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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 07/08/2012

Javi Martinez is the missing piece in Barcelona's puzzle ahead of the 2012/13 season. I believe that adding the 24-year-old Basque midfielder to our squad would be sufficient to challenge for all titles next season. Especially after completing the transfer of speedy left-back Jordi Alba for a mere €14 million, which, as you can read here, was an absolute bargain!

Why Barcelona need a central defender


Neymar, Van Persie... The Catalan press keeps insisting on going after a big money transfer to reinforce our attack but I honestly believe that, especially after spending over €70 million on Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas last summer, this is the time to concentrate on strengthening our defensive line.

Regular readers of my Read My Mind articles would know that I would have loved Barcelona to sign a cheap Plan B striker, with Didier Drogba being my number one choice for the job. After listening to Tito Vilanova's press conferences though, it seems clear that Guardiola's heir will opt for adding intensity to our game, rather than height or strength. While I don't think adding a new dimension to our attack would hurt (especially in those dying moments of tight matches), I hope I am proven wrong, as that would mean further success has been achieved.

If you analyse the group of players Tito Vilanova currently has at his disposal and how those men performed last season, the conclusion is clear: Our central defence is in desperate need of new blood. Carles Puyol is a legend, a living example of how to devote a life to the Blaugrana. I feel it's imperative that El Capità gets the chance to pass on his legacy not only to Gerard Pique or Javier Mascherano, but also to this summer's signing.

Plus, don't forget: We must also consider that Tito Vilanova may possibly lose Seydou Keita to Dalian Aerbin of China on a free transfer - the need to sign a defender who could also add to our midfield would be a massive bonus.

Javi Martinez, the ideal candidate


Javi Martinez is the ideal solution that would solve both problems. The polyvalent Basque Tower has vastly proven his worth at the highest level, with 251 appearances since his Atheltic Bilbao debut at only 17 years of age. Initially excelling as a player who could balance the transition between midfield to attacking positions with ease (scoring 26 goals in the process), Javi Martinez has been deployed in central defence since the arrival of Marcelo Bielsa to San Mames.

Javi Martinez is no stranger to success. From a very early age, the youngster has regularly been called up for the Spanish National Team, winning 3 European Championships (U19s, U21s and under Del Bosque at Euro 2012) and last, but definitely not least, the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Plus, and despite not playing in one of Spain's Top 2 teams (Barcelona or those guys who dress in white), the 24-year-old has reached 4 finals in 6 seasons for Athletic Bilbao.

Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Pedro and the rest of the Barcelona internationals for Spain all speak wonders about the Bilbao youngster. Considering the fact that Del Bosque's preferred formation for Spain is based around the Barcelona 'pass and move' philosophy, one can assume that Javi Martinez wouldn't take too long to learn those internal mechanisms that make our game special. Plus, it is common knowledge that The Basque Tower regularly spends most of his spare time with the Blaugranas when on duty with La Roja.

Signing Javi Martinez won't be easy


Having said all of the above, Cules must be reminded that taking Javi Martinez away from Athletic Bilbao will not be an easy task. The Basque board has already announced that they have no desire to let one of his key players leave and that whoever wants to sign him must pay his 40M€ buy-out clause.

Andoni Zubizarreta, Bilbao's former sporting director, must ensure he uses his excellent relationships with the Basque president to work a bit of magic here, as the 24-year-old's massive price-tag is slightly out of reach for Barcelona at this moment in time. Including Barcelona B keeper Oier as part of the deal could be a way to make the transfer a reality...

What we learned

Considering what Javi Martinez has already achieved in his career, his potential and current needs of our Barcelona squad, I feel President Rosell must ensure he finds enough money to bring him to the Camp Nou this season.

Even if that means selling some of our current players.


Have your say 

What did you think of this article?

Do you feel Javi Martinez has what it takes to succeed at the Camp Nou?

Should Barcelona consider any other central defenders instead?

Which current Barcelona players would you sell to raise the funds to buy Javi Martinez?

Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

I welcome and appreciate all respectful feedback.

Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs. Founder and columnist at

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Posted by FCBarca on 07/07/2012

A central defender is needed, not necessarily paramount, but needed...Bartra is a longshot to make an impact this coming season and with a gimpy Puyol, depth is needed...Just not sure it requires a 40ME signing, regardless of where Javi might end up in the rotation - truth is, he might rarely play in this squad, making him an expensive squad player

Keita leaving would give more support to signing a player of Javi's versatility but again, the price is too high, IMO

Love to see a world class CB signed & play for Barcelona but I don't think the Basque DM (Converted to a CB) is the answer - especially at the price he's going for

I think they should add a squad player who could give depth at a cheap price and wait to see what the market can bring in winter or next summer

Posted by Aminu haruna on 07/07/2012

In my own advise barca should leave rvp,and martinez,and neymar,2 sign thomas vaemalen,cuz we hav alot of problem in defence line,sign rvp, is a westing of time,we need defence not strirker.

Posted by john on 07/07/2012

Good article but I dont understand how any real Barca fan (or football fan) would want that cheat Drogba at the club. He is a disgrace and at 34 would just tarnish our rep and give the "Barca cheats" idiots more of an excuse to slate us. Also he is a ego we dont need. We have yth players we could give a chance to like Dongou. I understand what youre saying by having Drobga as a plan B but I dont want a plan B at the expense of our reputation and squad atmosphere and Drogba to me is all of what is wrong in football today. He is a despicable character on the pitch. I agree tho that we need a World Class CB. Not Martinez tho as he is a Midfielder and we have plenty and we already play a midfielder as a CB. Hummels would be great. We should offload(sell/loan out etc) Kieta, Cuenca, Fontas, Affelay & Tello to generate money and give some experience and promote Muniesa, Dongou and Rafinha and sign one world class player at Centre Back. Our squad is already class. We only really need a CB

Posted by Adollyeaaa on 07/07/2012

Neymar better he is very intelligent player, he is very fit to replace david villa (y) #ViscaBarca

Posted by Adefila samson on 07/07/2012

As a cules supporter we need CB & CF, in other 2 challenge 4 all competition dis season.

Posted by ajiri on 07/07/2012

we realy need martinez to replace puyol because he is going off age we need young blood in the team there is no need for an attacker we already have enough and i do like the way tello is coming up..we neeg to strengthen our defence line

Posted by Lateef ajibade on 07/07/2012

Yes we need cb, matinez is good but not cb, sell keita, afelly, fontas add it to the ballance of €26m and go for thiago silva or david luiz. Barca for life?

Posted by Chinedu on 07/07/2012

If barca likes.let dem buy a cb.those guys in white as u said in the article ave taken the reigns from barca.

Posted by kesiena on 07/07/2012

Didier Drogba is one of the best things to happen to football... so stop using dispecable words againt him.

Posted by tunde on 07/07/2012

I won't Barcelona to sign Javi martinez and neymer

Posted by Prince Ifeanyichukwu on 07/07/2012

Very good article Francesc Tomàs. Yes I very much agree with the inclusion of Javi Martinez into our squad. And selling players like Affalay and Kaita who in my own opinion are currently not progressively effective. I would also use this medium to suggest that we buy a top rated out and out striker like Liorente of Bilbao or Falcao of Atlantic Madrid. We need to bit Madrid home and away and this can only be achieved with greater intensity imput, moving the ball relatively quicker and improve on strength and believe, these Vilanova must work on from day 1.
Thank you.

Posted by Comfi on 07/07/2012

Good article but I dont think Barca need Didier Drobga and plan B. Barca have a philosophy of football that has been tried and tested and proven it works. teams struggle when the play Barca so we must carry on with the same philosophy that has won us so many trophies. I do agree however that we need a central defender and no doubt Jarvi Martinez is the ideal candidate. However is too expensive and Barca musnt break the bank to have him. They are other cheaper options out there.

Posted by Mark on 07/07/2012

I agree Javi Martinez would be brilliant for Barcelona because he fits the ideal "Barcelona Center-back role." A center-back that plays for Barca needs to know how to play with the ball, like Mascherano and Pique.

But for me the player that they should have gone for is Jan Vertonghen, from Ajax, who is seemingly on his way to Tottenham. He knows the Barca style, as Ajax play the same way, and he was a former Defensive Midfielder, and he is so comfortable moving into midfield. He would have been perfect.

