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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 04/19/2012

FC Barcelona's 1-0 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge can only be interpreted as 'The night when Drogba, Cech and his 9 mates survived the Blaugrana dominance by playing long balls'.

Chelsea chose to play ultra-defensively, openly admitting FC Barcelona's footballing superiority before the game kicked-off. Their plan to concentrate all their defensive efforts into stopping Messi, then hoof the ball up to Drogba worked pretty well though, as they ultimately achieved the result they wanted.


Captain Carles Puyol and Javier Mascherano have countless skills but, unfortunately for us, they suffer when facing tall strikers such as Drogba, Ibrahimovic or Llorente. In that respect, it's clear FC Barcelona missed Gerard Piqué dearly - Despite not having his best season so far, the Catalan Giant would have given Drogba a much harder time in the air.

That being said, Barça controlled the match from beginning to end, with a massive 74% possession, 23 shots, 8 corners. Unfortunately, we also hit the post twice and missed two clear chances.

Still, no big deal.


Why I'm Still Feeling Positive

Most football fans out there would be devastated after losing a match their team dominated so clearly.

I'm not.

In fact, yesterday's match has confirmed what I knew all along: Barça are the better team and we look forward to the chance of talking on the pitch next Tuesday.

Lionel Messi can simply not go through 180 minutes of football without scoring, La Pulga is known for always stepping up when FC Barcelona need him the most, always eager to take centre-stage when it comes to big matches. Considering we should also have a fit Xavi Hernandez and the genius Andres Iniesta at our disposal, I am convinced the Chelsea defence will face a much tougher challenge next week.

Since Pep Guardiola took over back in July 2008, The Blaugranas have won 27 out of 29 ties over two legs, an impressive 93%. If there is a coach who can find a way to unlock a tight defence, that's The Catalan Master. As long as Pique recovers and we don't lose any players to injury, Pep Guardiola would be right to stick to the same game plan at our home pitch.

The Camp Nou fans won't necessarily receive Chelsea with open arms. Culés are eagerly awaiting the most important week of the season, when titles are decided. While winning the La Liga Clasico against Real Madrid on Saturday would be fantastic, knocking Chelsea out of Europe so shortly after would be the icing on the cake.

Barcelona fans have many reasons to believe in our team.


The Tie Is Far From Over

While all types of football are to be respected, I simply would not accept my own team playing like Chelsea did last night. For us Catalans, football is a game where attack beats defence while crafty combinations and incisive dribbling combine to achieve glory.

It looks like Chelsea fans are incredibly pleased with their 1-0 win. All I can say is: Enjoy it while you can, you may not have your happy ending next Tuesday.

As long as FC Barcelona can combine quicker upfront, free up space and convert our chances, we will be in this year's Champions League final.

Once again.

I stand by my word before the semi-finals started: It's Chelsea, not Barça, who should be worried.

FC Barcelona: Only one step away from achieving European glory once again!!!


Have Your Say

What did you think of this article?

Am I being too critical of Chelsea's performance or perhaps too optimistic about FC Barcelona's chances?

Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

I welcome and appreciate all feedback.

Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs

Founder and Columnist at

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Posted by Dominic on 04/19/2012

1-0 isn't a good enough result when you have to play away at the Nou Camp. If it were against Bayern then probably I would be confident but having a to go a place where Real Madrid have been utterly thumped game after game then I would not fancy Chelsea's chances of even getting a shot on target.

Posted by Vian Rodrigues on 04/19/2012

Barcelona will not be able to crack Chelsea's water tight defense & will be caught on the break again. Hope we've Mata on the left, Sturridge on the right & Drogba in the center.

Posted by Chelsea suck on 04/19/2012

Couldnt have put it better myself, the game could have been 5 1 to barca, chelsea clinged on for dear life. If it wasnt for poor finishing it would have been a classic barca destruction of an average team. The fans chanted about Barca being cheats but the only cheat I could see was Didier Drogba, rolling around on the floor more than he was on his feet, Like you said the fact that chelsea are so happy with a 1 0 at home shows how much the fear the Barca machine. Next week; they will be taught a lesson

Posted by John Wayne on 04/19/2012

Chelsea had a plan and it worked! Im a man united fan but i must say,i was very impressed with chelsea last night.Their defense was unbelievable.It has been,ever since di mateo took over.I personally think it will be a 0-0 draw if chelsea play the same team at camp nou.Im sorry to say this but i believe chelsea will go through 1-0 on agg.You may argue and say Leo Messi will score and yes maybe he will but chelsea score in almost every game they play and if they do score next week,Barca will have to score 3 goals on the night.With that strong Chelsea defense i don't think they can.

Posted by Ben on 04/19/2012

Yes you are being too critical of Chelsea's performance and yes too optimistic about Barcelona's progression.Robbing the best player in the world of the ball, then playing an inch perfect pass to Ramires who then takes out 4 players with another inch perfect pass to Drogba who unlike your players takes his chance is not long ball playing. Defending is part of the game too, we defended well and took our chance, you did not.Good luck next week, I have a feeling you might need it.

Posted by Leon on 04/19/2012

Sounds like sour grapes to me Francesc.
No one is any doubt that Barcelona play the best football in the world, but even that doesn't give you the right to think that you will win every game.
You played your game and we played ours. We won.
The second leg will be a tighter affair and Barca may well win, but don't fool yourself into thinking that Chelsea consider Camp Nou to be a fortress or a ground to fear. It may be for other teams but not for us.
Messi has scored 0 goals against Chelsea in the 7 games he has played, my money is on that being 8 games after Tuesday night.
Good luck for El Classico.
See you next Tuesday,and may the best team lose.

Posted by chizzy on 04/19/2012

you have said but the taste of pudding is in eating not in is 90% brain work and 10% leg work get that!

Posted by steve bailey on 04/19/2012

nice article, but after the winter chelsea have endured its good to see a creditable score in an important match. not pretty by a long way. but if we played football we would have been taken apart. we have yet to really start playing football again but we are getting there. next week will be as important for chelsea as it will for barca. we need a high profile manager and new players which will not come to chelsea without champions league football. so come on chelsea, give us fans something to shout about!! to get a result at barca it will not be pretty, but a result is a result.

Posted by john orpen on 04/19/2012

I have been a barca fan for over 30 years it's such a joy to watch how they play conduct themselves on and off the pitch , such techinque skill, they play the game like the great brazilian side of the 70s , chelsea played the only way they can they had heart passion and very little skill park the bus long ball stuff , and just hope it works bearing in mind with an awful lot of luck they scored that to me is anti football , i look forward to redemption on tuesday night for barca the club and it fans through out the world , such a special team .

Posted by Emmanuel A on 04/19/2012

Well, what happen yesterday was least expected. I'm a fan of the Barcelona's Club. We mastered the game, we did the playing and we had plenty of chances. And it was not that our players did not play well, they excellently did but I saw that luck was not on our side. I pray that come next Tuesday, luck will be on our side.

Posted by Adebayo afeez on 04/19/2012

Barca should 4get about eclasico final, the final is between chelse vs real madrid

Posted by sr athoi chiru on 04/19/2012

football is football, Man Utd won champion league in the last 5 minutes.

Posted by G on 04/19/2012

Barcelona are the best club side in football, but I think it is doing a disservice to Chelsea in that they clearly recognised this and played an effective counter strategy.

It is only against Barcelona they will play in that manner. Ramires played on the left to track Alves and to break with pace in the holes he leaves (see the goal Chelsea scored). Chelsea also utilised long throw ins that aren't a feature of their game, but Barcelona are vulnerable to.

The criticism of Chelsea is that they didn't let Barcelona play in their normal manner and played to Barca's weaknesses by outmuscling them, set pieces and counterattacks. That just seems sensible tactics to me.

Posted by hymbest Amadi on 04/19/2012

Barca is defeatable and chelsea will defeat them again,mark my words. Pride has really entered messi's head,he should watch it.

Posted by Johan Cordice on 04/19/2012

Quite obviously everyone knows why you took this stance. But must I remind you that the last 2 scores at the Nou Camp, Chelsea vs Barca were 2-2 and 0-0. Much more is that Chelsea was playing ultra defensive yet there were countless times when we broke and gave the ball away. Don't count us out just yet boss. You have been living a charmed life thatnks to referees but as yeterday if the game is played in the true spirit you wouldn't have the same results...

Posted by say no to barca on 04/19/2012

hola madrid!come on chelsea!we can do it!

Posted by Adam on 04/19/2012

Ha, what a funny article, thats what happens when you think you are the best, you don't know how to lose with grace. Chelsea had 20% possession and beat you.

Posted by jesse on 04/19/2012

Barcelona has their fortress in Camp Nou with over 90,000 cules roaring and screaming down your neck will certainly be something to be of concern to Chelsea.
Missed Chances:The first leg was flooded with a lot of missed chances that clearly on a good day Barcelona would have put 4 past Chelsea.74% possession, 23 shots, 8 corners in a single game is hard to come by in any football match.
Iniesta factor:On a good day,san adres ,could change a game by his sheer brilliance and this is what most cules are waiting for in earnest.At Camp Nou,expect Iniesta to flaw Cahill and Barcelona will definately use that weak link in the Chelsea back line to turn the tables around.We saw flashes of how Iniesta left Cahil for dead and in one instant he dragged him to the floor,on another day,that could have been a penalty call.
Anti football:The tactics Chelsea have deployed by 'parking the bus' means they should expect 2 things;a lot of cards and then tackles that will warrant set pieces and penalty call

Posted by John on 04/19/2012

Barcelona 24 shots, relentless attacking and superb possession at 79%

Chelsea 4 shots, 1 on target, 1 goal, one single superior counter attack...

If Chelsea can score just 1 goal at camp nou, it's in the bag, Barcelona will need 3 goals against a defensive Chelsea...

Posted by MZ on 04/19/2012

Its going to be difficult for chelsea, particularly because of camp nou, and because of the second half curse. Chelsea will probably be able to withstand barcelona in the first 45 minutes, however, probably feeling optimistic, will come back for a nightmare in the second half. Being a chelsea fan, i can hope that we dont get battered too hard on tuesday. Were going to need our defenders to be top notch and more determined than ever. If, and only if, we get a chance, we MUST take it, because i believe if we score were going to have enough motivation to convert richard dawkins into christianity.

Posted by E.t. on 04/19/2012

Typical catalonian attitude. Barcelonians prove how unsportsmanlike they are whenever they lose a game Just like when they lost to inter at camp nou and switched on the sprinklers to prevent the Italian side from celebrating. Whenever a team like Chelsea defends brilliantly against this overrated spaniard club and prevents messi from making any impact, all catalonians have to say is that they lost because of anti football. What's rarely mentioned by the press is that barcelona's game is the epitome of anti football, all they do is pass around for hours until they finally decide what to do with the ball, because of their style teams can only defend and counter attack to score against one of the weakest defenses and goalkeeper in Europe. it's clear that Chelsea plays a physical defense (the way it should be played) and by keeping it up next match we will finally have an interesting final without Barcelona & hope that messi & co. don't claim the ballon d'or.
v persie - c Ronaldo should

Posted by mungtawng on 04/19/2012

Lets wait and see the big is coming, chelsea has achieved its game plan barca failed badly, barca field the most attacking possible and they failed.. Chelsea will be slightly attacking atleast (minimum)one goal to ensure they are through.. Guardola was trying to tell how to play football to chelsea manager they shoud be happy that they are always having the maximum possesion....

Posted by Daniel Guardiola on 04/19/2012

Very good blog. I can assure you Barcelona will play like if it was the CL Final!!! Saturday is Classico rehearsal against R Madrid. By Tuesday, Chelsea will have to to alot more than how they play.

Posted by Roger Sanchez on 04/19/2012

Roman Abramovich has spent almost half a billion £ on Chelsea in his time as owner of the club, yet Chelsea fans are celebrating a 1-0 win at home, with 2-shots on target, 10 men behind the ball, while Barca has %80 possession, 20 odds shots on goal, almost 700 more passes, if it wasn't for Barca poor finishing Chelsea it would've been at least 2 goals down by half time. That wasn't a great Chelsea defence, but squandering by Barca's forwards, and plenty of luck on Chelsea's side. But lightning does NOT strike twice in a 2-legged affair against barca, that you can be sure of.

Posted by Prince oge ANOKA on 04/19/2012

I pray that BARCA wil win chelsea...Longlives CATALYLE longlives BARCA... up up up up up BARCA 4 LIFE.

Posted by Bash on 04/19/2012

Well, it's all about how u feel or thought but, that's football 4 u n any thing is posible. I expect chelsea go to the finals at the end of day.

Posted by Cannyben on 04/19/2012

Barca is the best team in the world

Posted by nathan on 04/19/2012

Good to see people are thinking positive chelsea reaLly showed they are up for a challenge and people you should realise this is a dertermined chelsea and they can do it

Posted by Austine on 04/19/2012

Defence is part of football. So chelsea ll still us that same tactic to defeat barca at the camp nou. Best of luck to the blue side.

