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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 04/28/2012

Pep Guardiola has decided to leave FC Barcelona after 4 glorious years in which our club has achieved sporting excellence and matured into a much stronger, respected and well-organised institution.

Pep Guardiola's highly anticipated press conference did not turn out as I expected. While I was fairly sure the most successful coach in Barcelona history would leave, I must admit my heart was in denial and refused to believe the obvious truth even minutes after the dreaded announcement was made.


Pep Guardiola explained: “Four years is an eternity as Barcelona manager. The next person will be able to offer things that I wasn’t able to offer. It has been very demanding and a coach has to be strong and be able to get that energy across to the players. I have to recover it and I’ll do that by resting. I am leaving with the sensation of having done a good job and I’m proud of what I’ve done here, I am leaving at peace with myself”


Devastating news. In my mind, I had pictured Guardiola becoming Barcelona's version of the job Sir Alex Ferguson has been doing at Manchester United for decades: A man who knows the ins and outs of the club, someone who Culés can refer to when times turn ugly, an authoritative father figure who flies our Blaugrana flag with pride.

I was wrong - Guardiola decided to leave after giving Barcelona the best years of our over 110 years of history.

While many thoughts keep wandering around my mind at this stage, all I can say is: Thank you. 

Thank you for the two Champions Leagues, three Ligas, two Clubs World Cups, two European Supercups, one Copa del Rey and three Spanish Supercups - Let's hope we can add another Copa del Rey next month and end on an even higher note!

Thank you for leading Barcelona to a 72% win rate under your management, scoring over 2.5 goals and only conceding 0.73 per match. Achieving such statistics while practising the most attractive football in the planet took Johan Cruyff's revolutionary attacking model into a whole new level.

Thank you for promoting Barcelona B to the Segunda Division and giving our youngsters a chance to compete at the highest level. Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Victor Valdes and many others wouldn't be where they are today without your guidance.


Thank you for making us Catalans proud by always promoting our name around the world, defending our values of hard work and determination, continuously searching for ways to build on our success. The Gold Medal that you were awarded by the Parliament of Catalonia is fully deserved.

Thank you for being honest with our players, fans and yourself. I can think of many managers who would have happily held to their privileged position and continued to collect their wages at the end of every month while doing the job half-heartedly. The fact you walked away the very second you realised you didn't feel fully committed to the job honours you.

I could go on signing Guardiola's praises for hours but, honestly, words can not explain how much admiration and respect El Noi De Santpedor has earned since he joined our La Masia academy as a skinny youngster back in 1984.

I am proud to say Guardiola will remain in Barcelona hearts forever, a legendary reference for future generations.

Gràcies Pep.


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Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs

Founder and Columnist at

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Posted by David on 04/28/2012

Beatiful Article!! Good luck to Guardiola! But any who...Hala Madrid!!! La lIga is finally ours!!

Posted by ibrahim samoura on 04/28/2012

Pep you are my hero,when i hard that sorrow new yesterday i could not eat and sleep either am disheartened am in tears it is too soon to leave us pep we need you please.

Posted by Pauluv on 04/28/2012

Barca will always be my club forever while Gardiola names will always remain in my heart and always serve as my nerves pomping blood to my heart Pep Josep Gardiola am missing as the coach of my club BARCA. Up BARCA, barca for life

Posted by bryte,Ghana on 04/28/2012

franscec,i agree perfectly with every adjective u used in qualifying Guardiola-the best manager in the club's history.I've always said and do maintain the stance that ''managing is not all about having the best players in the world,but being able to bring out the best in them''.That is exactly what Pep has done in the lives of Messi,Iniesta,Xavi,Busquet n Pedro.He has revived the careers of Puyol and Valdes in particular.And for these reasons,I believe many of us,Barca fans,will forever cherish ''Prince'' Guardiola in our hearts.Thank you,our Prince.

Posted by Simba nyakujara on 04/28/2012

Wise move

Posted by nathan tauzen on 04/28/2012

this is a very big dissapointment to us barcelona fans surely gardiola was a good man hope tito will make it like pep

Posted by deite bahizire on 04/28/2012

thanks guaerdiol for what you have done for our team we can't forget you,

Posted by Baby Ego on 04/28/2012

I want PEP GUARDIOLA to head BARCA for more two years,PLS my able Guardoila don't go now,this is the time we need u most.

Posted by ramsey mufundisi on 04/28/2012

may God bless him where ever he is going.he is a fantastic coach.

Posted by kofi david on 04/28/2012

this is a very big dissapointment to us barcelona fans surely gardiola was a good man hope tito will make it like pep

Posted by Narciso Mercado on 04/28/2012

Beautifully expressed by a true Barca fan. Guardiola will probably take a year off. He will coach again.

Posted by Ishola Ibraheem on 04/28/2012

guadiola has been a best coach so far with the record he make within four season but he must to leave for another leauge to try his ability else where. Hurray to all barca fans.

