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Posted by Susie Schaaf on 05/22/2012

It has taken me a couple of days to try and get my head around our Champions League loss to Chelsea. I've been glum, bitter and utterly sad. I haven't had any words. And, for someone as verbose as I am? That's (not) saying a lot.

Arjen Robben saw his penalty saved ©Getty Images

This is, indeed, the first match we've lost that I've cried about. While the Champions League defeats in '99 to Manchester United and '10 to Inter Milan were bitter, Bayern Munich had other titles to compensate. In 1999 we won the Bundesliga and in 2010 we had achieved a double. To come away this season empty-handed - as talented as this squad is - is incredibly disappointing.

I used to laugh at my friends that are Leverkusen supporters. In 2002, "Neverkusen" lost the Bundesliga title to Borussia Dortmund, the DFB Pokal final to Schalke 04, and the Champions League final to Real Madrid. I now know exactly what that feels like. And I will never laugh at them again.

Seven minutes away from our fifth European title. Manhandling Chelsea through the majority of the match. The German press labelled it a "farce". But, a dear friend of mine, who texted me directly after, seemed to sum it up better. He wrote, "It was written in the stars."

Perhaps it was.

Would you like to know how I was finally able to get my fingers on a keyboard? I was leaving work late last night, and the bar across from mine inexplicably had "O Fortuna" blasting from their speakers: The thunderous Carl Orff piece that is used to open many Bayern matches in the Allianz Arena. The song never fails to leave me with chills, and floods my heart and soul with memories; all the exultant times I have had supporting the most magnificent club in Germany, this jewel in the crown of European football. Meine Liebe, mein Leben, mein Verein. I looked down at the tattoo on my forearm, and smiled.

And now I can finally say, "Well done, Chelsea". I watched your improbable comeback against Napoli. I heartily applauded your defeat of Barcelona. Were you the better team in those matches? Perhaps not. But you never, ever gave up. And that has made all the difference.

FC Bayern, Stern des Südens, du wirst niemals untergehn,
weil wir in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten zu einander stehn,
FC Bayern, Deutscher Meister, ja, so heißt er mein Verein,
Ja, so war es und so ist es und so wird es immer sein!

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Posted by Travis on 05/22/2012

Excellent, excellent article, as always. It's truly hard to even put into words how terrible this loss is. The cards just weren't in Bayern's favor this time, and that's just how it happens sometimes, unfortunately.

Posted by Chris on 05/22/2012

Susie - time and time has taught us that the best/most exciting team doesn't always win.

Perhaps the German players on the team can use the defeat as a spark to get them even more motivated for the Euro's.

While the feeling sucks now, talk to me in July when Germany wins the Euro's and it is due to the stellar play of all the Bayern players...

Posted by Mike on 05/22/2012

Still sick to my stomach.

Posted by Mark on 05/22/2012

Unlike life, 88 out of 90, doesn't get the job done in CL Football.

I'm still gutted about how this might have been the greatest CL victory in our history.

But if I can get a "father of the year" award, my 2 year old daughter woke up from her nap and demanded I fulfil my promise of letting her watch her favourite show.... right as Gomez scored the first penalty goal. She gave me those eyes and told me to turn her show on, and I had no choice... a deal is a deal; mia san mia

Posted by Larry on 05/22/2012

Damn! The hangover was soooo much worse the next day! Immer Nexte Jahre.

Posted by Jorge on 05/22/2012

I still can't find words for this. I've only come back to German football in the past two years (I moved away from Germany in 1996, and didn't have much of a way to follow back then), but this is by far the most disappointed I have ever been following a sporting event. I suppose seeing Germany win the Euros would help a bit, but to be honest, with the recent "always a bridesmaid" finishes, it's difficult to be optimistic. That being said, I'll be watching (or recording) every match, cheering them on.

And Mark, that is definitely "father of the year" material.

Posted by Ruud on 05/23/2012

Superb Post Susie,

The Loss kept me gutted for a couple of days, and i still think about it and can't believe we've lost...