Posted by Mirnes on 07/07/2012

barcelona have 26 million euros for martines, who is wery quality player and price of 26 mmilion is the right one, you will ask why, because we dont know will martines fit at barca and we dont know is he have personality for barca what is necessary for playing style, is he have patiense to pass to pass to pass until the right opportunity arises, the lethal pass forward and for this reasons him price is 26 milion euros, secon reason is that barca cant spend more than 40 milions , they mast take money for neymar, but i will tell you that i am apsolutely agree with you that is the best choise martinez in transfer market, but if atletic dont give lover price martinez would not play for barca and some stoper will come to barca with price 26 milion or less. and next year neymar coming in barca may be in january, if not than next summer.....

Posted by Abiodun Taofeeq on 07/07/2012

As for me, I will like to advise barca to go for thomas vermarlin or Javi Matinez, it will be good ideal for barcelona instead of any striker.

Posted by charles on 07/07/2012

barca shuld better open there eye n sign cb lyk mexes, david liuz,vameleen or vidic,not martinez n if dey can stil aford a gud rule d world again bt cb first.

Posted by Hope Tega on 07/07/2012

Barca as a team need a CB,the challenge facing FCB today is not a mid-feild or attacting problem,but a defensive problem,we have too much of waste attacters,selling keita,afelly,fontas could make us acheive a full CB,than management should do something,Barca will go up 4 life.

Posted by kaynie90 on 07/07/2012

@John 2 I certainly disagree with your point of selling cuenca,affellay,tello,fontas.....e.t.c those are our most prized assets we certainly dont want to go through the Cesc drama again and even Jordi.

I think promoting Bartra or buying hummels with the little money we have got wont be a bad idea.Javi martinez transfer fee is way beyond Barca can consider paying and Keita can be sold so that we raise funds and mascherano can be a backup to BUSI after a CB has been bought.Hope Tito wont make a mistake on this issue FORCA BARCA!

Posted by Nuraddeen Ibrahim Zurmi on 07/07/2012

what barca need is natural center back not a converted one like Javi, barca should go 4 David Luis or Mats Hummels or Dede or even Jan Vertonghen though Martinez is not bad option thanks

Posted by Jack Sparrow on 07/07/2012

Yes! Javi Martinez will b ok!!Forget the pricetag..we r needy.thatz all..btw,van persie's issue ,i think fcb can think more,as a best replacement of messi's injury(god ,save him!)..itz a fact.barca forever.♥

Posted by kwanda khumalo on 07/07/2012

Barca should sign neymar and a new CB

Posted by Anonymous on 07/07/2012

Barca must sign martinez bc cb is our prob and then sign young neymar bc he is become best player in the next coming years

Posted by michael on 07/07/2012

Pls sign neymar

Posted by maxwell aboagye on 07/07/2012

i think Barcelona should go for javi Martinez to the squad and it will help them a lot. and they should not forget to buy David Luis because carles puyol is not all that fit. even if Luis come he will help puyol at the left back,i don't know if bojan will come to Barcelona again in 2012-2013 season.

Posted by De real iyke. on 07/07/2012

I like ur article my good writter. I so much love seeing people of a higher level of knowledge annalising football with a good sense of humour. However, javier martinex is a gud ideal for barca central defence because he has a little bit of our tiki kaka style of play and also has proven him self in many ways to show he 's a gud midfielder with higher knowledge of defensive role. He also score goals as our own legend "puyol" who also scores when it matters most. So as a barcelona fan i think that barca should try all their best in other 2 make sure they sign him,though with 40m€ tag on him is expensive but i believe if barca go into negociation with his club they will reduce the price to 26 or 30m€. We need him far more better than striker now because that is where our mistakes base on last season and not striker for we have enough to go through the whole season for now. Goodluck f c barcelona.

Posted by md.nazmul naz on 07/07/2012

I think barca need a CB,&a CF agree to sale tello,affely,keita,..they ,shouldn't go 4neymer,or rvp,bcz they alrdy hv world best playr messi,xavi,inneysta,d villa.may B a full back lyk burdiso,bruno alvz of portugal, dvd luiz,or intr milans sammuel. As a central frwd diago milito,mario gomez,lorentte,hulk,or plyr lyk tevez can solved their pblm,gud luck barca4nxt season.. Md Nazmul.bngladsh.ctg

Posted by oliver on 07/08/2012

barca nidz a cb n 2 strickers like neymer n llorente of falcao bt nt foolz n disgrace like drogba. Drogba is a disgrace in world futbal. We dont nid him even 4 free.

