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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 08/01/2012

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior will be the next big name to join FC Barcelona. That is, of course, if you choose to believe the hype that the Catalan media keeps trying to create on a daily basis.


Tito Vilanova, our new coach after Pep Guardiola's departure, has gone on record to clearly explain that the Barcelona board should focus on signing an experienced, reliable central defender this summer. Despite the fact that many options have been considered for the job (Vermaelen, Hummels, Subotic, Agger...), all eyes are firmly focused on Javi Martinez.

As I explained in my previous article, the 23 year-old could also cover the midfield gap left by Seydou Keita after he was lured away by Chinese money earlier this summer. Unfortunately, the extortionate €40 million transfer fee that Athletic Bilbao demand for their captain will quite probably mean that Tito Vilanova's wish won't be granted any time soon unless the Basques accept to negotiate - which seems highly unlikely.

With the Javi Martinez saga likely to go on for years, the Barcelona press have chosen Neymar as their next target. Our vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu helped ignite the transfer speculations by telling the media: "We would all like Neymar to come. He is a Santos player but I am sure Neymar will come to Europe in the future, and when that moment arrives we will be attentive so he can sign for Barcelona."


In fact, the latest reports point out the fact that the Brazilian forward is trying to force his way out of Santos in the very near future, perhaps as early as next month once the London 2012 Olympic tournament is over. According to these sources, Barcelona would have already paid Santos €10 million in order to ensure Neymar signs for us whenever he leaves the Brazilian championship, making his arrival at the Camp Nou a simple matter of time.

Neymar is a mobile 20-year-old striker who, similarly to Lionel Messi, loves joining attacking positions with speedy diagonal runs from the wings. Despite his young age, his 110 goals and 37 assists in just 186 appearances for Santos show that we are talking about a special player who would add an extra spark of magic to our attack. Fresh, confident and hungry for success - a bonus for any team.

Signing Neymar also makes sense in terms of revenue and merchandising. The talented youngster is a national idol in Brazil, the country where the next FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games will be held. I'm pretty sure that the Barcelona board is already relishing the opportunity to boost sales in the upcoming Brazilian market.

Regular readers of will remember how I have been critical of Neymar in the past as a result of his inability to decide whether he wanted to join Barcelona or Real Madrid. In recent months though, the Brazilian forward seems to be more inclined to praising our team.

After being destroyed 4-0 by Blaugranas in the Club World Cup final, Neymar explained: "I don't know if Barcelona are unbeatable, but they are the best team in the world. What we experienced in this match, we will take as a lesson. Today, Barcelona taught us how to play football." More recently, he has made an effort to publicly praise Lionel Messi ("Me? No, the Ballon d'Or is for Messi, who is the best in the world, there is no one like him, and he is the greatest!") and Andres Iniesta ("I really like Iniesta, he's a sensational player.")

Personally, I feel the Barcelona board should give Tito Vilanova the central defender he requested before splashing our cash on Neymar. Having said that, If the Brazilian is humble enough to understand that the Barcelona system revolves around Lionel Messi and is prepared to take a starring role alongside (not above) him, I would be happy to welcome him to the Camp Nou.

Whether that is this summer, next winter or in a couple of seasons is a different matter.


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Do you feel Neymar has what it takes to succeed at the Camp Nou?

Should Barcelona consider signing Neymar this summer?

Which current Barcelona players would you sell to raise the funds to buy Neymar?

Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

I welcome and appreciate all respectful feedback.

Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs.
Founder and columnist at

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Posted by Luciano on 08/01/2012

Barça must think that signing Neymar will be a double investment. If Madrid or another european club sign Neymar, it will be a problem to deal with, in La Liga and/or Champions League.

Posted by temitope sewoniku on 08/01/2012

It will sound well! Barcelona will sign neymar playing along side messi the king and all the greatest players in the world. I want neymar this summer!

Posted by Mjameel on 08/01/2012

nymer is a 9c ply is our chance we barca 2 sign him.

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2012

Sell pedro

Posted by Wahab Ademola on 08/01/2012

I want Neymar this summer

Posted by price samson on 08/01/2012

Yes, let those that manage the team make a big plan now to get NEYMAR before any other team get him,like what lucino said a big investment for BARCELONA if we get that guy. MESSI and NEYMER playing with one another is a big combination for our team.NEYMAR will only need to make a shape grape at BARCELONA becos the team need a fast player that can grape fast.I LOVE THE TEAM BARCELONA KEEP THE GOOD WORK.

Posted by bryte on 08/01/2012

Francesc,I agree perfectly that the big question we,as Barca fans,should be asking ourselves is ''whether Neymar is humble enough to understand that the barcelona system revolves around Messi''.If we are not careful and do not let Neymar or any other player who dreams of being a barca player understand this, then we should get ready for the long awaited fall of Barca that people have been looking forward to.I do believe perfectly that this team has been very historical and achieved such tremendous successes in recent times because phenomenal players like Iniesta,Xavi,Villa and the likes are willing to sacrifice their own egos just for ''La Pulga'' to be happy.So until Tito is convinced Neymar will agree to play ''less important'' to Messi,lets forget him...