Posted by Adewole jacob on 04/19/2012

Luck is against barcelona yesterday,i know nd believe dat next week tuesday 'll surely be a good day,barca spirit of football is always high at d camp nou.

Posted by Alfonso on 04/19/2012

I don't understand why so many people, specially Chelsea fans, say that Chelsea defense was unbelievable when Barcelona could have scored at least 4 goals (Sanchez hit the bar, Pedro hit the post, Cech amazing saves, Cole clearing off the line). You can say the defense was unbelievable if the opponent had almost no clear chances. In the Camp Nou Chelsea will have to score if they want to go through. There will be a little bit more space (Camp Nou is 105 × 68m, Stamford Bridge is 103 x 67m) so let's see how tight Chelsea defense will be.

Don't get me wrong, Chelsea has all the odds of going through (I think only Liverpool went through after a 1-0 defeat in the first leg in like 25 years... coincidentally it was against Chelsea coached by Mourinho), but I'm just saying that Chelsea will have to score (because Barca will score for sure) which means they will have to open up and then the game will be for anyone, I don't think it will end 0-0.

Posted by Razak on 04/19/2012

its all down to our larger pitch..they were only able to hold us because the pitch enabled them to cluster up and crowd us out.
on our pitch lets see how they would cluster up with so much space available for us to exploit.Looking at Messi's face after the match spelt doom for chealsea..I've NEVER seen him like that before.we first have to get a very early goal and that's it, chealsea are out

Posted by june on 04/19/2012

chelsea deserves an oscar for their play acting; and playing such ugly football, i , for one, will never watch them again.

Posted by chicharito99 on 04/19/2012

the Chelsea defense was horrible. Barca just missed to much

Posted by Andres on 04/19/2012

I am a hardcore Chelsea FC fan, but even from a nuetral point of, it will be a very difficult game for Barcelona to win even at home. I understand Messi is the best in the world but there was not one point in the match where barcalona completely over took the chelsea defense, yet when they came close the defence blocked all the shot. A home stadium makes a small differense in these games and takes only minutes to get used to. Chelsea are 10-1-1 under Roberto Di Matteo(83% winning chance) while Barcelona are 25-6-2(75% winning chance). But the outcome of this week's "El Classico" will definetly affect the chances of Barcalona redeeming 2 goals in Camp Nou. Yet Chelsea have a 241% chance of scoring with 29 goals in 12 games, so not making a goal is not very likely. Even 1 goal will make Barcelona's chances much slimmer and slip their chance at a final in Munich where most likely Chelsea will face Real Madrid, May 19th. I believe Chelsea will come back to Stamford bridge with the title...

Posted by Sanchez on 04/19/2012

First team I have seen that has successfully parked the bus against Barca under the reign of Guardiola though we missed a lot of chances. Chelsea will not be able to do it again and if they do well than I think 3-4-3 tactic wll be able to break it as they won't be able to attack much. Its all about moumentuem. If Barca can win (and big) against Madrid in Clasico than they have momentuem to win against Chelsea.

Posted by Mohit on 04/19/2012

take 100 shots next time but if dont score it doesn't cup footbsll its about winning games and getting results..chelsea might lose the next leg..but the defensive peformance they showed in the last game surely again provided a blue print of how to beat barca!!in 2009 we played better football but lost due to the refree..if the guy is neutral this time i dont think u can beat our defense

Posted by Dominic on 04/19/2012

It doesn't matter if Chelsea play defensively again. We have seen various clubs from Italy, Germany and even England who attempt to defend with 10 men and counter attack and it does not work. It is almost certain that Barcelona will score a goal. I would be truly amazed if Barcelona don't win at their home ground and statistics show this year that Barcelona have scored in pretty much every single game at home. Chelsea who are vunerable at the back away from home will feel intimidated. Like Sergio Ramos said "It is impossible to win at the Nou Camp".

Posted by I5hma1l on 04/19/2012

barca can rebound and demolish chelsea
and remember david villa is injured and so is abidal

Posted by Sam on 04/19/2012

Barca is a very good team. Hopefully this time around they dont need the referee to bail them out. Otherwise, barca is just a bunch of cheats. Possession is nothing without goals. Brazilian used to have samba. They abandon that for a more economic brand of football. Again, try to win without the referee.

Posted by Mourinho! on 04/19/2012

real reason to why barcelona will win, UEFA. there is no way UEFA is going to pass up a final of Barcelona vs Madrid, especially when two of the best players are in their prime right now. I can guarantee you that madrid and barca are going to have calls for them and make the game pathetic...

Posted by kingdave on 04/19/2012

1-0 is not a safe lead at all considering the chances created and shots on target, so I think Chelsea fans still have a lot to worry about. U guys r all ranting about chelsea having a strong defence n playin defence 90 mins, but upon that, the same defence was broken down and so many chances were created. On any other day, at least two goals wld hv bn scored.

I'm not a barca fan or a chelsea hater, but I'm just being very logical and sayin d truth(which usually hurts and annoys).

I believe barca will be more clinical in front of goal in d next leg

Posted by Anonymous on 04/19/2012

Nobody mentioned nothing about Chelsea's luck. Di Matteo and Drogba think they're heroes. Their result is 90% based on their luck. Did you ever see in poker 4 of a kind two hands in a row. Never, and you will never see in the future.
Chelsea has no chances in next Tuesday.

Posted by korrupt kidd on 04/20/2012

i'm also a man utd fan but chelsea played with a game plan an stuck to it very well with a bit of luck. nevertheless they took their chance unlike their opponents and that made the difference. however in the return leg you will see a more confident chelsea at the end of which they will be celebrating a good victory over the two legs and into the final against THE CHOSEN ONE REAL MADRID which is a team spearheaded by Mr. CR7 and his teamates who knows how to take their chances as will be the case in this seasons last EL CLASSICO and also bring this Barca Team back down to earth where they rightfully belong. well done chelsea and good luck real madrid.

Posted by Andrew on 04/20/2012

Barca will win, no mater what it takes. Chelsea will be supperior next to barelona, exept for their 11 man defence. Also in the first leg Chelsea's goalkeeper got lucky so many times and Barcelona wont take that in and will explode against chealsea by scoring the right amount of goals needed to go to Munich.
Also look at some of the statistics of the first leg:

Barcelona 24 shots, relentless attacking and superb possession at 79%

Chelsea 4 shots, 1 on target, 1 goal, one single superior counter attack...

Posted by Emenalom Francis on 04/20/2012

Your article was a nice one. You never remembered that if God is for a particular team, nobody will be against them. Even if Messi is up to 7 in that team. The match was splendid.

Posted by wayne on 04/20/2012

Chelsea did a excellent job on a smaller pitch, but camp nou is way bigger, and now Barca have home advantage in which they are even more vicious in front of goal especially when it matters the most! not to write off Chelsea like most people did days before.. but Chelsea go have more gaps to cover unlike the Standford Bridge.

Pep knows they're game plan Chelsea.. they go play deep.. real deep in their own half as did in 2009. But Inter did the same thing 2010 and still conceded a goal.

It should be a great Match.


Posted by somto on 04/20/2012

All of you guys complaining about Drogba diving the whole game are fools, Barcelona does that all the time and Drogba just gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Posted by mb on 04/20/2012

You have to tip your cap to Chelsea. It is the only way to play Barca and have a chance of winning. Add with crappy weather and some lady luck Barca can be beaten from time to time. Barca's game is about playing percentage football. The odds are always in their favor based on possession, shots, and most all statistics. They are the house and the opposition are always gambling against the house...sometimes the house gets beaten by a solid gambler...But the house over the long haul always wins.

Posted by the truth on 04/20/2012

if Chelsea get that one so desired away goal, it will be goodnight El Catalunya. listen guys no one predicted a Chelsea win even this dumb ass who wrote the article, then why write off chelsea?

Posted by Mike on 04/20/2012

It depends on how early Barca can score. If they can score early like before 20 min, it's all over for Chelsea, but if they haven't by about 43rd, that is park-the-bus-counterattack primetime gold. Lets be honest, If Barca don't go through it will just be unlucky just as in even if Madrid win La Liga, their absolute inability to beat Barca will still put a question mark, like "yeah, they won, but still can't compete game to game, so who is honestly the better team?", so this is a favorable position Barca has created for themselves

Posted by ali on 04/20/2012

We can talk about this all day, but the fact remains a one goal advantage is simply not good enough coming to the camp nou , don't matter how good your defence is.

Posted by adil haim on 04/20/2012

to your knowledge to everyone who think that 1-0 is enough i will remind you of history, with van gaal as a coach barcelona lost to chelsea in london3-1. everyone would say that is it, barcelona was out. luckily barcelona taught chelsea an unforgetable lesson and the result was 5-1, so simple, just play your style and the result is coming.please i would like to see your comments after the game, just be a man and comment again, otherwise i will tell you you are a loser all your life coz a real fan will just enjoy the game, otherwise change your sport, welcome to camp nou, chelsea next grave, time will prove that.

Posted by rolland on 04/20/2012

chelsea has just did what they engaged themselve last three seaon ago with barcelona, they will only try but cannot face the pressure of camp nou. predicting score barca 3, 0 chelsea.

Posted by Harry on 04/20/2012

I think your article is too one sided in the support of barcelona. The fact is that Barcelona dominate possession in most of there matches including the ones they won and lost, so having said that you rightly pointed out that they lost 2 of the 29 matches they played over 2 legs, so lets hope that Chelsea will add to this figure to make it three losses. Go Chelsea!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 04/20/2012

Barca is simply the best for the moment and almost invincible, only proved wrong recently at SB. But I warn you against counting your chicken before they are hatched. I know in the minds of your Barca fans that you take it for granted that on Saturday Barca will definitely beat Real at Camp Nou. But the opposite can happen, believe me.
And as Mou always said, the best team does not always win. Barca has the best attack with the best attackers but your defense is not really the best. If it is, then how could just one attempt, only one, from Drogba scored a goal. Chelsea's attack is lousy but it has the best defense in the world in Terry, Luiz. Cole and Cahill. Puyol and Mascherano can't still match them. You have to admit it. Don't pre-win either Barca-Real match or Barca-Chelsea match. It is too soon to do that and you will regret it later otherwise.

Posted by syam on 04/20/2012

What a game of football.The catalans were flowing in beauty.hitting the post twice, chelsea stopper making countless saves, goal line clearances, uncharacteristic finishes at goal and see victor valdes collecting the ball three or four times through 90 minutes.Football game cant be more unjust than that night

Posted by Gregoire on 04/20/2012

To defend is also an art, more so against a great team like Barcelona. And Adam is right, you should know to accept defeat with grace. To not make a single mistake during the whole 90 minutes is very difficult. In fact when was the last time Barca's defence had to deal with an onslaught and they came out tops.

Chelsea unlocked your defence with 1 shot on goal and you couldnt unlock theirs with 24.... tell me again how does that show Barca as the better team

Posted by Alberto on 04/20/2012

I'm a Madrid fan, and a proud one, which is why, I want to see a Barcelona Madrid final at the Allianz arena. I want Madrid's honor restored and beating Barca in Europe's top game would be the way. However, it's not looking too good for Barcelona right now. I have to say, it's not the big teams, but the troubled ones with a big fighting spirit that often take down giants like Barcelona. Also, Chelsea is not one to bow down. They will defend and play to Barcelona's frustration and need. Barcelona is on paper the better team, but Chelsea might be the perfect team to beat them. Right now, it could go to either team easily.. good luck Barca, hope to see you in the final... and beat you once and for all.

Posted by Slava on 04/20/2012

I am a Barcelona fan but I have to admit that they blew it. Losing 1-0 away in the 1st leg is a huge loss due to lack of the away goal. If Chelsea score a goal, Barca will have to come up with 3 to go through and even then they will biting their nails not to concede a 2nd. And you all seem to be forgetting that El Classico is this Saturday, only 3 days away from the next CL game, something Barcelona will definitely want to win since they are trailing Real 4 points in La Liga.

I'm really not a fan of English team and I hope whoever plays Chelsea in the finals will beat them (Bayern or Real) but I only wish that Barcelona can pull a miracle and make it through.

Clearly David Villa is very missed since he's a natural goal scorer. If Messi had an off game, he can fill in but we can't expect him back in a few days.

Posted by Don on 04/20/2012

Barca Play thier game and Chelsea play theirs, its simple, and on a night Chelsea won with thier play, dont under estimate them, tottenham did that with bale saying they are the better team, i know barca is way ahead of tottenham but my point chelsea can surprise, i expect chelsea to loose to madrid in the final.

Posted by Evans areba on 04/20/2012

Good talk, brilliant ideas but football is all about goals. Each team has its scoreline well defined. Barca is up to the task. Not chelsea.