All of my friends tell me that we had the best campaign this season, even better than when we achieved the double only to lose the final to Inter, because we have actually played really really well, and shown some exciting football!

Can't wait for the Euros, and hopefully a win can ease down the pain, although it won't compensate.

Mark, two thumbs up, "father of the year" it is.

Mia San Mia

Posted by Phil Lythell on 05/23/2012

Hi Susie,

I think all us Chelsea fans realise how fortunate we were on Saturday. Bayern were superb but just could not stick the ball in the net and I think Robben still thought he was playing in Blue.

Nevertheless, Munich was a great host city and all the Bayern fans have been very magnanimous in defeat so on behalf of everyone from CFC, thank you for such a marvellous day and if we can't win it again next year I hope you guys do instead.

All the best,


Posted by prasad koranne on 05/23/2012

I am a Chelsea fan; however, I adore Barca & Bayern alike. Thank you & it's really very nice of you Susie to congratulate us on being champions. What we played may not have been the prettiest football; but, that never say die spirit was undeniable & took us through!!

However, that does not take anything away from Bayern. To me, they certainly are the among top 3 best teams in europe & while it's sad to see that they lost the league, cup & UCL at the last satges; shows how incredible they have been. There is glory awaiting for you - just like Chelsea. Chelsea faced similar luck in'08 & won; Bayern are certainly capable to make that happen soon.

They did deserve guard of Honor & Schwini is a hero - whom I salute.

Posted by will on 05/23/2012

dear Susie

before MR Abramovich bought our club, we did win a couple of FA cups, a coca cola cup and even the UEFA cup winners cup, but we didn't really come close to the title and we suffered a painful defeat in the FA cup final in '94 to man united, although that's not one i was around to see, mercifully. but we also lost another cup final to arsenal just before the oligarch saved us from liquidation and catapulted us to major success.

and then, of course, we had an annus horribilis of our own in 2008 - finishing second in the PL, losing the carling cup final to bitter rivals spurs and then losing on pens to united in the CL final. we were bridesmaids too.

i genuinely felt a little sick to see the horror on the faces of schweinsteiger and robben, a player who did amazing things with us of course. you play good football and were graceful in defeat, even in one of that manner. wouldn't mind seeing you win a CL in the next few years. peace

Posted by Christian on 05/23/2012

This has got to be the worst I have ever felt after a loss. To have the game in hand and just let it slip away was just awful. As much as Arjen Robben has done for Bayern, I think its time for him to rip up his new contract and move on. It was bad enough to miss the penalty kick against Dortmund, but to miff on the penalty kick in extra time on Saturday was absolutely horrible. I kind of feel bad for him, but on the other hand, he may have cost us two trophys this season. More is expected of world class strikers than he has given. Hopefully the hangover from this loss won't carry over to the Euros for the Bayern players. Man, its gonna be a long offseason.

Posted by Ethan on 05/23/2012

Munich was a victim of hypnotism, just like barcelona. After 47 shots at goal, most of the team were convinced they were unable to score. Hence the missed penalties.

Posted by Anonymous on 05/23/2012

Good article. I am a Chelsea fan and respect you greatly

Posted by Anonymous on 05/23/2012

I am a chelsea fan and i too feel like it was written in the stars with the shut out of all the old guards during the AVB project. It felt like they were missing one more trophy. I guess it was due this season with an older Chelsea guard as manager. Anyway, I have so much respect for the Bayern manager for the way he handled the defeat. Likewise for the Barca and Spurs managers although the Benifica coach was a sore loser. Anyway I guess Drogba can go now...and if the core guards at Bayern stick around for a couple of more years, they will have their stars written.

Posted by merofriend on 05/23/2012

I am a chelsea fan and i too feel like it was written in the stars with the shut out of all the old guards during the AVB project. It felt like they were missing one more trophy. I guess it was due this season with an older Chelsea guard as manager. Anyway, I have so much respect for the Bayern manager for the way he handled the defeat. Likewise for the Barca and Spurs managers although the Benifica coach was a sore loser. Anyway I guess Drogba can go now...and if the core guards at Bayern stick around for a couple of more years, they will have their stars written.