Posted by leo messi on 04/28/2012

I'm very disappointed by peps choice. I'm mean this wasn't the rite time actually this was the worst time to leave BARCA. Anyway he's choice to do that however as much as I loved pep he disappointed me couse BARCA fans and BARCA players r going through some hurd time and peps goodbye its a mentally killer for all of us.

Posted by Blessing Tylor Chisewe on 04/28/2012

this is hurting and dissapointing the legend is leaving Pep u are the best manager n the history of Catalans, u groomed Messi for who he is.. Don't Messi with bara...bara4life

Posted by edidiong m. Benson on 04/28/2012

i find it hard to believe that guardiola left us. We thank you pep for the wonderful job you've done here at barca. We shall for ever miss you. I miss you pep

Posted by Mayowa on 04/28/2012

All you have mentioned here are totally correct! Pep has made football too simple for any soccer fans - pass to the nearest player and avoid unnecessary pressure. He gave us what we never saw in football. I agree he should leave to refresh. Afterall no other team can give the type of pressure experienced as a Barca coach.

Posted by eric on 04/28/2012

That was really devastating news to hear.
Pep has been by far(at least according to my judgement)the most successful of all the coaches.His departure leaves a gap that will be very difficult to fill.
Thank you Pep,best wishes wherever u will be and in whatever u will be doing.

Posted by leo messi on 04/28/2012

I'm very disappointed by peps choice. I'm mean this wasn't the rite time actually this was the worst time to leave BARCA. Anyway he's choice to do that however as much as I loved pep he disappointed me couse BARCA fans and BARCA players r going through some hurd time and peps goodbye its a mentally killer for all of us.

Posted by Gerrard on 04/28/2012

Guardiola leaves but i hope barca's attacking football will continue and entertain us in the future. YNWA

Posted by Abdi on 04/28/2012

Pep Guardiola is sad to see you leave Barca but one has to respect your decision. Watching your team play has given me endless hours of enjoyment. Perhaps once you have rejuvenated yourself and feel up to it again we hope to see you back in World Football. You are to good a manager not to be part of it.


Posted by Farrukh on 04/28/2012

Pep i hope after a year off you will come back to barcelona and lead us to the champions league glory again. i don't know who you are. but yesterday when you announced that you are leaving i feel that my family member leaving me. i didnot eat didnot sleep last night. i love you. please come back to barca after one year. your fan from PAKISTAN.

Posted by john francis on 04/28/2012

pep is a great coach,i love man he is good

Posted by Andy on 04/28/2012

Visca Barca! Visca Catalunya! Mes Que Un Club! Ens encanta Pep!

Posted by Alagyiemang Ike Eshun on 04/28/2012

i love barca and it be my wish to support them always

Posted by Drago at Barcablog on 04/28/2012

Thank you Pep Guardiola and good luck Tito Vilanova. It is official. The most successful coach in Barcelona's history has made it official that he will not continue after this season.

Pep Guardiola has finally confirmed what I think we were all beginning to think was likely to happen. It appears that the most successful coach in Barcelona history had decided to finish months ago but the club had delayed any announcement in the hope that he would change his mind. He did not. We must respect Pep's decision and thank him for the joy his team has brought all of us over the last few years.

What has been a very sad week for Barcelona fans everywhere just became a little worse.

The outgoing Barcelona coach has achieved the biggest trophy haul in our club's proud history: two Champions Leagues, three La Ligas, two Club World Cups, one (hopefully two) Copa del Reys and five Supercups. However, how many people actually knew that much about Josep Guardiola when he was appointed coach?

Posted by Drago at Barcablog on 04/28/2012

I think we were all surprised when Francesc "Tito" Villanova was immediately announced as the club's next coach. This has the benefit of preventing a media frenzy of speculation as to who our next coach would be. I had already seen a few articles where several names were mentioned but Tito was not one of them.

Even though Tito has been Pep's right hand man for all five years he has coached Barcelona and Barcelona B, Tito had kept a low profile. I suspect that many people may not have even known who he was until Mourinho infamously poked him in the eye in the Spanish Supercup earlier this season.

I am sure that everyone is wondering how Tito will perform in what is a very demanding job. I think that appointing Tito could well be a good move as it gives the opportunity to make needed changes without a potentially disastrous complete change of direction. There is always a danger that any new coach would feel the need to dismantle everything so as to impose his own philosophy.

Posted by Drago at Barcablog on 04/28/2012

The main challenges for Tito will be in his dealing with the media and especially in his man-management of the team. Tito will need the total support of the playing roster, especially the senior players some of whom may have to accept a reduced playing role in the team. All going well, the Pep era may just evolve into the Tito era.

Finally, I would again like to thank Pep Guardiola for the delight his team has given Barcelona supporters everywhere.

