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Posted by Francesc Tomas on 04/22/2012


Whenever Barcelona face Real Madrid at the El Clasico, the world of football stops and watches. Every little move, every single detail is noticed, then analyzed for weeks to come.

Let's start by putting the truth out there: The best team won.

Barcelona Deserved To Lose El Clasico

Yes, you read that right and yes, you heard it from me. It pains my heart to say it, but Real Madrid were better than Barcelona on the night the La Liga title was decided.

Jose Mourinho must have cried with happiness when he saw Pep Guardiola's lineup: No Pique, no Alexis, no Cesc. Far too much advantage when you are also missing David Villa and Eric Abidal due to injuries.

To make matters worse for Barcelona, our coach then opted for a 3-4-3 formation instead of our classic 4-3-3. When you are up against the best counter-attacking team in the world, just fielding 3 defenders could be suicidal - and it was, as both goals proved.

Real Madrid's first goal came from a corner kick Victor Valdes and Carles Puyol failed to clear. As it happened against Chelsea, Barcelona missed Pique's height dearly.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the second after a quick break, beating Mascherano with a speedy run. Things may have been different with 2 central defenders covering each other's backs.

Not impressed at all.


Why Barcelona Lost El Clasico

Things happen for a reason. In this case, there are many factors that influenced the result.

If we focus on the match itself, Barcelona were too slow upfront, often abusing horizontal passes. If Guardiola chose a 3-4-3 formation so we could have superiority in midfield, he should have fielded Cesc instead of young Thiago - The Fab4 is, at this moment in time, more experienced and capable of challenging rival defences coming from the second line.

I have read how some Culés are rubbishing Cristian Tello for his performance. While he obviously missed a couple of chances, Barcelona have become part of World Football's elite by trusting our La Masia youngsters. Pep Guardiola chose Tello, who had hardly started any professional matches previously, in the match that decided La Liga. I can see how our manager wanted to add extra pace to our wings and make Real Madrid's Coentrao suffer, but it simply didn't work out.

Looking back, fielding Thiago and Tello was the wrong decision. In fairness to Guardiola though, the Barcelona careers of Iniesta, Busquets and others all started with their managers taking similar risks.

On a separate note, our Barcelona players seemed physically and mentally tired. This has been a very tough season, as long-term injuries and the need to chase Real Madrid for the whole of La Liga has added extra strain to our very short squad.

Guardiola told the media before the match: “Whatever happens, we have already won, the people have once again enjoyed how we’ve played“ - I don't know if Pep was trying to play mind games with his players, but it does sound a bit strange ahead of the two matches that will make or break Barcelona's season...

Listening to Guardiola's press conference prior to the match, I sense our manager had already given up on La Liga before El Clasico kicked off. His team selection was somehow brave but, at the same time, clearly focused on reserving players for the clash against Chelsea next Tuesday. Why else would he substitute Xavi when losing to Real Madrid at home?

I really do hope the gamble pays off...


Barcelona Has No Time For Regrets

OK, so Barcelona lost and La Liga is Real Madrid's. Congratulations. Enjoy it. Looking forward to another battle next year.

Let's put things into perspective though: Since Guardiola took over in July 2008, Barcelona have won 13 out of the 16 competitions we have entered. While Culés are obviously disappointed about our last 2 results, we must keep trusting our coach and players. The current squad deserves all our support and have given us the best moments of our over 100 years of history.

As our tremendous mosaic read before the Real Madrid match 'Som i Serem' (which means 'We are and will be' in English). That Catalan saying implies we are proud of who we are and where we come from and, whatever happens in the future, we are determined to continue being the way we are.

A couple of bad results will not bring us down.

Barcelona can be proud of our 2011/12 season already: We have won the Club World Cup, European Supercup and Spanish Supercup, qualified for the Copa del Rey final and challenged for La Liga until the end despite being 10 points from the leaders in February - But it doesn't end there.

On Tuesday, Barcelona have the chance of reaching yet another Champions League final. We have 90 minutes to score 2 goals against Chelsea. While it will obviously be a tough task, I am confident it can be done.

Looking at the positives, losing to Real Madrid in El Clasico means there's no need to focus on La Liga anymore. As a result, Barcelona only have 2 more relevant matches to play this season: The return leg of the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea (which would give us access to the final) and the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao.

Let's now focus on getting the job done. No excuses. No looking back.


Have Your Say

What did you think of this article?

Was Real Madrid really superior to Barcelona in El Clasico?

How do you feel about Guardiola's decisions?

What are your thoughts ahead of the Chelsea match in the Champions League?

Did I miss out on any important points you would like to share with us?

I welcome and appreciate all feedback.

Força Barça!!

Posted by: Francesc Tomàs

Founder and Columnist at

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Posted by Brighton on 04/22/2012

My dear fellow blaugrana our morale took a knock yes,but i know deep inside our cule hearts we can dig and get our act together and win resoundingly against chelsea,we should ply with intensity and tenacity,we shouldnt let chelsea breath freely even for a second on tuesday,we have the goods now tym to deliver!!!!!

