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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 05/02/2012

Since Pep Guardiola announced he was leaving his post as Barcelona manager, many rumors have started filling the front pages of the Catalan media, mostly focusing on how newly-appointed Tito Vilanova will develop the team further and, inevitably, which players he has identified as main targets this summer.

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:


1. Van Persie, Arsenal: I think he'll remain at London. Having said that, I'm certain he would sign for Barcelona if he decided to leave Arsenal. Seeing his friend and former teammate Cesc Fabregas winning titles after just one season away from Wenger's camp must hurt, especially considering RVP hasn't won any trophies with The Gunners since 2005.

2. Rafael and Fabio Da Silva, Manchester United: No chance. If Guardiola wants a replacement for Dani Alves, then Montoya (from our La Masia youth academy) will take the place. The Barcelona youngster is ready and has already played for the senior Spanish side.


3. Adil Rami, Valencia: Definitely an option as our defensive line has been, by far, our weakest point this season. Gerard Pique has been below par this season, Carles Puyol has done fairly well since his injury but is not a 20-year-old kid anymore, Eric Abidal just underwent a liver transplant... Sure, Muniesa, Bartra, Fontas, Jonathan Dos Santos will all be at the Barcelona first team next year, but all of these La Masia graduates will need experience and playing time before they can be given proper responsibilities.

4. David Luiz, Chelsea: I honestly don’t see why Chelsea would want to sell him and Barcelona will definitely not buy him at his current price tag. A great defender though!


5. Fernando Llorente, Athletic Bilbao: Don’t get me wrong, the Lion King is obviously a great striker but, considering the Ibrahimovic fiasco a couple of seasons ago, I am fairly sure Guardiola learnt that Barca simply don’t need a tall striker – giving Messi more room to combine with Xavi or Iniesta upfront is way more important.

Having said that, Tito Vilanova may have other ideas in mind. Maybe a change of formation at times, including a taller reference upfront? If our defeats to Chelsea and Real Madrid taught us something is that we need to have a reliable Plan B when things turn ugly. Watch this space...

6. Ashley Cole, Chelsea: Never. I think it’s more likely that Barcelona sign his ex-wife Cheryl instead.

7. Javi Martinez, Athletic Bilbao: Yes, please! In my opinion, the best player Barcelona could attempt to buy this summer. Definitely needed to reinforce our defense, the Tower of Bilbao is experienced at playing at the highest level, able to play in many positions and has played around Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Puyol and the other Barca internationals with Spain for a while now. My Number One Target!


8. Jordi Alba, Valencia: A sure buy. I believe the deal has already been closed, despite lack an official confirmation from both clubs. The Valencia youngster could be Barcelona's new left-footed Dani Alves. I love his spirit and aggressive nature. Also a Spanish international, will definitely be in Del Bosque’s squad for the Euro 2012. Plus, don’t forget this very sharp left-back came from Barcelona’s La Masia in the first place!

9. Gareth Bale, Tottenham: Despite all the media articles on the matter, I don’t see it happening, purely based on the fact every other team in Europe will want to sign him and, let’s face it, teams such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid or even Malaga have got much more money to spend than us. Would be good though!


10. Neymar, Santos: My opinion on his signing has always been clear: No, thank you. My attitude was based on his rockstar attitude off the pitch and his inability to decide whether he prefers Barcelona or Real Madrid. Having said that, the Brazilian is clearly gifted and, if Tito Vilanova thinks he can find a space for him in our team, I would give him my support.

The problems would start the very second the media started hyping him as the 'The next Messi' or similar non-sense. In my opinion, he would simply be one more player in a competitive squad. That would be more than enough.


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What did you think of this article?

How do you feel about the possible signings discussed above?

Do you know of any other players that would make Barcelona even stronger?

Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

I welcome and appreciate all respectful feedback.

Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs

Founder and Columnist at

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Posted by idowu bankole on 05/02/2012

tito vilanova summer signing is ok but tito should go for arsenal defender barcay sagna and change victor valdes and pinto and get another best keeper

Posted by BELLO KAZEEM ABAYOMI on 05/02/2012

Majority of players above is wasting of cash as far as am concern we need not less than three[3] of them i mean BALE,DAVID LUIZ,AND LORENTE

Posted by jonathan ignatius on 05/02/2012

we also need a quick reflex goalkeeper better than the current two.

Posted by fcb on 05/02/2012

szecszny !!!!!

Posted by Singh on 05/02/2012

Jordi Alba or Javi Martinez
Two of these players are the best for

Posted by Riccardo Soru on 05/02/2012

it has been rumored that Barcelona are interested in Sebastian Giovinco....I think he would be a great addition to the team :D

Posted by Drago at Barcablog on 05/02/2012

Isaac Cuenca and Christian Tello are the latest potential stars to emerge from La Masia. Tello is probably a more natural goalscorer but Cuenca has also shown promise. This season has been a real struggle for Pedro as he battled injuries and a resultant loss of form. Hopefully, two goals in our last two games are a sign that Pedro is regaining the form of the last two years where he scored so many vital goals. Long term injuries to David Villa and Ibrahim Afellay have caused doubts to be raised as to their long term futures with Barcelona. Villa has been an enigma scoring some great goals but not as many as we had hoped. Afellay's major contribution was his brilliant assist for Messi's first goal in the UCL semi final last year.

Posted by Drago at Barcablog on 05/02/2012

All the players I mentioned above are quality players. However, I think that at least one, and maybe two, of them will be sold in the summer. It is likely that signings will be made to reinforce our defence. It is also possible that a deal has already be done to bring Neymar to Barcelona in the next few years.

Posted by Benjamin on 05/02/2012

Jordi Alba and Javi Martinez would be awesome additions and what Barcelona needs most right now. I think the other areas are pretty well represented...especially if Villa is back from injury.

Posted by Rahul Oak on 05/02/2012

Javi Martinez, Llorente and Jordi Alba would be on my wish-list, in that order. Also, not missing Villa for half the season would really help too.

Posted by ASOGWA CYPRAIN on 05/02/2012

4 me i like u r opinion bt 1 tin is still missing,we need a good keeper like joe hart or peter cech an so many,david luis is ok,martinez n bale is ok 2.

Posted by voltage pawa on 05/02/2012

u no our problem is goalkeeping and defence,and i think new quick inteligent keeper lik casilas,hart wil be best.and two new defenders 4m valencia wi help and lorente is better.

Posted by Mimi on 05/02/2012

Why is everybody silent about barca's goalkeeper? Do u need a third eye to see dat barca has no goalkeeper?

Posted by Oyelade temitope on 05/02/2012

All listed players are really gud 2 play wit barca but only ashley cole is minus cos he's too old. Barca 4 life

Posted by Rakesh on 05/02/2012

Don't u think we need a sharp distance shooter? The game against Chelsea showed us that... we parked in front of of their penalty area but couldn't score.. David Villa was dearly missed then..what do you think?!