Posted by merofriend on 05/23/2012

I am a chelsea fan and i too feel like it was written in the stars with the shut out of all the old guards during the AVB project. It felt like they were missing one more trophy. I guess it was due this season with an older Chelsea guard as manager. Anyway, I have so much respect for the Bayern manager for the way he handled the defeat. Likewise for the Barca and Spurs managers although the Benifica coach was a sore loser. Anyway I guess Drogba can go now...and if the core guards at Bayern stick around for a couple of more years, they will have their stars written.

Posted by Rob Daniel on 05/23/2012

As a lifelong Chelsea fan I haven't stopped smiling since the game. If I had supported Bayern I would have felt gutted too. However there was something about this Chelsea squad that was destined to win this year. Even 3-1 down in the shootout I knew they would win it, that the next penalty would miss. Perhaps it was the body language of both sets of players, something in the way the squad didn't quite gel with Bayern no matter how well they playedy. There was a desperation, and the pressure was huge.

Every team in Europe would give anything to be where these two teams were that day, but to lose a final such as this is horrible. I have never agreed with penalties to decide such major championships, and Chelsea have been the wrong end of many - as have England. As Drogba stepped up to take the last one, the final kick of an extraordinary Chelsea career, it could only go one way.

Sincere commiserations to Bayern. I know how it feels, but this is why we love the game so much - the drama!

Posted by ken on 05/23/2012

Camping out in front of the Chelsea goal, dragging so many shots seemed as if my Bayern players felt entitled, that inevitably Chelsea would step aside and allow alles in Ordnung sei.
It doesn't work like that. Like they say at in Gelsenkirchen: Rot und weiss....ein Leben lang.

Posted by Bide on 05/23/2012

When chelsea defeated napoli 4-1 i got the feeling that something special is gona hapen to this team. Against barcer was another miracle. Going two goals down and a man down to level score was beyond my imagination. Then i know the cup is def for Chelsea. Sorry bayern fans it is bad to lose a final like that

Posted by Kiddu Kawuki Andrew on 05/23/2012

Trully i faced the same problem,when a one eyed man leads a person with two normal eyes. we always do the best but GOD has the final. This is not the end of Bayern success because we found it in existance and so shall we leave it there, but what hurts me the most are the players who may not have another chance to such hapiness.IT'S TRUE BAYERN NEEDS US BUT IT CAN AS WELL DO WITHOUT US. We shall always persist where the average people fail to forget that blow and lift Bayern back to ground. Sorry to all that were hurt but through the ashes of defeat GOD rises a strong plant of victory.

Posted by matt on 05/23/2012

I'm a chelsea fan and i must say u r a stand up person to say such a thing. I know how much it hurts to lose when you were the best team on the field. I hope bayern gets it soon it's a great club!

Posted by FORCA BLUES!! on 05/23/2012

Are you for real susie?I mean how can anyone be that much gracious in the defeat?Hats off to you and Bayern Munich.I have got to say though,nearly all of the Bayern fans in Munich before the final had taken us for granted.So did many Bayern players.Over confidence did them.But again I would like to say thanks for your kind words.This Bayern Munich side is not far away from becoming UCL champions in the not too distant future.Up Chelsea,Up Bayern Munich!

Posted by Dan Lee on 05/23/2012

I dont want to say too much about it, it feels so bad and have not words to describe it. That's the philosophy of football: "Not always the best team wins"; however, we have to move on and see what next year brings to our hearts. I hope we can achieve our goals and this defeat makes us stronger as a team.

Posted by Johann on 05/23/2012

Great to see the Chelsea fans with kind words for us. Very classy. Thanks, guys.

Posted by Sam on 05/23/2012

My disappointment hasn't tempered since the loss. The game's outcome depended not on the stars, but on poise from some of the most talented, experienced players in European football. Bayern lost because Robben, Gomez, Olic, Schweinsteiger, and Heynckes gagged on the greatest opportunity they will ever have to win Europe. The failures were across the board. It is when the chips are down that character reveals itself. Character is a quality that Chelsea possesses and that Bayern lacks.