Posted by chris on 07/08/2012

What i think should be done is that,since barca has just 26m to spend on players,i think their main target should be on the cb position,and the best tip for dat position is arsenals vermalin.

Posted by jovaughn adair on 07/08/2012

Barca need a world class striker and center off. Messi scored 73 goals in total n the next player to him scored about 15 goals, come on now dats really poor. They need a striker who's averaging at least 35 goals or one who's capable of doin so a season (falco, Rvp, tevez, cavani or even suarez). Defensively, they already coverted masorahno to be playing central in the defensive, which I strongly believe he played brilliant there howvever, we wouldn't want to buy javi martinez with the intention to convert him into a center. We need a natural solid center off, that we won't have to convert to a central defender and then even worrying if he'll excell in that position. We need the likes of david luiz orvarmealen or badstober...

Posted by Ed on 07/08/2012

People keep mentioning how we need to strengthen our defensive line when it seems to me that it's perfectly fine when Puyol is playing although he is getting old. Nobody should be expecting a world class defensive line in Barcelona regardless of the players they buy. It's not the lack of quality that allows goals in, it's the fact that a majority of the squad tends to push too far up the pitch including the defenders. Generally it pays off but it makes Barca very susceptible to counterattacks. I see Pique push up quite often and Puyol at times as well. There's not much room to fix the defense unless you change how Barca plays and that isn't going to happen, there will always be huge holes in the back at times from too many players going forward.

Posted by Jatt usman etudaiye on 07/08/2012

I want to remind barcelona about converted CB that we already have two of them like mascherano and bosquet what need now is real CB, We need real puyol like david luz and Mats hummel not that martinez is not good enough but is too expensive and is not real CB. Barca can even add cf like falcao or suarez and sell players like keita,villa

Posted by HENRY DANIELS on 07/08/2012

Plz sir Tito Vilanova, we need neymar the brazilian and santos striker in our squad before we lose him to another big clud....

Posted by kamal fagge on 07/08/2012

i want vilanova to sing javi martinez to leave neymar and sing thomas veamaling

Posted by Leonardo godsent Nana Ageemanovic on 07/08/2012

javi martinez wil also be a very gud signing. And dis wil make barcelona more successful next 2012/2013 season both la liga and champions league

Posted by etim thompson etim on 07/08/2012

I think we need a spainish defender who can easly adopt to barca style in think javi should be the answer

Posted by Imperial Trooper on 07/08/2012

No way he is worth 40m, not even 30m. I would sign a cheap CB (less than 10m) and also sell David Villa for as much as possible. I would use the funds raised from the potential sale of David Villa, and the funds not wasted on Javi Martinez, in order to bring Neymar from summer 2012. Keep in mind that a player like Falcao cost Atletico de Madrid around 40m euros. How on earth can Martinez cost anywhere near as much?

Posted by fadi on 07/08/2012

ok, let's be clear that javi is awonderful player. a fantastic prospect for spain. but 40 mil. is just too much. he is not a natural defender, and we already have makeshifts in the squad. it's time to sign a solid, proven defender and for much lesser money too.
martinez is great, but he's not what barca wants!

Posted by musa A musa soba on 07/08/2012

It is not much compulsory for barcelona to sign central midfielder.But the main thing is barcelona are suppose to sign a central defender.though we thank God jordi alba has replaced abidal but for the purpose of injury we need more depender

Posted by Damilare M. on 07/08/2012

If the price is right, FCB can go for Martinez, but center back like Hummels are more suited to the position , Luiz nd give more playing time to Batra, Gomez and Montoya. Although its not compulsory, but a center forward like Llorente isn't bad.

Posted by ussama on 07/08/2012

yes he would be a good choice ...we dont need a striker at moment but if javi martinez cannot be signed we need to sign a veteran striker like drogba ,klose to increase a boost in our camp

Posted by matt on 07/08/2012

this is in response to a comment by john
the so called "cheat" drogba won chelsea the champions league and and scored the goal that ended barca's tourney
all i feel is that barca needs someone like ramos

Posted by ezfulus on 07/08/2012

Lol I'm sorry but a defense with pique & Martinez would be raped everytime. pique has shown to be inept when not backed by a fast, aggressive fellow CB ala puyol & Ramos..not someone like Martinez. If barca do get him to play his natural DM position however, I'll be waiting to laugh upon seeing barca finally succumb to the 2 DMs that barca fans were so against in Del Bosque/Spain's case.