Posted by Jege iykewilson on 05/02/2012

Expecting david luiz to be at barcelona will be impossible because i dont see any reason why chelsea should map him on sale.i think barcelona should go for newcastle defender COLLOCCINI who is 100% carbon copy of david luiz.(jege iykewilson)

Posted by usman mohammed on 05/02/2012

we want a good golekeeper in other to make strong

Posted by Jonah s. Billi on 05/02/2012

Wt baca need most ‘re keeper & two defenders then neymer

Posted by Eze on 05/02/2012

I think David Luiz Van Persie And ofcourse Neymar or Zlatan but please Tito Vilanova Go For Neymar or Zlatan We need tall players and quick like Neyma And zlatan and Robin van persie but my top players would be David Luiz,Zlatan ibrahomavic,Robin van persie and ofcourse neymar!! Visca Barce!!

Posted by shane jonkers on 05/02/2012

Javi martinez total yes...wil be best buy!!!! im sorry but Valdes's time as barcas top keeper has come to an end...better replacement is needed. casillas would be nice but very unlikely! plan b needed yes. alot of focus needed on our defence please!!!

Posted by Zacks on 05/02/2012


Posted by fumus on 05/03/2012

jungs...ihr müsst einfach logisch denken !!!

javi martinez und jordi alba werden kommen...
keita und ibrahim A.. gehen weg!! das wars...dann ist alles ist perfect!!!!!!!!!

und wenn ein neuer torhüter kommt dann nur der von der jugend (olazabal)

und david villa bleibt nur wenn tito ihn will...gebrauchbar ist er aber er weiß acuh das er ma z.B 5 spiele 90 min auf der bank sitzen kann wegen der konkurenz

Posted by luis on 05/03/2012

barcelona just needs central defenders and strikers that can decide a game, maybe a winger

Posted by Kolade lekan jimmy on 05/03/2012

Alba wil be a great signin, we need a young experience goakeeper and defender player like thiago silva, all we need is defender and goalkeeper i don't think we need striker.

Posted by Mustamin on 05/03/2012

I tink thiago silver will be of great help to barca defence,i hope barca will do somtin abt himg

Posted by Neo Lichaba on 05/03/2012

I dont see why barca need a new goal keeper....victor valdes may not be the best,but he is doing a good job! He has been brilliant for the past 4 seasons,which Barca have been dominant

Posted by Olomojola on 05/03/2012

It,s a great news for barca fan aii over d worid dat barca is interesting in signing brazilian playmaker neymar if bar2 is ready to pay any amount to bring heq to campnou it will streghten ur team next season

Posted by Fatihu abdullahi on 05/03/2012

Thiago silva, bale young good goalkeeper will more advantage for barcelona

Posted by richard ekpo on 05/03/2012

Wat barcelona really need is goalkeeper, and i'll prefer thiago silva to david luiz, and i think villa nd afellay should stay... But we really need a good goalkeeper

Posted by jimmy samson on 05/03/2012

barcelona should go for bayern goal keeper,or mayb arsenal keeper,cos valdes,nd pinto,are our problem.

Posted by ochere evans on 05/03/2012

Am sure signing Neymar,David luiz,Van Persie and Bale will help the club to more trouphy.and Valdes should train hard.

Posted by progress ogbon on 05/03/2012

barca have been playing good football but will need to reenforce in our attack. Will need two player who we be tacking distance short and good goalkeper like never that will make us secure trophy in next season,

Posted by chukd on 05/03/2012

We need to buy at least 4 defenders and a good goalkeeper like Arsenal keeper,joe hart and a striker like van persie

Posted by Vishnu on 05/03/2012

if villa stays no need of another striker...but in my opinion javi martinez,david luiz and llorente are the enough and best options...llorete will definitely substitute sanchez who does not have a great tym at Barca...

Posted by olasupo Morenikeji. A on 05/03/2012

Hi my fellow f.c.b fans, 4 my own opinion i would lyk barca 2 sign jordi alba, javi martinez, Llorente and a goalkeeper with grade A Xperience.

Posted by Vishnu on 05/03/2012

our frnd said a right thing...barca miss villa much in this season he is an excellent striker of the ball...

Posted by Bobjay on 05/03/2012

Alhough all d players that ar mension ar ok bt d main importants of dem ar luize,neyman,alba,llorenti,nd any perfect goal keeper

Posted by Olawale on 05/03/2012

In my own opinion what barca need most are 3.
1. A good goal kepper like casilas, hart, cech n so many other.
2. A number of defender for d ageing defender we have.
3. Then we need a sharp shot shooter to booster our striking force. Up barca

Posted by Gideon Oloruntoba Ajisafe on 05/03/2012

tito vilanova summer signing is ok but tito V, Neymar,Fernando, Gareth Bale, Llorente,should go for ,Barcelona

Posted by Zorro on 05/03/2012

What about Thiago Silva?
I think Barcelona definetely ned him, and cannot get a better defender.
With the right offer, cash-strapped Milan can let him go. One of the yougsters can also included in the deal.
It shall be the signing of the summer, and permanent solution to the defence when Puyol retires.

Posted by olakanmi olamide on 05/03/2012

Well I gv kudos to d barcelona team,want them to Ω̴̩̩̩̥☺ that they have done well this season.well if there would be any signing @ all it should come from the back.(Defence and goalkeeper).leaving the new coach to pick is choice for the defence,but would prefer neur (bayern munich keeper)as a replacement for the aged goal keepers

Posted by ABUBAKAR SADDIQUE on 05/03/2012

yes neymar must come and support the attack.a good keeper must be employed and last, the defense needs to be modified.

Posted by Emeghara Reuben chika on 05/03/2012

Barcelona also need a serious goalkeeper for the team,and much more defenders because puyol have an aged man though,he is playing well,barcelona should offload keita,and look for a better player.

Posted by Zeke on 05/03/2012

Some interesting thoughts here, my question is: why would you write something and give it the title "10 Players Tito Vilanova May Sign For Barcelona 2012/13" when you say there's no real chance for half the signings to happen? Bale, RVP, Luiz, Cole, and the da Silva's won't happen. I don't think Neymar will either. With Brazil's growing financial power I think we may start to see some of their stars stay at home. I think Llorente is unneeded, you're right, it is much more important to give Messi his room, and when things go wrong David Villa is still on the roster and is still a fantastic player. I do like the thoughts on Alba and Martinez, both of them I can see fitting in very well at the Nou Camp. It's hard to understand why Barca would buy midfielders and forwards, they've got a stable of them, they need to beef that defense up!

Posted by FCB Boston on 05/03/2012

They have 100m to spend. Thiago Silva and Jordi Alba in the back; Javi Martinez if Thiago doesn't work out. Drogba on the cheap for Plan B up front. Maybe RVP if the price is right. Then pillage La Masia for FREE! - would be amazing to see JM Dongou get some first team time next season.

I don't understand all the comments about GK - Valdes will be a 3 time Zamora winner this year. Top notch keeper. Maybe a new backup instead of Pinto, but Oier from Barca B could move up.