Posted by Matt Boone on 05/23/2012

I cried too... I couldn't even talk about it for two days. Nice article

Posted by Tim on 05/23/2012

Don't feel too bad Susie. As more and more info comes out regarding various players refusing to take spot kicks (Tymo, Kroos, Robben and Gomez not taking the penalty kick in extra time), it makes it easier to accept the loss. If there are that many mental midgets on Bayern, they simply don't deserve to win anything.

Posted by Zain IV on 05/23/2012

I think the team who has been the least bitter about the loss are Bayern fans, even if it was their own team. The worst are Barca and Arsenal fans.

Posted by albo on 05/23/2012

Well Susie, you have more heart than I do because I still can't stomach this.@ Sam, I respectfully disagree with you. Even-though Robben missed, this loss is squarely on Gomez and Heynckes.
Who said we couldn't do a Neverkusen? If Germany are to win the Euros, they should keep all the Bayern players at arms length. It's written in the stars! lol

Posted by Shanta on 05/23/2012

Bayern, Star of the South, you will never perish,
because we stand in good times and bad times,
Bayern, German Champion, yes, it is my club,
Yes, that was it and so it is and so it always will be!

That's what google translate gave me of the last paragraph... well writter... Bayern had a wonderful campaign at home, so a loss at home's painful... But Chelsea did deserve it, afterall...for believing in themselves..Drogba, Cech Heroes for them...

Posted by BlueFanBLue on 05/23/2012

I'm a Chelsea fan and I salute you for your words. Very well written. Not a hint of bitterness. You're a true ambassador for a football fan. It is the fans who make up the character of a club and in that sense you make me respect Bayern.

Posted by Jeremy on 05/23/2012

I'm a Chelsea fan and would have rather beaten any other team in the final than Bayern. Bayern is a team I genuinely respect and among all the tears of joy and relief immediately after the penalty shootout I had room in my heart to feel terrible for Schweini and Robben, who missed decisive penalties, and a club that I felt would be most deserving winner. As I said, I was thinking, "Why did it have to be Bayern?"

All the best to Bayern, and hope you guys can win it next season if my Chelsea doesn't.

Posted by Robby on 05/23/2012

I'm an American and huge sports fan. Football, baseball, basketbal. It's only in the last few years that I have gotten into soccer. It was after a trip to Munich to visit relatives and a trip to the Allianz I became a huge Bayern fan, as well as Germany.
I watched the '10 defeat to Inter and was disappointed but this year was able to watch nearly all of Bayern's CL games. After the exhilirating victory over Real Madrid I could not wait for the final.
I've watched my beloved,hometown Pittsburgh Steelers go to 5 Super Bowls in my lifetime. I did'nt care half as much about those games as I did this CL final. I stood for the entire second half and extra time and was devastated after it was over.

I feel terribly for Schweinsteiger, Robben and the rest of the Bayern boys. I think the difference was Gomez's inability to hit the target and the substitution of Muller after his goal but hindsight is 20/20.
Congrats to Chelsea! Thanks 4 an exciting season Bayern. Can't wait till next season!

Posted by Robby on 05/23/2012

Great article. It' s not always easy to be partial but your piece was spot- on.

Posted by mota_nginya on 05/23/2012

A couple of days before the game, my friend, who currently resides in Muenchen and I had a lengthy conversation on who will emerge victorious. We settled on the notion that the eventual winner would not be the better team of the night but instead the team that wants it most, and that was Chelsea.

As you all already know, it turnout to be exactly that. I am a naturalized american who has followed Chelsea FC before the dawn of Abromovich. This victory is the best thing that ever happened to my club. However, I can understand how painful it can be to Bayern fans as I been through that myself in 08. that is why I can't help but to say mia san mia. There is always another year, keep working hard and sooner or later your own great night shall surface.