Posted by Sanjib Mukherjee on 04/22/2012

It was a very subdued performance from barca last night. Messi xavi iniesta were looking awfully tired. Why pique is not playing?

Posted by Sir-Rushailo Kamari on 04/22/2012

The team thats on the cover page should have started with the exclusion of david villa to be honest i taught pep got the tatics wrong for both chelsea and madrid game he used the wrong XI and he took too long to made changes

Posted by Faton Rexhepi on 04/22/2012

Losing is part of The game,although it hurts,but always Will be barcelonista

Posted by Youssef Catalan on 04/22/2012

I'm very positive and sure if we win the next one chelsea , we get the champions league

Posted by Kasali Tajudeen on 04/22/2012

As a die-hard barca fan.I hate to see barcelona loosing a single game cos Barca plays a lot of pleasant football.Moreso,not to talk of loosing great two matches on a roll.As a matter of fact,it's be long that barca fans and the whole team witness this kind of shambles result.I am using this medium to plead to Pep to review this mishaps in order to save this glorious club from sinking in the ocean.Pep,should get Barca crops of good strikers.He should sell off villa,sanchez and wasteful 'Dummy alves'.These young boys Tello,cuenca and alcantara have shown us what the world should be expecting from La masia is more than Messi alone.Leo is over-working himself of lately.Kudos to the undisputed King of football.Finally,Pep should be very careful wen next he's buying players.He has sold off qualities players in the past and bought substandard players @ exhorbitant rates in return.Barca till I die!

Posted by Marshal Tk Meira on 04/22/2012

Shameful loss, i think madrid deserved that win..they worked harder than we did, they were hungrier and they won it! no need to hate on them because they did better!

Posted by Kizims Santos on 04/22/2012

It was painful watching Barca lose against Madrid, but we must drag ourselves up and go for the kill against Chelsea. I can understand what Pep was trying to do with Tello it was a brave move but I would be apprehensive if he plays him on tuesday. We need experience which Sanchez and Fabregas bnring. Dont know whats with Pique but his absence showed yesterday. We need pple who can battle both on the ground and in the air and with Pique you can be sure we will be strong aerially. Congrats to Madrid though deserved Champions.

Posted by Nafiul Alam Chowdhury on 04/22/2012

bad passing.. Players were exhausted from the beginning i guess.. and Real defended well.

Posted by Robin Pansar on 04/22/2012

Barcelona played well but Real showed that they deserved the league titel. Can't wait for the next season to see some classic Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry.

Posted by paul on 04/22/2012

Real Madrid the Winners! No help from Messi this time!!

Posted by Abderrahim Hiour on 04/22/2012

When the ball played against you , and when you lose your confidence ! we have to be proud .. and that will never forget what barça means

Posted by Jerad Griffin on 04/22/2012

Both Madrid goals tonight should've been stopped. Valdes came way too far out the second time. Xavi should've put both of his shots away. Messi didn't look himself tonight.

For the time being, I think Tello needs to stay a sub. I really missed Pique in the back.

Posted by Ken Sifiso Manda on 04/22/2012

why did he leave cuenca and tello he was terrible,pep should hv excluded him 4m the startin line up

pep accepted the loss once he substituted xavi and pique should start against chelsea

Posted by Abdel Made Man on 04/22/2012

Both real and barca deserved the victory it's a football match there is a winner and a looser. my advice is for barca players is to keep on working hard . Barca for life...

Posted by Jonadane on 04/22/2012

El Classico was at the highest level of world football! Just the quality fielded from both sides says it all.I wouldn't put all the blame on Pep however, as I don't think his formation was to win the game in the first half. The tactical decision was a good gamble in starting a raw talent in Tello! He is super quick, and beaten Arbeloa numerous times on his left flank. I think it was more to tier the back 6 with an expansive game then bring in the quality in the second half! All in all, a fantastic game for the fans from the 2 best teams on the planet!

Chelsea would have learnt allot from this match, and how RM contained the attacking plays, so look for Chelsea to capitalize on the technical plays RM deployed. However, Chelsea do not have the same quality as RM, so probably bet on a Classico final!

Posted by Smith Oscar on 04/22/2012

I disagree RM being the best in that march but that they have discovered what works against us( mass defending) and they used it, chelsea played what Jose thought them and it worked, He was now able in convincing RM to adopt same with same result. Messi was excellent but could not penetrate. RM's cr7 was offside but the ref. Hand him that. We need to build our defense, puyol is aging lets get two to replace him. Messi should be allowed to play in striking position near post, with the chance to interchange with 7 and 11 respectively, he can do we from the wings. With eight of chelsea's players in reserve on Saturday, they will definitely pack the bus, if messi dribble in the area, refusing the ball to go, he May win a kick from the spot. Ultimately we can win this champions league if we want.

