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FC Bayern Munich
December 9, 2011
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 12/09/2011

In a turn-around of what was originally expected, Jupp Heynckes did, indeed, field a sub-par starting XI in Manchester on Wednesday. With Bastian Schweinsteiger still out for a couple of weeks, Toni Kroos and Arjen Robben not even making the flight to Ingerland, and then the subsequent flu scares of Thomas Mueller and Mario Gomez, Jupp let the bench play.

December 6, 2011
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 12/06/2011

*In legendary boxing announcer Micheal Buffer's voice*

In the powder blue corner, the challenger for progression to the Champions League elimination rounds: The Citizens! Manchester City FC! Winners of England's Premiere title in '37 and '68, and FA Cup winner in 2010.

And, in the red corner, die Roten! (And the crowd goes wild!) The Rekordmeisters of Deutschland! Winners of 22 Bundesliga titles, 15 Pokal titles, one Europa League title and four Champions League titles: FC Baaaaaayerrrrnnnn Muuuuuuuenchen!

*Cue "Champions League Anthem"*!