Posted by Nafi'u G. Sani on 08/01/2012

This is the time for barcelona to sign Nemar or atherwise he will sign for madrid. And when this happened it will be difficult for barca tn defeat madrid.

Posted by haseeb ahsan on 08/01/2012

neymar and messi are two legendary players we fans of barca love to see neymar with messi

Posted by Sodiq on 08/01/2012

I will be very glad if barcelona sign Neymar this summer.

Posted by bk on 08/01/2012

i dont think neymar should come. messi will have alot to deal with and maybe neymar might excell over messi. td hate to see that

Posted by lamin susso on 08/01/2012

it will b good for neymar if he goin barcelona to prove his talent with d comenation of barcelona so that he can b among d best player .well come to d best team in d world barcelona

Posted by Harbephe on 08/01/2012

Is a gud player,but we need central back incase of puyol injury

Posted by Koliwe on 08/01/2012

It would b realy nice to see neymar wearin da real madrid jersey nxt season,

Posted by Lateef on 08/01/2012

Barca should sign neymar and loan out some player...we need him nw.

Posted by Kowiy adekola on 08/01/2012

Neymar is a gr8 player who can play alongside wit messi.i wil lyk if neymar join messi at barca bcos the guy score 112 goals,38 assist for d club santos in 187 match dat he played for them.i don't our club to sell any of our forwarders dis summer

Posted by siyabonga ngqeza on 08/01/2012

Let barca sign neymer he will be a good replacement when messi get injured or suspendedpls barca let the boy come

Posted by Haji musa coolboy toto boy on 08/01/2012

Mehn, singning neymar, is a gud idea dis sound fun, i'm vry happy 2 here dat i cn't wait 2 see neymar, along side {messi d king of soccer} playing 2gether. Dis is double magic. 4 more inf cal [08188946372]

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2012

I think BARCELONA should sign neymar and take it to the next level whatever that means cause BARCA has already reach a level that can't be compramised by any other team,so yea let's see what neymar can bring to the table?GO BARCA GO!!!

Posted by genesis koduah on 08/01/2012

neymar+messi will help the team

Posted by Samuel Gunduza on 08/01/2012

Neymar and messi,perfect combination.barca should make a move before do.we need neymar at camp nou!

Posted by Milanboi on 08/01/2012

Maybe Barcelona can sell Messi to Real Madrid? Then they can have enough space for Neymar and don't have to worry about clashing egos! Then Neymar can be the star of Barcelona while Messi fails at Madrid!!! It's a perfect plan!

Posted by Aloyce Senga on 08/01/2012

We love barcelona, we love Messi, we love Neymar,. Godbless us on this hard time.

Posted by Samuel on 08/01/2012

Barça is the best club in the world,neymar is also a great player.great players play 4 the best club.with open arms,we welcome you neymar at camp nou!

Posted by siyabonga ngqeza on 08/01/2012

Let barca sign neymer he will be a good replacement when messi get injured or suspendedpls barca let the boy come

Posted by Umar mode jabo on 08/01/2012

I wish nymer @ messi succeful season ahead 2 cm all dis and dis is robish to our fans.

Posted by messi on 08/01/2012

Neymar will be a great signing for Barca. Barca needs a forward who will help with the scoring since Villa is getting old and Villa might not score 20+ goals next season as he used to. Signing neymar will strengthen Barca formation. 4-3-3; Valdez, alves, pique, puyol, Alba, Sergio, Xavi, iniesta, then neymar on the left Villa on the right and finally messi as the center forward. Barca will surely be unstoppable if they sign neymar.

Posted by kevin on 08/01/2012

I think neymar will fit in madrid type of play than that of barca

Posted by Romeo on 08/01/2012

Tito get NAYMAR plzzzz. Our term will b so fitted wit him playin alonesid wit MESSI. Get him b4 anoda team taks him o...

Posted by myk on 08/01/2012

Sell som of d midfielders, get a loan or sumtin to buy us Neyma. Barca hav been lucky all dis while Messi hav'nt had injury problems, Messi might b injured what other alternative do barca hav? 100percent in supprt of Neyma @ camp nuo. He'll learn n accept dt FCB is build around Messi.... Barca4life!

Posted by Marek on 08/01/2012

Barca shud sacrifice Tello,Afellay for funds to bring Nymar and should keen on song bcos of his double abilities wit the funds left.messi might be injured oneday.God forbid

Posted by Marc on 08/01/2012

I would also like to see Neymar at Barca but like everyone else has said, he'll have to both understand & accept how the Barca system works currently, otherwise we run the risk of a repeat of the Ibra fiasco! Beside the obvious reasons for not wanting Neymar to go to Madrid, I think it would be a bad move for his own career -- we all know how fickle management at RM is -- he could end up spending a lot of time on the bench like so many other good players there over the years. As a matter a fact, he might get to know Luka Modric real well, sitting on the bench together!!