Posted by wattie jelek on 04/22/2012

I Like This

Posted by abbas faizi on 04/22/2012

Once again, why can't Barcelona simply accept defeat like men? Why must they look for non-existent reasons to explain away their loss. The formation was wrong, there were missing personnel, the schedule is too tight, there's a CL game coming up. There's no end to the excuses.
The fact is that Barca tried their best in the game but Real played better and deservedly beat them. It's as simple as that. Get over it.

Posted by Vic on 04/22/2012

Well I really hope that the score for the second leg against Chelsea is a 2-2. LOL

Posted by Tarkan on 04/22/2012

The beginning of the fall.. or rise of the other one...
no titles for next 5 years for u, u can keep bragging winning 13 of 16, as the time passes it will be 13 of 30, 13 of 40 etc. lol..

Posted by shailesh haravade on 04/22/2012

I think ronaldo was outstanding last night

Posted by Obi Okonkwo on 04/22/2012

Barca is a growing giant that wants to dominate the whole world, let us know that RMA had set some pace. After all Rome was not built in day.
MOU 4life
Obi Okonkwo

Posted by Felipe on 04/22/2012

So sad to see the true Barcelona. A team that can only rely on one player.. If messi doesn't deliver the whole team crashes. u have shown your true face.. Now let's hope the ref won't screw Chelsea for a second time against Barcelona... As Ronaldo claimed in his celebration of his amazing goal... Calm down ... Calm down people... Ronaldo I here... Not messi

Posted by Clement Amoako on 04/22/2012

pls coach, Guardiola why did u started the tough match with Tello and Thiago and once again Barca team don't like playing short why.

Posted by Atta Larbi on 04/22/2012

Mourinho is a master class coach but long live Barca.Ronaldo is fast emerging as the best footballer in the world

Posted by Oscar on 04/22/2012

Bro stop it with the excuses! The reason you guys have been superior this decade is because that incredible midfield! Xavi iniesta and the best player in the world messi! (coming from Madrid fan) give Madrid the credit it deserves I still believe barca has the edge on Madrid but the tide is changing! So stop blaming it on tello or because piqué didn't play . Madrid just wanted it more then barca!

Posted by Idris white on 04/22/2012

Barca still remains the best in the world today.We play the game to satisfaction of the beloved ones and to the hatred of our foes.One or two things might have went wrong but am sure we can get it right.May God continues to bless our players.As for Chealsea,when he who smiles first doesn't smile last.I love Barca.I am sure barca will make me proud.

Posted by drzifu on 04/22/2012

Barca shld be happy they lost only 2-1. Now the refferees are not there to give you free penalties and free kicks to help Nessi and Barca. Madrid are better team. They dont need the referee help in any match...Bravo Real Madrid

Posted by Boranama on 04/22/2012

Whatever happens from now on,whether we win champs league or not, we need 1 or 2 strong and tall defenders for nex season.
If you guys noted, all goals we suffered for number of years now have been either from corner or high crosses.Once we fix that we are on top as usual.

Posted by greg onyeka on 04/22/2012

Obviously you can win all of the remains a great football club but on the night real madrid gave a good account of themselves and deserve to win.congrat to them hope they win the league.

Posted by lekan on 04/22/2012

i prefer madrid winning the league than mourinho

Posted by Iyke on 04/22/2012

Real Madrid were destined to win this particular El Classico last night, so all the comments about the non inclusion of certain players do not make any sense.

The players fielded are no less better than those not included. Please give Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid some credit.

Posted by kapil on 04/22/2012

barca are better team but they miss many chances.

Posted by fm on 04/22/2012

Barca on a down fall..

Posted by SunWay on 04/22/2012

Whenever Barca tried to play FAIR, the lose. Look at Chelsea last week and Real last night.. Barca have tried to play fair without "diving", "pretending".. but they lose..

Posted by Rana on 04/22/2012

I was a core Barca fan right from the days of Romario, Rivaldo, Kluivert and later Ronaldinho. I started hating the team due to their excessive play acting, which led referees to favour them and in many occassions that decided the result of the match. Every team does play acting but a team like Barca dont have to depend on that. It is very cheap for their reputation. Barca should have a team capable of rotating their players like what madrid does rather than depending on a few key players.

Posted by NiiKwartei on 04/22/2012

O Lord Have Messi.

Posted by Alberto on 04/22/2012

You say only two matches left in the season for Barca. I understand modesty but why aren't you counting the CL final as a possible 3rd important match to come? Or don't you think the blaugranas will make it?

Posted by ABC on 04/22/2012

El clasico just proved what my fellow cules had in mind for a long time... the blaugrana defense is porous, aging, tired and lacks speed. We feel that instead of repeatedly splurging on midfielders, Barca should concentrate on time tested defenders who are much quicker on their feet than the present lot... Also, if you have a fortune to spare, then why not buy a great goalkeeper who doesn't turn to rock when confronted... maybe Neuer or even Casillas - the only respectable RM player... The team needs a break and unlike RM, we have only inexperienced chaps from La Masia to fall back on... This inexperience can be deadly as seen in the clasico... Our bench has raw talent from the La Masia in plenty but RM have completely time proven wealth of players to fall back on...

