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Posted by Susie Schaaf on 05/03/2012

Blame it on the new orange away kits: Arjen Robben has re-upped his Bayern contract through 2015.

From “I've always emphasised that I feel very, very settled in Munich and at FC Bayern," commented Robben, “this is the reason I'm glad to extend my contract ahead of its [expiration]. FC Bayern is like a family to me. Two of my three children were born in Munich, and my family and I feel at home here. This contract extension is also the right decision for me from a sporting perspective. We have a magnificent team, and I'm certain we'll enjoy the maximum possible footballing success in the years to come."

Well, duh. In the end, he makes the smart move. He was never going to have it better anywhere else.

So, Mario Gomez, Daniel van Buyten and Robben have extended their contracts. This means the face of Bayern Munich will look quite similar for years to come. And coupled with the signings of Dante and Xherdan Shaqiri, we've got a bit more talent on the bench.

With Olic leaving, however, we still need a back-up striker. Christian Nerlinger has been sniffing around Montpellier and France striker Oliver Giroud, although the Frenchman failed to impress in his last run out, missing a penalty.

I'm sure, in time, Nils Petersen would be the answer, but now is not it. Frankly, I'd like to see him loaned out to get regular playing time in the 1. Bundesliga as he is unhappy riding the pine at the Allianz.

Should Giroud continue to not impress, who would you like to see Bayern go after? Edin Dzeko's name has come up a bit. But, would he be willing to take on a secondary role to Mario Gomez?

All looks set for our defensive line with Lahm, Boateng, Badstuber, Alaba, Rafinha, van Buyten, Contento and Dante. Keeping in mind that Jerome Boateng can also play wing-back and you can put David Alaba pretty much anywhere on the field. Also, defensive midfielders Luis Gustavo and Antoliy Tymoschuk can play center back (in a pinch).

Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Gustavo, Tymoschuk, Robben, Ribery, Mueller and Shaqiri will anchor what is arguably one of the most talented midfields in Europe. Losing Pranjic hurts a bit here and also the back line. We could use one more quality, versatile back-up in the midfield spot.

Finally, I've been asked a lot about our starting XI for the Champions League final. With DvB returning to team training, more questions can be entertained. I'm not sure he's got the pace, especially after just coming back, to deal with Chelsea's attack. However, he's quite lovely on our corner kicks.

As it stands right now, I would go with: Lahm, Boateng, Tymoschuk, Contento - Schweinsteiger, Kroos - Robben, Mueller, Ribery - Gomez.

Why? I'd like to see the Robben / Lahm pairing left intact. Robben, for all of his talent, doesn't play well with Rafinha. And Ribery seems to work well with whoever he's paired with. We will need both wings operating on full throttle to overcome the Blues. I'm sure we'll all have a better understanding of what Jupp Heynckes will do after this weekend, however.

But, for now, Bayern Munich is shaping up as a force to be reckoned with for the seasons to come. And say what you want about Arjen Robben, but his talent can not be denied. Besides, he fits right in with the new kits.

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Posted by RW911 on 05/03/2012

Nice write-up.

Honestly, I too would like Lahm+Robben on the right .. but Contento has had very little match practice all this season. Unfortunately for Robben, I fear it is going to be Rafinha on the right purely because it may seem to be the safer option.
I wish Contento was as good on the left at the moment. If only.

Posted by Susie on 05/04/2012


At least Contento has pace.

Posted by RW911 on 05/04/2012

Rafinha too is aggressive as a fullback but most of the times he annoys the hell out of me by being where Robben ought to be and terribly failing to defend when it comes to it. Did you see Lahm miss Ronaldo completely when he scored the second goal in the home leg of the SF? That to me is Rafinha day in and day out. So I don't really like the choice I made but we do not want to be in for a rude shock to find out Contento is much worse!

Yes we need pace and I am a fan of Alaba in that position but lets not forget, this is teh "back four" we are talking about. Defensive capabilities are more important. Especially when Badstuber isn't around.

Posted by BayernGator on 05/04/2012

Say DvB were to play could tymo go in for contento or would he sit on the bench/paired in the midfield?

Posted by Ruud on 05/04/2012

Hi Susie,

I'm glad Robben extended his contract, and i was one of the lads critisizing him... i never had any doubts about his footballing skills, no one can deny it, but his behaviour is irritating, and childish, so i still believe he needs to be told he's not Bayern's number one Superstar. I think the arrival of Xherdan Shaqiri will shake things a bit, and let him know he can be replaced (although i think he is still waaaaaaaaay ahead of Shaqiri).

I agree on the starting line-up, and i like Contento, he has heart, he's quick and technically skilled, so i see no reason why he shouldn't play, but he needs to work hard in the next couple of weeks to re-gel....

Giroud is a good striker, he missed a penalty, so would anyone, but he still is a good striker... of course Dzeko would be ideal, and why not take a secondary role, he's already taking a tertiary role in MC, even Mario-Nutcase-can't put on my bib-Balotelli is ahead of him in the pecking order!

Auf Gehts, Die Roten!

Posted by Susie on 05/04/2012


If DvB does start, I think Tymo moves up along Schweini, with Kroos moving in to the 10 spot.

Posted by nana ape on 05/04/2012

i wld love to see contento on the left with Lahm kept at the right.if DvB is fit,i think he should play alongside Boateng and tymoschuk plays along tiger in the midfield with kroos playing behind Gomez.Mueller,i think should start frm the bench.

Posted by JAG on 05/05/2012

What do you think of bringing in Cacau or Kuyt to back up Gomez and allow another year for Peterson to develop? Yes, they will both be in the last years of contracts but may still be willing to make the move (granted, Kuyt may be costly).

As for UCL final, I have a feeling Pranjic is going to be a sleeper in the lineup as he will probably be Bayern's super sub for that game (plus recent playing time can't be hurting his confidence).

I'm just worried as Chelsea falls further from 4th in the EPL. Sadly, winning the final may be their best (if not only) shot at making the Champion's league next year.

Posted by KennethH on 05/08/2012

Ugh...disgusting....oranje....anything but orange.

Posted by Michael on 05/08/2012

I think it looks more and more like Pizaro will join Bayern next year. If they truly think Peterson is the future up front then it is not a bad way to go. Get an experienced, well rounded striker and loan Peterson out for some PT!

Posted by grudnik on 05/12/2012

Olivier Giroud's name has been coming up more and more in connection with Bayern. It has been confirmed that Bayern are in contact with his agents.

If Bayern sign Giroud, then Pizarro is probably not coming, and they may loan out Petersen.

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