Gracies Pep per tot!


Posted by lucky on 05/03/2012

neymar is the next star barca should sign him

Posted by mahammed on 05/03/2012

my opinion is dat our best problem is goal keeping nd we need a player lyk luis. lorente.martinez.bale.jord alba nd t silva

Posted by Abraham ontop on 05/03/2012

Replace abidal,puyol(old),alves(substitute),pique(deform) wt bale,ballesteros(levant captain), alba nd adil rami......den we nid 2nd goalkeepa lyk hart or neur...gudluck vilanova...4gt not neymar o

Posted by Joseph Addo on 05/03/2012

tito vilanova should remove liuz from the players and go in for nuer in place of valdes

Posted by Dylan on 05/03/2012

i think tito should buy Thiago.silva to strengthen their defence and should buy hulk he is better than lorente!!

Posted by Alebiosu Abiola O. on 05/03/2012

I dnt tink we realli need all dis players oda dan Liuz nd Nemar........miss yu Guadiola

Posted by straanger on 05/03/2012

Valdez is good keeper, if you see last night Chelsea - New Castle game than you may call Cech a loosy keeper as well. Fool goals happen once in a while. In my opinion, the goalkeeper helps the defense line to protect the team, not the way.
Referring to Barca - Chelsea games, i think Guardiola choose a not 100% correct tactic when Di Matteo actually did. What Guardiola should have done is pull Chelsea out of penalty zone by playing in midfield and let them attack once in a while so there wouldn't 10 players in defense.

In terms of getting new players, I support enforcing defense and midfield lines with people like Luiz, Meireles, Alba or Collocini.
There is enough forwards and strikers, though Fabregas I think was a waste of money.

Posted by mohamoud on 05/03/2012

first i agree jordi alba but i dont agree rafeil and fabio da silva because dani alves is a fantastic player than we need gareth bale very much and javi martinez and adil rami really because in defence this season was nothing to say about it so go tito vilonova u r my coach wright now

Posted by Geddon on 05/03/2012

Alot of people saying that they need a keeper..Valdes has been solid and I will definitely keep him as 1st choice keeper. The defence was hurtful to use due to injuries and captain Puyol is reaching his end.

1. Keep dani alves.shouldnt even thing of selling him.
2. neymar is not coming to barca until 2014 after the world cup. He is extreamly skilled and a true 2 foot player. He will definitely strengthen the LW and CF positions. I think he and Messi will play well together.
3. Barca needs a Striker. Since eto departure they have missed that role. Villa tried but was converted more to a LW and a supporter for Messi.
Fernando Llorente is my first choice. Young, skilled and strong in the air, 2nd choice will be Van Persie its possible if Arsenal sign Podolski..
4. Defence..Yes we need defenders. Javi Martinez ,david Luiz and Jordi Alba..Sign them please...

Conclusion: New signings this year should be : Javi Martinez, David Luiz, Jordi Alba and Fernando Llorente.

Posted by vic on 05/03/2012

Don't u guys think _ should have a rethink?barca need to Solve only 1 problem and dat is 4rm d bAck.we need a cb and a lb and those people talking about neymar were will u put him?when we have up to 4 strikers and villa will be back 4rm injury we don't even need a midfielder

Posted by walter on 05/03/2012

Vilanova signing is good, but i think barca should also go for Ander Herrerah bill bao young midfielder the guy is very good and he will be best at barcelona also some body like collocini he is strong like puyol

Posted by Bidemi owolabi on 05/04/2012

it is a very good one there but we need a defender like colocini the Newcastle defender is a very good one is very calm and concentrate and we can also try hulk too the most important one is keeper we should go for Lyon goal keeper is very good that is my little opinion

Posted by charles nkansah on 05/04/2012

all is apreciated but we need goalkeeper nd probably beef up our defence. my posible wishes: hart/manuel nueur, jordi/bale,david luiz/t.silva nd either persie/neymar/rooney

Posted by Sam on 05/04/2012

Barcelona will probably attempt to sign V. Persie this summer especially after Podolski deal is finalised to Arsenal but I don't see it happening.

Main priorities would be at LB, CB and GK for me. Jordi Alba is a ready made Barca left back and is a certainty I think. In centre defence a Puyol replacement is needed, someone to take everything out, someone like John Terry with talent but don't know who that can be as most will not be available. And as for GK I think Schezney from Arsenal is a great keeper and we all know if a decent price is offered Arsenal may accept, because it won't really be possible to get Hart (Man City more money), Neuer (Only been at Bayern 1 season).

Posted by mohammed on 05/04/2012

his choice are not bad but he should sign alaba in bayern and varane in madrid for his future defense and also hummels in b.dortmond or davidluiz in chelsea and jordi alba in valencia to replace abidal and a young defender like phil jones in man utd and walker in totenham or marcelo in real madrid and a good one who is d.santon at new castle.and also mario gotza in b.dortmond and also wilshere in arsnal.and bale in totenham . and should buy a young GK like de gea in man utd or ter stigen in borussia Monchengladbach. and lucas in sao paolo and also casemiro in sao paolo. and muniain in athletic bilbao.and also neymar in santos .and eden hazard in lille. and oriol romeu and also lakaku both are in chelsea . and a finishing player or a killer instinct like cavani this is the list of the players that barcelona can choose from in the comming future

Posted by luciano on 05/04/2012

I would prefer alba,martinez or jan vartogen at the back and neymar upfront.

Posted by Mac-Donald on 05/04/2012

from what is happening now,we need certain people in there position,we need Gorka Iraizoz as our post man.that keeper is doing well for Bilboa,then Dani is doing well in that 2 with adriano,in our 3 position, we should continue with the pursue of Bale + Adraino again,Seydou Keita and Sergio Busquets will be okay in position 4,my central deffends need to do something fast,we are consuming more goals unlike before and it will weak the strikers,i don't know where the new coach will get two 5 and 6 with addition of puyol,fontas and pique.Afellay,Thiago,Dos santos,Fábregas,Iniesta,Xavi are wonderful okay but still need young players from team B for my mid-fielder,then for my forward i really need top/standing 9,i prefer Neymar is okay and another top 9 from team B. To Enhance Messi strength.
what carries a team is moral,which Puyol is doing but need another person to make them two, i think if the are two in the field it will be moving fine... thanks... anything for the club

Posted by peter samuel on 05/04/2012

i want to play for baca the best team in world

Posted by rose on 05/04/2012

for me!i think the best signing is jordi alba...i like him,his confidence,ability 2 join attack & never say die attitude..he reminds me of david alaba..they are both great talents..i think barca should get a keeper who can challenge victor valdes(he costs barca too much some times...i think arsenal young keeper would have done better in some of the goals barca conceded(especially against real madrid & chelsea..FINALLY THEY COULD REALLY USE SOME PACE AT THE BACK..COS THATS WHERE THEY ARE DREADFUL....THEY ARE SO SLOW IN GOING BACK...IT'S VERY APPALLING...THEY NEED 2 GET PACE & SPEED IN TO THAT DEFENCE...i belive barca can do well if the can keep all their players 4rm getting injured like messi...and bring in some help 4 xavi & iniesta who sometimes needs their rest...SOMEBODY NEEDS 2 BE BROUGHT IN 2 HELP MESSI WITH THE GOAL SCORING..HE MIGHT BE THE WORLD BEST..BUT HE STILL NEEDS HELP BCOS THEIR MUST BE SOME GAMES HE MUST PERFORM BELOW IS ABILTY..LIKE MADRID WHO HAVE BENZEMA &HIGUIAN.