Posted by Rima on 04/20/2012

Saturday Classico will weigh heavily on the outcome of Tuesday match against Chelsea. While Barcelona’s win will boost the mental strength needed for Tuesday’s match, it will impact on the physical strength of the team. Winning against Chelsea which will certainly follow the same all-out physical and disciplined defense, requires a lot of physical stamina. Saturday and Tuesday are gut-check time for Barca. They need to compliment their passing game in front of Chelsea’s penalty box with physicality and being fearless. This is how they would get penalty kicks. Also time is of essence and long passing spells in front of Chelsea’s goal will not do. Barca players need to speed up the tempo and more importantly use their technique to be more creative and inspired to cut through that wall. Getting a goal in the first 15 minutes and the second before half time must be their do-or-die objective. With two goals behind, Chelsea have to attack and that’s when we will see a massive win for Barca.

Posted by Joe on 04/20/2012

if Barca lead first in the early minutes..then Chelsea defenders might get nervous and couldn't hold it well afterwards which Barca might add goals..if Chelsea get it first...then Barca could only keep attacking without a score just like a first leg

Posted by skeez_fcb on 04/20/2012

chelsea wil get destroyed at the camp nou trust if arsenal and milan couldn't handle it what makes you think chelsea will, they had luck on there side next game luk won't be with them when they here 98.000 thousand fans shouting all in there ears they will no what fear is

Posted by Barca Amzy on 04/20/2012

Barca will destroy Chelsea at the neu camp no doubt. If they can make so many chance n shots at Stamford bridge can you imagine at neu camp. Chelsea jus need to pray n hope that time goes faster n stay n defence like a scaredy cat lol.. I hate english football always long ball thy cant even keep da ball for long .. All thy do long ball n scardy cat defence.english football no entertaining at all. Foreigner much better footballers then English .. Foreigner play with pride n honor skills master brain footballers. English player only cares about money cars n girls..It seems like they don't care. If I c them I will beat da hell at them.. Peace

Posted by Earlyman on 04/20/2012

Right from unset, barcav as always been the 1 dat has all possesions, but what is needed is goals. Chelsea studies Barca and took advantage of their weakness. Barca fans complained of chelsea playing long ball, nou camp is a more wider pitch and thats where long passes are more effective. Barca dnt say I didnt tell you, watch out!

Posted by nOR on 04/20/2012

Barcelona will win next tuesday that is for sure :)

Posted by Kwaam one on 04/20/2012

It over 4 barca,chelsea will suprise d world once again.

Posted by Vikram on 04/20/2012

I am an FCB fan, and it is fair to be optimistic given the four clear-cut chances. However, it's also a fact that in the recent matches no one apart from Messi has been scoring regularly. Chelsea took a bet on it and won. They might again, unless one of the others can step up and score. Not once, but twice and most probably three times. And that is where the problem lies at the moment.

Posted by MUYIDEEN on 04/20/2012

It's good for Chealsea fans to be happy for the victory before they cry out like baby.Chelsea players knew what they will face at that great home.My belief is,Barca awaiting Real madrid or Bayern at Munich.

Posted by Vijay on 04/20/2012

I cannot agree more with what Francesc says when it comes to Chelsea's style of play. While on most occasions, with the dominance barca displayed (or any other team for that matter), its always only a matter of time before they score, this was just one of those unfortunate days where barca got terrible unlucky. To create 24 chance, hit the post twice, have the ball cleared of the goal line and dominate from start to end...and still not crazy. One wonders though, what kind of an example is Chelsea (AND DROGBA!) setting to youngsters watching worldwide? The beautiful game? Not so beautiful this time around.

Posted by ghazali on 04/20/2012

I think what Francesc has said is partially true since there is no doubt that with the missing players included Barca would be a powerhouse , still chelsea would only have to score once to make it almost impossible for Barca. The trick is not getting carried away with only attack on the mind as that will definitely catch them off-guard. Otherwise I believe it is Barca who will the last man standing .

Posted by Sagacity Mishael on 04/20/2012

can't say more...dani should try to be more usefull to barca,jst lyk philip is for bayern...the team should try an go inside the area to try and force penalties,we might need them at the second leg

Posted by nerick seychelles on 04/20/2012

barcelona team was more superior than chelsea on possesion they were the better is just that they were unlucky on the other side chelsea defence was solid and they used the only chance very well ,im abarca fan and still think barca will go through this time it will b a messi show

Posted by Oswell matasva on 04/20/2012

Barca wil win the return leg by a huge margin.chelsea must watch the space.

Posted by Johnyl lewington on 04/20/2012

barcelona are the most boring team in the world passing the ball back and forth they dont play foot ball thers is a not contact game fall over if someone touches you bring on bayern and chelsea final

Posted by tinashe on 04/20/2012

barca is the best team in the world,probably the best side ever,next tuesday chealsea will be taught a football lesson,coz they will not cope with the big pitch at the camp nou,plus 98000 catalans,the last match barca was jst unlucky.

Posted by Zhayd on 04/20/2012

I really dont see barca losing this. Chelsea won 1-0 at stamford bridge, i accept that, and they have a good record at the camp nou too but that was when they where better than barca, barca are amazing kow and if they win against madrid and are on a high, then chelsea even if they manage to score will lose that game by alot. People paise chelsea defence but to be honest, it wasnt good at all. I think messi will destroy chelsea like he did arsenal after they thought they were going to beat barca.

Posted by Arisu Fanola{Engr. Lola Barca} on 04/20/2012

Chelsea are just favoured by God, not their power. But next week Barca we be favoured and they are coming to Nou Camp to see the best of BARCELONA and the best of MESSI. Barca are not favoured by refree now cos they loss, but whenever they win they are favourite. BARCA 3-0 CHELSEA

Posted by tinashe on 04/20/2012

barca is the best team in the world,probably the best side ever,next tuesday chealsea will be taught a football lesson,coz they will not cope with the big pitch at the camp nou,plus 98000 catalans,the last match barca was jst unlucky.

Posted by sam on 04/20/2012

we can kick barca's ass off...

Posted by messi on 04/20/2012

fluke win blues! on that wide pitch barca should ease to a 4-0 win . . .

Posted by TR on 04/20/2012

Nice article but a little biased. There is doubt Barcelona play the best football, but if there is one team who knows how to beat the its Chelsea. Playing the 1st leg is difficult especially against Barcelona, not knowing how much to score and knowing you need to keep a clean sheet makes attacking difficult. I think if the tie was reversed you will find Chelsea attacking more just as they did last time around when they could have thumped Barcelona and instead drew. In saying that this was Chelsea's best defesive display this season. It must hurt knowing Chelsea are not in the best times and still manage to beat the best team in the world. The 1-0 result is nothing, Barcelona can overcome this but I'm optimistic and my faith is with Chelsea going through!

Posted by fred on 04/20/2012

I saw the result coming i dont know if it was biast but still 1-0 is better then 5-1 and who knows. I hope Xavi is at his best and does start because he hasn't been at hiis best this season. CHelEA 1- BARCELONA-2

Posted by weslad on 04/20/2012

wow !!!!! what a funny article, so I can`t believe you can out things like this down in this year of soccer, not how you play matter, what matter most is the 90minutes result, so Mr writer you can bury your head together and begging your prayer from now on, while you witness how Chelsea will scatter your proclaimed best team apart, Barcelona is nothing without referee support so better believe this or leave it. We Chelsea we love our game and we cherished it more than what you will ever think. Camp nou is not new to us, we have been there more than 3times and mind you I always score if you dare score too. Tumbs up to you Drogba and co... Ride on Chelsea tear Barshit apart.

Posted by Emmanuel on 04/20/2012

Chelsea we welcome u 2nou camp where miracles happen in favour of d world best footbal club barca.y it dis stop us(fans) is bcuz we barca are nt use 2lossin but next week
chelsea wil see more nt just 70 to 30% but more.barca 4life

Posted by Jason on 04/20/2012

Make no mistake, one early goal for chelsea, and they will defend out of their skins to prevent barca from scoring the three goals. And we will then see panic, fouls, red cards and an ugly game, since Barca would have lost the elclassico before that !!

Posted by Tony on 04/20/2012

To all of you moaning about Barcelona's poor finishing... Last time I checked finishing was part of the game. Learn how to lose with class.

Posted by jimmy on 04/20/2012

Well if football is to be played like how Greeks played in ehroeuro 2004, I don't foresee any future for this sport. Chelsea's game reminded me of how Greece won Euro2004. I watch football for its shear entertainment, if teams play adopt boring style like Chelsea's - it is end of story

Posted by Ron on 04/20/2012

Which teams have gone at Barca and gone away covered in glory? Mean, defensive Mourinho's team resorted to even worse tactics last time 'round. And don't forget Barca's ZERO attempts on target back in '09 before THAT goal. 2012 Chelsea is not nearly as watertight, but shows what can happen at the Nou Camp.

Don't you love brave reporters who 'stand by their word' in support of the overwhelmingly odds-on team?

Posted by IBRAHIM on 04/20/2012

Is not over until is over,take a look at last season,Arsenal win the game at the emirate 2=1,which later favour barca,1=0 down is not an assurance for chelsea,let wait and see what wil happen on tuesday

Posted by chelsea mad fan on 04/20/2012

Fat chance of barcelona winning. We chelsea ae just too good. Look at our defence. It's solid like a rock, Barcelona won't be able to break through it.

Posted by Barcasim on 04/20/2012

A goal up in the in the Camp nou for either team, be it chelsea, or be it barcelona will win it.
If chelsea Score, Barcelona have minimal chances as they'll have all 11 players back to defend
If Barcelona Score within the first half hour, they'll surely add another as the pressure then will be transferred to the chelsea side that barely held barca scoring 4 or 5 in the first leg.
Chelsea sure did it, but We'll do it in style in our home and im confiedent about it!

Posted by Hannan on 04/20/2012

Francesc Tomàs you have written a good article to boost up Barcelona fans who at the moment are demoralised despite 24 chances and 75% of the ball possession. I have read some comments from Chelsea fans most of them have indirectly admitted Barca's dominance over Chelsea in the last game. Drogba did score but most of the time he was found crying on the pitch like a baby. I am hopeful that Barca will win and knock out Chelsea out of the UEFA League Semi-Final. We love Barca, we love Football.

Posted by Pedro on 04/20/2012

i have been a barcelona fan for over 14 years - i have been lucky enough to go to camp nou last week and see Barcelona beat Getafe 4 nil and not play the best i have seen them play and waste about another 6 goal scoring attempts.
Chelsea never played the best football at times and again this showed ( like mourinhos tactics from Inter a couple of years ago ) where they score and park the bus!! that isnt really football now is it?!
Anyway - I think on Tuesday - Barcelona will win and show the world once again why they are the best club in the world! Cules to win 3 1 and go through to the Final where Bayern will be waiting for them.

Posted by taiwo hassan on 04/20/2012

infact, ur article is cynical nd incisive. Barsa were so unlucky not 2 av scored. We were able 2 unlock their ultra defensive master plan. Come next tuesday,smiles on faces of al basa fans across d glo.

Posted by Samuel on 04/20/2012

Barca have a hiden agenda against chelsea they know how to win chelsea

Posted by Kangtp on 04/20/2012

I smell lots and lots of chelsea fans in here whining here and there. Come on, if Chelsea defence is so CONSISTENCY strong like how you all describe it then how the hell did they drop to 6th place in BPL..Nonsense!! Joke!! They should be the 1st in league beating Man Utd and Man City. Never assume your defence is always strong just because of one single pure luck game. OK ? Please at least use your brain and compare the number of cups each team won first before you start to talk. Maybe Chelsea will beat Barcelona and go into the finals but they will still eventually lose out at 2nd place although i know Barca will proceed on. To all the chelsea fans, try to enjoy to your fullest this year because next year, there will be no Champions League for you!! LOL

See you soon at the second leg and may the odds ever be in your favor...

Posted by matthew on 04/20/2012

chelsea were fantastic and it hurts me to say this but i think they will win the champions league i can see bayern beating madrid also so chelsea vs bayern for me and chelsea to win unfortunatley for my time our premier league crown is going to be overshadowed by chelsea winning the champions league its an embarresment as man utd are a more prestigus club than chelsea but fair play to the blues they will deserve it after napoli

Posted by arinze david on 04/20/2012

What ever may have happened on wednesday night doesn't really matter. Why? Barca has a better chance to beat chelsea about 2 goals to nil at nou.
Barca line-up can only be better for the second leg if villa and fabregas work together in front and xavi and iniesta helps messi with good passes.

Posted by Julio on 04/20/2012

@emmanuel: I think you are spot on buddy. When you say that luck was not on Barca's side.It is unlike Barca to have so much chances and not even score 1. I must say they do miss David Vila.