Posted by Anonymous on 05/23/2012

It was about tactics as much as the stars. Chelsea got it right, though. They double-marked Bayern's wingers, largely preventing them getting either clear shots or crosses from the byline. Bayern had lots of the ball but rarely looked threatening. In contrast, although Chelsea's defensive strategy meant they almost never came forward, they scored within 5 minutes of needing to.

Posted by Patrick on 05/24/2012

Superb article!
I'm a United fan and after losing the title to city in the last second of the match i can now know how it feels to be Bayern 1999. It sucks!
But I believe it's even more heartbreaking to lose at your homeground after dominating the match and the competition.
You are definitely the best team in UCL this year, perhaps even better than Madrid or Barca (and definitely way better than United), and so sorry to see the pain and horror in Robben and Scwhini faces. But, perhaps like your friend said 'it's written in the stars'...
Congrats to Chelsea for their title and resilience throughout the competition and i believe Bayern Munich will bounce back better next year!

Posted by Anon on 05/24/2012

Susie: wow! what a Bayern fan, and yet such grace! I'm a Chelsea fan, and yet you've made me genuinely sorry it had to happen to you and Bayern. I am ashamed to admit that I have been taunting some less agreeable Bayern fans for belittling Chelsea, because they simply feel entitled, and wrote us off too quickly, but not anymore. You have melted my heart. I have always respected the of the Bayern players l know best: Schweini, Robben, Ribery, Mueller, Lahm. Boateng, but you have taught me that the fans can be very classy too. Thanks, and my next season be better for Bayern.

Posted by Mark on 05/24/2012

Susie great article.I am a Leeds fan living in Australia. I have no love for either Bayern ( 1975 European Cup ) or Chelsea ( 1970 FA Cup ). I know well what it is like to support the best team that does not always win.
The match and Chelsea's season since March does at least serve as a reminder of why we all love football. Now thanks to Satellite tv I got to see a German team lose on pens - what a game - bring on the Euros ! and spare me from the Aussie rules where if the sides do not score 10 goals each the game is considered dull.

Posted by oscar on 05/24/2012

good article.SAF (sir alex ferguson)should look at you as model and be ashame. you are gracious while saf make a lot of noises (like " never in my life m.u underdog", "city behind 100 years history" ). what a disgrace saf.

Posted by Prav on 05/24/2012

I remain shattered from this tragic defeat. I just hope Germany will soothe these wounds with a triumphant Euro 2012.

I'm bemused with how defensive football is heralded as 'heroic' these days, when it was vilified by the media in the 80s and 90s. Perhaps it could be due to the protagonists being German and Italian teams then, while now it's a team from the EPL.

Also, I agree with the commentator during the final who said Gomez was rendered ineffective due to Ribery and Robben cutting inside the box. At times, they appeared trying to outdo each other. Looking forward, Bayern has to rethink its playing personnel. We (pardon the presumption) also need a strong defensive midfielder. Drogba is known for his air prowess, yet only Lahm (I think) was marking him when he equalised.

In the 5 finals we've lost, we've only been outplayed in one - 2010. The rest we dominated, only to be sucker punched towards the end of the match.

Mia san mia. That's why we will rise again.

Posted by JJ on 05/24/2012

To blame Robben for the loss is flat out ignorant. Bayern wouldn't have made it as far as they did without him. I hope he does leave, because he deserves better then the booing and blame game. ORANJE 2012 EURO CHAMPS!!

Posted by Slim on 05/24/2012

I too am a Chelsea fan - and I know how I would have felt if Chelsea lost (again).
I sympathise with you Bayern fans - I really hate the antics of some clubs (Barcelona, Inter), but Bayern played a good game. I'm happy to give them next year's UCL.
Beating Barca in the Semis felt much sweeter than Bayern in the finals.
I think both sides were great for different reasons, but Chelsea's longevity finally paid off.

Posted by Daniel on 05/24/2012

It takes a great person to congratulate the other team on the victory. Massive respect for you!