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2012

sell messi

Posted by Shanavas on 08/01/2012

Barcelona will crash next season

Posted by Selam Ayalew on 08/01/2012

What comes next if he sign for madrid take a look Cassilas, Abloa,Rmos,Pape,Mrclo, Alonso,Modrich,Ozil, Rldo,Bnzma,Neymar i think this side can test us its batter too get him befor it's 2let.

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2012

Yes go for Neymar

Posted by Jojo21 on 08/01/2012

Javi martinez 40millon way to much its gonna be like cesc & arsenal another 3 uears neymar&messi perfect fit along with alexis ketia is on his way out with the money from that it can go for neymar & help take back the liga & win the champions league at wembly

Posted by Nick on 08/01/2012

If the Catalan media don't watch it, Roman Abramovich is gonna bid more money than Barça have ever heard of.

Posted by MATHEW TURAY on 08/01/2012

I think Neymar will be the best player to help messi from his over work. I will be happy if Barca will go on signing Neymar.

Posted by messi on 08/01/2012

Neymar will be a great signing for Barca. Barca needs a forward who will help with the scoring since Villa is getting old and Villa might not score 20+ goals next season as he used to. Signing neymar will strengthen Barca formation. 4-3-3; Valdez, alves, pique, puyol, Alba, Sergio, Xavi, iniesta, then neymar on the left Villa on the right and finally messi as the center forward. Barca will surely be unstoppable if they sign neymar.

Posted by George. C. Kollie on 08/01/2012

D overall success of Barca shud b paramount nd not d ego of a player even d great Messi (who will/cannot carry d team on his shoulder alone). Neymar will not only increase revenue but add 2 goals tally!
Sign/get N E Y M A R!!!!

Posted by Ibrahim abubakar on 08/01/2012

Yes barca shuld by neymar gud player.he will play along side of messi.yes gud attacking so pls barca by neymar we need now.........

Posted by ukelly on 08/01/2012

It will be for his own good if he joined the great fcbarcelon,i mean the best in the world so far.up barca.

Posted by Daniel on 08/01/2012

I think we shouldn't buy him until next summer. We need to concentrate on a CB. I don't want us to buy Javi Martinez even if we did have the money. For some reason I like to think that it's our money and not the owners money. Anyways I think Javi is a good player but not great. We should not get him at all

Posted by felix mambdwu on 08/01/2012

neyma is great messi is extra odinary pliz barca and tito we need neyma this summer look at madrid they have good three strikers while barca we have messi and villa b4 his injury we cant blem the dfence much becoz a goal settle the game pliz barca mgement lets not one guy suffer messi always at maxmum last year it was ronaldo huguin benzema all against messi pliz dont reapit it again barca means soccer

Posted by Angus Uche on 08/01/2012

yes we need Neymar, but they should also work on our defence. Messi remains the best in the world...

Posted by Kay on 08/01/2012

Don't let Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG to know that Neymar will be up for sale soon... they will grab him before anyone else.. i think its time for Barca to buy Neymar and pair him with messi so the world can watch the best of Barca football.

Posted by diemar on 08/01/2012

you can't have two players vying to be the world's best on the same team. Neymar is better of staying at Santos. The standard of the Brazilian leagues is pretty high.

Posted by Drago on 08/01/2012

This is a very interesting development. It has been rumoured for a year that Barcelona have paid to have an option for him. Neymar seems keen and plenty of reports are salivating at a Messi & Neymar two prong attack. From what I have read, the January window after the finish of the Brazilian championship seems more likely than now. An impending deal to buy Neymar may explain our reluctance to meet Bilbao's price for Javi Martinez.

As for how successful Neymar's signing will be, it will depend on his attitude. If Neymar accepts he is part of the team and not the centre of the team, it could be fantastic. It could also prove to be very lucrative in commercial terms.

A Messi & Neymar twin attack tearing teams to pieces, BOY WOULD I LIKE TO SEE THAT.

Posted by Dave on 08/01/2012

Neymar is not as special as people seem to believe. He has fast feet and is quick, but can't finish and will not seem as quick up against the best defenders, which are in Europe. People are always wowed by a good dribbler. If Barca gets him they shouldn't pay too much. Also I don't think he's that smart a player. Overrated.

Posted by saul barrow on 08/02/2012

wat we need ryt now is a matured an experienced center back, although Neymar will b a goood signing....

Posted by David on 08/02/2012

I dont want neymar

Posted by Alusine A. Bangura on 08/02/2012

I think Neymar is a very good player,I would like to see him play alongside Lionel Messi at the start of the season. So please Tito Villa Nova go get Neymar. GOOOO!!!!.

Posted by beast on 08/02/2012

Barca should sell abidal, pedro and villa to create funds for neymar.he can play alongside messi but not take over.there is a slight danger of leaving it too long - PSG, city and madrid have the cash to spend but madrid seems most unlikely.

