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FC Bayern Munich
August 27, 2010
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/27/2010

The one thing we truly needed this summer, and according to Christian Nerlinger- will not be getting- is a central defender. This was most glaringly obvious in the second half of Bayern’s opening match of the Bundesliga season versus Wolfsburg.

August 20, 2010
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/20/2010

I have so been waiting for this day! My kits have been purchased. German satellite is ready. German friend is ready. My computer is set-up for optimal streaming, as back-up. I have a rare Friday off of work. My schedule is clear. Appropriate flags, pendants and shawls are hanging about. Heck, I even bought new Adi Pure boots, knowing I liked them, but forgetting they were Schweini’s…

Let’s get this started!

August 13, 2010
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/13/2010

OK, let me get this straight:

1) Two teams play Friday.
2) Neither of them are members of the Premiership.
3) The match (kinda-sorta) means nothing.
4) It’s being shown on ESPN in the United States.

Huh?! Pinch me, I’m dreaming! I just knew that little tournament this summer would be good for something…

August 4, 2010
Posted by Susie Schaaf on 08/04/2010

Hi, everyone! And, welcome back!

I’ve waited a little longer to start writing about Bayern than most of my colleagues for a couple of reasons:

1) The majority of the transfer rumors regarding FC Bayern Muenchen are complete and utter nonsense. And, I regard most of them as “slow news days” for various media. There are some exceptions to my rule, however.

2) With 9 first team members participating in the semi-finals / final of that little tournament this summer, I knew we’d only be getting to the big issues when they got back to training--- this Monday.

And, of course, we start off with a bang…