Posted by jo on 05/04/2012

I think that Alaba from Bayern is the best left back for Barca to spring for, I think he is better all around than Alba and Goetze would be another very good purchase, he's extremely talented, and would be a better long term purchase than Bale. Looking at the striker problem, I think that Soldado would be a perfect purchase for the team to make. He's sharper then Llorente in my opinion. Thiago Silva and Mats Hummels would both be interesting

Posted by john on 05/04/2012

if I was Tito, I will sign:
1. Van Persie
2. Javi Martinez
3. Jordi Alba
4. Jan Vertonghen
that is enough for BARCA. by the way, Messi will have 50+ goal this season. that the record for CR7 will try to break next year.

Posted by vic on 05/04/2012

Don't u guys think _ should have a rethink?barca need to Solve only 1 problem and dat is 4rm d bAck.we need a cb and a lb and those people talking about neymar were will u put him?when we have up to 4 strikers and villa will be back 4rm injury we don't even need a midfielder

Posted by oyome on 05/04/2012

barca need to replace valdes

Posted by Shufiul Basher on 05/05/2012

On my opinion,
1.Thiago Silva.
2.Javi Martinez.
3. Gareth Bale/Jordi Alba.
4.Van persie.
5.David Luiz.
6.Neymar(in future). Will b enough for Present.

Posted by Joel sanchez on 05/05/2012

Hi to f.c.b. Tito should sign jordi alba, javi martinez ,thiago silva or colloccini. And a good exprience goal keeper like bayern neur or arsenal or napoli goal keeper and should try to win kings cup.

Posted by Charles Edet on 05/05/2012

All the signings are ok but Barca should sign a goal keeper to complete the squad. Up Barca...

Posted by norrizan daud on 05/05/2012

My opinion :
1.Jordi alba
2.Javi martinez
3.Thigo silva
Enough..remain villa n affely

Posted by Hosein on 05/05/2012

Thanks for the article, I completely agree with you. I hope to see more from Fontas, Muniesta and Montoya but I would like to add two subjects:
1) While XAVI is tired during the season, we still need a natural play maker. I don't think TIAGO is good enough. He had the chance to learn from XAVI, Iniesta and even Messi but I think he is more influenced by Dani Alves! He is not taking responsibility as XAVI does, wastes so many chances and his manner to other players does not remind me of a great leader! I hope he changes his attitude or we find a better General in LaMasia before it is too late!
2) Goal Keeper! I know that VIKI was disappointing this season and Pinto is not a reliable asset but Valdes is more than just a Goal keeper. He is a good friend for Andreas, Lionel, Cesc, Gerard and even Carlos. He is really needed on the squad for his mental influence. Even in Spain, Casias mentioned a few times, Viki was a great mentor in world cup; maybe a better goalkeeper's trainer is needed!

Posted by prince solommon on 05/06/2012

berca, we made a mistake by allown pep to go. we would ve beg him to stay. he is great. and also we need a striker like make make things happen ..

Posted by Neyo Blaze Nigeria on 05/06/2012

Among al this that was listed, please kindly search for a good keeper as to replace Valdes that we will be confident at on a one on one cases.

please and please........that is my number 1 problem and then see to the defense.

Welcum Vila

Posted by Mr Adams on 05/06/2012

I think all our players are ok for now, the only thing we need now is keeper, and i would have prefare bayerns keeper becouse he is a talented keeper, and he knows what it means to be a keeper

Posted by Morris on 05/06/2012

I say neymar and rvp and maybe someone like shinji kagawa

Posted by Jude on 05/06/2012

Hi to my new manager tito vilanova.We need some like van persi,luiz and a trained goal keeper.Thanks

Posted by Esson on 05/06/2012

Tito.tnx 4 takin over d team.congrat on ur appointment...may God gv u wisdom and undastnd in takin barcelona 2 d nxt level.up barca

Posted by Muso on 05/06/2012

We nid javi martinez and jord alba,GK u forgot valdes is a balboy! Bring in javi varas and a any heavy striker bt not frm epl,bt france and italy wil do

Posted by franklin on 05/06/2012

what barca needs is a lb and cb. they should get jordi alba or bale for lb. and david luiz or thiago silva for cb. everything else is good. but if you want to improve the attack the should get rvp or neymar. they are fast and rvp has good long shots and neymar has the skill to open up the defense to give messi free space.

Posted by Bethel Godson on 05/06/2012

Barcelona should go 4 their priorities which are; left full back, central defender, winger and a top attacker 4 d likes of jordi Alba, David Luiz or Javi Martinez, Bale and Neymar. Thank you very much, God bless

Posted by anyanwoke justine on 05/06/2012

thanks to my new manager but please gareth bale and tiago silva should be your first sinings

Posted by Anonymous on 05/07/2012

sorry but some of these posts are rediculous. FCB will never re-sign zlatan, as he will also never want to play for the team again. Llorente is a central striker, a role already filled by messi and one that he wont be willing to give up seeing as he has been the golden egg the past 5 years. this also means that RVP doesn't fit into the barca system unless the formation changes with messi being deployed as a central playmaker or a wide striker (not gonna happen, hes too good). Besides, with sanchez/pedro and villa/cuenca/tello next year the offense is covered. the largest issues are at the back. What is needed is a faster CB to replace pique, and better LB (alves issue can be addressed in a year or 2). this gets tricky:Luiz wont leave chelsea anytime soon, coloccini just signed a 4 yr deal, thiago silva is too important for milan (they know that and wont let him leave for anything FCB can spend). In my opinion, quit looking to the clouds for signings and promote youth players as always

Posted by tom shen on 05/07/2012

Barca needs reinforcement on the backline. Abidal(sick);Puyol is still good but old; Mascherano (a real midfielder); Pique(losing form);Adriano(poor level).The only competent right back is Dani Alves.
Dont blame Valdes for conceding deadly goals. Pep sometimes only placed 3 backs(even using midfielders as backs like Macherano or Bousquites) around him. With little defence tactics, conceding goal is a time issue.

Posted by avai on 05/07/2012

present barca team is best in the words but some change to barca batter some change barca going to loose.barca no need next 5-6 year to play make and striker.our need to improve defense.
1.must change goalkeeper
2.replacement to puyol
3.change to Macherano (sine the chealsea & manchester defender )
this is a golden period 5-6 year barca no need any high pay coach.if some change the barca team.
you see the other club league team.he win the match only defense & goalkeepring works.