Posted by Galadima on 08/02/2012

Central defender is our primary objectives nd one it wil help d club bot financially nd on d field to have neymar. Two tins r involve here. One, we hav to understand by studyin neymar humbleness to accept messi as d leader of d team. Two, to get neymar we have to sell or loan two player I.e petdro nd cuenca.

Posted by prince keey makoni on 08/02/2012

i realy want neymar this summer

Posted by Ramil on 08/02/2012

For you that say or think that everybody should play for Messi, got a question for all of you... what will happen the day messi can't play no more, or he gets injured or something like that?? IS that the end of Barca?? DON'T THINK SO...
No player is bigger then any club! players come and go, The clubs stay forever! Remeber when it felt like Ronaldinho was indispensable? Everybody believed that that was the end of the tale... And then there was Messi...
what i'm trying to say to you is, you have to think about the future... gotta have a Plan B , Messi was the plan B of the Ronaldinho era... What's the plan B now?

Posted by nzl on 08/02/2012

I dont know iof we really desperately need another CB anymore to be fair. Masch, Pique and Puyol are the 3 players fight for 2 spots then we have Bartra (who has impressed me, if only in pre-season matches), Fontas who will return from injury soon and then Busquets who has shown his ability to play there if needs be. Muniesa will be back by Feb to add more depth and then there is Gomez from the B team. If Neymar is a possibilty i see no reason why he should not be signed now rather than later. We do have depth up top also but tying down a player who will be the next Ballon D'Or after Messi could prove crucial in future success

Posted by SOCCER MANIA on 08/02/2012

I will be so happy if Neymar chooses to join Barcelona.But like Francesc Tomas wrote we need a genuine CB and i am totally agree with him.My first choice was thiago silva but not javi martinez cause he's more like DM rather than a complete CB.You can compare him to Mascherano.But we need a genuine CB to replace solely our legend Carlos Puyol.As for Neymar i think he should join any club in Europe after the world cup 2014 but for business point of view, Barcelona can through some cash for him cause he could be valuable asset for us.Who knows??? just like Ronaldinho handed over the responsibility of Barcelona to Lionel Messi, he too can give the major responsibility solely to Neymar. So overall if Barcelona spend 40-50 million pound for him they can take him to the squad.

Posted by Timileyin Adeyemi on 08/02/2012

Neymar will be a terrible move by Barcelona, he would not fit into the barca game at all.

Posted by Aminu Zagga on 08/02/2012

A perfect idea,bt my worry is dat,our new couch Tito wil b put in a confusing position while selecting those that wil play 4 him in evry game..I suggest we loan d likes of cuenca,Tello,etc,if @ ol we want our club 2 continue reigning..

Posted by adamolekun abayomi on 08/02/2012

I wil b very happy if barcelona sign NEYMAR after d olympic,it wil b great strike force 2 pair Lionel Messi & Neymer Da Silva,with dis we can b able 2 get our lost MANDATE that has been stolen(laliga & champions league).Furthermore we also need a central defender to complete d work.up barca,barca til i die.

Posted by ibrahim mansir mailaja on 08/02/2012

If barca can lure neymar it is a welcome idea because he can play a vital role torward the development of fcbarca particularly in 4-3-3 formation,he can play along side with crucial players like xavi,fabrigas,messi,iniesta,sanchez,villa, alvex,alba,busquet,pique,macherano,valdex,pedro,cuenca,tello, and rest of important players in barca and also neymar can achieve many thing in his football future career in europe

Posted by Lmg on 08/02/2012

When a team is build to suit a player, the team suffers when the player is not in good shape. Messi could not help agains chelsea and madrid last season and barca suffered defeat.

Posted by joseph on 08/02/2012

Neymar is a good player, but I wud not advice Barca to sign him now bcos, it will be a waste and neymar cannot be good as Villa or as jesus navas,and too expensive to buy. Java martinez is another good midfielder, but barca shud not afford that money tag on him. I will also want to barca to sign Jesus Navas, he play more or less like messi, if u watch him during the europe2012, I like d way he dribble from the wing. Barca forget neymar, and build up young strikers like pedro, tello, sachez, quenca nd iniesta nd cesc can also play the dat role.

Posted by Niranjan on 08/02/2012

Personally i feel Neymar is better suited for Real than Barca.

Inorder to accomodate Neymar and Messi in the same formation, Barca need to change there possesion football philosophy. A 60% possesion with occasional Messi dribbles can win more matches than a 50% possesion with a lot of direct runs by Neymar and Messi.

At Real, Neymar will play to his strengths and will be encouraged to beat 2-3 players everytime he gets the ball as Ronaldo is expected to do. Imagine a Neymar- Ronaldo counter on the break.

Neymar will shine at Barca like any good signing, but may not fulfill the marquee tag (which he will come with). At Real he will do justice to his billing.

Posted by Per on 08/02/2012

Sign Neymar next summer.

He has potential to be the best defender in the world at Barca as our playing style suits him perfectly!!
He is the best playing defender out there!

Posted by bright adams on 08/02/2012

up barca signin neymar ll b gud move.