It is an absolute certainty that Pep Guardiola will be very much in demand for any high profile coaching job that becomes available. In fact, he already has been linked with several such positions. However, I hope that this is not the end of his involvement with our great club.

Pep Guardiola has been a great Barcelona player and a coach. Why not a future president?

Posted by shawon on 04/28/2012

will he take the job again after returning from his vacation???i'd like to see him again as the manager of FCB anytime again.i hope it'd be soon...

Posted by Senator on 04/28/2012

I think it is better to leave when the ovation is high

Posted by Elee bangura on 04/28/2012

Pep it really a petty u are leaving u have done so much for Barcelona and like of thagio, Pedro alexis valdes another. We the cantalonias missed u and our heart is with always. Brave lionel messi.

Posted by paul akinyemi thompson on 04/28/2012

i join barca during richard era,but guardiola has metamophosis this great club.guardiola u will always on our mind.

Posted by Aliyu ARGFOREVER on 04/28/2012

Pep guadiola it's now ll know that he is coach or and am happy on that.

Posted by enobakhare bright on 04/28/2012

pep all barca fans we mis u.u ar d best coach in d world.13 troupy in 4yrs.wat a remarkable achevement.indeed u gave us all we served.wish u d best.great barca

Posted by kendra on 04/28/2012

i am heart broken, i lost a good friend of mine on the 12th of April, it feels like loosing another friend all over again. What is sad is that i have only started following Barcelona fc in 2010, i've only known you for 2 years, for me, you left too soon, i would have loved to see more of you. I would like to wish you and your family the best of luck for the future. Pep, you were loved all over the world, including here in South Africa.

Posted by Grace Nwankwo on 04/28/2012

Wow! This is a nice writeup Francesc. When Pep refused to sign another contract extention, i asked myself, who is the coach that will ever replace this world class and great coach? Pep is someone i so much cheerish.He is humble, realistic and does not come 2 the press 2 say rubbish to the fans.When barca seems to be loosing a match i'm always confident that d Golden Pep will perform his usual magic and he does'nt disappoint me. I'm indeed very disappointed dat his leaving now. He brought out d best in his players and made dem world class. I just want 2 advice the players dat 're intending 2 leave too ,bcos Pep is going, 2 pls stay and bring out d best Guardiola has given dem. Let their light continue 2 shine for d world 2 see. I know its very heartbreaking,but we d fans will always be by ur side, supporting u. And now, 2 my great icon Guardiola, i love and cheerish u nd will always support u in any club u go. Only God knows why u made dis choice, but I wish u all d best in life and u'll always be in my heart. To my fellow Barcelona fans, yes, Pep has left tears in our eyes and our heart broken, but dat should'nt stop us from thinking positively. As a die-hard FCB fan, i look at d brighter side, FCB will be even better dan what Guardiola has made dem 2 be now, and whoever 'll be our new coach will achieve mord dan what Pep did by God's grace, and the world will continue 2 stand up 4 the best club in d universe, FCB. Thank u so much Pep Guardiola 4 making us smile at FCB.

Posted by haileyesus bayachew on 04/28/2012

you are the best coach inthe world.i sugested the next club will be man.united.i like you

Posted by ABIOLA ABIMBOLA on 04/28/2012

Pep,is a wonderful
manager,who manage a club for only four years and won all trophies.he is among d best coach in europ no doubt about that.anyway,it hard to say goodbye.player messi,xavi,iniesta,macherano pedro tello quenca and rest of d players will not forget Pep Guardiola.Even we fans.Barcelona,Pep deserve honor,pls honor him.he has affected the club positively.I Abiola wishes you best of luck.

Posted by judeastic on 04/28/2012

Pep, take a well deserved break, you really need it. I know in my heart that you have taken a break to study and to come back in the nearest future to correct and give those things you said you were unable to give in the past 4 years. To me, you have made it possible in my life time to watch baca play just fantastic,i call the team play station because they really make you feel that.

Posted by Mayowa on 04/28/2012

Nigeria has enjoyed the good football introduced by Prince Pep Guardiola. It has been wonderful enjoying him arrange incredible plays like that. Rest well and come back with more for the world. From NIGERIA

Posted by Rufus Anthony on 04/28/2012

Wow! This is such a bitter pile to swallow. Pep is no douth the most successful manager in the history of our mighty club but his departure I pray will not leave the players mentally down as this not what we need at this point in time.I'll always remember you for your modest character,u'll for ever remain in my I wish you could continue your good work but I just have to face the reality and respect your decision. Love you pep!

Posted by Ahmed Jafaru on 04/28/2012

I thank Pep for what he has done for barcelona all these years.Pep is a bone of contention to barcelonas success. he is a great coach. he deserve all he wants in life.may god blesshim.

Posted by m jameel on 04/28/2012

what am saying is, barca they should search respective, hournorable coach that can control d player as guardiola did. Wish them d bst and good recordable feature.