Posted by Johns on 05/08/2012

first of all victor valdes is a great keeper. we mustn't overlook the the fact that our season could have been much worst, if it wasn't for his many one on one saves. barca do need another goal keeper but in place of pinto. we should buy a young goal keeper, who must prove that he's better then valdes. that's one. second: we need a center back and left back. jordi and javi are very good options. third: we need a center forward who's very dangerous in the air. that way when the one-two's don't come off, we have another option. also when attacking from the wing we have two option. 1. crossing low- finish messi, pedro or alexis. 2. crossing high- finish air master. we would also be more dangerous on corners. the player that fits this profile for me is LLorente, definitely!! neymar would also be a great option. he and messi will surely form a fantastic one-two-finish dou.

Posted by Bricks on 05/08/2012

I think we can maintain some of the players.but the only problem i have is the goalkeepper .we must get a good and realiable goalkeepper

Posted by aguero on 05/09/2012

only need reinforcement on the backline..
1-luiz chelsea-versatile...can be CB or SB
2-hummel drtmunt-storng CB

no need to buy any attacking is enoungh for a few years..affaley..villa..pedro..sanchez..and from la masia..tello..issac..

for midfield...i think it is enoungh..we got cesc...tiago..iniesta..xavi...keita..jonathan..sergio..

1 thing..should prpared plan B if the semifinal UCL 2011/12 hppend again..must bring a sharp shooter into anturo vidal..
just my opinion...(^-^)

Posted by Gyang on 05/09/2012

Just get a gud goalkeper, 2 dfenders.

Posted by Alexmore Prosper on 05/09/2012

Barcelona for 4 years have maintained been a Champion and i give guadiola kudos for it. wat i think is three defenders, 1 left back and two center defenders for rigth back montoya can come in to assist Alves why Puyol and Abidal assist left back. For attack and midfield is ok with the return of Villa and fellay and also Tello, Cucen and Barcelona B keeper should be brought to assist Valdes and Pinto. We need to spend wisely, for Neymar we need him in Future 2014, Keita and Adriano should be sold. Tito Vilanova carry on, you might surpass Guadiola. you all are the Best.

Posted by Anthony on 05/09/2012

getting van persie or neymar in barcelona will be very good.
I h

Posted by Anonymous on 05/10/2012

barcelona must buy nyemar and gareth bale

Posted by Anonymous on 05/10/2012

"barcelona must buy nyemar and gareth bale"

I fully support! our Youngsters can help tidy the defence Muniesa is strong and rugged. . I bet he can do the job.

Posted by Anonymous on 05/10/2012

The best player Barcelona could buy would be David Alaba. We need a new fullback and I don't see anyone better. He is 19 years young.

Posted by Benj on 05/11/2012

I think everyone has been playing far too much Football Manager or FIFA12!
Luiz is an awful defender, has been rubbish for Chelsea and the only reason he gets picked is because he pops up with a goal or two. Adil Rami is a much better and cheaper option.
Bale is an unknown quantity for la liga, plus he'll be around 50m euros! He wouldnt be on our LW because the attacking force of Messi, Villa, Sanchez, Affellay and Pedro, with Cuenca and Tello coming up is just too good. If we were to play him at LB I'd rather we signed Jordi Alba for a fraction of that cost and he's a much better defender anyway.
Valdes has been amazing, Im pretty sure he's up to 5 zamoras now and is perfect for the style of play! People rubbishing him seriously mustnt know what they are talking about! He is winning awards over the Spain number 1, Casillas. No need for a backup either because Pinto does alright (hes got better) and Oier is looking great in the youths.
Agree with signing Rami, Alba and Martinez!

Posted by Anonymous on 05/11/2012

neymar not an option. what we need now is a good goalkeeper and a few defenders

Posted by Igwe henry on 05/11/2012

Plsw we ned a gud gk an df/

Posted by Mike on 05/11/2012

The only problem is our defense but all the other players are key we dont need any attacking or mid field because we have the best we cant loose Dani Alves that he is a key in barcelonas lineup and he also plays great with messi the best player in the world!!!!! And mascherano is really good other than that i say keep our players that they are the best. And we dont need other players to ruin or barcelona team and chemistry

Posted by Sparty on 05/11/2012

****Manuel Neuer****

Posted by Aniefiok udo on 05/12/2012

My own opinion is that barca should sign a new keeper from Altletico madrid to replace valdes...And for that defence i think they should go for david luiz and martinez it will be a better option...thankz urs in soccer Belitus

Posted by payer we need on 05/12/2012

we maybe need a new goalkeeper.Victor is good but Barca needs better

Posted by Emmyboy on 05/12/2012

2me i think its gettn worse 4 barca allowin a team like chelsea 2 elliminate dem in dere ucl tie,we need a very strong team in d season 2012/13,i think d players 2 strenghten d team ar d likes of nuer of bayern or sczcezny of arsenal,thiago silva,javi martinez of bibao or david luis, bayern alaba or jordi alba of valencia nd 4 striker we need a very strong player like rvp,hulk,llorente,falcao or carrol 2 make a good outcome next season.

Posted by Christopher on 05/13/2012

Actually.... i think that barca should sign jordi alba, and try really hard for bale... barcary sagna is too slow for the barca system, and van persie could fit in too. If Tito has to replace Guardiola, this is where he has to get it right, and buying a set of random players won't get him there,

Van Persie, Gareth Bale, Thiago Silva(crucial) and Jordi Alba as the signings of the season

and keep dani alves and keita ( crucial)

sell..... NO ONE!!! we need all of our players.

Posted by guy kabala on 05/13/2012

barcelona problem is defense, we need to have LB and cb and luiz or thiago silva is a good deal, we can sell (keita,affelay,fontas, adriano) as well to have good finisher, someone like RVP is needed in barcelona or florente and the team can loan tello to let him have experience in other team and bring him back after 2 seasons, we can rely only on messi for goals, i still remember the time of ronaldinho,eto'o and messi, barcelona was strong, we need those kinds of players to be successful next season,no need to sign a keeper, let's sign 2 good strikers(RVP will be the best option otherwise florente) and 2 defenders, we should be fine for next season, benzema,CR7 and higuan are core attacking of real,this year, we had only Messi,who did a good job, we don't have to put on him, we need 2 good strikers and 2 defenders to be successful next season, May God bless barcelona

Posted by smart on 05/14/2012

David Alaba will be a good buy....

Posted by Morris on 05/14/2012

Sell Keita and fontas and buy rvp neymar and Yuto nagatomo from inter. In a couple of years they should buy kagawa and neymar

Posted by MIMI NEYMAR on 05/14/2012

Barcelona, try to sing neymar, alaba,bale,and torres, and sell kaita,pedro,funtas,rebarto,montoya,alves,

Posted by Bernard boateng on 05/15/2012

we need defenders and goolkepers

Posted by amon k on 05/15/2012

barca needs a new goalkipper,two new deffenders lyk alaba,luiz,matinez,a striker lyk neyma,falcao n bale wish u ol da best vilanova barca 4lyf

Posted by ELIJAH ETOLE on 05/16/2012

baca is the team to beat next season. like wounded lions they will bounce back with all their achieve this they need to beef up their back line which seems to be leaking.Go go Ba ca!