Posted by VoteNoToNeymar! on 08/02/2012

I can't remember the last time a South American talent went directly to one of the elite clubs in Europa for huge money and became a hit. Saviola, Robinho, Geovanni, Riquelme, etc. The list is long. Those who do make it, like Luis Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, usually go to a smaller league first to settle in Europe before taking on the huge pressure associated with playing for teams like Barca or Real.

The hype around Neymar probably means that nobody but the elite teams will be able to afford him, though.

Posted by Luciano on 08/02/2012

Hahaha, people please....
This conversation about best defenders in Europe again? Maybe it's a little more difficult for Neymar, but nobody in the world have more skills to beat any kind of defensive system like him. For sure he will need good players around him to shine, just like Messi have. No doubt he's gonna be a football monster.

Posted by Mubzzy on 08/02/2012

Barca shd sign neymar,to kill the attack so dat he can support l.messi,signing neymar we hav to sell sanchez or villa

Posted by kamexola on 08/02/2012

Barcelona should buy neymar he will be a great player at camp non

Posted by Manasseh on 08/02/2012

Pls do any tin possible 2 bring neymer 2 barca. We luv him.

Posted by S S Irshad on 08/02/2012

in 1st order ,,barca must go to get ,,a Central 1st Priority...
,Neymar,,,,himself want to be a part of Barca... so its time to get him,,,,
FUNDS,,,,, there are,,, Pedro, Tello, Alexis,,,,Cuenca..
i think they can offload even 2Strikers,,, bcaz..D.Vilaa is on his way back...So they can offload ,, Alexis + Pedro...?

Posted by Kashif on 08/02/2012

Neymer is simply a legendary player.
Barcelona should consider of sign him this summer before any other big club signs him(like RealMadrid)

Posted by Anonymous on 08/02/2012

Mario Gotze is Also a great option for Barcelona.

Posted by Nurudeen akinpelu on 08/02/2012

dont have much to say. barca dont need neymar at this moment. bringing neymar will begin the end of barcelona's reign. pray he never comes because i dont see him and messi working together perfectly. i'm getting tired of their possession football anyway they can do whatever they like.

Posted by Malayours on 08/02/2012

Barca shud sign Neymar aftr d world Cup. If we 've 20/25 million pls buy CB coz Puyol is getting old, n d only player who can play like Puyol is David Luiz. Messi wil dèfinate reach his peak dis yrd, meaning is chemistry wil b high dan evr b4, D. Luiz is d man 4 dis unique club. If we sign Neymar barca wil b strng in attack bt whatz abt defence? Wil dis news motivate ours academy player. Many youth player wnt 2 b d next messi, xavi, inesta, n puyol whatz I' we going 2 think wil happen 2 dem, if we sign neymar. Many of dem wil leaves b4 proving demself. Pls fellow fans let lok at what is ahead b4 we decide. Malayours frm Liberia.

Posted by Destiny on 08/02/2012

With messi and neymar i tink madrid and order terms is in big troble. Messi and neymar they boat have a goal since.we need neymar in barca.with messi and neymar barca can't be hungry for goals.barca pls buy neymar to add messi for madrid buy neymar to add ronaldo.pls barca tink about it.i luv barca.

Posted by Tony on 08/02/2012

In this life Neymar will not play in madrid becos of what de do to him when he is at age of 12,Neymar will only play for FC Barcelona and he is welcome any day any time

Posted by BRYCE on 08/02/2012

Sign Neymar then u will have 6 gr8 players get him before any other team does so barca can be the best team in Fifa!!!!!!!! NOW messi can get better so get the boy!!!

Posted by rose on 08/02/2012

Anybody who says neymar fits the madrid pattern & not barcelona doesn't understand football...neymar patterns fits 2 clubs only,barcelona & arsenal... For neymar 2 succeed at barcelona,he needs 2 take on a subtle character,submissive & learn 2 play 4 the team 1st b4 himself..even lionel messi doesn't make needles runs without a teammate in sight & barca doesn't encourage show boating at the expense of the teams success. If barca signs neymar,it gives them options & ability 2 stretch the oppositions,with neymar & messi,which creates more attacking chances 4 them.. But what they need the most is "a defender" if possible they should get needs option,they need back-up players 4 when the main starters gets injured or loss form. Barca needs every player fit,ready 2 go & in- form for the new season...thats what caused them so much heart-ache & key defeat when they needed them the most..they need 2 rotate some players 2 reduce fatigue 2 ensure they can last the season..

Posted by Onabanjo wale on 08/02/2012

i will love that if Barca sign neymar

Posted by Shahab on 08/02/2012

well we all know Ney is great, but do we really need him? Yea its good to have ALL STAR team and then win, but thats not barca, that is madrid who buy everyone and try to win...barca creates their own player from their academy...i think bringing in Ney will bring in more ego clash than helping...what Barca needs to do is find replacement for keita and get a central defender...and leave the attack to messi/villa/alexis and pedro. I think we have a great team without Neymar

Posted by Dani brazilian on 08/02/2012

sell messi n buy neymar
messi is a very waek playe
catalan should buy neymar coz neymar is d best player in d world.he can make winning combination with xavi-iniesta-alves its a best combination of barca.
Barca buy santos playmaker ganso.he is a creative midfeilder.he can combine with iniesta and xavi.
Brazilian footballers are best in d world..

