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Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/11/2012

If this DFB Super-Pokal (or DFL-Supercup) were comprised of the opponents it's supposed to have, Dortmund would be playing themselves. Alas, Bayern Munich were the Bundesliga (and everything else) runners-up last season, so it's time, once again, to trot out this new / old rivalry. Last time Bayern featured in this match, in 2010, they beat Schalke 2-0. And the last time the Bavarians met up with Borussia Dortmund here in 2008, they lost 2-1.

Bayern Munich: Neuer - Lahm , Dante , Badstuber , Can - Gustavo , Kroos - Robben , Mueller , Ribery - Mandzukic

In the LIGA total! cup, Emre Can wasn't bad as a holding midfielder and Luis Gustavo wasn't bad in the left back position. "Wasn't bad" means adequate. With Schweinsteiger listed as doubtful, Heynckes has no choice but to play Goose in a holding midfield position, as Toni Kroos isn't likely to provide much on the defensive side of things. Perhaps the easier defensive solution would be to throw Lahm back on the left and play Jerome Boateng on the right, but I think Jupp has the right of it by preserving the integrity of the Lahm / Robben pairing on the right flank.

Claudio Pizzaro is back with the team after his hip injury. Diego Contento is off crutches and running. David Alaba and Mario Gomez are on crutches. And, the aforementioned Schweinsteiger may be held out of this one strictly for precautionary measures.

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Gundogan, Bittencourt- Blaszczykowski, Reus, Grosskreutz - Lewandowski

A shaky defensive showing in the LIGA total! cup final saw the Schwarzgelben give up three goals to eventual winners Werder Bremen. Perhaps the back four plus Weidenfeller will still be able to be exploited?

While Shinji Kagawa left for Old Trafford, Marco Reus and Julian Scheiber are more than ample replacements. Mario Goetze is back after a nasty case of pink eye had him miss most of the pre-season and should definitely feature at some point. I'm venturing a guess that Juergen Klopp Will start the young Bittencourt in the back.

Sven Bender is out for four weeks facing hernia surgery on Monday. Sebastian Kehl (knee) will also miss this match.

This is essentially another meaningless cup like the one just played. But, to beat Dortmund here would do psychological wonders for the Bayern boys. Can we manage a win without suffering another major injury? We'll find out the answer on Sunday.

Programming notes: In the United States, GolTV is showing this one, 2PM EST. While I do not like their commentary, it is nice to see a match on a full screen. I recommend watching on mute, however. Unless you like arguing with your television.

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Posted by salim abdulatif, kenya on 08/11/2012

Hey Susie, hope we win this one to give us confidence before the league starts, defeat will be another setback and major psychological blow. Do you think we can get Javi Martinez?

Posted by Tony on 08/12/2012

Hi Susie, nice to see you back on the column. Good luck to us all today, we are going to need the psycho push for this season. LOL about GolTV commentators. Their Spanish broadcast is simply terrible. I have no idea why they always discuss food half-way through every game.
Their English commentators on channel 7## are way more decent.

Posted by Michael on 08/12/2012

I dont like Dortmund this season as much as past seasons. I think Kagawa was wayyyy underrated and Reus and Scheiber (even combined) cannot bring the high I.Q. Kagawa brought to the field. I would not be surprised if Dortmund finished 3rd or lower this season. Bayern should be back on top at the end of the season so here is to their health and success!

Posted by Michael on 08/12/2012

Haha, and I just caught the last part about GOLTV. Love them for showing the Bundesliga but spot on. They are impossible to listen to! I wish I could take there broadcast and add the ESPN3 commentary to it!

Posted by Pete on 08/12/2012

Unforunately for Die Bayern, injuries to open the season are going to be an issue. Alaba and Gomez are already injured and then there's the question of whether or not Schweinsteiger is fully healed. Then, of course, how do Shaqiri, Dante, Mandzukic and the returning Pizarro gel with the rest of the squad?

Yes, Kagawa is a unique talent but right now, this Bayern fan picks Dortmund to win 3 in a row.

Posted by Ben on 08/13/2012

Appearance wise Mandzukic looks like robben with hair. Teamplay wise Mandzukic is way ahead although skill wise robben is on top.

Posted by Nathan on 08/13/2012

GolTV isn't that bad, but it is when you get the team that called the game yesterday. I wish they would at least do a little research, those 2 haven't pronounced a player's name correctly since the beginning of time. I feel like I am listening to a minor league baseball radio broadcast with some kid fresh out of journalism school. But if you are lucky enough to get Ray Hudson calling a game, it makes for a brilliant time watching our beloved Bayern.

But hey, I guess it beats not getting to see Bayern live. My friends in Germany joke that I see more Bundesliga games on TV than they do.

Posted by Chris on 08/15/2012

Here's to hoping Gomez recovers quickly and doesn't rush getting back on the field only to be injured again.

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