Posted by ammar on 05/16/2012

van persie, gareth bale and ashley cole are the options

Posted by Hari on 05/16/2012

Im sorry but i dont think u follow the prem league much...after a good start, david luiz has become a big joke of a defender...the number of errors he makes more than balances his attacking skill

Posted by vikas on 05/17/2012

barca need to keep going with tiki-taka..and need to sign villa's best freind torres ...valdes-dani-puyol/t silva-pique-abidal/alba-sergio-xavi-inesta-villa-torres-messi.....this team is unbeateble...

Posted by das on 05/18/2012

they sud opt fr alba martinez nd rossi or neymar

Posted by Bobson massaquoi on 05/19/2012

I am think barca we are lack of goolkeeker so Tito you must buy goolkeeker for next seasion

Posted by Anonymous on 05/20/2012

I think barca need gud goal keeper nd should buy van persie. We need defender lyk thiago silva or david luiz, or gud striker wit yaya toure

Posted by Christopher on 05/20/2012

Barcelona should buy defende such as centre back david luiz with wing, and there should sell keita and bring lbra back and we are lack of goal keeper so barca should go for neuer of bayer munich?

Posted by Pierre Jean-Baptiste on 05/22/2012

I think Barca should go for 2 centre back like David Luis or Thiago Sliva and Alba and Martinez from Valencia and a striker.No need for a goalkeeping change...

Posted by Nwokocha Uchenna on 05/22/2012

I think the problem of Barca this season was majorly defence & goalkeeping. Fortification in these areas are needed to ensure trophies are won this season. My suggestion is that Barca should go for Thiago Silva, Javi Martinez & Jordi Alba in defence to compliment the efforts of Javier Machecarano,Gerald Pique & Dani Alves and Manuel Neuer in goal line.RVP, Iker Munai & Neymar in the attack will give more bite upfront - and we will have another set of 'holy trinity'. Messi shouldered the responsibility of goals scoring last season and when he failed to perform magics, the team capitulated.

Posted by david on 05/23/2012

my own is thatwe need a very good goalkeeper which is either never,szecszayor heart and we also need neymar and thiago silva to make our team complete and more stronger.we love you tito vilancova we belive you can do better....

Posted by Edwin Hena on 05/23/2012

The Barcelona transfer window for 2012-2013 season i will be very happy if Barcelona sign players like Neymar, David Luiz and Fernando Llorente.
If Barca can do this we will have a better team next season.

Posted by unus aliyu abdullah kiru on 05/23/2012

on my side the best thing that barcelona should do is to sign hart or never or diego alves and diffence like thiago silva and david luiz and alva and alaba it will make the team strong

Posted by Ezekiel on 05/23/2012

Wil dnt need neymar loriente neida wil need luis d player wil shd b talkin about is thiago silva,bale or alba in front wil need sumbdy like cavani teves or suarez

Posted by Mukhs on 05/24/2012

I think the author is right by 95%!!! one comment - Barcelona indeed needs somebody who is tall and big to held the team in a cases like the last games with real and chelsea. but the guy must be a real teamplayer not damned egoistic like Ibragimovich. we could buy Dzheko - hoping the price will not exceed 18 mill euros. if more than go for KOhler :)

Posted by Moshood olawale elewuro on 05/26/2012

I want the new cocah to buy david luiz,thiago silva,bale and yaya toure him sell valdes and pinto he should leave dani alves

Posted by Yusif on 05/26/2012

Barca need only 4 players, keaper (HART) depender (LUIZ) winger (ALABA) striker (LIRONTE) if barca buy this players every problem is clear.

Posted by Anonymous on 05/28/2012

Pls tito sign a black striker lyk eto,tito go 4 dem baba of newcastle,so dat messi wil b free,becos all eyes on him

Posted by sammy on 05/29/2012

I think barca need 1 lb n 1 cb in persons of bale n javi martinez respectively. Maybe another gk lyk neuer bt no attacker rather they shld welcom bojan bk 2 strenghten d team. We cn do it with Vilanova. Cn't we?

Posted by segzy on 05/30/2012

the weakest line in these barcelona team is the man in between the goal post we need another keeper to compete with valdes cos his too lazy and pinto dont have the characteristics to dethrone him

Posted by Ayomide azan on 05/30/2012

For me i have no problem with who or whome barcelona wan't to problem is victor valdes pls we need ar better and much more experienced shotstoper pls do something about it this is my contribution tnx.

Posted by Samuel on 05/31/2012

I think llorente is the best and first

Posted by Opeyemi on 05/31/2012

THIAGO SILVA OF AC MILAN,JAVI MARTINEZ, of Athletic Bilbao,NEYMAR, of Santos would be best for FCBARCELONA this 2012/2013 summer AND sign new GOALKEEPER

Posted by ADEBISI OPEYEMI on 05/31/2012


Posted by Anonymous on 05/31/2012

fc barca you're the best club in the world from kabiru shehu dumbah kyarama ringim jigawa state nigeria

Posted by Yusuf Abubakar on 06/01/2012

Barca major problems why we loss our trouphies 4 d immediate past season are :1, Defence. 2,Goalkeeper (V.valdes is not good), 3, sharp shooter strike. I d/4 recomend d following; Alaba, Alba, David luiz, T.silva, Yaya toure, Neymar or Llorete & manuel Neuer. We wil lough next season if above comment is consided. Tito V. Think ! Up barca.

Posted by musa on 06/01/2012

THIAGO SILVA OF AC MILAN,JAVI MARTINEZ, of Athletic Bilbao,NEYMAR, of Santos would be best for FCBARCELONA this 2012/2013 summer AND sign new GOALKEEPER and ribery of bayern....

Posted by sulaiman on 06/01/2012

barca need strong goalkeper bcos valdes and pinto is not good.

Posted by la masia on 06/01/2012

fcb should sign
1.Must buy a centre back...thiago silva/vincent kompany/nemaja vidic/adil rami/jan verthogen
2.left back ...jordi alba would be best...
3.mid field...javi martinez...
4.forwards...we dont need any unless villa leaves...if he does then llorente/oliver giroud.
5.goalkeeper...manuel neuer/petr cech....but i hope valdes gets another season.
Most likely Barca formation next season:
Alves thiago/puyol pique jordi alba
Sanchez/affelay villa/pedro

Posted by stephen adetona on 06/02/2012

barca need to sign for silva and van persie with evra and david liuz

Posted by Prince Enoch Eric on 06/05/2012

The major problem in Barca is d keeper. Victor Valdes and Pinto should b replaced by a new reliabe keeper........