Posted by Jeff L on 04/22/2012

Madrid were not the better team yesterday. Their 1st goal was gifted by Puyol and Valdes, then Xavi missed a sitter that could have changed the match, and when Sanchez equalised I thought Barca would come out winners. But the inexperienced Tello lost the ball in midfied that lead to Madrid's wining goal.

Barca were simpy not at their best. They intentionally played at around 50% of their capacity. It was not a true Classico simply because it was played between 2 crucial semi-final legs. And to Madrid fans saying Real outplayed FCB, please note that you were outplayed 3-1 at the Bernabeu, and in the CDR 2-1. This time you won after 5 years in Nou Camp because Barca were tired (and tired of outclassing Madrid). You only won 2-1, not 6-2.

On Tuesday, Barca will dominate, have 90% possession, and will create more chances than in the 1st leg. Will Chelsea have the same amount of luck? Will Cech be able make many top saves? Will the post save CFC?

Fear the wounded animal.

Posted by ricky on 04/22/2012

why was tello out there in first eleven and why was xavi substituted and our defend wasn't upto the mark , we need a replacement for puyol....tello should be in bench n sanchez should have played from the beginning of the match..anyway gone is gone, big match is cming against chelsea hope our team could deliver

Posted by WILLIAM OJAH HONG KONG on 04/22/2012

My people,no messi no baca ,i really think so ,loosing two match on a row ?that is that best team in the world?no up MD,never loss in such a way that makes them the real team to watch,as for chealse hahaha,they will smell just football all that day.but id they can take on MESSI,INSTA.VAVI,GAME OVER

Posted by Deedee on 04/22/2012

God resist d proud. 80% of barca fans hav bin sayin dey wil definately beat RMD @camp nou but d revers is d case. u ppl shld not brag ahead of chesea match bcos u might end up losin. anyway u may get free penalty as usual.

Posted by iloh jesse on 04/22/2012

its quite sad to see barca lose @ camp nou bt you gat to admit,madrid was beta in d atack as barca neva got a clear chance asides xavi's pass from messi,very dissapointing indeed.lionel messi also performed below expectation and the refree dint even help us.i fill like leaving barca

Posted by Hari on 04/22/2012

so sad to see barca losing,but still it happens sometime,from starting time onward everything went wrong for barca,very poor passing, Madrid played very well, and took the advantage of barca mistakes, good luck for the game against Chelsea,no one should doubt barca capability.

Posted by Diego on 04/22/2012

Man don't blame the players that played or the bench cause it look like messi was on the bench 2 he knew That cr7 was a million times better

Posted by Ezennajiofor on 04/22/2012

Sometimes in football,any team need a little bit of luck to progress.It's important we focus on the Chelsea match and do all we could to win them.

Posted by visvanath on 04/22/2012

Though I am astrong barca fan just for the last 3 years I just come across your neatly arranged article...Nice,superb focussing.After seeing Barca
loosing specially to Real Madrid I felt as if I have lost from my own family.I too have played football and never failed to watch my favourite Barca matches..I have cut my job also 2/3 times to
watch my favourite team performaence.
I cannot even Imagine that RM is superior than my catalans.Specially after PEP come into reign.RM coach who still refuse to face media and their players attitude like Rough play,fouling,fighting tendency,put everything behind Barca specially that attitude of PEPE,Marcelo,and RAMOS show us how they are ..Even from the match of Chelses I think Barca players are mentally tired of this tight fixtures and RM really fought for that...But we have to admit that RM has strong players and it was expensively selected/collected players from other teams and heavily paid too,and so they die for it....
Last request to PEP...

Posted by wanner guzman on 04/22/2012

you said real madrid don't need referee help well im pretty sure xavi alonso should have been red carded in the second half and what about ramos ugly foul to dani alves in the beginning of the game and a possibly offside in real madrids first goal. Also xavi did not miss that goal iker block it which ment a corner kick which they did not give. although i think if sanchez, cesc, and pique stared and if barca players worn't tired it would of been another story.

Posted by Prince George on 04/22/2012

real not waiting for winning match....... they are all ready win in the home ground bcz MORIINNNOO BRAIN......RONOSSSSS PERFECTION.....AND THE

Posted by zidane5 on 04/22/2012

truth about last night was the tiki taka game unable to surpass the partnership of alonso+khedira and the tactics with 3 barca defenders just make it worth.

gud luck against cfc.
i really hope it will be clasico in ucl final.
hala madrid..

Posted by rishi007 on 04/22/2012

barca lost becuz of brilliant defending from real and awful performances by tello and thiago.
luv u real madrid
ronaldo is a star and he shown it last night calm down everyone.

Posted by Edmarc Brian Else on 04/22/2012

Barca forever....

Posted by mintah, michael on 04/22/2012

If Guardiola lost by playing 4-3-3 or played with Pique and lost, still you guys would say the same thing. Credit should be given to Maurino and his men. And barca shouldn't think of eliminating the BLUES un the UCL and in the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao. THIS YEAR IS TROPHLESS SEASON FOR BARCELONA. Anyway when is Guardiola changing club.