Posted by Juan Miguel Melesio on 04/28/2012

Thank you pep, for everything you have done for barca! In my honest opionon you are the best. You bought us Barcelona fans so much happiest! Come back soon please, were gonna miss you gracias for everything pep!):

Posted by Mogaji ebenezer on 04/28/2012

.All i can say is welldone to guadriola. He has done what someone has been doing for the past 25yrs within four years. He is a legend in the history of barcelona managing career

Posted by duppy on 04/28/2012

Ohh well ! Its better this way , we all seem to forget the style of play we have was instituted by Rykard with Pep Tito will be fine. Let's buy some defenders next season?

Posted by osipitan olusola on 04/28/2012

when i heard that the best coach in the history of barca, has officially stated that he will be leaving at the end, i was so sad to the extent that i feel the pain. well i wish u best of luck, i still want u to prove to mourinho that u are his senior. we love u all.halla barcaaaaaaaa

Posted by Eastwood on 04/28/2012

Pls, Sir Guardiola stay and for at least two more seasons and become the world's ever best football manger.We the FCB fans here in Lagos Nigeria has felt so bad since we heard about your exit, and we shall be extremely glad to hear you sign-in more deal with our heart loving football club.
From Eastwood mavelux.
To Sir, Pep Guardiola.

Posted by Harry (H man) on 04/28/2012

Pep has done the best the legend since ever before in the history of fcBARCA. He deserve to go to another league give out his best! Thankyou pep! For a wise departure

Posted by Steve on 04/28/2012

The man is simply a legendary. Looking forward to seeing him back to football world, coaching another club to write one more football love story. It would be extremely difficult to create another Barca of 2009-2011 but I hope and sincerely wish that he will!

Posted by Andrea Gisselle on 04/28/2012

I absolutely loved reading this, brought me to tears after realizing he really is leaving. It's going to take time to process it, but you said it all. Thanks to him Barça gained so much and grew stronger. I hope Vilanova can continue in Guardiolas footsteps!

Posted by sandy on 04/28/2012

we love him .of course we accept that barcelona needs some changes because many teams just defense against it bus I believe that pep can do this and I love barcelona with him I wish succeed for barca and I hope guardiola will come back because I like barcelona's team players and of course coach....

Posted by Abraham BORREDA on 04/28/2012

I can't yet figure Barsa without you Pep. I admired u since you've been appointed and never had any doubt about your outstanding achievements with FC BARCELONA. Thanks for many years of pure pleasure watching your magic touch leading this dreamfull team from fame to fame. I wish u all the best in your future and hope you will inculque in the behaviour of your next team the same standards of fair play, modesty,and humbleness. To never be arrogant when winning and to be Sport and allways polite and complimentary in face of lost games the few times you had to. I know only one blessing in spanish and hope its OK
God Bless YOU and continue to be as successfull as you've beeb till now.
From a fervent admiror


Posted by Dr.kaka of kgw on 04/28/2012

We hve to look for all what pep has done in barca,we hve to thanks to him and may god reward him amen

Posted by saifullah on 04/28/2012

ohw, we really mis best coach in the world. We shal never forget u. U are the best

Posted by Zack on 04/28/2012

Arsenal fan here. Not a big fan of Barca, not even a lil bit of a fan but Pep is the one person at Barca I have great respect for. Such class, such quality, it saddens me to see him leaving his post.

Posted by Mukarung on 04/28/2012

A man of utmost integrity, vision and class! I am sad like everyone else but Pep has laid a lasting legacy. Hopefully Barca will never dither from their core philosophy.

Posted by coolyiki on 04/28/2012

Let him try somewhere else like the greatest coach (Jose Morinho) lets know if he will be a success

Posted by Lucko102bm on 04/28/2012

All I wanna say good luck To Pep Guardiola I only respect two player in Barcelona name Xavi & Andres Iniesta cause if Barcelone lose this two player barca gonna be in big truble alot of people say Messi Messi for me Messi is nothing I don't why they give it to him the balon d'or of 2010 why don't Iniesta or Forlan I know the FIFA did not look everything that make me made after all that Andress Iniesta have done and then they dont give him nun............. Lucko102bm

Posted by Akporobaro Oghenevwede on 04/28/2012

Indeed, Mr Pep has done barca n her players,we the fans worldwide proud. He made Barca beyond just being a club that plays in every competition 4 playin sake.He made Barca 2 b the most dreaded club worldwide. Surely,Mr Pep is the greatest coach Barca was lucky to have in d her history. Pep,we'll all miss u.