Posted by samuel on 06/06/2012

i will prefer alba,llorente,neynar,neuer bayern keeper

Posted by Oshun rasheed on 06/06/2012

My own opinion is that barce need a goalkeeper like neuer, hart, arsenal goolkeeper & we need a defender like t.silver, bale, boateng, alaba,luiz, rami & striker like hulk, torres, v.persie, nelmar

Posted by tolly gape on 06/09/2012

Barca must buy leftback player from buyen munich alaba

Posted by nadimho on 06/11/2012

if i was the coach i would sing Rami the center back from valencia he is very impressive and you can get him for cheap, Jordi Alba or bayern munich left back david alaba, i rather have bayern left back. he 19 years old kid playing like he is in his prime. no more than that

Posted by Anas idris on 06/11/2012

Up barca best team in d world i want 2 adverse tito vilanola 2 buy defence lyk tiago silver nd gareth balle nd alaba nd jordi alba if barca buy dem dy dnt hv any defence problem pls tito try 2 buy am a barca fans up barca

Posted by appiah austin on 06/11/2012

Barca needs defenders very well cos we dont have standby ones.Also we about two well experienced goalkeepers,and for the players on the list it will be good if we get them.

Posted by Ramji on 06/12/2012

Barca's defence must be tightened with youth like alba ......barca did not have a good defence last season as we know. Barca is injected with speed but does not have a long range scorer which can be + for barca in offence.

Posted by adams on 06/12/2012


Posted by Ebri joseph on 06/16/2012

My major problem in barca is valdes, he lacked experience and also our defence. I beg that tito should do something about it.

Posted by edonkumoh enebi on 06/17/2012

My opinion is,if Tito sign this-(1)Javi martinez or David Liuz (2)Gareth Bale or Jordi Alba (3)Neymar. and therefore,there should be a compitetion in the goalkeep too. With this I believe tito will celebrate Cups in 2012-2013 season

Posted by Kevin John on 06/18/2012

I think javi martinez as center back, jordi alba is a must...he is fast nd can stop counter attacks...considering the fact that we lost important matches based on counter attacks...well if dani alves leaves then a fast replacement would be essential...but montoya is awesome for that.....main prob is that if barca buys llorente then david villa has to leave cause he is a star player and he wont sit on the bench....but llorente is a complete striker..david villa is 30...but awesome.... reinforcing defense is most important....visca el barca

Posted by SonVoma on 06/25/2012

I think Barca need a good goal keeper, Pinto should be sold out and Valdes can act as second goal keeper. Also Barca should go 4 VanParsie, David Luis, and two strickers that can play and bring success 2 FC Barcelona!

Posted by Oluwaseun on 06/26/2012

Barcelona fc is a good team with briter fature but to have this their are somethings the coach as to do or find. 1. goalkeeper: verdas is not a goodkeeper when i say dis i mean he has little experience about keeeping. Dis is 1 of the problem barcal had pls i want u to know something that you don choose people 4 things dey are unable to do but their performances matters if barcal still choose to keep on with vardes am not saying he is not good but he lack some things which has to be corrected make him the second goalkeeper find someone like chech. 2. The deffense line is bad if not 4 d midfeiders barcal had we cnt win a match am sayind dis bcos am a barca fan. Pls find player from religation teams that can play with their strenght bcos dey still need good records and good name not does once dat already had names but if u whish 2 have them fin alaba, signa, and some more watch religation teams playing den u find 1 u lik. Am a footballer of 21 years pls i wish 2 play 4 barca am a double footer and a natural midfieder am from nigerial playing with team called dynamous football club pls help me am skulful amd terlented thanks.

Posted by BENNOSKI on 06/26/2012

Fc barcelona should pls and sign jordi alba of valencia,david alaba of bayern munich,javi martinez of valencia,neymar of santos and keeper lyk neuer of b.munich wit joe hart of, if tito vilanova wants to lift trophies ,he should sign this wonderful players

Posted by Baffour ahmed on 06/27/2012

Barca should 4get abt neyma and find good keeper and good defenders like jordi alba,thiago silver,and stop buying strikers becor the blessing child is still alive so what we are angry is about goal keeper so do well and make us happy

Posted by Nurudeen omotola on 06/28/2012

Tito what we need for now is defender pls go for alba david luiz and one striker may be Rvp or neymar.

Posted by Boniface adolf on 06/29/2012

Barcena only need gud goalkeeper and 2 defenders, neymar wll only concotrate 2 compt wth messi

Posted by Ajay on 06/30/2012

What a lot of people forget is that we are already hundreds of millions of dollars in debt so we can't really go above even 40m this summer. #'s 1, 4, 5 6, 9 & 10 are too expensive. For me, I would be so, so happy if Barca could just get Alba and Martinez, no one else. We dont need any more attackers! We already have Messi, Villa, Pedro, Sanchez, Tello, Iniesta, Cesc, Cuenca, Thiago, Adriano, and possibly Alba. Martinez can play at Defensive mid and centre back, he's good in teh air, and he can easily fit into the Barcelona style of play. He's kind of a hybrid of Pique and Puyol, even if he's not quite yet at their level when they're at their best.

Posted by christian on 06/30/2012

2me i tink wot baca ned naw is a goalkeeper ,nd a defender lyke alba gareth bale thiago nd a striker rvp for neymer baca haz deposite sum amount 4 him,but hiz club is let him join baca next yr 213 most inportant tin now is keeper d one we hav is 2 scared of

Posted by Etimdinho on 06/30/2012

my favorite team barca, if you may ask me why,my answer will be, is the best team of the world,as quality player,entertaining,has the player of the world......
my own opinion is that i think barca should sign neymar and alba jivin marhtines and david luixand buy a good goal keeper it will be well for barca next season.

Posted by Antonio Carbajal on 07/01/2012

They bought Jordi Alba, now buy javi martinez! Maybe even Rami too? But they should buy a goalkeeper also, like Lloris or bring one up from the youth academy since Pinto, well less face it not the best!

Posted by AIMAL KHAN on 07/01/2012

Barcelona must buy SERGIO AGUERO .

Posted by younas on 07/02/2012

barca manager must buy neymar and nani and should sell maschrano and should buy never or peter cech

Posted by adam joe johan on 07/02/2012


Posted by JOHN KETTOR on 07/02/2012

If I was a coach for Barcelona,I will like to get a replacement for PUYOL.reason is age is not in his favor. And also look for a good striker to help LEO,at the front .and we need runner at the both side that will be back on time to protect the keeper.

Posted by Seguncash on 07/02/2012

Am so happy on our new signing juidi alba it was a great player,very fast and strong,remain one centra back.

Posted by lubwamanizal on 07/03/2012

alba and neymar are enough

Posted by martins on 07/03/2012

barca should go for nigeria's goalkeeper vincent Inyeama, he is talented and proved this by stopping our skipper Messi from scoring against nigeria in worldcup 2010

Posted by Tormeti Aaron on 07/03/2012

I am much concern about the performance of our goaj keeper.with our newly signed manager Tito Vilanova, i hope this problem will be solved.the current spuad is okay except our defenders who are having injury problem.but with alba and martinez everything will be okay.