Posted by TAIWO KIMBA on 07/08/2012

I wan't to advice barca,defender is our problem pls go and buy martinez and Nelmar. up barca....barca 4 life.

Posted by eddie on 07/08/2012

javi martinez is a good player.Barca needs him.

Posted by Trebble o on 07/08/2012

I want barca 2 signed javi martnes bcos we need a good replacement 4 puyor,I think herrique ws come back,I want barca 2sell herrique nd fontas to complete d money 2 buy matines or neymer or another defence young tallent,or give bartra chance 2 play.

Posted by barca4life on 07/08/2012

agreed with ezfulus.
regards to people calling Drogba cheats, consider Busquets, enough said.

Posted by luciano on 07/08/2012

Javi culd be a gud signing since seydou is leavin for china. Barca need a good CB not a MF turned CB.I suggest they sell affelay,Fontas and some of their B team players to raise fund to buy the players they need for the next season.

Posted by Andrew G on 07/08/2012

Amen to this! Pique and JM would be a fantastic duo.

Posted by Pedro Rodriguez on 07/08/2012

I highly disagree. I'm a Barcelona fan, but to see us bullying other clubs in la liga for their players is something which I am 100% against. How can a league grow again when the big 2 keep bullying everyone? It's not morally right and la liga seems to be growing again for me so I wouldn't like to see it taking more and more steps back. Not only that but Martinez is a defensive mid and playing him at centre back would be a waste of talent if you ask me, he's not needed at all. I'd rather see the club give more chances to youth players. Also I'd like to see Bilbao continuing growing and would absolutely hate for my club to ruin that for them by buying their players. I don't know how any true football fan would want to see Martinez go to Barcelona or any other club, atleast not yet. But in a few seasons, yes that would be ok.

Posted by Pedro Rodriguez on 07/08/2012

I've heard people mention that Barcelona need to buy Van Persie or Tevez? Hilarious. Tevez is maybe the most overrated striker ever and his headless chicken style doesn't suit Barcelona one bit, he would never fit in. Van Persie is the same age as Villa and has only had 18 great months in his career. Villa has scored over 20 goals a season for the past 10 years(apart from last season due to injury of course) and he will be back and like a new signing next season. Barcelona don't need to spend nothing on a striker this season. Infact, why does the club need to spend anyway? Bleed more youth I say. Forget paying over the top prices for players who aren't even needed. Martinez and Pique wouldn't be the best of defensive partnerships either. What is the point? Mascherano is already a defensive mid playing out of position, another isn't needed. I'd either buy someone like Hummels, or forget a centre back altogether and give chances to Fontas and Bartra.

Posted by Vincent on 07/08/2012

Barcelona Fans I Salute 4 ur good opinions 4 is very very good we go 4 center-defender like Javi Martinez because is good, intelligent and can play the game footbal but first the €40 amount is much 4 him, I really think €26 or €30 is the best but if not leave him and go 4 more youth spainish players that are cheap and can easily adapt to my Barca way of play.
To make moni we should sell David villa we dont really need him and also promote youny stars because without them there is no tomorrow 4 sure. Pls Tito Valinova dont sell Ibrahim Afelley his young and important to us Barca Fans, personlly i love to see young stars between 19-28 years play 4 Barca and also learn football wel as they play in the pitch. I rest my case Thank u everybody FONCA BARCA CULE And the rest.

Posted by Brandon on 07/08/2012

Barca should sign Seamus Coleman from Everton. Talented Midfielder who started out as a defender. I like ice-cream. Barca should sell Villa and buy Emile Heskey

Posted by diyawu on 07/08/2012

we need a straiker and difender god bless barcelona

Posted by Anonymous on 07/08/2012


Posted by Joe Matthews on 07/08/2012

i like what you said but we need more messi will not do everything for Barcelona i mean come on pep guardila is gone and now we need more players Robin Van Persie is available, he is a good player..also Neymar..come on we need to show why Barcelona is the best team in the the fans are waiting for Barcelona to do'll be great to have javi martines but Barcelona needs more than that...RVP, Neymar, Alexander Pato there are players out there even Drogba will be great for the team...