I must also say that luck was certainly also not on Chelsea's side even though they only had 1 attempt at goal and they scored.It was a well played tactical goal.
Personally, for me football is a battle played and won on the field and Chelsea won.
What I also know is that Barca will give their all in the 2nd leg. Chelsea for me is just not consistent enough to pull off another draw or win at the Nou Camp. Barcelona's physical and mental ability will overcome Chelsea.

Ps. My opinion is my oblivion

Posted by Bayo on 04/20/2012

History is part of the game and from his the contest between this two team has always been like this. If not for the inconsistency in Chelsea's pa4mans during the seasons FCB fans including myself would have been surprise at the scoreline. I respect the decipline in Chelsea's defense but expecting a 0-0 score line in Nou camp is unrealistic. Moreso I feel the scoreline is God's act of elevating the humble and humbling the proud. We FCB fan should just beg God to turn the table in our favour, if not we only have Copa del rey to lift this season. Long live FCB.

Posted by chirantha yasi on 04/20/2012

fcb is my loving team messi you are my dream player i also like foot ball please help me to improve it!

Posted by arinze david on 04/20/2012

What ever may have happened on wednesday night doesn't really matter. Why? Barca has a better chance to beat chelsea about 2 goals to nil at nou.
Barca line-up can only be better for the second leg if villa and fabregas work together in front and xavi and iniesta helps messi with good passes.

Posted by Ayo on 04/20/2012

i just pray that barca wil win the next game. Chealse has a very strong defence but barcelona stil want to use their tatics and break it. I wonder why barca dont use to shoot from outside the box. My prayer for barca is winnin the game

Posted by sanish on 04/20/2012

barca will win at camp nou and thats a fact.the score will be 3-0 Go Barca Go

Posted by Evergreen on 04/20/2012

Its just so funny how u av so much written off Chelsea and trusted so much in ur team to overturn ur deficit, what a pity. From d way u av spoken, it seems d Chelsea fear syndrome is into u. Chelsea is a confident team so Nou Camp isn't scary to us: believe it or not Barca u are out regardless of how much u guys try to win d referee to ur side and make us play against UEFA n d whole world. UP BLUES!!!

Posted by PT on 04/20/2012

As a neutral would love for Barca to win the tie...but have a sinking feeling this could be one of those matches where the park the bus/plane/aircraft carrier team wins....Netherlands v Italy Euro 2000, Barca v Inter CL 2010....

The wasteful finishing and hitting the woodwork twice is kind of ominous.

Posted by Battleofstamfordbridge on 04/20/2012

I think it was simply a case of an attacking masterclass against a defensive masterclass.

Chelsea were organised, disciplined and above all, patient. The gameplan was right, but I expect a slightly more open, attacking style in the second leg.

If Chelsea can score, it's all over. I can't see a slightly bigger pitch making that much of a difference.

Posted by Gabriel Lucman on 04/20/2012

Football brings unexpected surprises
Barcelona hasn't lost a game at the Camp Nou this season.
When Guardiola took over Barcelona manage to dissapoint there opponents
Like in 2009 1-1 away goals to Barcelona
2010 3-1 to Inter Milan on the first leg
Second leg was 1-0 to Barcelona at the Camp Nou there was a second and they could been through the ref said it was a hand ball but it wasn't it hit Toures chest but the goal was disseminate and Barcarole got knock out
2011-2-0 to Barcelona bs Real Madrid away
Than 1-1 at home 3-1 agg to Barcelona
2012- 1-0 to Chelsea but Barcelona dominated we had more possession of the ball and more shots than Chelsea
Barcelona was always able to turn the match around at the Camp Nou
Go Barcelona!!!

Posted by confidence maduka on 04/20/2012

it doesn't matter what the possession is,come tuesday,we would conclude the job,come on j.t,come on lamp,come on mata,come on ivan,come on d.d............

Posted by eric on 04/20/2012

You Chelsea fans are retarded. Chelsea had all the luck behind them and only scored 1. I agree that Cech's performace was great but Chelsea's defense was by no means solid. Their defense was broken at least 5 times...the goal post did a better job stopping Barca from scoring. Luck was not with Barca that day...plain and simple.

Posted by Mwende on 04/20/2012

I have a strong feeling that barca ll beat chelsea if only they r fast n clinical infront of da goal,i will prefer cueca to sanchez,he s abit faster n desicion makin.

Posted by Raphael opoku on 04/20/2012

We gonna beat Chelsea by more Goals to qualify to the finals at munich on 26 may.As it is written in barca's constitution dat with Messi all things are possible 4 barcelona.All that we have to do is to pray nd support the team on Tuesday.

Posted by LKG GOBIR on 04/20/2012

barca played excellently is only luck is not on our side,we hope the luck will be on tuesday at camp nor,we barca fans have no regrate, we appretiat the effort of ur players.up barca.

Posted by Stephen Orumejok on 04/20/2012

Is a pay back time for Chelsea, Chelsea need just a 1-0 win over Barca to qualify to the next round.

Posted by andres p. on 04/20/2012


Posted by Bandit on 04/20/2012

I'm a Barca fan & thumbs up to Chelsea. A win is a win. Just one point I like to make - lots of papers a people are talking about how resolute Chelseas defence was, but Barca broke down Chelseas 10 man defence on many occasions & if it had not been for bad finishing the scoreline would have surely been very different.
Chelsea set out to play defensively on their home ground and still did not have a water tight defence.
Barca have not travelled well this season.
Time will tell if...

Posted by ian jones on 04/20/2012

as a football fan i sincerely hope barcelona go through. chelsea are a dull team to watch who rely on packing their defence and time wasting tactics to get results. football is about entertainment and apart from their own blinkered supporters no one who loves football can seriously want to see this team in a show case cup final. hopefully entertaining football will overcome hoof ball football and barca win 3-0!!

Posted by osaghae Ambrose on 04/20/2012

I am a barca fan, but i don't want to be bias. Chls is the only english club that gives barca tough time. I mean, they have a very good record over barca. But that not withstanding barcelona will surely get to the final. A good football analist will know that barca did all the playing and @ the end chls went away with the lead. I personally see that as an ill-luck to barca, which can hapen to any club. Because i saw the ball hitting the crossbar twice with lots of opportunities not converted even on empty net. Finally, i have no atom of fear in mind. Barca will definately scale through to the final. Barca 4 life!!!!

Posted by sharif islam on 04/20/2012

itz really unxpekted and seriously accident////////,.............

Posted by samuel oloke on 04/20/2012

Football is not play with mouth rather in the week will determine who will go for final

Posted by Wealth on 04/20/2012

I believe in my team FCB

Posted by david on 04/20/2012

At camp nou chelsea will be afraid even if they play defensive game we can still break the defence with messi xavi and iniesta so my fellow fans there is nothing to be afraid of lets wait for our great barca to make us proud

Posted by ogb on 04/20/2012

chelsea was just chance and it was converted.Barcaleno was unlucky,so many chances but not converted.just unlucky.79% wa oh.well let see what happens at nou camp.i pray things will change.

Posted by adewunmi on 04/20/2012

Barca!barca!barca!. barcelona the best team in the world will be no other person than a victorious team in this ongoing ucl. chelsea should not that with their defensive wall, barca will not penetrate. this time around they are going to utilise and convert every of their chances. they should also be prepared to face the reded eye lionel messi because i see him changing what it seem to unchangable. good luck to both team.but give it all to the good playing team 'BARCELONA'.

Posted by Governor M. David on 04/20/2012

Barcelona played good football but there was no result. Chealsea wait for chance and they got one and utilised well which give them result. These proved a saying in football 1 + 1 is not always 2 my question is can barcelona keep on missing chances or can chalsea wait for another miracle? Tuesday evening can tell. Goodluck to the side that play well.

Posted by Lucky Okhiria on 04/20/2012

You really think if Barca score a lead goal at Camp Nou that Chelsea will continue with defensive game? The lead goal, if any, will only manifest the other side of Chelsea which Barca cannot handle. After the Nou Camp game, I see a disillusioned Barca because they would have been trailing Madrid with a wide margin also.

Posted by Lucky Okhiria on 04/20/2012

You really think if Barca score a lead goal at Camp Nou that Chelsea will continue with defensive game? The lead goal, if any, will only manifest the other side of Chelsea which Barca cannot handle. After the Nou Camp game, I see a disillusioned Barca because they would have been trailing Madrid with a wide margin also.

Posted by HARKINNIRANYE JOHNSON on 04/20/2012

Barca will still come back and revenge at camp non by betting chelsea 3.0.up barca till i die!!

Posted by Abdul on 04/20/2012

I won't say I'm too optimistic about Chelsea progressing through, but the Chelsea side has always been resilient! There's absolutely no doubt that Barca are the best footballing side in the world, but they do lack in height and muscle. If Chelsea can hang on to the advantage for the first half,
I'd definitely fancy Chelsea going through!

Posted by Ahraf on 04/20/2012

I'm a Chelsea fan and this post made me think twice. You are a Cule, and you are supposed to be biased towards Barca. But the fact that you are overconfident gives me the confidence that, maybe, maybe your team will be overconfident too. And that can only work in our favor. Milan have scored goals at Camp Nou this season. I don't see why we can't score too. That being said, Barcelona are clear favorites to progress. And I strongly believe that they'll score a goal. But I have confident in Chelsea's front line too, and I'm sure we can nick a goal from somewhere.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/20/2012

Barca for LIFE!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 04/20/2012

Yes! D reason y barca wil defeat chealsea is bcoz d field is wilder an there wil b no hiden place 4 dem all,pep should plz rest xavi 4 madrid mach,coz d man is in great pain,plz pep its 4d gud o4 team coz its hard 4 xavi,im filing 4 him,tiago wil b o.k tankz.

Posted by Alogi Adebayo on 04/20/2012

What i know for sure in football anything can happen for example somebody may be briallant nd clever at the end he got F9 that is the same thing in football before the first leg kickoff many people are predicted that barca 'll destroy chelsea by many goals though they have many chance to score but fail nd they can't play more than they did at stamford bridge at nou camp because they play with all their power nd strenght in searching for away goal nd no way Man Propose GOD dispose is only GOD that superior than everybody so barca fan don't too much belief within ursef and let me asure you nomatter how you play or how the officials favour you Chelsea 'll carry the day because GOD is behind Chelsea, mark my word

Posted by barca baba on 04/20/2012

we prays for barca and wish all bad chelsea we need see ball rolling, goodluck barca

Posted by lafexzy on 04/20/2012

chelsea has a good canter performance.but their performance that is very low.but they have a good chances of scoring.u no what chelsea should not be happy right because is good at nou camp.i believe chelsea will play defensive game but that will not help them.because if u play defensive game against and barca has an opportunity of scoring 1 goal that shows barca will score more because chelsea will come out to up barca we are the best we must still be the be best

Posted by Joel Siwpersad on 04/20/2012

Your comment seems to realistic.

You can play only to defend. Only defending means that you are weak. that lucky goal was just a little token. What if the two short on the post would be in the goal for Barcelona , then Chelsea would sing another song.
We will beat Chelsea because they are just an average team. Barcelona on the other hand need to prove what they are capable of. We will beat Real Madrid and then beat Chelsea as usual.

We have the confident we will win. And these makes us the best team in the world

Posted by Lloyd zhanda on 04/20/2012

Barca will certainly make it on next week tuesday

Posted by Anonymous on 04/20/2012

I am a chelsea fan and yes I admit baca did have most of the possession. In there own wright they are awsome team to watch. But the fact is it is not over to the fat lady sings. No one can predict who is going to win it is a game of chance.

Posted by ABRAHAM WOZUAME on 04/20/2012

why should i fear when i know my team will win chelsea

Posted by Abiodun Emmmanuel on 04/20/2012

Infact, it was very unfortunate when chelsea defited barcelona by alone goe. But l definately believe that the return leg would be very hard for chelsea to make it at the camp nou. I know that barca will overcome the said club and they should make a necessary adjustment and currect their mistakes. If this can be done, then chelsea should considered themself as a looser. Finally. Barca Is going to play at the final level.

Posted by Rostom on 04/20/2012

i am confident about fcb's win.

Posted by orlando on 04/20/2012

Santos (from Brasil) also thought they could beat Barcelona.Well, we know the result. Their best player Neymar cried after the game and confessed: "they gave us a lesson how to play soccer".
Recently Pele woke up one morning and declared that Neymar is better than Messi. (what a joke).

Posted by Patrick Oz Quainoo on 04/20/2012

Indeed,fans of barca should have faith in their team as i am since our game last wednesday with the always happy to see my team defend by attacking opponent and scoring the through dribbling and combination of icy swift players intelligence..Chelsea may have succeeded by defending on such a cute pitch,where no space would be left to penetrate after waisting clear two chances and hitting the post twice..the Argentine magician and his colleges could not play 180 minutes without scoring 3 goals or more after waisting a fan i would be more happy to see messi,alexis and cueca interchange the 7,9 and 11 positions...while aniesta,xavi and busquet operate the middle...there is still more chance to go through..please,do you think chelsea would be soo lucky to defend through the 90 minutes without conceeding? the adage go' 'God help those who help themselves'..please be happy to see our team qualify to the finals of the ueafa champions patrick Oz Quainoo..