Posted by Son of barca on 07/04/2012

1 alba 2 rvp 3 j martnez 4 nuer, gudluck Vilanova..Pep we miss u.up fcb...up barca...

Posted by Idris Wasiu Alaba on 07/04/2012

I wish barcá sign T.silva and David luis, to strenght our defence and let Victo valdes remains because he normally boost the moral of our players systematically. Barcelona is born to rule.

Posted by Lebohang on 07/04/2012

Barca xould toughen up the defence then sell no one we need all of our players,Jordi Alba was a gud move they xould go for more defensive boys,we got enough fire power we just need more players like Villa n then we would be enough wth the strikers.The defence still needs some work!! though as for evrything we r gud ths upcming season!!Go Barca(We got enough fire power we just need some defence bullet proofs)

Posted by Samuel bassey on 07/05/2012

De signing of Jordi alba and Roma is a gud decision for i tink we need a long distance shooter...

Posted by Alusine B koroma on 07/06/2012

I think that our spuard for know is good little bite but we have to change our golman and find a new one i think if we do so we will still mentain as the best club in the world.

Posted by llorente fan on 07/06/2012

Why is everyone doubting Valdes HE WON THE GOLDEN GLOVE for goodness sake!!!!!! Even with the shaky defense this year! and i would love to see Llorente come to Barcelona. I think Llorente and Messi would work good together! :)

Posted by eric on 07/07/2012

Budget must 1st be put into consideration! Now ow budget is 40m.this money shld be spent on alba(14m),varmalen or rami of valencia(15m) and probably a center forward wt alot of prospect. Now javi martinez talk is irrelevant cos where do u wanna macherano ofcourse he wld't start as many games as last season just becos we have a new center defender! Seriously i like loic remy of om

Posted by david on 07/09/2012

i think that barcelona need to buy a striker and they also need to sign thomas vermaelen. and also i think they should buy a new goalkeeper because valdes and pinto are getting to old

Posted by ebuka aka ibeto frm oko on 07/10/2012

tito should go and find good keeper because victor valdez is keeperless just that our players are doing good on the field,if not our players victor will conceive more goals

Posted by Otunba easy barca on 07/10/2012

Pls tito should buy exprience defender like david alaba 4rm (b munich) & sell player like pinto,batra, villa. Then 2 buy sharp striker like suarex of liverpool & santos starlet man neyman.

Posted by Adegboye david on 07/10/2012

If am tito i would have sign one keeper like joe hart or bayern keeper.defender like david luiz,thiago silver & striker like falcao or neymar for dis barcelona term is ok.welcome alba

Posted by ibrahima saho on 07/11/2012

in my openion ,tito should focus on our defend line rather than goal keeper or striker>..puyol is no longer 20 yrer old ..n we lost abidal. we need to sign a young experien defend ...our defend need to b solid like building blck

Posted by Sanyaolu yusuf on 07/11/2012

All i want to say is that the manager must look the forward of the club not the backward and look around the world and see all the supporters of fcbarcelon.tito vilanova open your mind and your heart,eyes and sight and look for the player you are going to a player that is the best and make a titles for the club,for the supporters and make a big records for yourself like JOSEP PEP GUARDIOLA former manager.please don't replace messi and alexis.

Posted by Anthony Tokpah on 07/14/2012


I will be happy to see Neymar of Brazil international to be player for Barcelona if the club will have to buy him.

i like him playing conpared to Messis if he is playing.

truly yours,

Anthony Tokpah

Posted by Ibe uchenna on 07/14/2012

We need to change our keeper

Posted by Bedan Furo on 07/14/2012

For me barcelona should luk for the following players.1 THIAGO SILVA 2 NEYMAR 3 RVP 4DAVID ALABA 5GOAL KEEPER

Posted by Kamaldeen muhammed on 07/18/2012

Neymer will support baca attack fulli

Posted by oakley holbrook sunglasses on 07/19/2012

It's a good post.

Posted by Alan Okeke on 07/21/2012

Tito is good news,probably d best decision on coaching desk now,
Injuries:d injured players who r recoverd will boost d squad no doubt like affelay(I believe ds young man),puyol,villa,pedro and may b abidal
On signings:since t.silva is off d radar so javi martinez is ok,neymar definately needs no thinking to sign he's one of a kind,muniain of bilbao will b a good addition too since iniesta is aging,am sure alcantara is learning some good lessons frm xavi goal, oier should come up.a young blood should be groomed frm nw.if we must contend for major trophies n beat big teams,a keeper must b in ur plan. Forza Tito!! Viva barcelona.

Posted by Adeniyi oyebola on 07/21/2012

Up barca. Since departure of eto.o barca as not see is replacement and we need replacement to support messi, puyor and valdes please and please make a change. I will be barca fans till i die

Posted by Anonymous on 07/22/2012

falco and neymar

Posted by Naye on 07/24/2012

So far in both preseason frdieilnes he's made great runs from the AML position, but as a striker he breaks the offside trap pretty successfully. I suppose it depends on your team's distribution since he can't head the ball.

Posted by iyanda oluwole .s on 07/26/2012

the problem of Barcelona now is goal keeper and defender, please let find a very good goal keeper like joe hart or bayern keeper,and defender like David Luis,and one striker like van parsie.up Barcelona,Barcelona for live.

Posted by bamidele on 07/26/2012

I love d signing bot we all know dat our main problem for now is defender and goal keeper

Posted by Ekeh florence on 07/29/2012

All we are sayin is GIVE US A GUD KEEPER n make our defence line stronger,puyol is already old he needs a replacement. Pls leave alves alone

Posted by Edwin N. Hena on 07/30/2012

I do believe if Barcelona sign a young player like Neymar will be a great help to them.
Even they spent 71 million on him that will not be bad deal, because he will contribute a lote to the team. Barcelona can even sign CSKA Moscow young star Sekou Olish Jabitrh.he will be a great help to the team.

Posted by mohammed fazal on 08/03/2012

I think barcelona should buy a young talented goalkeeper and a left wing back.

Posted by Testsoki on 08/07/2012

I just want to sumerise all de coment in my own openio i think barca should sign just tree players like alaba. song and a nuer beyern munich keppers and sale de two de have right now

Posted by bram on 08/09/2012

i think javi martinez or thiago silva is the best for Barca..

but javi is too expensive.. and silva already go to psg.

neymar would be best at front.

and of course we need a goalkeeper..not a clown like valdes

Posted by bryan kinkata on 08/12/2012

barca needs 2 sign neyma

Posted by MUSA SUNUSI A. on 08/13/2012

if you want barca continiouly rebirth so that tito should buy van persie and barcelona is suppose to sell victo valdez to buy a good keeper.

Posted by Ahmad messi on 08/15/2012

Neymar should come to barca and always to Barcelona

Posted by akinjeji samuel on 08/17/2012

i think barca should build 4 anoda goalkeeper in replacement of formal two.nd go 4 sagna nd david silva.

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