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Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/02/2012

With two friendlies in two days, the upcoming LIGA total! cup this weekend and an injury to another defender, I figured it was high time for my summer break to be over. So, I've dusted off the trusty laptop, unlocked my footie lexicon and gave my fingers a little stretch. I'm back for another season of Bayern Munich!

Paulaner Traumelf 0 : 15 Bayern Munich

This sponsored Paulaner Cup des Suedens was never going to be a close match, but 15-0 has got to sting a little bit, aye? Close to 14 thousand fans across the world applied for the chance to get their butts kicked by die Roten. Twenty eight were chosen.

There is not much to say about this match tactically or otherwise, considering the competition, but the pace and interplay, especially through the midfield, was lovely to watch. Franck Ribery scored the goal of the match on 79 minutes from 45 (!) yards out.

The rest of the tally: 1-0 Mueller (5), 2-0 Mandzukic (11), 3-0 and 4-0 Mueller (18, 21), 5-0 Shaqiri (33), 6-0 Lahm (39, penalty), 7-0 Shaqiri (41), 8-0 Kroos (57), 9-0, 10-0, 11-0 and 12-0 Gomez (63, 71, 76, 77), 13-0 Ribery (79), 14-0 Gomez (80), 15-0 Kroos (82).

The only bad news to come out of this match? Another defender bites the dust. Diego Contento is the latest full-back on the injury list, joining Rafinha (torn ligament) and David Alaba (stress fracture) with a stress fracture in his foot. He will be reevaluated in ten days.

Kaiserslautern 2 : 3 Bayern Munich

In Wednesday's rather unfriendly friendly we got a much better mark of where Bayern actually stands. And despite the close scoreline, the winning result was never really in doubt as Munich played the newly-demoted (again) Red Devils off the pitch for long stretches of the match.

'Slautern's first goal on 35 minutes was a free kick by Florian Dick (What a Dick!) after he was fouled just outside the box by Luis Gustavo. Although Neuer got a bit of a late jump on this one, I'm gonna blame it on the fact that he was looking directly in the sun. Their second goal was scored in the last minute as Toni Kroos inexplicably lost the ball to Schechter who found himself in a one-on-one situation with Manuel.

Bayern Munich: Neuer - Lahm, Van Buyten (Boateng 46), Badstuber (Dante 73), Luiz Gustavo – Tymoshchuk (Can 59), Kroos – Robben (Weiser 81), Mueller, Shaqiri (Schoepf 87) - Gomez (Mandzukic 59)

Bayern's first goal on 23 minutes involved a zippy bit of play between Shaqiri, Robben and Mueller, with Mario Gomez fluffing his strike leaving it to a waiting Thomas on the far post. Emre Can on 68 minutes and Xherdan Shaqiri on 86 minutes both slotted in to open goals as substitute keeper Hohs over-committed twice.

Some style notes

The central defensive / midfield pairing of van Buyten and Tymoschuk was slow and slower. Daniel allowed too much to get behind him and Tymo was sloppy. They were definitely the weak link in the first half, noted by the improvement in play when Boateng was introduced for DvB and Emre Can for Antoliy.

I'm really enjoying Emre Can's inclusion in the first team. I have a feeling he's a big reason why the talk of acquiring Lars Bender or Javi Martinez has cooled. At only 18 years old, while yet to be truly tested in the Bundesliga, he's showing good positional sense. Uli Hoeness has called him "the midfielder of the future and a jewel for Bayern Munich".

Luis Gustavo did a fine job as a left back replacing first and second choices David Alaba and Diego Contento. Hopefully Jupp Heynckes will keep Lahm on the right and Goose on the left in the upcoming weeks while the other two get back to fitness. It's nice to have the surplus of talent, for once, where Luis is not exclusively needed as a defending midfielder.

Arjen Robben, while not on the scoreboard, was up to his old tricks and I'm glad to see it so. It was a complete match for the Dutchman with plenty of pretty crosses, a well-saved free kick and (gasp!) even a tackle to win a ball back.