Posted by L. Messi on 04/20/2012

Chelsea's defense was good, but Barca still had several chances to score, twice hitting the woodwork. Barca will score at the Camp Nou and Chelsea WILL be eliminated.

Posted by Aristo Attrams on 04/20/2012

chelsea have 4 more days to have fan n smile...........the 90 minute at camp nue will be a hell for them............i also wish to see all the Chelsea fans comeback n give their comment after their massive defeat at the camp nue...............dont be a coward chelsea fans, comeback hear after da match on tuesday............barca now n forever.......

Posted by leo on 04/20/2012

Foolish Chelsea fans! You think all those teams that get a serious beating at the camp nou will not have parked the bus? You think you are the first side to ride your luck and steal a victory over Barca? Getafe won 1-0 at their home, what did they get at the camp nou? Osasuna won 3-2, what did they get at the camp nou? Suddenly, chelsea think they have done what has never been done before? What a club of clowns! Wigan beat man u 1-0, take them to Old trafford and lets see what they will get? Your reasoning is typical of a small club that can go 50 years without a trophy! Your lack of understanding of european football explains why you have never won the trophy. 1-0 is just a slender lead, everyone knows that and I dont think Messi is looking at anything less than a hattrick! By the way, Chelsea isnt the only side that messi didnt score against, stop trying to make a big statistic out of a non-event! Stupid!

Posted by Dimitrios Paliouras on 04/20/2012

Barcelona was by far the BETTER team. But at times the ball rolls in strange ways. If I ever believed in LADY LUCK this was the time. Chelsea Had lady luck constantly by their side. I am a fan of THE FOOTBALL game. I want to see a GOOD CLEAN game. And I did this past Wednesday. I hope I can see an other one on Tuesday. And may the BETTER TEAM WIN. Enjoy the game everyone.

Posted by aka money on 04/20/2012

its not over untill its over up bacelona we are born to lift the troopy next week well be d final saga up messi up bacelona till infinity gba beeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by Jimba Bashir on 04/20/2012

Barca the luck shine for Chelsea,On Tuesday Your own luck will be more Bigger,. UP BARCA

Posted by Comfi on 04/20/2012

Regardless of the fact that Chelsea played with nine men at the back Barca stiolll had 24 chances. Chelsea were very luck but I dont think luck can happen twice. At the Camp Nou the pitch is big, the grass will be short and watered allowing the Barca midfield to do what they know best, to unlock tight defenses. However Barca have to move the ball much quicker than they did at Chelsea. I felt that they were happy to keep position but the ball didn't move quick enough.

Posted by Joey on 04/20/2012

I agree 100 percent. Without Pique, we were not at top game. And Guardiola should START Pedro because he is awesome and Alexis is too greedy with the ball and Cesc is NOT a striker.

Posted by Jon on 04/20/2012

I'm sorry but your whole article pretty much ignores the fact that Chelsea and Barcelona just played against each other 4 days ago and Chelsea won 1-0.
And it is not luck that Chelsea won, it is Barcelona's profligacy in front of goal. Imagine if every team that played against Barcelona missed the amount of opportunities Barcelona missed on Wed; a team wouldnt score against Barcelona until about it's 17th match against them. Sure, Barcelona are probably the best team in history, but they make mistakes and teams which are good enough, capitalise on those mistakes. Look at Chelsea vs Barcelona over the last decade. It is no coincidence that Barcelona hasn't won any of the last 5 matches against Chelsea. It is no coincidence that Messi has put in a relatively quiet performance every time he plays Chelsea.
Chelsea def - 0 goals conceded
Barcelona def - 1 goal conceded
Chelsea atk 4 shots- 1 goal
Barca atk 24 shots- 0 goals
Objectively chelsea win: all that matters

Posted by Ricky on 04/21/2012

This article pumped me up! For sure Pep will figure out how to unlock the defense. 3-1 Barca!

Posted by Devin on 04/21/2012

I find it really funny how much everyone has been discussing Barca's 'football superiority' in the first leg. I think Chelsea played smarter tactically than Barcelona - they didn't get sucked into chasing the ball around while Barca passed in tight triangles around them. They were compact defensively, suffocated the space, and counter-attacked well. To me, that's just as good of football as playing a silky passing game with 780-some completed passes.

I think what the Chelsea victory showed is that sometimes, substance beats style. Barca played a style that was pretty to watch, but they just couldn't get the end product in the back of the net.

Posted by Sunday maduka on 04/21/2012

Against chealsea i want all barca fans fast and pray for tham that louck we be on barca side and laso God we favour tham. let me tell you if God grant us this pray we are going to carry the day becous there is nothing pray can not do in jusus name amen up Barca!!! BARCA FOR 4 LIFE.BARCA 3 CHELSEA 0

Posted by Smithy1991 on 04/21/2012

Yes Barca play the better football, but to be so arrogant as to believe it is your right to win every game because you play good football is a joke. You are very good going forward, but your defence is so frail and very poor. I have never seen such a bad defensive display from another "elite" European team. What kind of centre backs cannot defend aerial balls? It is pathetic, you look scared when the ball is played in the air? And when teams exploit your weakness you say it is poor tactics and bad football? The fact of the matter is, if you had solid centre backs, teams would not exploit you like this. You got counter attacked down your right hand side because Alves is an awful defender, he should not even be classed as a defender. He is a winger. Your defence crumbled at the sight of a 34 year old Drogba who is WAY past his best. You cannot handle the physical game at all. Time to bring a better defensive back 4. John Terry epitomises a great defender. You need one.

Posted by Smithy1991 on 04/21/2012

Not only this, but you press so far forward and leave so much space behind you that the only way out is a high ball over the top. You are asking for the long balls, and teams who utilize this to their advantage are very clever strategically and are playing good tactical football. I saw that someone posted 90% of the game is in your brain, well surely 1 counter attack, 1 goal and none conceded at home is a masterclass of smart football. You have mastered the pressing from the front, quick passes etc, maybe it is time to try and learn how to defend? We attacked you barely at all and you conceded, surely that shows you there is room for improvement. Defending is as much a part of the game as attacking. Half of the game is defending. You are also crying about luck etc and the best team didn't win, wah wah injustice. We outplayed you over 2 legs last time we met. Yet UEFA decided to let you through by turning down 4 stone wall penalties. How is that for injustice to the better team.

Posted by Erik on 04/21/2012

Everytime Barcelona plays win or lose, the value of the sport increases.

Your article was well written. You see, the truth is very refreshing and ur article was all truth. Well done.

Posted by sabawaleklazik on 04/21/2012

catenaccio vs total football

Posted by barca most hated team on 04/21/2012

I don't expect people who support a team they have nothing to do with geographically to understand football only glory that is mostly gotten by cheating but understand this, barca havn't beaten chelsea in 7 years in their last six games taking 4 draws and 2 defeats, messi has never scored into chelsea and pep has never beaten a chelsea squad, the last 4 results chelsa got at camp new would be enough to see them through so it is apparent chelsea are the kink in barcas armour too big and too fit for those little circle spinners but if the 12th man is playing on Tuesday as he normally does for barca you know the one with the whistle then they may pull it off like in 2009.

Posted by barca most hated team on 04/21/2012

All this talk about a wider pitch, it is only a meter wider you silly boys you are acting like it is double the width what are 10 men going to do in an extra meter of space? They get 10 cm each lol. As for the length it is 2 metres longer which suits chelsea, more legs than barca and more height as we see barca can't deal with long balls and tall strikers, also people saying chelsea only had one chance, in the first half there was at least 3 or 4 times when the ball was fumbled in front of the barca goal and just needed a foot on it barca looked vulnerable and kalou almost made it 2 in the second half

Posted by Salim Omar Vumbi on 04/21/2012

Chelsea will never defeat Barça at their own pitch!! Barça-in history its not easy to defeat them at Camp nou!

Posted by chillax on 04/21/2012

everyone has their opinons and i don't believe that the 74% possession was all that reflective, there were 3 other times when Chelsea could have scored, and Barca were VERY i repeat VERY lucky then to have Chelsea not score. Although i do conceded that Barca dominated the match, it's what they do, and as for the Barca pitch being bigger, it's not bigger by that much, i don't knw the figures off by heart but yeah its not that much bigger. And the style that Chelsea played against Barca is the style everyone uses against them, when have you seen a match where Barca has not dominated possession? But having not scored at the bridge it leaves the game quite open, should be a good game looking forwards to it :)

Posted by Nobility on 04/21/2012

Chelsea is in a big trouble

Posted by Anonymous on 04/21/2012

While I agreed with the Writer's opinion and comments in general.. I cannot help wonder that some of Barcelona's players looked TIRED of winning? Is that possible? Well.. the hunger that characterized Pedro Rodriguez's game a couple of years ago seemed to have been replaced by certain hesitancy when in possession of the ball. I would prefer to see Tello start the game for his enthusiasm... Other Barcelona's players also showed hints of disinterest and lower enthusiasm and gutso when in possession of the ball.. Many passes are directed either sideway or back toward Barca's goal... perhaps we also need a pure striker to lessen the pressures on Messi. ALL THAT SAID HOWEVER.. I STILL BELIEVE BARCELONA WILL GO THROUGH TO WIN THIS YEAR'S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE EVENTHOUGH THEY MIGHT FACE THE HOST BAYERN MUNICH AT THE ALLIANZ ARENA.. GOD BLESS BARCELONA.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/21/2012

Barcelona have a grt chance of going to the final...... surely they will score at camp nou........wat they must prevent is a Chelsea goal....... I dont see Barca scoring 3 past such a well organized defence.

Posted by Brian e Ebden on 04/21/2012

Of course Chelsea and the hordes of fans will believe that they played well as they were completely outplayed and made to look as pedestrian as they indeed are. They were exposed at being technically and tactically inept and to those who believe in Chelsea, what a horrific shock it must be to be so outplayed at Stamford Bridge. The goal was another in a run of flukes truth be told and luck only runs that far and long. One recalls the result Chelsea achieved against Barca in the '99-'00 UCL season where they won 3-1 at home and subsequently lost 1-5 at Camp Nou. There is no ways with this team that they stand an honest chance come Tuesday night. FCB 5 - Chelsea 1 (agg)

Posted by Elliot Garcia on 04/21/2012

Coulda...shoulda...woulda.....face it, Barcelona fans, you lost! You couldn't get it done and you didn't even score a goal....

Posted by Kiki on 04/21/2012

Go & win

Posted by Ali on 04/21/2012

Guys, Guys, we have to speak the truth here! barcalone will win at NOU camp. if not hatrick by Genius Messi, then i will say chelsea will be very lucky.

barcelona forever

Posted by Lordy on 04/21/2012

Barring any controversial penalty or red card against Chelsea at Camp Nou, Barca should win the return leg, but Chelsea will progress to the final.

Posted by Ali on 04/21/2012

Guys, Guys, we have to speak the truth here! barcalone will win at NOU camp. if not hatrick by Genius Messi, then i will say chelsea will be very lucky.

barcelona forever

Posted by Ben Barclay on 04/21/2012

Thank you for inviting comments. Good article, but instead of giving us cliches like The Catalan Master, give us the reasons the catalan master will succeed, which you largely did.

A superior team still cannot win every game, but the odds of Chelski winning two in a row against Barca are infinitesimal.

Luck plays a role even at the highest level, and Barca at home with their backs against the wall will make their own luck.

Barca 2 Chelsea 0 That is my guess.

Posted by kweku on 04/21/2012

please for once i expect barca fans to have some respect, just as their players did for an organized team that beat them on a good night. i wonder what would be said on Tuesday when we have a 2-1 scoreline and Chelsea goes through on away goal... think about that...

Posted by Darren Grant-Hall on 04/21/2012

And that is Barcelonas biggest weakness. You believe players, games, matches, everything will just fall into place for you. That teams will just be washed away by the sheer speed and brilliance of your team.

England is a very interesting league, Arsenal are not as good at this as you, but we still have a lot of practice against it. It's rougher, tighter and with some of the best counter attacking action in the world.

If barcelona are arrogant and believe they'll walk over chelsea, they will lose.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/21/2012

Chelsea: ~20% of possession, 100% of the goals

Posted by Joseph on 04/21/2012

What a subjective analysis! The tone and mode of writing showed that, the writer is not objective on such analysis.

Do you think Chelsea will come to waste opportunities too? I see Chelsea beating Barca at Camp Nou, and this could spell doom for Barca as Madrid may have inflicted pains on the same team.