Posted by lekan on 04/22/2012

A good strategy to beat Barca is to brake the rythm of thier game rite there from the middle and that means a massive focus and concentration(not neccessarily putting a man on Messi) on Messi(especially) and iniesta. Once Messi is not mesmerising you can be sure you are very close to getting a decent result against Barca. The matches against Chelsea and Real Madrid has seemingly proven this

Posted by Multanwala on 04/22/2012

As a madrid fan. I have one thing and only one thing to say to barca... PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL!

Posted by Rachel on 04/22/2012

i was so sad to see Barcelona loose, but i do have to give it the credit to Madrid for playing a great game. they defended well and was just all out better than Barcelona was that night. barca needs to forget about that night and focus on Chelsea and beating them. i never thought that i would say this but real Madrid was awesome and they deserved to win the la liga title.

Posted by andycarrol on 04/22/2012

guadiola put out the strongest barca team he had.
pique is out of form this season.
sanchez 26milliom has only scored 14 goals this season and played terrible against chelsea
Fabregas 30 million has only scored 2 goals in 2012.
just face it madrid play with more passion and flair. maybe if barca dives more they would have won. p.s why would mouhrino laugh at the line up messi, xavi, ineasta etc. were out there messi didnt step up and hasnt in the last 4 classicos.
ronaldo deserved to win balond'or last year scored more than messi in the league and all competitions. this season he has beaten his own record of 42 la liga goals the first and only player to do so. messi only scores against rubbish teams like zaragoza and leverkusen

Posted by cliff on 04/22/2012

Th past has no paths ! let us look at th comin games.wat we've jst exprienced over th 2 games are obstacles,our focus is on bein th best which we are !! once a champion owez a champion !!.plz wt pepe's lineup"its nt a mistake 2 make a mistake,bt its a mistake 2 repeat a mistake".lets gv support. barca 4 life !!!

Posted by Lui on 04/22/2012

I think that tello was a bad decision ., fabregas or somebody else with more experience, I hope he doesn't play against Chelsea .,

Posted by seun on 04/22/2012

IMHO, football is a game of phases. A team dominates for some time, it reaches its peak and then drops. We all knew times when Madrid dominated Spanish and world football, then it dropped. Barca picked it up from there, dominated and now they are dropping. In the future, Madrid will drop and Barca or any other team will dominated again. It is as simple as that. No team on this planet can win all the time. You win some and lose some.

Posted by visvanath on 04/22/2012

continuation from my last comments.....
Dearest PG,
I think we are going to meet RM in the final of CL..You already told even before the El Clasico
that you are not interested in La Liga...But Please, please field a good team according to your
good experience and give us the die hard fans a
LIFT by lifting this year 2012 Champoin League Cup..I do firmly hope Barca can do this after the
two recent losses...Please no more defeat at least
rest of the season.Good luck PG

Posted by Victor ayodeji on 04/22/2012

Puyol shuld be stoped from going to the front.for Gods sake,they score us on counter attacks.pep shuld use four defenders and we shuld be looking for replacements for xavi and puyol.this people shuld have standby players that can replace them.pep shuld be dont expect the same set of people to play for years and not lose form.

Posted by saunders on 04/22/2012

I'm very happy this performance.i expect they loss again to the English side this week

Posted by abraham on 04/22/2012

it really shocking but l think we have a brighter future ahead of us. seen that line up being defeated by 2-1 is very ok. these players are very good only dat they are still young(tello, thiago, cuenca etc). we (fans)are gracious in defeat!

Posted by Trez on 04/22/2012

Barca will bounce back. The players are exhausted. They are only human after all. barcelona will only get better, we have some exciting young talents coming through the youth teams and just need to buy the right players to compliment the team.

Posted by tapiwa sisqo tawengwa on 04/22/2012

real madrid wre the batter team,lets enough credit 2 jose morinoh n' company wsh them al the best on Wed in the UCL against Bayen munich,we also pray for Baca wen they ply Chelsea we hp thy beat Chelsea so we cn teach them a football lesson again. Lets go madrid galatico's 4 life,its our season n' a 10th european crown on the way.CR7 Thnk yu bro..yu neva lost touch.

Posted by charles on 04/22/2012

Well said everyone, well said.
We have all spoken pretty well but have failed to hit the nail on the head.
A barca side with Messi nd Xavi will continue to dominate Spanish football untill they both age. So Victory for Madrid Yesterday should celebrated while the memory lasts. Now to call a spade a spade.
Guardiola was awarded the best coach, Fine. Let him show us he is gifted by coaching a different club.
Barca is the best team in world, Fine. We'd like to see a barca without messi for a full season.
Messi is world's number one, fine. Messi should test his skills in the English premierleague for one- and not more or than- season.

After all these if things remains same, then Uruguay never won the world; neither did Brazil nor did Germany...
I reserve further objections.