Posted by Armen on 07/09/2012

I think the argument for Javi Martinez is a good one but not the best. The main weakness of Barcelona at the present is its defense. I think Pep would have stayed had he won the UEFA championship. He erred on focusing disproportionately on mid-fielders and forwards at the expense of the defense. He should have brought in a strong defender last year having the knowledge that Puyol was not well (knee problems) and Pique is a bit labile and not that good on fast breaks ( when they struggle the most). I hope Tito and Rossi do not make the same mistake. They badly need a full back.

Posted by OJ GABRIEL on 07/09/2012

I think Barcelona needs a CB and Martineze is best suitable, definately Drogba does not fit in at all.


Posted by akshay on 07/09/2012

Have faith in barcelona, the team, managers, players, board members and staff. Believe in them no matter what and whoever they sign, barcelona is a great club and great things will happen if we just believe! Don't let the transfers stress you out, barcelona can do anything! #barcelona the greatest team in the world#

Posted by Anonymous on 07/09/2012

we need CB not CDM we should try to buy david luiz or hummels or bradstuber and we can sell affeley and villa for van persi

Posted by Igor on 07/09/2012

There is some wrong data here. Javi Martinez's buyout clause is 40 million €.. but... if an Spanish club wants to pay it, you have to add taxes.. VAT.. that is 45% more. That goes to the Spanish Government, not to the club, but there is not a reason why Athletic Club will accept to negotiate and let Barcelona pay less.

Posted by abdalla on 07/09/2012

Yes he would be a good player 4 iur squad javi martinez but price is 2 hight if the price is like 40 m. We have 2 leave him n look at vermelin cos is a greet player thnks vifa barc 4 live

Posted by Taophyc olayinka shoaga on 07/09/2012

I would like barca to sign neymar & thiago silver

Posted by matt on 07/09/2012

i think the main important think is the goal keeper for barca is bad we need to get him out and get Petr Cech in baca will be the best of the best because Cech got his team to win over us

Posted by Nicolas La Torre on 07/09/2012

We need a central defender not a defensive mid who can also play as CB. Javi Martinez is similar to Mascherano and they want to convert him from his ideal mid position into CB like they did with Masche I'd rather not sign anyone else rather than to spend 40 mill on a player that we do not need remember that Montoya Muniesa& Bartra are also going to be promoted
We need a center defender like Mats Hummels someone with speed good ball control who can start the game from the defensive line like Pique does and also someone who is affordable
Javi Martinez is a mid and we would simple be a surplus in the mid
It is time to sign true players of quality that Barca really need and not expensive whims Javi isnt worth 40 mill
Hummels is 26 mill and is a lot better he is a pure defender& national team defender
Javi Martinez is a whim of the board of the club
Whoever has written ths deficient article needs 2 read the press of Barcelona one that is impartial& youll c peopl want Hummels not Javi

Posted by Ayuka magaji madcity on 07/09/2012

Barca shul buy javi 2 tied our defence o neymer 2 help mesi

Posted by alfie on 07/10/2012

this would be a good buy, if im honest selling affalay would not be a huge blow, once villa is fit there will not be any real need for him, i can see vilanova starting tello more often and cuenca also, so i think with martinez and jordi alba this team is going to amazing to watch this year, i hope we sign javi!!!!!

Posted by azam on 07/10/2012

Brilliant article!
I feel as if youve read my mind barca desperately need a quality CB. Ive been stressing on this issue for most of the summer and was overjoyed when we secured Alba's signature. Martinez would be a dream signing yes i said "dream"! This is mainly because personally i cannot see any other defender fitting in to the blaugrana system quicker than he will because of his exertions with La Roja and being familiar with the barca contingent.
Although as much as I pray we get martinez, it wouldnt suprise me if we dont(this season anyway). We have a budget and we must stay within it. 40ME is too much to pay at this point in time. The likes of Daniel agger, fabricio coloccini(older but very composed!)vermaelen would be a better option for barca. Players in this bracket would come cheaper whilst boasting experience of playing in the toughest leagues in the world. There is quality out there for prices barca can pay. I no Tito will make the right decision. BARCA FOR LIFE!!!!!