Till after El classico and second leg with Chelsea.

Posted by d on 04/21/2012

all that "dominance" and no goals equals an early summer for the blue-grama's. as a neutral, i hope chelsea kick your ass on tuesday.

Posted by Anon on 04/21/2012

There is no such thing as "footballing superiority". There are tactics, tiki-taka is one tactic, "long ball football" is another tactic. Different teams employ different tactics. It's as simple as that. Yes, Barcelona have been remarkably successful in the last few years, but to use that as a base for propagating the superiority of glorified sideways passing is, quite frankly, insane. I prefer intense, end to end football that is as fraught with suspense and excitement as it is with gross athleticism. 80%+ possession does not excite me, neither do those goddamn "pass-triangles". Accept that there are different styles of football and that different styles are used at different times and that you can't always win and move the hell on

Posted by Sameer Kumar on 04/21/2012

Why are we all forgetting that iniesta broke chelsea's heart last time when the two teams faced each other in semis. and hell, he'll do it again. so even if messi fails to score, big deal, we'll still beat you because other than messi, you have a lot of players to be worrried about. chelsea had their share of good luck, but sorry folks it wont last for long!

Posted by kevin on 04/21/2012

football is played on the day,the swiftest person doesn't always win the race.Messi was well covered by chelsea,still the question arises "is Messi the only player for barca that can score goals? i think not!!!Chelsea has a good chance of going thru,lets hope the game doesn't have those controversial decisions and let the game of football we can enjoy a splendid game

Posted by Abhijit on 04/21/2012

The only stats that matter - Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona.

Also Barcelona had 6 shots on goal(fact). Hardly sounds rosy compared to the 24 shots Barca fans like to bandy around. And Cech had to make just 1 good save(from the Puyol header), all others were regulation.

So, when you look at 'facts', Barca should be the ones worried; considering the fact that they haven't beaten Chelsea in their last 6 outings and lost twice during that time. Also, the last two encounters at the Nou Camp between the two sides have been draws.

In short, everything points against Barcelona, contradicting the article.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/21/2012

BAR 78%-CHE 22% Scores 0-1
BAR 72%-CHE 28% Scores 1-2
Learn not to count your chicks before they hatch....... Don't worry there is still hope for you winning La liga!

Posted by Ashwin on 04/21/2012

Way too optimistic for sure, in fact, you have clearly displayed blind faith in supporting your team. Now that Barcelona have gone down for the second time in one week, they will be at a mental low. Besides, the impact of the loss to Chelsea was clearly visible in the game against Real.

I think the game with Chelsea is going to be tight even though Barcelona may have majority of the ball etc. Needless to say Barcelona going through is heavily doubtful now, although they cannot be ruled out.

Posted by john chow on 04/21/2012

I don't think chelsea will beat barca at camp nou...........barca will turn around.

Posted by Yomi Babatola on 04/21/2012

You seem not to realise that every game has its objective. If your goal is to play beautifully and pretend that hitting the woods is the same as shaking the net, good luck!
Who talks about how Inter won CL other than they were champions. Wake up and be realistic. Does UEFA pay teams more money for skills or triumph? Every team has got its own style and techniques in achieving results. It's a pity that only few people see that it's been a fantastic season for Chelsea so far. Better than any English club except maybe for Liverpool and United in fraction.

Posted by Samuel Woodward on 04/22/2012

well well, you said messi wont go two games without scoring a goal.. I guess he didnt in the clasico so that is allready acomplished. And if Madrid can outplay Barca at nou camp, then why couldnt chelsea?

Posted by Gurung Gm on 04/22/2012

I do not support either either Chelea or Barcelona. But what the blogger had worte boiled me to drop few lines. Barcelona's style doesn't really fascinates me, the way they try to keep the ball is already non footballing, football is somewhat like a duel between man v/s man. Last night they were killed by Real at their so called fortress, hence I do not think it is impossible for Chelsea to do the same. Keeping ball for 80% doesn't mean you are the best. For some time in the past, other teams didn't get hold of Barca's style but now Madrdi and Chelsea ahd shown that how a "ball-keeping gready-Barca" can be killed by a single shot or two. As the author mnetioned size of the ground and other excuses, pls. do not try to hide the realiy of the lost.
I am pretty sure the finale will be between Real and Chelsea on May.

Posted by Rsabazan on 04/22/2012

I'm a chelsea fan rite thru and i believe in our abilities we can BEAT! barca on tuesday. ppl tlk about chelsea's defence not being solid but that would mean barca's attack is poor 20+ shots 5 chances and still no goals?compared to chelsea taking their 1 chance thats all we need and its goodbye barca. blues fa life

Posted by pred o'connell on 04/22/2012

1st leg was unlucky for barca but don't worry camp nou is ours. u had ur time chelsea now it is our time .i respect ur players but sorry all ur players & plans will be a flop because barca rules

Posted by Pablo on 04/22/2012

I can hardly wait for Chelsea to receive a good football trashing from Barca on Tuesday (Barca 4 Chelsea 0)

Posted by HENRY on 04/22/2012

Yes it is rightly believed that Barca is the best team in the world because they are being aided by the "Refs" and other "match official". chelsea's game was different (1-0) because the ref was upright in decision making. they also lost to Madrid because the Ref dicide not to be "cuned". we shall see when we get to Nou Camp, let's remove cheat, and let Platini not worry about his son's sadness, CHELSEA will go through if there is a level play ground.

Posted by Kevin on 04/22/2012

Nou Camp will be quiet when the final whistle is blown in the 2nd leg. After the lost to Real in La Liga, Barca season is at a risk of ending in misery. For all the possesion and control they have, u will not win a football match with that alone.

Posted by Adams on 04/22/2012

Barca 1-1 chelsea up chelsea

Posted by JOENGARJR3 on 04/22/2012

chelsea proved a point and they are yet to prove it AGAIN!

Posted by Caster on 04/22/2012

The author has the right to be subjective since it is a Barcelona blog. But I have to agree with a lot of the comments here about how Barca fans feel "it is their right to win every game" just because they play beautiful football.

Failing to score an away goal is something that should worry Barca fans and it is definitely something that is worth pointing out. Yet all we get from this article is how Barca will dominate Chelsea and Messi cannot go 180 minutes without scoring, blah blah blah.

Messi is without doubt the best player in the world but he is also human Real proved that yesterday as he was basically a freaking ghost in the Classico.

Posted by abbas faizi on 04/22/2012

Football is primarily about sticking the ball into the net more times than your opponent. It is not just about pretty passing, no matter how pleasing that might be on the eye. This has always been the fundamental principle of the game of football.
We can talk forever about Barcelona's perceived greatness and how the footballing world should be on their knees bowing to the superiority of the Catalans but that would not change the fact that Barcelona would always struggle to beat the Blues unless they bring their own referee to a match.
Football is a man's game and "Drogba, Cech and his 9 mates" should not have to apologise for being built like men. That would be like Michael Jordan apologising for being tall.
Anyway, let's not ignore the fact that the goal was not born of a long ball, it was the result of a quick passing move.
Barcelona fans would do well to accept defeat graciously.
Clearly, there's not much else we would agree upon, so let's just remind ourselves of the scoreline: 1-0

Posted by Joe on 04/22/2012

With Barca's good but not great defense, if Chelsea merely puts one goal home, scoring 3 vs. a precise D like Chelsea fields is unlikely and Chelsea will take the day. Wouldn't be surprised. Just need 1 goal.

Posted by esjay on 04/22/2012

Madrid has set the pace. Bring on Tuesday, lets see what it holds for each team. Up Blues

Posted by Joseph michael on 04/22/2012

I am a manchester united fans but i proclaim that chelsea is going no weare becaeuse barca we beat chelsea 3goals to noting on de camp nou stadium on barcas home, nocoment on teusday

Posted by Leon on 04/22/2012

Well, what do you think now Francesc?
Are you still confident of your sides victory over the two legs of Tuesday? Madrid were the better team last night, and you will experience your third defeat in as many games next week. Arrogance does not make you the best team, winning does. Something that you don't seem to be able to do at the moment!
Congratulations to Madrid for their win and la liga title,congratulations to Mourinho on his superior management skills, and congratulations to Ronaldo for his soon to be confirmed world player of the year and European golden boot award.

Posted by tony on 04/22/2012

poke once said and I quote 'when a man is over confident, he is wide open for a sucker punch' Chelsea concentrate on your strategies while they pay more attention to their assumption that they are the best. Real Madrid just finished with them and by Tuesday they will know it’s all over.

Posted by Glory CFC on 04/22/2012

if chelsea get the goal first, then the final will be ours, otherwise Barca may win the match.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/22/2012

fransesc and all barca fans, hope you all are eating hot sour humble pie. Lionel cant go 180 minutes on the pitch without scoring? Oops! Maybe thats true, was he on the pitch yestaday? Its high time u guys bcome less boastful and realise that matches are won not by d percentage of possesion but puting the ball at d bck of d net. If u guys stil refuse 2 learn ds simple basic fact. Come tuesday chlsea wil compound ur woes, period!.... There are no 2 ways abt it

Posted by nab on 04/22/2012

Well you wereso optimistic about el classico, what happened boss man? Ronaldo skinned you, what do you have to say to this too? that real played defensively, Barca fans, you are too confident......, you guys play good but football is about winning and sometimes mate you've got to win ugly!!!!

Posted by Blue Blood on 04/22/2012

Hmmm, lets just look at the recent Barca v Real Madrid and would you believe it Barca had over 70% of the ball and yet still lost! So for all those morons on here let me put things into simple words. You dont get points for keeping the ball, you get them from scoring more than the opposition! Enough said, roll on Tuesday.

Posted by Patt on 04/22/2012

Foolish Barca fans think they are the king of football by keeping possession. Their defense is non-existent without possession. RM showed that yesterday by beating Barca at their own turf. Chelsea may lose at Camp Nou, but we'll score and you'll get knocked out of UCl. This will be the beginning of the decline of FCB. Mark my words.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/22/2012

So with all due respect to you and all other Barca fans, we respect your success and your style, you should do the same with ours. In case you hadn't noticed, it is our style that has been employed by everyone who's given your side a tough run. The same style that has us unbeaten in 6 games against you not to mention our general success against you otherwise over the last decade. That's what makes Chelsea v Barcelona so different from other matches. Therefore, predicting it as an inevitable is rather foolish in my book

Posted by cool fm on 04/22/2012

Remember the UEFA and 12th Man factor,that will always work towards Barcelona's victory...i smell a thick fume of conspiracy against Chelsea...barca sucks

Posted by Hardeep Singh on 04/22/2012

see, your barca didn't win against madrid. and Messi did go 180 mins without scoring!!!!

Posted by Phil on 04/22/2012

Chelsea are done for. Twas a lucky win at Stamford Bridge thanks to Ramires' picture perfect pass and Drogba's time wasting efforts (such as going down every 5 minutes and rolling around on the pitch to boot). I am expecting at least 3 from the Catalans on Tuesday. I doubt Chelsea will have a response...

Posted by Jonh on 04/22/2012

Chelsea should plans to play defend. It will not be a fair game. History tell us that it will be 12 vs 9 (counting the referee). Until Barcelona stops paying the Ref defend is the only option.

Posted by chime on 04/22/2012

This game of football is not about possession, barsa never got any points or away goal performance because they had 100% possession. It is simple to note that the best team won and that is chelsea, we have players that deliver when it is needed the most. Barsa wasted all their chances because of finishing inefficiency.....

Come tuesday, let the better side WIN.

Posted by Hussin Rahman on 04/22/2012

I believe Chelsea will qualify for the final as they are likely to score one or two more goals on the counter attack at the Nou Camp. Football is a game of tactics and I can understand Chelsea's joy at outfoxing Barca. I myself had played in a team (in a company level tournament) which had adopted tactics similar to Chelsea's. I told my team-mates that since our players were older (but wiser), we should let our younger opponents attack us, allow them greater possession, let them occupy our half but guard our goal tightly (though we had a good and safe goalkeeper like Petr Cech), conserve our energy and then hit them on the break. It worked a treat, we won 2-0 and we won the cup.

Posted by Ngoni on 04/23/2012

Baca will win on Tuesday.But the strikers need to make use of changes created in front ofgoal.Viva Baca.

Posted by Leke Jay on 04/23/2012

Well said from a typical Barca faithful. I choose not to take anything away from Chelsea's efforts, style of play and crucially their result (a 1 - 0 win).

Have u forgotten so soon that Chelsea always remind us that football is all about winning? Without recourse to the manner in which success is achieved?

Remember the Azzurris of a few decades ago?

Let them bask in the euphoria of their win, please; if they have found a way, anyway, to beat Barca, then so be it!

Afterall, they are a team that was once coached by Jose Mourinho, the coach of the Madrid side that recently mastered how to beat Barca at their game and at their home ground!