Posted by Wane on 04/22/2012

To loose is part of game lets wait and see how the Enlish going to defend like chick....But 4 goals are going on the back of on the net of Chealsea goal keeper

Posted by Femi Olawore on 04/22/2012

The best strategy would win, not possessions.

Posted by Ricardo on 04/22/2012

Barsa fans have to ask themselves - how can a team have 71% possession and still lose? The reason is that Barsa's style of play has run its course against the best teams. It's no surprise that Barsa lost against both Chelsea and Real. In fact the writing has been on the wall since Mourinho outthought Pep in the Champions League semofinal and Barcelona's relatively poor away form this season has to be analyzed. In addtion, Real are setting new reords this season and brasa could not stay with them. Don't be surprised if Chelsea get through to the Champions League final and Bilbao winn La Copa del Rey.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/22/2012

jus by reading this article I could easily tell this was written by a barca fan but what u wrote is true and i also believe barcelona has proformed very well this season already and should be proud and look forward to the rest of the season.... barcelona played extraordinarily well in el clasico but real madrid was just better on the day all the same barca did well and should be happy as it was a great match.I wish good luck to barcelona for the rest of the season and by the way i am a die hearted real madrid fan

Posted by chuma on 04/22/2012

Why is it that success is not recognised? This team has won 13 of 16 competition they contested in 3 years! Must barca win everyday? Because they lost 2 matches in a row jealous people claim it is the end for Barca! This Barca team is credited with the title of the best in history and the record proves it. Believe it or not the decisions made by Pep last night were wrong. And it cost of the game! But so what? That is football! Haters, Barca is the greatest!

Posted by dele david on 04/22/2012

peoples wit different veiw, about d loss i no dat barca we lost one in between d two game madrid and cl 2nd leg and it happen against madrid ,aa but let 4get it and focus on chelsea i no, no 1 wish barca luck but it may be chelsa dat wil pay d lost cos. 4 d like of puyol,xavi,and vadez shud addin experience to d team 4rm d bench exckludin vadez and pep shud sign two fast and tal central defender and one fast striker like eto and blend cesd fabrigas to is position midfield , and a very fast left ful 4mistake d issue of 2 player going 4 one player wit ball shud stop one go, 1stay and cover up wish all barca fans a sweet and easy tuesday -- viva barca , am a 17yrs old footballer in sddd nigeria want to be part of la masia barbaca academy pjjls hekp me

Posted by edsworth john on 04/23/2012

I was not impressed with Barca performance.Alves played too much on the wing and rarely tried to go down wing and cross . No one played in the center forward position most of the time .Game was too slow most of time without any real tempo .Barca only look dangerous only when Messi try to penetrate with a burst of speed .Defence needed help against such a dangerous Madrid attack --Big mistake if PK is not on the field .
All props tio Madrid of taking advantage of Peps mistakes !!!!

Posted by rick james on 04/23/2012

i was impressed with the camp nou colors before the game, messi was the best player for barca, xavi miss did not help, all in all not enough shots on goal, too many times they tried to do the same thread the needle, shots were needed from outside to open up RM

Posted by DJ on 04/23/2012

The biggest mistake PEP did, is to play Tello in a crucial match like a classico, it is a recipe for disaster, either he underestimate Real or he thought the Liga was already gone!

Posted by J B Mamat on 04/23/2012

What so special/great about Pique, Alexis or Cesc? Or Villa/Abidal for that matter? Someday,somehow Real will beat you with or without your so call stars!!!!

Posted by Andrew Kiken on 04/23/2012

Very well writen article! It is surprising to lose 2 games in a row, even if the first loss really does not matter. The 2nd loss to real madrid may have not mattered as they can still go on to win the rest of their games had barcelona won. But, it is clear messi is the key to the whole team. Iniesta is a good player, and so is xavi but, they are not top 10 players. Iniesta has like 2 goals in la liga when critics say messi wins, because of those two they are clueless.

Messi was off against ee, but he still made the pass to xavi in the first half that casillas blocked. If barcelona scores then we have a different game. Messi was mainly responsible for barcas first goal as he lost the ball in the box that got to tello. Barca needed sanchez to start as evidenced by his goal. However, pep is the master at taking risks. Messi has to much pressure on him to take on defenders and produce, he always is the best player even if he has an off game.

Posted by andrew Kiken on 04/23/2012

A few more points from my other post. Valdez is a blamer, as he was arguably slightly out of position in trying to pick off the corner. The 2nd goal he came out to fast, and was to aggressive in attempting to cut down the angle. Casillas likely would not have made those poor decisions.

Pep took a risk by playing tello, and thiago. Thiago has been a disappointment this year. It seemed he was going to break out before the season started. Pique is an emotional leader like puyol and can score the occasional goal, as our defenders sometimes do like abidal against ee. The more frustrating game for me was the loss to chelsea. Again, if messi does not score, who is going to score? Barcelona is so dependent on messi scoring. Sanchez can score, fabregas is in a slump, and then who xavi unless pedro comes on as a sub. Barcelona needs to destroy chelsea then we can forget about the loss to ee and met them in the finals if they make it.