As a Chelsea supporter, I feel we deserved the trophy, but I have great sympathy for Bayern and their supporters

Best luck for the future :)

Posted by Mark on 05/24/2012

Hi Susie,
ultimately we are all football fans, and one of the reasons as a Chelsea fan, that this Champions League means so much is that to win it we have to overcome such great teams as Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I have always admired Arjen Robben since his days flying down the wing at Chelsea and I would ask all Bayern fans to be supportive of him and all your other take a penalty in the spotlight, watched by millions around the world is something akin to being a gladiator in Rome. In winning I felt so emotional as I have supported Chelsea for over 40 years (and never ever really expected this) but also felt for the Bayern team...your time will come again... Believe in your club and your players...but most of all, give thanks for this wonderful game that makes us all so passionate and in many ways links people people across the world...

Posted by Me in Dresden . on 05/24/2012

Hey Ms.Schaf,
I live in Germany and I have been supporting Chelsea since the dawn of this century. I have to admit that before this final no one in Germany gave Chelsea a single chance. I have my own friends who were supporting their beloved Bayern Muenchen FC gave chelsea 1% chance. They asked me mockingly, who is gonna score, the old Drogs? All I met was arrogant Bayern supporters giving chelsea 1% chance. I did have one thing to say to them, if your team players are as arrogant as you are, I can assure you failure at the finals. Stay humble and respect the opponent, you will win!
People fail to realise humility is as important as being good. I should accept Bayerns attack is second best to none but it failed to put the ball back in the net.You are the first Bayern fan I know of who has acknowledged Chelsea's victory, wish people were more wise like you before the match probably Germany would have not mourned.

Posted by Aaron Mark Hendrix on 05/25/2012

We'll never see another fluke like that ever.I dont believe I've ever seen a team so undeserving eventually win against opponents who dominated the game.Written in the stars?Possible you know.This Chelsea team were outplayed over 2 legs by Barca,and for 88 mins did nothing whatsoever to justify their claims that you'd hear today of being "The best team in Europe".In fact,I think this is the first time I've ever not respected the winners of the UCL,coz that's how bad Chelsea were.But these kinda things happen you know,and if anything,Bayern cant blame anyone but themselves.They should have been 2-3goals up before the Drog equalized.But looking at how Chelsea had the gods of football on their side,you just knew it'd end in tears for Bayern when Robben took the worst penalty I've seen since his effort against Dortmund.Still,this must surely have been the one that got away,but if it makes you feel better,Chelsea were never the better team in any min of the 120 played.Good Luck next season

Posted by George on 05/25/2012

Chelsea didn't win the UCL. Bayern lost it. Serves them right. If you cannot score enough goals at home you don't deserve to win. I hope I never see Bayern in a final again.

Posted by Alonso on 05/25/2012

I am a Chelsea fan since before Roman days. This CL title has been elusive for many years.
This year, winning this is so much meaningful.
Honestly speaking, watching Chelsea vs Bayern Munich was like watching Man city vs QPR on the EPL last day.
This Bayern Munich team is very fast and certainly there will be more titles for them ahead. But in a competition, there is only a winner, and this time, it's Chelsea's turn.

But, something that we should learn from chelsea team and owner, if you try hard enough, you will get it in the end. no matter how many attempts, just do your best and aim at your goal, you will get it in the end!

Posted by J.Roy on 05/25/2012

I from India, that too from the farthest corner which is devoid of anything related to the din and bustle of city life!!! In my vicinity hardly I could find a name that knew about the Champions league clash btn Bayern and Chelsea. Though I support AC Milan, my Big Brother is a staunch supporter of Bayern and his intensity has percolated down my veins making me a strong fan in the process!I was waiting for weeks for this much coveted clash but I hardly had anyone to talk to regarding tactics and plans except my BRO!Match day night I was watching the game all alone as my BRO works out of station and no else is interested.I watched Bayern loose and was left with a heavy heart and went to bed by 3.30 in the morning without been able to share the pain of this loss!To have faith in something that haven't given you enough reasons to cheer about is the hardest part.But it takes a strong heart to believe and who ever does this till he leaves the planet,ends up with a smiling face. NEVER GIVE UP