Posted by Joan on 07/10/2012

I keep hearing there's a need for a world class central defender. Really?? The same in the early 2000's when Puyol was on the, the answer is right in your face, Fontas!! He will be Carles natural replacement if he get the chance. Not signings for show! Look what jersey Puyol was wearing in la Copa del Rey final...yes Fontas!!

Posted by liaam coe on 07/11/2012

i think barca shuld get martinez, hes an amazing cb and is still only young, they dont need to improve their attackers, drogba is a waste of space, not good enough for barca, absolute cheat, however neymar would be amazing for barca

Posted by Neil on 07/11/2012

For crying out loud!! I'm hearing reports of Barca taking an interest in Oriol, Cabaye, and Martinez: all midfielders which Barca DO NOT NEED RIGHT NOW!! WE NEED A DEFENDER, and that's period, can't Tito get this in his head...sigh..

Posted by Regi on 07/12/2012

Guys , Relax!!
There are going to be speculation about Javi Martinez coming to barcelona,i guess this is just the way Rosell has palyed ,but not rightly, Advertising the intrest on a player appreciates the value of a player, Javi Martinez as a target should have never been advertised !! Now, the only option Rosell and company has is to keep the news close to Javi Martinez and target someone else. We need a CD not a DM , having said that we need a CD that can play the Barca way,I'd say we leave the hunt for now , we have Alves, Pique, Puyol ( may be fit to play 50% games ?) , Macherano, Alba, Adriano, and Bus as a cover-up in case of emergency in a tight situation, We also have options on Barta and Fontas .. so in total we are talking about 8 and half (puyol) defenders , dont u think this is good enough ?? We can wait till the next transfer window and hopefully invest the money else where , Neymar ?? why not !! Villa has may be another 2 seasons at top form left , think about it !!

Posted by Rumon,Bangladesh on 07/12/2012

I'm very much proud to be a fan of FC Barcelona and want to give thanks to all Barca fan for giving their valuable opinion. I think for the lakings of defenders Barca couldn't retain their both la liga & cl last year. If barca's technical staff concentrate about the improvement of defence i hope next season will be really awesome for Barca...Go barca go.................

Posted by Francis Paloma on 07/12/2012

if they really wanted to strengthen their defense, the good choice would be thiago silva. psg are closing in on a deal with ac milan on 62M pounds along side ibra. the wise choice would be thiago silva at their defense. and Hugo Lloris as their keeper. barcelona are the third richest clubs in the world. its impossible they can't afford Loris and silva in their line up. so hopefully i made it clear

Posted by Toni Boy 23 on 07/13/2012

I take time and read all your coments for me i think it is simple we need a CD Thiago Silva to hold for Puyol base on his condition someone who can play this roll, also we need someone like Neymar to hold for David also base his condition our team will be complete with these two guys, remember Supporters we already have a complete and balance team playing the Taki Taki style to perfection, Barcelona Supporter Forever.

Posted by Sohel on 07/13/2012

Barcelona should buy jabi martinez......though the price is too high......but it should be rememberd that men city will buy him before as soon as possible,barca has to buy jabi martinez!!!

Posted by stansmith on 07/13/2012

in my opinion barcelona should buy javi martinez because he would guive more impact in our football and for that we should sell a player like tello or dos santos. forza barcelona!!!

Posted by jurian on 07/21/2012

neymar should be signed... Neymar and messi combination will rock for sure...

Posted by Eman on 07/21/2012

Madness. We use only one MF, Busquets, and he couldn't be more dissimilar to Javi. He would be used as an out of place CB, like Bielsa has done this season, but he's not even the best CB at Athletic. Really. And he would cost pretty much as much as Hummels.

It's not only a bad choice, it's possibly the worst possible choice in the whole world.

Posted by Salami kabir a. on 07/23/2012

What a good article! In my own perspective, signing of van persie, neymar and martinez is a wasting of money for barcelona. This is because we dont need any striker for now, our problems is at defensive line and 40M is too much for javi martinez. There are many matured and experienced CB like DAVID LUIS, VERMALINE, KOSCLIENY AND LUCIO.

Posted by Rosangliana on 07/26/2012

Think,Barca should sign Brazillian Neymer,most Brazilian players are a great role in Barca,they are always played a good performed.If he (Neymer)goes to Barca he is better for his future.Neymer is a very skillful,and his ball is also very clever,so i wishes him to go to Baca,

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