bursting bubbles! KRO!

Posted by micm mclynn on 01/28/2011

i was in heaven when that ball hit the back of the net

Posted by Kaje on 01/28/2011

I was there! Block 22 of the Tilton, row 17! Watched it unfold right infront of my eyes, including standing with my mouth agape as Gardner scored within our line of sight.

Loved every second. Always knew we'd do it in the second half!

Posted by Harry on 01/28/2011

Block 26 row 11!

Posted by darren Coleman on 01/28/2011

In St.Andrews going mental d;-)

Posted by chris on 01/28/2011

well i wouldn't have been watching espn as your coverage of the Blues is a disgrace.
youv'e never had us on playing a local derby and you only have us on when playing the top 5 because you think we will let loads of goals in.
your coverage is so obviously biased towards the top five which you have on every week.
would never subscribe to your anti midlands coverage

Posted by chris on 01/28/2011

I was there

Posted by Pete on 01/28/2011

Having lived in the USA for the past 25 yrs i have had to put up with the likes of Man Ure Chelski and the micky mouse supporters over here, but at last i can hear the kids i coach say to me Birmingham played great.
That's how blues used to play in the 70s with guts and passion.I hope they continue and produce that type of performance in the final.

ps it was great to see Trevor Francis so happy


Posted by Alan Watton on 01/28/2011

I was there. Whats your point?

Posted by Alan on 01/28/2011

block 26 row 2 fantastic still on cloud 9
knew we would do it

Posted by Bluehobba on 01/28/2011

Block 11, tilton Road. Wembley here we come KRO

Posted by nicky boy on 01/28/2011

on the kop with family, pure magic, been waiting since '75 for this.............

Posted by Jim on 01/28/2011

I was at home in sunny Jamaica watching via the 'net. Just converted about 5/6 locals. Yep it's KRO yeh man!

Posted by darren on 01/29/2011

at the end of the road, kro

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