Posted by Gourab paul on 04/23/2012

Yes!!!!madrid you can do beat played awsome......

Posted by aravind on 04/23/2012

I luv you barcelonaaa. we will come back...

Posted by Rasheed Yateeny on 04/23/2012

Barcelona supporters!!! just chill, we have big heart, we let this time Madrid win, so in next year we like stronger challenger ;) by the way the UCL trophy is only for Barcelona...

Posted by Samwel on 04/23/2012

On the El Clasico,neither Madrid Nor Barcelona played well,but what stands out is Goals,yes madrid got the goals,but where was the el clasico?not good footbal atall.Scrappy goals by both teams,a counter attack.
On Barcelona though ,these are the weak points:
On Valdes,he has been misjudging the danger using legs instead of hands,first on Chelsea,then he should be more careful.
Then Alves,he has been trying to over do things unnecessarily,diving oftenly the refereee are getting knowing him better now.
Messi,Also he should not be overdoing this make life simple met.
Tello,he tried to beat his man on three occasion and it didnt work,he cant even swap position let him work as subs,
Barcelona missed Eric,Pique and Villa,
these are quality players who can always do a harm to the opponents,David villa has got no replacement,he is kind of a player who do not miss two chances in the row.
Barcelona needs either replacement for those three as new signing or hope they will get well.
i p

Posted by Lucky Okhiria on 04/23/2012

Have long concluded that Barca is a one footed giant. No Messi, no Barca. Madrid still win games on a bad day for CR.

Posted by Khoo Kyaw San on 04/23/2012

The loss against RM served Barca, its players and its die-hard fans right. Their cockiness cost them 2 losses within a few days.
Blaming Tello (pitiful innocent guy) and the line-up this time coz this is the only consolation they have been left with their loss.
I advise you to look for good excuses for the loss again at Camp Nou against Chelsea so that you may be able to write and your fans be able to read a better article than this excuses-filled article.
Bravo RM!!
Congratulations Mou!!

Posted by basanta on 04/23/2012

it was good match.Real Madrid really looking to breakthrough barca and they did it,Bravo Real and CR7,

Posted by Usman amodu on 04/23/2012

I am begging pep gadiola to please dont let us down and also the players too even if we would win chelsea and loss the league the world will be happy perhaps we not even lossing the final and final is not our target but trophy so please wake up messi wake up innesta wape up xavi wake up alexis for the battle is near

Posted by Tim eze on 04/23/2012

Barca is a great team lose or win. Rm carried the day bcos they played better. Just take ur corrections & go all out to win chelsea. It is not over until it is over.

Posted by unachukwu Anthony on 04/23/2012

Barca fans should learn how to accept defeat. They make me hate a very special team when they blame their losses on meaningless factors. Bravo Real madrid for your gallantry!

Posted by davito on 04/23/2012

iam glad that RMA won that match, it has been quite a while we watch el classico just for the same result:BARCELONA emerging as victors, except for that superb final last year, it was just simple:Mourinho calculatedhis moves well, Madrid deserved the win.

Posted by Kay Hummer on 04/23/2012

Real Madrid were the better side.Their tactics were spot on.Barcelona has no plan B and you could see the frustration of Xavi when he was substituted.HALA MADRID!!!

Posted by Opejin Musefiu on 04/23/2012

Barca should 4get about La liga & Champions league. I can advice them to focus on next season. Because, this is a great year of Chelsea to lift up champions league trophy. This work has been finished by God. If God say yes nobody can say no.

Posted by Follu Gee on 04/23/2012

Two times that we have excellent refreeing and two times Barca have lost. Finally, Barca's secrets have been revealed. With good, fair and objective refrees, they are not invincible afterall. I see them either losing or drawing Tuesday's match against Chelsea and hence not going to the champions' league's finals. It's the end of a great era for Barca. The tides have shifted back to Madrid. Up Madrid, Up Ronaldo, Up Mourihno.

Posted by suweidi shaaban suweidi on 04/23/2012

RM deserve 2 win bcoz dey show wat dey r capable of doing.let it go 4 wat has happened is part of football. ithink RM played better dan Barca.

Posted by Kokoman on 04/23/2012

All these Barca fans make it seem as it's only their team that has a champion's league semi-final. Madrid also has one - you guys should not forget that - and it's against a tougher opponent than Chelsea.

Posted by mujita bello on 04/23/2012

welldone,madrid.we have now gotten the defensive fighting spirit to break Barca jinx.we have now under stood that Barca can not do should messy,xavi and iniesta loose their fighting spirits.Long life madrid,long life madrid fans.up madrid! up madrid!!up madrid!!!