Posted by osman sanchez on 08/02/2012

i think neymar should go to real madrid because barca has messi david villa xavi iniesta. and alexis. barca dont need annother player we can still beat amyteam without neymar and messi and neymar wouldnt really get along playing together. because neymar might score all his goals. and anyways madrid needs a forward imstead of benzema

Posted by Aminu Tawfick on 08/02/2012

it is true that neymer has to come to barca and we barca we have a single problem and that problem is goalkeeper and defens that our problem we sign in goalkeeper and defenders so that our problem eill close now barca all time scorers this season is for us

Posted by Anonymous on 08/02/2012

Barcelona will never be able to afford to buy neymar. It would be a good fit but the big spenders Chelsea and Man City will offer Santos double what Barca can, and its the same for R. Madrid. Done deal

Posted by Danonino on 08/02/2012

he is brazilian, he will have 2 or 3 good seasons then dedicate to partying, become a waste and headache for the club, sold or returned to Brazil.

Posted by gbenga on 08/02/2012

Neyma s nt d issue,d point s CB bcuz puyol s out already,neyma s a gud player we can sign me 4 purpose.

Posted by russell on 08/02/2012

Messi has won every trophy there is to win at the club level internationally and has nothing more to prove there. I think Neymar should come and Messi play the role that Ronaldinho played when he was at Barca, a mentor to the young star.Both will continue to score goals as both are master providers and finishers and it doesnt hurt to still have Xavi, Iniesta, and Villa along with the rest of the supporting staff to help them crush opponents both at home and in the champions league. The world of football is in for a treat.

Posted by loops on 08/03/2012

That boy is a natural WONDER and a co-worker with Messi. i need him.

Posted by abraham jean on 08/03/2012

is that what barca need now?

Posted by michael spector on 08/03/2012

Barca let us sign neymar now,my regard to tito vilanova and lionel messi

Posted by mahdy on 08/03/2012

love messi and fc barcelona

Posted by Anonymous on 08/03/2012


Posted by edward deross gates jnr on 08/03/2012

we realy need a central defender lke david luiz and a keeper, nehmar to wil be a bles

Posted by shabani hussein masikuzi on 08/03/2012

Yes. I want, I want, I want F.C. Barcelona to buy Future Football Best Player on the planet after Leo Messi. Is Neymar. We need Neymar for sharpeness attacking team in the World. Barca buy Neymar this season is the right time buy Neymar. Welcome Neymar at Camp Nou.

Posted by saki persie on 08/03/2012

barca can buy neymar but his used to real madrid type of game and not barca's passing game. He plays really like ronaldo and i think he would be good alongside the portuguese but if barca want to buy him, they can sell sanchez or tello and buy the brazilian but he would need alot of time to adapt.

Posted by Rose on 08/03/2012

From where i stand...i think the spainish players underrated their opponents even though not conciously,i feel they excepted their opponents 2 just roll over & die or quiver bcos they are 4rm spain..they where giving a wake-up call & by the second match showed they weren't prepared 4 that.. Barcelona against chelsea,had luck & destiny written all-over it either the pragmatics believe it or created chance upon chance but none got in(not underrating or limiting the chelsea players or anything..)But they didn't defend as solidly as inter milan did against against barcelona(2010) the young la roja has a long way 2 go b4 they can emulate the senior squad,which is largely built around the barcelona pattern which would have helped the olympic team very well if they had mid-fielders largely 4rm the la masia academy.. Tello i don't think play like a la masia graduate ,he plays more fanciful & show boats at every opportunity 2 be honest,he reminders me of cristiano ronaldo

Posted by nwafor ifechinyere on 08/03/2012

pls why are barca wasting time on neymar we went we love and we need him please bring him

Posted by Anonymous on 08/03/2012

barcelona cant afford other ibrahimovic saga with same old ego clashes, neymar should first understand the barca system and the board must avoid any haste in this matter.

Posted by Austin on 08/03/2012

we need neymar by all means, d guy is vry yung i dat will a gud forward for BARCELONA, if neymar shld com to barca den lets sell villa nd pedro to other club sanchez will improve vry soon: let meymar come to barca. UP BARCELONA

Posted by joe c on 08/03/2012

messi is the greatest football play ever,we all know that but we need neymar now.......,this is our moment . barc 4 life

Posted by gbotex on 08/03/2012

barca can buy neymar is a good player i will happy if barca signs him good deal for barcelona

Posted by Iverson on 08/03/2012

If neymar agree dat futboll in barca moves around messi,xavi and iniesta then we can buy him if nt we have to 4get

Posted by ishaq on 08/03/2012

I"m glad,dat my team want to buy neymar,neymar be a great opportunity 4 barca,young talented player play along messi & inista,xavi. i urge official barcelona to secure the sign immediately Olympic over.we need neymar pls..........oooo

Posted by Obaro sunday on 08/03/2012

Neymar will be a good player in barcelona,but barca do need a good centre defender like luiz,vidic or agger...