Posted by linos marcuzs on 04/28/2012

guardiola indeed did a great job @ barcelona...he terminated the Ronaldinho era which saw the commencement of a new Barcelona in which everyone's recognised...however i think his decision is emotional he must NOT go...he must reconsider after the emotional pressure has gone

Posted by NeryReal on 04/28/2012

wise decision? yes, he is smart for retiring before the ship went completely under wáter. its true, he took Barca to a level unexpected. great team while it lasted.... but the human body can only takes so much, all the players are tired, stressed and burnt out. Barca's game, which at some point was beautiful to watch, became boring and expected by other teams. was Guardiola the cause for the succes? not in my opinion. Xavi and Iniesta are the biggest things to happen to Barca, without them Messi wouldnt bel who he is.

Posted by general on 04/28/2012

guardiola no size where ever he will be we barca citizens will forever support u and love u. God bess u all ur life success will be ur portion all ur time.

Posted by Soulaiman on 04/28/2012

Although i am a liverpool fan, but to be frank and honest, he is special in his own way. 13 trophies in 4seasons with another one in view. Wishing him all the best.

Posted by Peter Xolile on 04/28/2012

Thank for the informative article. As for Pep, he astonished the world by his performance.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/28/2012

top coach

Posted by Biodun on 04/28/2012

He has done very well indeed. With some luck and good fortune here and there, he has been able to stamp his footprints in the sands of time. He is very too, leaving when the ovation is loudest and just the curve was beginning to show a downward trend or taking a dip.Take up a new challenge maybe in the premiership. Cheers

Posted by Maher on 04/28/2012

don't leave Fc Barcelona

Posted by omoregie on 04/28/2012

wish pep Guodialla a sucessful career

Posted by Saifnas on 04/28/2012

We really miss u PEP.

Posted by From KOSOVO on 04/28/2012

Pep, you will be the one, not only for me, but to us. You brought to us the miracle of playing football. People want's to see football, double-pass, with an incredible game, like you done to Barca. At least, world has a new one, the Special One, who call the others, not you to yourself, like did ugly person-Mourinho. Losing games, it's part of game, not a rage, what Mou has. You agree with lose, you agree with football. Your game, your era has gone. To Mou: remember the result: 5-0, and remember when you said: " i wont to live in this world", cos' Pep's Barca made you to feel better to die than to agree with the superteam of barca, and the worst, to lose from PEP. PEP, HOPE one day you will be back to see again your join the game...

Posted by Kay on 04/28/2012

Pep, kudos to you!! Wish you all d best!.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/28/2012

pep join manchester united tu ganti alex..

Posted by sadeeq on 04/28/2012

oh god! Really we gonna miss u our best coach mr. guardiola... All we can say as the fans of barca is thank you for what you have done for us... Barca 4 ever

Posted by luis on 04/29/2012

all barca fans will missyou

Posted by Oringa Patrick Redeemer on 04/29/2012

It's often good to leave when people still need you rather when they will not need you because thye will miss you and you will not miss them but rather remember them.

You are such an adorable coach for which any soccer loving fan shall not ignore the values you have and had on BARCA and football fans around the planet.

Think of re-inventing yourself and overcome self weakness since we are human and are bounced to confronted with successes and failures. Failures should not ruin your football carreer.

Goodbye is not my word to be used here but rather see you in your next responsibility within the footabll fraternity.

Your are my idol.

Oringa Patrick Redeemer

Posted by Eddie on 04/29/2012

Successful but not great, I wanna see him take Napoli or ac Milan or even Manchester united to champions league and win it all

Posted by giovanni casanova on 04/29/2012

thanks,pep for everything and good luck

Posted by putera in indonesia on 04/29/2012

Top coach. Handsome. An icon. A legend. An immense football figure with utmost integrity. A man of honor. Because of u i come to love football and fall in love with Barca. Thanks for coming across my lifetime. U teach us a lot about life: integrity, passion, success, humility, teamwork, perseverance, being loved and admired. This is a great exit of a great coach. U r loved around the world.

Posted by msafiri reginald on 04/29/2012

pep i loved the way you were committed to your club and as a fighter you felt bad to loose anyways that is football. but we wish you will join chelsea and make it a template of barca. infact i loved the type of game your boys were playing so welcome to our chelsea world and proceed with your career there at the majestic city of london. relax pep and enjoy your holiday

Posted by Moshe Nachum ny on 04/29/2012

Pep it's your decision you should be respected for that and for all u did for the club gud bless u for giving a chance for all the yangsters u build a further for many years u should be success in all your endevers

Posted by Jessie-LA on 04/29/2012

he is q good coach..but not a great coach..a great coach a as THE SPECIAL ONE Mr.MOURHINO they will never barca fans relax..if he was proud of his team n love barca like he said he would stick it out like another football great SIR ALEX FERGUSON...good luck mr pep but u need more experience as a coach cause theirs is no plan b in this barca squad..

Posted by oscar on 04/29/2012

good coach but not so good, how many trophys win with fair and not by refree favour?? barca win a lot with the help of refree when meet strong team. eg,the second penalty when meet milan,that a pep crack under pressure.leave when in low point.if pep can win other league like MOU win in portugal,england,italy n spain then he may consider good.