The LIGA total! cup is next in Hamburg this weekend starring Bremen, Dortmund, HSV and Bayern. Bayern sees Werder Bremen first. But, more on that tomorrow...

Are you ready for some football?

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Posted by Shekhar on 08/02/2012

Welcome Back!!!
I like the squad we currently have, because unless we have over 5 - 6 players injured I think we have quality cover for every position

And we can swap formations around also

Posted by SchweiniSchwag on 08/02/2012

Thank God you're back. All I've been doing this summer is searching the web daily for information on Bayern's transfers and other activities. The fact that you are back signals that finally, FINALLY, football season is soon to be upon us.

Now, even though these games were friendlies against far inferior teams, they have still made me a happy fan. Watching my two favorite players in Gomez and combine for so many goals shows me that they have come to play. And as for Mr. Robben, I expect he'll step up his game with the talented Shaqiri waiting in the wings.

Posted by Juan on 08/03/2012

Hello, is Paulaner Traumelf a team made out of fans? I don't understand your comment "Close to 14 thousand fans across the world applied for the chance to get their butts kicked by die Roten. Twenty eight were chosen." please explain.

Posted by Macleoud on 08/03/2012

Bayern need bender and need howedes, hoeness is cheap , heynckes cannot fix the defense nor keep the discipline, he plays with one formation the whole season, be realistic...last year's disaster should have started big changes, nothing was made... Just nerlinger as a scape goat, I love having sammer but two captains for one ship does not work... Bayern still has a weak defense...another trophy-less season, Dortmund will crush us at least tactically this 2013 sammer will replace heynckes and hoeness will blame heynckes ' tactics and win an additional year of fans patience while spending peanuts for transfers .... Should have bought lewandowski, bender, and howedes......after failing to get hummels, reus, and schurrle. I am not pessimistic , I am realistic , this management of friendly ties hoeness-heynckes is not healthy , not professional , rummenigge should beg ottmar to return

Posted by Samrin on 08/03/2012

Hey Susie,

It's great to see you back..:) Uh, news about Contento sucks- I was looking forward to seeing him start matches due to Alaba's injury. I have a feeling that we will start the season with a DM pairing of Kroos and Can. That last error was a bit careless by Kroos. I really like Kroos but he looks a bit fatigued to me- he played a lot of matches last season. Gustavo looks cool at LB but still makes those fouls which Van Bommel got away with coz he made them behind the ref's back. Great free-kick from Florian for FCK. And, of-course, great stuff by Ribery.

Btw, did you notice Mandzukic playing the pass to Lahm for the third? I think therein lies the difference between him and Gomez. As much as I like Gomez, Mandzukic plays smart. And that's what I am beginning to like about Mario II.

Posted by Susie on 08/03/2012


Yeah. I agree. It's shaping up rather nicely. And I'm really happy we have the personnel to be able to play 4-4-2!!!! Yay!


I like to be the harbinger of great things!


Yes. It's a team made up of fans, chosen by a "board" Paulaner puts together every year.


Benedikt won't be let go. And Bender for 25 mil? What does he bring to the table that isn't there already? Not saying that he wouldn't be a lovely addition, but... to me, personally, why would you have a player worth that much sitting on your bench? If we get a MF, we need a bruiser a la MvB. The rest just don't make sense.

And, remember Klinsi let Hummels go. Why would he want to come back?

As for the management side of it, I think they're gonna gun for Pep next season. Ottomar, while a fantastic manager...

Posted by Susie on 08/03/2012

I can live with Can and Kroos as DMs, with Goose as a LB until the other two get healthy. But, Goose was brought on to be a bruiser, and eventually he'll have to live up to that.

Mandzukic does bring a certain intelligence to the striker role. I'm salivating on seeing the Mario Bros. on top in a 4-4-2. :)

Posted by SchweiniSchwag on 08/03/2012


Thank you for making me think that I'm not entirely crazy! I have been saying that a 4-4-2 would be so awesome ever since we signed Mandzukic. I would also love to see the youngster Shaqiri get some playing time every now and then. He has a massive talent that could compliment Bayern's style. If you ran a 4-4-2, who would be your starting 11?

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