You better pray Chelsea don't do the same!

Mind you, I am not a Chelsea fan; in fact I can't stand them.

Posted by Thuso on 04/23/2012

I foresee 4-1 score. the past two games were wake up calls for Barca. they just need clinical finish by the goal post.I bet Messi will score and create the rest.

Posted by Volkan on 04/23/2012

Real were quite lucky with their calender, that we should state. During the week, Barça played a day after Real and they knew they would play a day earlier the following week. That put pressure on Barça and they knew that in spite of winning against Real, they might still lose the La Liga title as there were only four games left. So, Pep rested some players, naturally. As for the return leg, despite the fact that the whole Chelsea are on song, I don't think The Blues stand a chance because Barça players are pretty angry. I expect a legendary game. May the better side win.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/23/2012

THE TIE IS FAR FROM OVER...well said indeed !!! Pep will definitely find a way 2 unlock Chelsea's "10" man defence....he needs 2 play Gerard Pique coz he is d guy who always starts d chances fr Goal scoring...starting widd following lineup shall b appreciated
Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Alves, Adriano, Fabregas, Xavi, Iniesta, Cuenca, Messi, Sanchez (Cuenca to Pedro, Sanchez to Tello n Busquets to Fabregas) in 2nd half !!!

Posted by chris on 04/23/2012

to anyone who supports the way Chelsea play:

There's good defense and then there's NEGATIVE SOCCER

negative soccer: The reason many people in this world don't like soccer.. The boring of soccer, the idea that the game has no meaning other than to kick the ball "away from the other guy and to the other field and long as you can"

CHELSEA: Thats CRAP philosophy and upbringing from a crap team like Chelsea. if their entire club history is just about faking fouls, getting 1 goal and putting on a borefest then they aren't anywhere NEAR a club team and deserve to be removed from all hall of fame records and instead labeled "the weasels" you just want to weasel there way into history books. In the history books it might not say how horrible chelsea played but we all know that REAL heart-felt champions don't bring their teams to the finals and play like scared little bitches.

Posted by neel l on 04/23/2012

typical barca fans' contempt at anyone who beats them.Remember this can only be a tiny fraction of the frustation that chelsea felt when barca eliminated them at the same stage three years ago.

Posted by John on 04/23/2012

Messi aka la pulga hasn't scored against the blues in many matches before so don't count on him scoring again

Posted by B on 04/23/2012

Honestly, chelsea had a plan and they executed it. You can say that barca had chances they should have taken and the game could've ended 5-1, but it didn't. Chelsea held them, parking the bus in front of goal. No one is saying Barca isn't the best team in Europe, they are, but they have been for the last 4 years, and haven't won the Euro Cup every year. When Inter beat them in 2010, Barca was still the better team, tactically Inter executed Mourinho's game plan. Anyone can win in Futbol, that's why you play the game, otherwise every team should just let Barca have the Cup without playing right? You play the game, you roll the dice, to see if you can get a result, Chelsea got one in the first leg. Be prepared for a battle at the Camp Nou, but Chelsea will not go down simply because they are supposed to. Camp Nou isn't as invincible as it once was. It may not be attractive on the english side, but it could prove to be effective.

Posted by Terry on 04/23/2012

I think people here are missing the fact that Barcelona is a possession football team, not an attacking football team. They keep possession and with almost 4 times the amount of possession that they have against Chelsea, of course they will have more chances to shoot as well.

Another part of the game that people tend to miss out is how frequent Barca make fouls to deny counter attack and to get in back possession. Looking at the stats, Barca with 79% possession made 9 fouls, while Chelsea with 21% possession made 12. Fouls are made when you are out of possession, so let's say the game is 90 minutes long, Barca had the ball for 71.1 minutes. Out of the other 18.9 minutes, Barca made 9 fouls, which is 1 foul every 2.1 minutes. Compare to Chelsea who did not see the ball for 71.1 minutes, they only make 1 foul for every 5.9 minutes.

I am not criticising Barca for this, but I think people should realise that Barca's Tiki Taka is not only about attacking, but defending as well.

Posted by kachi on 04/23/2012

Like i said it a game of football anything can happen.. Always remember sometimes the better team always loose a game and Barcelona players are not angels they are humans.Human being is full of errors..There is no way Barcelona team is going to hold the ball for all 90mins.

The Road ends for the so called Barca player.Please do not say i didn't tell you guyz.....Viva Chelsea.


Posted by Meeks on 04/23/2012

Its funny how Barca fans are like well if we did this and that we would of blown out Chelsea in the first leg. The problem with that is they didn't get the job done. They had chance after chance and they could not score. They had a chance to beat Real in the same stadium they are playing Chelsea on Tuesday and they didn't get it done. There is no pressure on Chelsea because they weren't suppose to get as far as they did. Second, Barca is suppose to be the best team in the world and finally, they are playing at home.
I am not saying Chelsea is going to win the game, but under the circumstances this is going to be harder than must Barca fans may think.

Posted by Boz on 04/23/2012

Barcelona should learn to defend like every one else- nobody's interested in how attacking a team is. The results are all that matter!

Posted by sunil on 04/23/2012

you seem to be a huge barca fan so your comments seem to be driven by your liking rather than by pure footballing instinct. All of us should admire chelsea coming against all odds to defy so called supremo of current footballing arena.

Posted by Geo on 04/23/2012

I disagree that Chelsea lacked superiority against Barcelona. Sure, Barcelona dominated possession, executed fine plays, but what did that lead to? Nothing. Chelsea had their play: stay back, play the long ball, and score. That's exactly what they did and it paid off. Barcelona isn't a team full of gods. No, they're the complete opposite. They're a team that can be defeated, HAS been defeated and WILL be defeated again. At the hands of Chelsea? Possibly. Camp Nou isn't an impenetrable fortress, it's just another stadium and that's the mentality Chelsea has to go into the game with. The fact that Barcelona has won several major competitions in recent years is just something to boast. It doesn't necessarily make them the better team because even they have their flaws. I believe that Chelsea, after beating Tottenham 5-1, Barcelona 1-0 and drawing with Arsenal after an excruciating week, CAN defeat Barcelona at the Nou Camp without a doubt. Good luck to both teams and let fate decide.

Posted by Jemmie on 04/23/2012

Hello from Istanbul. I am a Barca sympathiser and so I want Barca to go through :) Chelsea had the combination of good defense and good luck, to beat Barca last week.

If the same kind of play pattern/tactics as last week occurs tomorrow, I give Barca 80-90 percent chance of qualifying into the final. I am even guessing that if Barca score an early goal, they might go on to win the match by at least a 3-goal margin.

David Villa's injury may have cost Barca La Liga title. I am hoping that his absence won't be a factor tomorrow.

Posted by andrew kiken on 04/23/2012

Another great post. Yes, the odds are extremely in barcelona's favor to beat chelsea. But, it does come down to barcas finishing, czech not having the game of his life, and chelsea not getting that one lucky chance. We need to destroy chelsea to send a message to the doubters. Do not let up, and destroy chelsea. Also, barcelona needs to score in the first 10 minutes, but as soon as possible. Be up by 2 goals or more at the half. Starting line up.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/23/2012

Barca will win, but only because they'll be playing against 10 men by the time the match is over.

Posted by Alric on 04/23/2012

Chelsea has a good chance of scoring at Camp Nou, if they can get Barca on the counter the right way. El Clasico proved that Messi can go 180mins without scoring, and that the right counter-attack can get Barca on the back foot. Barca only knows how to play football one way and Chelsea knows what they have to do. But in the end, the truth is that it all comes down to whether Barca take their chances because they will definitely create more opportunities than Chelsea. But both matches last week proves Barca are not invincible, and especially that they are volnerable in defence. So Chelsea will probably play the same football they did in the first leg, which is unattractive but was effective for them in the first leg.

Posted by davies kentuky kumbanga chisale on 04/23/2012

only the best on the night will go through to the finals in Germany.

Posted by Clement on 04/23/2012

Up barca the fight is yet to begin,i know what barca can do in a big stage particularly in camp nou

Posted by Sorbariyiga Naadah on 04/23/2012

Barca should work hard and ensure they score and not allowing chelsea to score

Posted by el Bruce on 04/23/2012

Let's remember Barca is missing David Villa. Barca misses his scrappy finishing. Sanchez is explosive but his first touch is poor.

Chelsea played their gameplan perfectly, the weather helped too. Give them credit. However, to beat Barca we all know you have to pray they don't convert their scoring chances, because they will have plenty. They are also poor lately from set pieces, which can't continue forever.. Chelsea just hopes it continues for one more match.

I believe Barca wins, 3-1, probably on a 2nd half penalty. If it gets called, Barca wins.. If it doesn't, like the clear penalty Inter committed against Alves a few years ago, Chelsea holds on 2-1.

Posted by @Blessingnandez on 04/23/2012

guys lets not attack too much and forget to defend coz one more chelsea goal could count us out of the Champions League

Posted by Hala Madrid!!!! on 04/23/2012

Real Madrid showed that Barca can be defeated at the Nou Camp. Chelsea may not be as skilled as Real since they have Ronaldo and etc but Chelsea's fighting spirit and their will to win just whas to strong for Barca. I hope Chelsea can do the same at the Nou Camp and if not and Barca make it to the finals they will have a confident and strong Bayern Munich or a mighty Real Madrid waiting for them at the finals in Munich. Barca will not win the Champions League.

Posted by BEN 10 on 04/23/2012

credit to chelsea for coming off with a win against barcelona. there is no taking away that from them but as a barcelona fan i could proudly say i am far from convinced that chelsea will go through. despite all the talks of tatics and the strtegies that chelsea implemented that most fans mentioned seemed to have worked i deeply believed that barcelons themselves were responsible for their demise on that night. barcelona on more than two occasions got to the back of chelsea "great defence" and failed to convert their chances the sooooooo many chances that they created. so credit to chelsea for coming off with the victory but like i said i am far from being convinced that chelsea will go through. by the way barca fans it will not be easy.

Posted by Adebayor on 04/23/2012

I say no way for Barca

Posted by emmanuel obiazi on 04/24/2012

yes everyone know how good baca his and how aticulate they are, but this doesn,t borther us, all we know is that we have an impoertant troyph ahead of us which all of us wants to see it come to stamford brigde. i look forward to a very tactical match ahead later today.see you all in spain.UP BLUES FOR LIFE

Posted by John on 04/24/2012

Barca can have 90% possession of the game in the 2nd leg and Chelsea have 10% of chance of scoring goal. Chelsea have the best defense and Barca have the best strike force. Believe me, Chelsea will go thru in the Champion League final.

Posted by scarmaze2 on 04/24/2012

ITs funny cause Real Madrid beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou. Barcelona are not unbeatable. Nor do they have an upper hand. Its eleven men vs eleven men. Regardless if Chelsea sit back to defend, they might still make it. Like Iniest himself said "Sometimes possession and constant pressure doesn't win you games, goals do"

Posted by Harry on 04/24/2012

It will all be decided tommorrow. Honestlty, there is no one else who deserves champions league glory than Didier Drogba. He has been a loyal servant for chelsea. He is no Messi. But, everytime he steps on the field you know he is going to give 100 percent for the team. Blue runs in his blood. Respect to barca, but the barca bandwagoners are the ones who make the most noise. And for the sake of football, we need to show what the underdogs can do when given a chance. Forever blue, forever Chelsea!

Posted by dmama makaveli on 04/24/2012

well i have been a barca fan 4 over 15yrs,and am also a die hard barca fan,onething i know is that we played well last wednesday,but we had no luck on our side ,chelsea has always been a problem to barcelona,but i believe that the God of soccer will be with us on tuesday,all we need is to rush them with a score of 3 .0,in the 1st half,dem control ball in the second half,i believe God will help us,cause we have played well

Posted by Keisuke on 04/24/2012

I will be completely honest Chelsea are my favorite team and Barca my second. I love the way they play other than some players dive way too often on their team they play incredible football! Chelsea in 2009 were clearly the better team but i am so tired of terry and lampard they are great players but they still cannot dominate the game like they have in the past i predict a barca win lets face it even at stamford bridge they should have won. When its barca vs madrid for the finale it will be a great game but barca want revenge immensely good luck

Posted by Osei kluivert on 04/24/2012

I think Pep shd 4give Pique n give him de chance to play this crucial match.