Posted by dave on 04/29/2012

it is with mixed feelingz dat i finally hav my say on peps guttinng decision to leave the best team on the planet...first i salute the lad for the gr8 job he haz done in bringing out the best out of the best players in the world messi xaviniesta pique thiago sanchez busquets jus to name bt a few. i hav deliberatly left cesc out for the most obvious reason...I AM A GUNNERS FAN!and i will neva forgive u pep for takin our best captain eva away from the emirates!bt i will forgive pep for leaving bcoz nw i cn b confident wen i c the two best clubs drawn together yet again...dat we will shoot down the catalans!take a bow pep u r a truly living legend n the game of football will nt b the same again mayb till u return...hopefully it will b to the emirates!

Posted by Saheed on 04/29/2012

It's good to leave when d ovation is high.

But,we 'the world fans of Barcelona',will missed pep's decisions as the manager of our favourite club...
Goodluck to u,we love u,more wins to ur wears.

Our new manager-Tito,we wish u well & may u win more & nt lose more..may u win more for Barca,even mor dan ur ancestors...
I Love Barcelona fc!

Posted by Haresh Parekh on 04/29/2012

Pep should have continued as he is one of the best coach I have seen.Under him BARCELONA played most stylish & attacking football.Barcelona management must put pressure on PEP to continue.Football lovers will love him to see as the manager of BARCELONA.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/29/2012

I WILL MISS U Pep Guardiola

Posted by Mir hasan on 04/29/2012

Pape you are a great coach. I think you are the model of all coach in the world. Finally, i hope you will again come back in football. Fresh yourselves.

Posted by opio emmanuel on 04/29/2012

Barca was good in d days ov Frank Rijkaard too, besides guardiola continued 4m a successful team Rijkaard built. 2 make matters worse he's a coward who has feared 2 fight mourinho till d end. Am not his fun

Posted by nidad on 04/29/2012

i cant believe u r leaving. i cant live without barcelona playing such a beautiful game. why u would not stay for many years to come. the all players are love u and deeply engaged with u.ples come back bcs i dont want my beloved team and players to sufer. i think we fans have right to aks why u doing this to us.i live 4 Barca. its my team and i dont want to see going down.
all barca fans need u now

Posted by jacuszy on 04/29/2012

u re a legend for ever

Posted by Suki Thumber on 04/29/2012

Gutted Pep is leaving - GUTTED!! Sad, sad day!! All the very best to the best, most successful and most sexiest coach ever!! I will miss you!!! :( :( :( xxxx

Posted by Mr. Mofor the sex champion on 04/29/2012

The fact that Pep sold Eto was something that he was to regrate in the long run, and as a matter of fact it has caused him his job, and to leave one of the highest clubs in the whole wild world,is not the best for pep. sir Alex, has been for decade in man-u, no qualms, so just for the reality things no longer work for him is bad news, thanks.

Posted by Brighton Rajab Musa on 04/29/2012

im still adjusting to this news,im deflated,low,not th@ i dont trust Tito no not @ all,but losing Pep is more than losing a coach coz this man was no ordinary coach nor was he an ordinary achiever,not even an ordinary leader but a gr8 leader,magnificent coach and its painfull to say goodbye.

Posted by Muyiwa-Oni Olutobi (Uncleth14) on 04/29/2012

Pep is a legend, a living legend. I wish He could stay for one more season. Thou i`m not a barca fan, i still respect Pep. Gracias Pep

Posted by abdullwaheed on 04/29/2012

i love f c b

Posted by Charles n mbomboro on 04/29/2012

We fc barcelona fans in namibia we are crying Guardiolla!

Posted by collins on 04/29/2012

Goodbye Pep you really did a lot for Barca.All the best in your future assignments.Madrista

Posted by Ikwue Onche on 04/29/2012

Actually, all Barcelona fans should be appreciative of his work in the club, but I'm of the opinion that he should try to carry over the winning streak & abilities to other troubled clubs, so the world can be sure of his abilities. Just the way Jose Maurinho has done, so it doesnt seem as if he was just riding on the back of an already-made team!

Posted by juned sarwar on 04/29/2012

pep you have taken barc to a different footballing level not seen before. i admire what you have done and the football your team play is on a different planet, lets hope the legacy you leaving behind will be followed and the team carries on playing the tik tika way and keeping winning... from uk

Posted by Festus on 04/29/2012

Pep, you did a really wonderful job as a player then as a coach you were marvelous, all I can say is enjoy your deserved rest and be fresh for future challenges.

Posted by wale on 04/29/2012

It is good that Pep is walking away now. Maybe many of us expect him to wait till the season ends, but this is honourable. He has won everything in Barcelona and for Barcelona. It is difficult to froget his name. I wish him the best as he has a lot ahead of him. Tito is not in anyway unqualified for the job. hHe is also a great Tactician.