Posted by Yahya mohd on 08/03/2012

Yes when barca sing neymar we wil contiue beateing real at any time,pls rosel nd tito do all your best 2bring zat guy hala barca

Posted by Brownstone on 08/03/2012

i dont think barcelona need Neymar at all. Neymar is more of a showboater rather than a team player which wont fit in barcelona style. RVP would fit in as CF. + get an experienced defender like Kompany, Vermaelen, Chielini or Vidic would make barca much stronger

Posted by Isack from Rwanda on 08/03/2012

It will be for me a dream to see Messi and Neymar play for barcelona. I don't known if it will be possible one time.

Posted by bura duri dadi on 08/03/2012

I can't wait to see the pairing of Neymer+Messi in the Barcelona attack. But we also need an experienced central defender. UP BARCA!!!

Posted by Eugene on 08/04/2012

I think Neymar is a good signing but right now I think barca should find a replacement for David Villa first, a striker who is good and can assist Messi, I recommend Hulk! Very few strikers or wingers are selfless and provide opportunities to team mates who might have better chance for a shot. Barca have these players and they are Messi and Sanchez etc. Players like Ibrahimovic, one of the best striker in ye world join and leave because of his more individual character. I'm afraid Neymar would be like him as well. As for defender, I think the best are all belonged to the best clubs in the world so maybe they can try to lure some from Arsenal or Liverpool. I think another important player that Barca can sign to earn some hot cash is David Beckham! He is the most marketable player in the world! His shirt will sell well and people still wanna see is trademark free kicks in big games. Why not loan him in, put him to play in average matches? Moreover, Barca used to promise to sign Beckham!

Posted by Kevin on 08/04/2012

We really need Neymar bcos he is a great asset in anybody's book. But i think we need a very competent young central defender now. The absence of Pique and the aging level of Puyol cost us last season. We must get a new central defender. Neymar is fantastic too. Forca Barca!

Posted by Kezuzu on 08/04/2012

Neymar is quite sensational,he is gonna be a good blend.He has the drive,confidence,and skills.Put on a barcelona jessey on him,and he is complete.In Barcelona,he can easily be nominated or better still become the world best in the near future

Posted by ukpabi chijioke on 08/04/2012

go get neymar 4 us we need him as we need miss plssssssssssss it wil be a vry gud tin 2 do ok

Posted by yusuf .muhammed nuhu on 08/04/2012

2 ur question let not sign nymer now cos our strkng force is already balance,we stll av plyr lke sanchez,pedro,fabrigas.david villa is almost back, although not tht dt i dnt av pssion 4 d guy 's a fture ply, bt nymer is nt our prblm now, our prblm nw is cntra defnce we need 2 sign a plyr dt cn oprte in cntrl dfnce n dfnsve mdfield or prmnt cntrl dfnce,here are d plyrs. javi martinez,alex song,thomas vermalen,lorient kosielny,subotic,lovren. tiago silva is a good option but rossnri askng prce is beynd our pwr so psg use thr spndng pwr 2 steal d vrsatlty dfndr 4rm d ctlunya ,my own openion, lts go 4 nymer nxt sson 10x

Posted by yusuf.muhammed.nuhu on 08/04/2012

@dani brazilian u are critisizng messi 2 praise neymer, i dnt thnk u no nothng about ftbll cs i dnt c d rson why u wll said messi is weak at ds of his age, i nd 2 ask u ds qstion at wht age leo was well known as a gr8 ftbller n av mny honour such as, bst ftbllr 3 tmes n stll countng,he also brke mny recrds, so on,tll me, evn neymer hmslf cn nt said messi is weak at ds of 's age or rte hmslf abve mssi (mtcheew)i no ur prblm u are tlkng in a pashah way bt stp critiszng d bst ever ftbller in d world who is nme is (LIONEL ANDRES MESSI)

Posted by odn-barca4life16 on 08/04/2012

A Messi Neymar Alexis combination would be something out of fantasy however now is not the right time. Let Neymar continue to grow, Villa still has 2 more years under contract and deserves his place in the team, Deulofeu is looking very good as well and shouldnt be underestimated either. If Neymar is good he will eventually come, no need to rush it.

Posted by Athir ali on 08/04/2012

Hmm.let barca sell messi and buy neymar.....with barca mid field any one can be the best striker in the world....

Posted by rishabh on 08/04/2012

i don't know how barca's going to manage neymer, but i think he is going to be a great play-maker and is going to join messi soon enough. santos is certainly going to miss neymer, and i think he does have what it takes to succeed in the NOU CAMP, just like RONALDINHO did up to 2008. I hope he carries the same enthusiasm through the barca fans. however what i am concerned of is that, if he plays as a forward, what would happen to the Spanish favourites such as David Villa. And also sanchez???? Thanks for giving your precious time to my opinion...