Posted by kelly on 04/24/2012

Barcelona ar always barca/infact cum 2 tink of it, if  may asked who is d beta syd dat play lovly football game dat interest pple alots.  tink 4 jus dat  giv d credit 2 d sabi boys off cus dey woth it dey ar d type of club which pple fil lik hesitatin 2 b cus tins ar happening/wen u tk abt vefa champion leagues it rings in my ears has if wit @ noing who is d beta team 2 take it round duming off cum d chelsea fans no wt am saying no dapts abt dat/

Posted by Joe Shmoe on 04/24/2012

Messi is hurt, Barca historically don't play well against the Blues, and they just lost at Camp Nou to Real Madrid. If anything, that will probably incense them, but this is a Barca team not in its element currently. They haven't had to face any type of competition or a team standing in their way for the past two seasons until now. A year ago, they swept away both La Liga and the CL. This year, not so much. No one gave Chelsea a chance in the first leg, no one is giving them a chance again. This all helps the Blues. They will execute the same game plan, score an away goal, and shock the world by advancing to the CL final.

Posted by Ogunkoya joseph on 04/24/2012

Eric Abidal,Gerrad Pique,David Villa nd Affellay all Barca fans miss u,especially Eric& Pique 2 of u are capable 2 stop Drogba,well my believe is that we lifting d throphy and we are breaking record this season by Gods grace,i wish Barcelona team victory over chealse.

Posted by Jaymo on 04/24/2012

Well done Chelsea but Barca will win. No doubt.
be real.

Posted by jojoe on 04/24/2012

Every game in the semifinal stage is very crucial for any side in European Football. Many comments may come in and go, but one thing we need to bear in mind is, humans play football and not Robots. In short I would say every Teams have got their advantages, but more over, their weeknesses. So no matter what, who ever play not only good football BUT smart football will win the game. That is how modern football can be interpreted. I believe both coaches do have their last cards to play smater this fixture in the next 90 mins at Nou Camp, tomorrow. Posted from Port Vila - Vanuatu, South West Pacific.

Posted by Rajeev Kumar on 04/24/2012

I believe in my Team, FC Barcelona..They are the best..they play the most i have ever seen...In PS2 FIFA 11, it's only when Barca play, commentator says.."Beautiful Barca..".

Yap, Gerard Pque is needed in the defence...Puyol is very strong but needs assistance when caught up with counter attacks..Not talking low of Telo, But i say that more experienced players like Pedro, Keita, Andriano better take the field...ven Quanker is very much like Messi..Hs footwork and speed..

I hope Pep sends his best line up..It was a wrong decisson to sub out Xavi when Sanches was been sent in..Messi, Iniesta & Xavi are the KEY of Barca..They know each others and have very good cordination among themselves (The 3 of them)..

ALL the BEST boys...

Posted by Barca#1 on 04/24/2012

Chelsea is one hell of a team, they have reached great success in the English Premier League. English teams have always been Barca's punishers. Last year Arsenal beat them 2-1, a couple years ago Liverpool beat Barcelona at Camp Nou 2-1 also, and Chealsea scored 4 goals to 2 at Stamford Bridge under the management of Mourinho. However, i am confident that in this occasion Chealsea will not leave Camp Nou with a smile on their face. Yes, Barcelona did lose against Real Madrid on Saturday. Guess what? That's the second time Mourinho and his Galacticos beat Barcelona in 4-5 years. Guardiola's player decision was also not a wise one, but how can we judge the man that has one over 13 titles in 4 years. He is, "EXCUSED". Barcelona with faith and hard work will defeat Chealsea on Tuesday night. Messi, the best player in the world, Xavi, Iniesta, Alexis, Pedro, Piqué, and the rest of the wonderful player Barcelona has, will try and win a fight with Chealsea that currently, they are losing.

Posted by SM on 04/24/2012

You seem a little blinded because Barcelona have fantastic players like Messi, Xavi, etc.
We all make a plan to 'win' or play the other team as well as possible. Barca are undoubtedly the best team in the world. But Barca supporters should use some common sense and realize that other teams who want to beat Barca have to play to Barca's weakness, which is what Chelsea did.

And the fact that you did not appreciate Chelsea's focus and concentration in defense for 90 minutes, does not reflect well on you. Don't be blinded by how good your team is, but also be a lover of all aspects of the game and give credit where credit is due. Understand and respect how important and difficult defense is.

Posted by gentle hero on 04/24/2012

who knows this is 11 mans game. but honestly barca play well.nice futbol but the game will not go dun well.cos chelsea know them too well morethan anyother club but barca win 2 chelsea 1 and chelsea to the final thank lets just w

Posted by SeanMicah on 04/24/2012

Great writeup I will say but more studded with sentiments more than reality. Reality is: Barca is beatable and yes, we did-CHELSEA did beat them to the game. Dont be in a hurry to recall that modern football odds doesnt always favour the home-factor.
whether its a 99%-1% possession Barca will have on this return leg, we'll beat them to the game again and again.
Up Chelsea!

Posted by don keny on 04/24/2012

I Know Chelsea Will Be Put To The Sword Today, That's All

Posted by azouma on 04/24/2012

for the the fact that fans are afraid of barcelona makes barcelona the best team in the world, come tuesday, barcelona will trash chelsea. up barca and God bless barca

Posted by samaila ganama on 04/24/2012

The game is going to be a tough one for both sides, Barcelona have lost their last 2 games and would want to prove a point tonight. The league is far from Barcelona now and they will focus on the Champions league, Chelsea on the other hand are also out of the league race. They just have the Champions league and the FA Cup finals to play for. I still have in mind that chelsea will scale throught tonight, because its the only way they can play in the Champions league next season. i guess they will be hungrier for success than Barcelona

Posted by Deejay on 04/24/2012

Its will be the worst match ever. messi will be man marked by 4 chelsea... chelsea will disrespect the game of football. actually english fotball is getting disrespectful as they play all defense and strong bull up from to hustle the defender...
english footbal is worst league due to man u and chelsea.

Posted by sherifmzy on 04/24/2012

Agree with SeanMicah... Nobody denies how good Barcelona are, however, everybody has to admit that Chelsea found the right way, spirit, pattern, formula to stop them. Chelsea were also lucky over a few very close chances for Barca, two of them hitting woodwork, but still the fact is, Barca is trailing at this moment.I personally believe tonight's game will be great, and really wish Chelsea would go through, simply to do justice for what happened back in 2009.
Up Chelsea :)

Posted by Sabitu on 04/24/2012

I wish barca will progress to the final

Posted by Sydonphil on 04/24/2012

I am not afraid of barca,i am only afraid of UEFA.I am afraid of the 12th tinny man who will be playing for barca...the man with the exception to all this,i give chelsea the glory...BLUES FOR LIFE

Posted by ulunma on 04/24/2012

its normal for you to support your team,but God,luck,the resolute players gave their best with so much discipline.l can only wish,pray,hope and belive my darling club,chelsea carries the day.

Posted by macking domain on 04/24/2012

I like the nature of the soccer game because it produces upsad again and again. everyone has to go through the emotions to say what they have to say before and after the game.

on paper, Barcelona is a great team adn should win and nail it. But this is soccer and the 90 mins or 120 mins or penalty gave us heart attack...

I just love going through the moments, it will be the same as the rest...

Posted by manutdfan on 04/24/2012

After inter left Barca beaten 3-2 in a champions leage semis, Mourinho said inter never wanted the ball at camp nou, inter wanted to close down all space and this worked in spite of a Motta send off. Barca fans are too sucked in to see tactical challenges when it happens. Chelsea have a tactic and they have the right players for the tactic. l prefer to say that it will not be easy for barca bcos chelsea will be at their game as well. It will be interesting to see how barca will retain sanity in front of goal after spending energy to get there. Let the best strategy prevail today

Posted by oling james on 04/24/2012

it's understood that barcelona is the best blub,but, one has to know is that, everyday is not monday.soon or later barcelona tactics(tick taka)will fail.believe me some of d club in laliga have undergone experience in playing againest barc, now that they fail laliga what do u think will happen the coming yr? let us hope for club like baryen & chelsea.

Posted by Chigozi james on 04/24/2012

Fc barcelona will wins chelsea today.

Posted by Rajein Ramkrepal on 04/24/2012

Chelsea are going to get humiliated come Tuesday night at Camp Nou.Messi and co is gonna run mesmerizing rings around the likes of Drogba Lampard and company.Chelsea fans you'll are suffering from 'Delusions of Grandear' if you think you'll are going to go thro to the Champion Finals.You had your one chance and you blew it.Senor Abramovic doesn't even know how to win in his own backyard.There is only one English team that can (and have) won at the Nou Camp or at the Bernabau and that is the only true pedigree of English Football...that is Liverpool FC.So Chelsea fans enjoy your moments of glory for now...come Tuesday night you will see the true light and come back home with your heads between your tails.Oh! and Liverpool is also going to bamboozle Chelsea in two weeks time in th FA Cup Final.Don't say I didn't warn you.

Posted by czaree on 04/24/2012

Barca did dominate possession in the first leg. Nothing surprising there. But they did not create that many chances and Messi hardly had a sniff at to Chelsea. Madrid followed the Chelsea's blueprint and with better players did better...Barca also dominted >70% possession which is usual for them. It's about creating chances and Barca needs to create a lot of chances to score a goal and in that sense they appear inefficient but these are actually the result of the huge possession advantage they have...and of course the chances are often in tight situation where teams are packing their defence. On the other hand teams have less chances against Barcelona.... often in breakaways when they are facing against stretched Barcelona defence and thus they don't need as many chances as Barcelona to score. Bottomline is lately the Barcelona blueprint has been stuttering a bit and this gives Chelsea a chance though Barcelona is still favourite. I predict a one goal victory for Barca.

Posted by jack kim on 04/24/2012

I think you're being a bit too critical. The goal was a result of a series of phenomenal play, not "long balls." Also, football is a game that adheres to the scoreline as the mark of superiority within that single game. It is not so much a recognition of Barcelona's SUPERIORITY of the entire game as recognizing that they are SUPERIOR in their dribbling and general tiki-taka'ing.

My friends think Barca football is boring btw, and while I disagree, I'm more appreciative than entertained. I rewatched the match probably 3 times, and the first real attack came from Drogba nearly after 10 minutes of Barca just passing the ball to themselves.

I've always been a bit bothered how the Barca team responds to those who play their style. They praise them for adhering to their philosophy. If they lose, and the other team didn't play to their style, it's a sacrilege and an "injustice" against the game. I'm not saying let's all be like Stoke, but c'mon this was a result of tactics and a level head

Posted by Oriakhi thomson on 04/24/2012

I am a man utd fans i strongly belive in english team, but dis tyme seen diffrnt. Chelsea is a gud team i reaspect dem alot, going to nu camp at dis ugly time for barca is impossible for chealsea to win, becos has lost dere hope of bin la liga winner, now dey hve another oppurturnity to b a winner, nd u espect dem to drop so low.i think dis game is going to b for d favour of barcelona.

Posted by Marco on 04/24/2012

Well done to the Barca players on showing great dignity in staying on the pitch and congratulating Chelsea on reaching the Champions League Final by drawing 2-2 with only 10 men.

Well done Chelsea on defying all odds and showing all the doubters that belief is the key to success. Chelsea never stopped believing even when short of their Captain and 2 goals down.

Posted by Bengologist on 04/25/2012

Well, Barcelona deserve credit for the way they have played their football and for the neutrals, Chelsea certainly deserve to bow out of the competition for their anti-football approach.

However, this is football and tactics do play a part in the way how battles are fought and won. Chelsea came to Nou Camp with an attacking ideology but switch their style after Terry was dismissed. This is how real Champion should behave, being able to adapt to different situation to bring out the best result.

The display was a true collection of team spirit, high concentration and quick counter-attacking tactic, coupled with a whopping share of luck on Chelsea's part.

Though Barcelona's season might be over with the final whistle, I sincerely believe this is just the dawn of a talented bunch, making their mark in the modern football world.

Now in conclusion, I do hope that there's another miracle for the underdog (Chelsea) in the final. Let's bring back a new trophy for the cabinet.. :)

Posted by Jr Blues on 04/25/2012

Well well well. I'm sure all the reasons were clearly thought out about why Barca would win but to no avail. We continue to hold the mental edge..Chelsea continues to be the only team that Barca cannot mesmerise..Against the odds we knocked the eagles off their nest.. in their nest. I love the spirit we have shown..Barca dominated the game but not Chelsea even though we were a man down and our central Defenders were not playing..What a display FORZA CHELSEAA!!!

Posted by Izoto on 04/26/2012

Chelsea are into the finals. Good stuff.

Posted by Mr Silver on 04/30/2012

The dumb ass barca fans are no where to be found...Finally Chelsea has sent your coach packing after four years..that what football is all about....

Posted by Dario on 05/11/2012

I reckon if the pleayrs trained as much as they did for their national teams like they do their football clubs, national teams would be better. I would say Spain and Germany are the only teams that the pleayrs play as well for their country as they do their football club.

Posted by Borie on 05/13/2012

I'd say Spain is the best overall team in the world. There baslacliy a combination of Real Madrid and Barcelona followed by many other spanish stars. Everyone on the team is amazing, they have 3 goalies (Casillas, Valdes and Reina) and Valdes and Reina are treated as reserves.

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