Posted by knox on 05/25/2012

i am a Chelsea fan but i have always told my friends that Bayern were the team to beat this season,i had them as favourites..from group stages some of the soccer they exhibited was out of this world,the pace,skill and solidity was amazing,however big stage is a different matter altogether..its a mental issue,who wants it more wins it regardless of style..Gomez was AWOL..nt a big game player..but your time is near as long as you keep hold of these current players perhaps with an acquisation of a experienced striker as back up to Gomez..
'Mark dad of the year for sure'

Posted by ben nwabueze on 05/25/2012

Bayern fans are shameless to say that chelsea don't desrv e the winning. Chelsea came to your house, beat you to carry the cup to stamford bridge yet you have the gotts to open your mouths to talk about playing better than chelsea. Ok you played better how about the cup? Hahahaha chelsea for life.

Posted by Ming on 05/25/2012

Susie ,
It is very classy of you to be so honest about it all . In 2008 we Chelsea fans felt the Gods of Football deserted us in the rain against Man U and it hurt deeply , achingly. Hadn't we played better than they for two thirds of the game only for our heroic Captain , of all people , to slip on the rain sodden pitch and leave us broken-hearted ??
But , 'spirit ' and ' belief' and ' passion ', are very special things to have at football clubs . We were fortunate enough to show these qualities recently and particularly in the Final . You have illustrated that you and other Bayern fans and the club you love have these too . Your day WILL come !
Best Wishes

Posted by Mic on 05/26/2012

I don't believe there's such a thing as "negative football". It's all about the 'end' not the 'means'. If it weren't, Bayern fans should be delighted that they played better...but they aren't!
On paper, Chelsea had no right to beat Bayern. The only strategy they had was to make it harder for Bayern to beat them, hence the defending. During Mourinho's 1st season in La Liga, he played attacking football at the Nou Camp, it resulted in a 5-0 loss. He got wiser in the 2nd leg even though he was at home. If Chelsea had been more adventurous and eventually lost the game by a wide margin, these same critics of the so-called 'negative football' would still have said they were out of their minds in trying to outplay Bayern at the Allianz Arena. Summary: Chelsea DESERVED to win the game. Congrats to them!

Posted by Alan Timms on 05/27/2012

I watched the final at a pub in Australia with many Bayern and Chelsea fans - whilst not the greatest spectacle it was always compelling viewing as the match swung from one team to the other. I'm not a fan of either team but have always respected Bayern since Gerd Muller wore their shirt. I think the pressure and expectation on Munich got to the players in the end, rushing chances they would normally have scored. Chelsea had a game plan and stuck to it ... when they needed a goal they got one with their first real attack. Luck plays its part but I doubt anything Bayern could have done this year would have stopped Chelsea winning. It was their time. Bayern just need to learn to be more clinical when it matters. Probably more a mental thing rather than technique.

Posted by Kishan on 05/27/2012

That's a tremendous gesture, Susie. I know how it feels to have the trophy in your grasp, and then watch it slip away. In our case, it was a patch of grass that denied us. It was to be the woodwork in yours. Schweini is one of my favorite footballers, and I keep thinking it shouldn't have been him to miss the kick. I'm sure the next season will make up for your lack of trophies this season. Good luck!

Posted by collins on 05/27/2012

For those of you who ignorantly has refused to acknowledge Chelsea as the champions of Europe, citing some Bayern 90 minutes domination; let me remind you all that "the end is simply what justifies the means". How do u begin to assess a team who had 16 attempts at goal in the first 45 minutes alone, with just 2 on target. What do u say when one played 16 corners with no goal only for the opponent to play a first corner kick and scored. Yes, chelsea came with more defensive strategy and nobody should blame them for that because Bayern have all the odds in their favour playing in front of a home crowd. I think people who are sincere in their analysis should rather see more reason to congratulate a team who came all the way and got a cup which is literally in the mouth of a lion. Chelsea play more defensively but what makes them exciting is the fact they are far more clinical in front of goal than their opponents in this UCL. Ramires against Barcelona and Drogba against Bayern.

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