Posted by Eddie on 04/29/2012

Best wishes to Pep. I remember reading that his wife said that managing Barcelona was one of the most stressful jobs in the work. I think he deserves a much needed rest. I will contrast Pep Guardiola's "Congratulations Real Madrid," on their victory at the Camp Nou with Mourinho's, "The officials favor Barcelona. Why do I only get to play with ten men," nonsense. Pep has been a true inspiration to the sport and to me personally.

Posted by tee baba on 04/29/2012

pep you have taken barc to a different footballing level not seen before. i admire what you have done and the football your team play is on a different planet, lets hope the legacy you leaving behind will be followed and the team carries on playing the tik tika way and keeping winning... from Nig

Posted by sam isaac on 04/29/2012

Yeh! Pep did an extremely great job with Barca and no one can take that away from him; won great things with the club.
He built upon what frank rikjaard did and brought a philosophy that unquestionable work for the catalans.
yet, the truth remains that there will always be a law of diminishing return and that was what we began to experience. No matter the style of play except there's dynamism and pragmatism coaches and teams will always develop an antidote.
I think if Pep can replicate this in another league then he will stand as a complete legend in footbal history.

Posted by lux fiat on 04/29/2012

is a very sad day for all barca fans . he should v stayed , .a shepard can never abandon his sheep in d jungle .dats what it means no matter how rough a road is a CAPTAIN CAN NEVER ABANDON HIS SOLDIERS IN A WAR FRONT DAT IS WHAT MAKES HIM A WARLORD. IS VERY PAINFULL ,...

Posted by Anonymous on 04/29/2012

I admirred Mr. Arsene wenger. for his amazing football at arsenal since his arrival, indeed till now. !ut I do not have a word to tell about PEP G. THE PRINCE., as someone says before. He is the best coach I have ever seen in my life. He is the world's greatest! Thanks PEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not catalan I am Endeshaw from Ethiopia, Africa but I love u all catalans!!

Posted by Bukola Solomon on 04/29/2012

Pep Guardiola was the best coach we ever had.He was my mentor.right now am in tears at his departure.i hope and pray a better coach succeeds him.we Love you PEP.

Posted by alex on 04/29/2012

Pep Guardiolla is the greatest coach eve Barca will forever be in you debt! thanks for all the good you brought here and and i wish you well where ever you go from here....

Posted by abbey on 04/29/2012

why pep gaudeaula want to go stay pls i i still love him

Posted by jay on 04/30/2012

Nobody had ever made such impact on such short time....Have a good rest pep...

Posted by jay on 04/30/2012

Nobody had ever made such impact on such short time....Have a good rest pep...

Posted by leis song on 04/30/2012

let liverpool get him

Posted by ICJoshua on 04/30/2012

Good decision. The law of diminishing returns started working against Barca in must win matches so, the coach needs to rest and think of better way of dismantling very defensive while playing the tip-tap as well.. Great Guardiola. Goodluck as you come back with a better method

Posted by CLINTON HULLEY on 04/30/2012

i joined barca when J CRUFF JOINED, PEP just adds to the greatest club. you will always be welcomed back pep. history will judge you greatly

Posted by CLINTON HULLEY on 04/30/2012

i joined barca when J CRUFF JOINED, PEP just adds to the greatest club. you will always be welcomed back pep. history will judge you greatly

Posted by Saba Idris on 04/30/2012

a great manager he is, disciplinarian, and a manager who believes in his players and their strenght,and himself.. he has really done well in his 4 yrs reign at the club.

Posted by Efe Dave on 04/30/2012

He redefine the true nature of soccer game, entertainment first, winning follows naturally. He's a perfect gentleman. I'm privileged to leave to see this man's 4-year reign as a Barca Manager. Take a well deserved rest and come back again, the sport needs people like you.

Posted by Rotimi on 04/30/2012

Indeed Pep G is the 'SPECTACULAR ONE'

Posted by ira on 04/30/2012

i'm your fan from Indonesia, i'm very sad knowing that you leave Barca so soon, you're so humble, hope that you can find another job that will make us proud of you again.... Barca and us as a fan will always be proud to have you as a coach. good bye handsome, humble and genius coach....we will always love you...

Posted by Sahmeer on 04/30/2012

Barcelona must lose the la liga championship in 2012.If not Real madrid will be cursing and blaming Ronaldo and Mourinho for not winning the championship and paying millions of dollars for nothing.Still BARCELONA better than Real Madrid.

Posted by Theo on 04/30/2012

I strongly agreed with your article. The issue now, Pep is the past and what will be the future for the team, I hope the successor will keep the dressing room to be a team, because that is the place where defeat will start in the team

Posted by B.B on 04/30/2012

pep i love u

Posted by umar on 04/30/2012

why don't he stay for anoda season,u have sterted seeing disappointment. beatiful monkey.