Posted by Kabiru Abdullahi shuni on 08/04/2012

Signing of Neymar to barca is welcome achievment nd wat we left to here from barca for long tym. I wish barca ta have a successful season nd pray to it players to be in their full fitness. Up barca! Up barca!! Up barca!!!

Posted by Nana Agyei on 08/05/2012

go and get nymar for us we need him us we need messi right now we the barcelona people at ghana. Ok

Posted by Neo on 08/05/2012

We want him there

Posted by Dalitso on 08/05/2012

Signing Neymar wiil not only a sales bolster but also an icing on the cake (considering the type of football that barca plays( its superfantamarvelous,awesome,so WE NEED NEYMAR AT NOU CAMP PLIZ

Posted by pepe on 08/05/2012

i would love to see neymar playing with messi. this two will do great things for FCB..i really want Neymar to join the club this summer..because if another club signs him its just going to be impossible to take him he is the best option for FCB and at this point Barca should forget about martinez and focus on neymar who is best than Javi martines....

Posted by edrin on 08/05/2012

it will a gd combination if Neymar team up with Messi hence making the most attacking partner in the whole world

Posted by Sunday oluseun rufus 4rm sokoto, nigerian on 08/05/2012

Yes NEYMAR is a gud player who can be converted 2 any wing in d pitch. But 4 nw barca dnt ve 2 sale anybdy 2 buy neymar bcos. We d fans dnt knw al wat dey do wit our trophies nd d money we get as of last 4yrs. D management should do smthn bcos we nid neymar dan any club. Bcos he is a playa dat can adapt wit barca way of play

Posted by Sikandar Ali on 08/06/2012

I think Neymar coming to Barcelona makes it much much better. But i always think about Barca from Ronaldinho's time, will Brazilian (Neymar) can achieve what his superior achieved in this club. Personally speaking he is a bit arrogant. When playing for world class club i think he will learn thing or two.

Posted by Larry on 08/06/2012

I think this is the best time for barca to sighn neymar he is a great player, having neymar alongside messi in barca great,we shouldn't waist time to sighn him. God bless Barca.

Posted by Iyke McColister on 08/06/2012

it is a perfect target and FCB should comtinue focusing on neymar because its goin to be 100%(percent) playing aloneside messi.

Posted by Cyril Gopar on 08/06/2012

All i know is that Neymar is a great player, and i know deeply inside me neyner will no reject Barca proposal to be among the Catalonia ,and also to be among the best team in the World and play in the pitch wit the Best player Lionel Messi, Neymer will do More better in Barca. BARCELONA 4 LIFE

Posted by Leiito on 08/06/2012

Lets get a new goalie. Valdez and Pinto are very good but not world class like Casillas.

Posted by Ezequiel on 08/07/2012

It would be good if barcelona signs neymar because he would make a great team play with all barcelona players and specially with Messi but Tito villanova has to make a good decision!!

Posted by Khoo Kyaw San on 08/07/2012

Barca want to buy Neymar to offload Messi in a few years' time as they did with Ronaldinho. Everyone though Ronaldinho, the magician, was indispensable to Barca, but then came Messi and soon gone was Ronaldinho.
You know, the management of Barca is going to buy Neymar with the purpose of abandoning your IDOL MESSI.
Fair or not, dirty or clean, to Barca, this is just a part of football.

Posted by Frank Shafic Mafumo on 08/07/2012

Well, everyone has said what he/she wants to say and that is good for people to give thier opinions, it is only those who understand how the techincal game is played to decide.
Neymar is not good as Messi, how many Brazillians have been superb in Barcelona, remember what Rivaldo told Ronaldnho when Barca was in its worst position, Neymar is welcomed to Camp Nou and I think Samba boys are destined to Barcelona like his elders you all know. MESSI-NEYMAR...Good

Posted by Jordiandres on 08/07/2012

The addition of neymar to barça would take pressure off of messi and would make the whole team much more difficult to defend. With xavi getting older and villa losing his scoring touch, neymar would be the perfect way to keep the attacking style in Barcelona.

Posted by C on 08/08/2012

Neymar is about to get signed to Manchester City...

Posted by jeffrey on 08/08/2012

yes it will be nice if he come to Barcelona so that he can be what he want to be and above all his dream of becoming world footballer will come to pass

Posted by mrtlove on 08/09/2012

i may sound like haters but im not hater if i say messi must liv barca before we sigh neymar.

Posted by veja on 08/09/2012

Don't out of ur contry.....

Posted by Barca Fan since 1985 on 08/10/2012

I think they should sign Neymar it will be a great oppurtunity for BARCA.It will help us overcome REAL but to me David Silva isa bettr negotiation u need someone else who Knows how to play first touch like Barca. Neymar doesnt seem to have the same skills.. Just my oppinion if u want to see Barca be more of a every men for himself or hav the Majic of Barcas passing back again.

Posted by xaaji messi on 08/10/2012

neymar well came to barcelona ifeel camp nu best foot bool well came well came

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