Posted by mossgari on 04/30/2012

i agree with you i thought he will be our own Sir Alex, but things in life dont always turn the way we hope for. all the best to pep, his dress code has made me change my wardrope. Forca Barca

Posted by salman ismail on 04/30/2012

We should give kudos to those who deserve it.Pep deserves it.He's printed remarkable records in Barca football history in & football in general.I can't say good bye to Guardiola.He's a true phenomenon of the club.
My regards to my Real madrid President,mgts,Managers,the special one in specific (Mourihno)players,fans all over the World.UP REAL MADRID.

Posted by Sadick on 04/30/2012

Best wishes 2 u Pep, we barça fans will nvr forget u. Ur name shall always remain in de depth of our hrts. U hv done a very good work 4 barca nd u deserved all de trophiés you've won. Gud luck Pep! Long lv Pep long lv Barça!!

Posted by AnArsenalFan on 04/30/2012

Something tells me...

Something tells me Guardiola will be back. The story isn't over yet. The magic you describe has many more years ahead of it.

Just wait a while. Just a little while.

Posted by Hamed on 05/01/2012

this is dissapinted that the best football coach leave his palayers, his club and leave us. we love you Pep, good luck sir

Posted by ed on 05/01/2012

I am not a barca fan,

but this team raised football to a new level.

most beautiful team the world has ever seen.

thanks Pep!

Posted by samuel kwatiah rockshell on 05/02/2012

we need good defender eg.thaigo sliva from milan,david luiz form chelsea,bale from spurs.
fans will nvr forget u. Ur name
shall always remain in de depth
of our hrts. U hv done a very
good work 4 barca nd u
deserved all de trophiés you've
won. Gud luck Pep! Long lv Pep
long lv Barça!

Posted by Isiaq a.k.a BIG DADDY of Agboyi ketu on 05/02/2012

I am a fans from nigeria I am very sad Pep when i heard u are leaving bcos u've brought the best of football to our club and u've let every one know we are the best ,thanks 4 all u've done: have a happy holiday.UP BARCA:D

Posted by Aliuska Gómez on 05/03/2012

I was first shocked by the news. I couldn't accept the fact that Guardiola wasn't renewing his contract with the Culé team. Now that I know the reasons, I admire him so much more! I feel as thankful as it is expressed in the article. It speaks for many of us, Barça fans. Mazel tov, Pep Guardiola, and Mazel tov, beloved Barça team. God bless you all.

Posted by Theara Theam on 05/04/2012

I don't know about what I say because I like like very like Mr.Pep Guardiola I alway watch TV when Barceloa play by Pep Guardiola of manager. Mr. Pep Guardiola, he is the best Manager in the world, my hero in my heart I think that when he leave Barcelona will be not good in further. I want all super star leave Barcelona Club to joint with Mr.Pep Guardiola if he go to other club but my idea is crazy. Finally, Mr. Pep Guardiola, I wish him success in his job because he is my hero me forever.... Mr.Pep Guardiola try try try, I Believe..........

Posted by Theara Theam on 05/04/2012

Barcelona FC, I want you contact Mr.Pep Guardiola come back to club. Because I love Barcelona, Mr.Pep Guardiola, Messi, Xavi, Andre... I need all... Mr.Pep Guardiola Pls, Come Back... I am waiting...

Posted by Carlos Villatoro on 05/05/2012

Te queremos mucho guardiola te vamos a estranar bye que tengas muchas bendiciones

Posted by EVANS OCHERE on 05/07/2012

PeP I hope your spirit will still remains at Camp Nou, I hope to see Pep one day as president. And all the Barca funs should pray for Tito to conteneous an excellent job even better than as Pep did.

Posted by services on 05/08/2012

Fantastic post.Much thanks again.

Posted by Sith Fury on 05/26/2012

It's amazing how Spain is doing good on football soccer. While the economy is dragging their asses to the ground. Literally to live in the worst misery that the Spanish Kingdom could have.

Posted by Huleji on 05/26/2012

Pep u re 2 much! Do nt rest, find a btter club 4 ur next job? U wil cont. 2 win trophies! d wld wil hear more dan wat u did 4 barca! Long live pep, barca, nd d wrld

Posted by Ramesh on 05/27/2012

We will miss Pep. But thanks to him for what he has achieved both as a player and a manager and the legacy he's leaving behind. He has left Barca as the best club in the world. Hope he returns sooner rather than later. Best wishes to Pep and to our Barca for the season ahead. Visca el Barca

Posted by Calvine Owino on 05/28/2012

Long live Pep.You've done the best as a football you exit for a rest,I pray that one day you come back to the football and continue naturing young talents as you have done.

Posted by Abbey on 05/29/2012

Pep, Please don"t go at least next 4 years I am sure the world love u specially your team, you are the best coach.

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