Posted by rose on 04/23/2012

were madrid better than barca ? no (2) did pep gamble the match?: yes...tello & thiago affected the game so badly...(3)barca lost bcos there was no really striker on the field against the madrid defence(sanchez showed with a direct attack,the game would have been different.(4)barcelona showed how much they depended on messi...he might be the best in the world but he can't deliver the team always..he's human afterall(4) barca needs 2 invest in 3 or 4 defends..wat hurt them most was the lack of bench....the season is long..players must get injured,players must go out of form..who replaces them is wat matters..THATS WAT MADRID HAD THAT BARCA DIDN'T A LARGE SQUAD...WHILE MADRID WAS BRINGING IN HIGUIAN 4 BENZEMA WHO DID BARCA HAVE ON THE BENCH...CUENCA,TELLO,MONTOYA,,,OH PLEASE..THEY CAN'T GIVE U WAT U NEED AT THE MOMENT, U NEED EXPERIENCED PLAYERS WHEN THE LEAGUE/FIXTURES GET TOUGH...BUT BARCA ARE STILL BETTER THAN MADRID..EVEN NOT AT THEIR BEST,THEY STILL OUTPLAYED THEM......

Posted by KevinT on 04/23/2012

Article is spot on. Whatever happens this season moving onwards, we already have three cups in the cabinet. Real Madrid for all their huff and puff do not have even one at this moment. Well played Pep and the team. Now, let's look forward to tomorrow's return leg against chelsea.

Posted by egba enizedie on 04/23/2012

Barca fans should stop consoling themselves, if i were them i would be thinking of buying experience players so that i can have a good bench ,not bringing player from their feeders team and expect to win important games, cant u see the bench of realmadrid so full of experience, for them to think that they could win chelsea camp nou without consider a goal they be dreaming bcos for sure they cant score more than two goals at camp nou

Posted by Caster on 04/23/2012

I am a Real fan and yes it felt great to finally beat you guys in the league after so long and at the Camp Nou especially. But I will concede that we had a lot of advantages going into the game.

The 4 point gap was a huge factor, had it been 2 points and the league depending on this one game and we probably would've seen Guardiola go for it more.

The Chelsea game on Tuesday is also huge, that is the one that will make or break Barca's season and to have it right after the Clasico means Guardiola had to make some sacrifices and he did.

Credit to you Francesc for admitting Real were better on the night but I think it was our hard work throughout the season that won us the league.
We put ourselves in a comfortable position where we could afford a draw or even a loss heading into this match.

Posted by Kevin on 04/23/2012

I don't think you can really say they were "abusing" horizontal passes. They do that every match, it just didn't work in this one. Also, when you say, "When you are up against the best counter-attacking team in the world, just fielding 3 defenders could be suicidal - and it was, as both goals proved," this doesn't make sense at all. Maybe the second goal, but the first goal was from a corner kick, as you stated in sentence that followed. What does a goal from a corner kick have anything to do with Real Madrid being a good counter-attacking team? Answer: Nothing.

Posted by andrew on 04/23/2012

It was a bold step which would be more costly on tuesday against chelsea.I do not see any chance of chelsea not getting a goal back at d Nou camp and there is no way chelsea can concede 3 goals. The last 2 meetings at d camp nou chelsea had d advantage and this is a Chelsea team that only have d CL crown as their ticket to next season, you really don't think they will let it slip. Barca con only be victorious with a help from Refs as usual. Simply put it "There is no hope for Barcelona against Chelsea".

Posted by Uriah Jn. Baptiste on 04/23/2012


Posted by Evutaphy jacobs on 04/23/2012

Well it happen,and that is football for u,90 minuts is very important in the game of football,but as a fan i expect to see the barca i know against chelsea.

Posted by Jimmy on 04/23/2012


By your reasoning, Di Matteo also threw away finishing top 4 when he rested 8 players against Arsenal. When the fact is that a draw against Arsenal is a good result and Chelsea still can finish top 4.

Pep threw La Liga away because Barcelona's defenders and goalkeeper (Victor Valdes) were rubbish. Only Puyol is decent, but he is 34 and injured.

Defend like that, and Chelsea will eliminate Barcelona.

Barcelona is a rich club and has a reputable youth academy. No good defenders or goalkeepers at all? That's hard to believe.

Posted by DANJUMA EMMANUEL on 04/23/2012

Iam so sorry for barca lossing the La Liga title to Real MADRID.

Posted by Tibor Koertvelyessy on 04/23/2012

As a hard-core Barca fan, I am sorry to have to admit that on this day Real were the better team. Neither teams played well, but Real played A BIT better. I don't undertand Guardiola's line-up at all. Why does he play players like Tello at a crucial time like this when there were experienced players on the bench? Why did he opt for only 3 players on the backline when 4 would have worked better? Why was Pique on the bench? Why was Cesc on the bench? And Keita? Why did he not start Pedro and Sanches? You cannot depend on Messi's brilliance alone! The Barca players appear to be completely exhausted after an unbelievable difficult season.I suspect that Guardiola has given up on the La Liga title a while back. Still there is hope to get into the EUFA final GO BARCA on Tuesday against Chelsea and beat them by several goals!

Posted by ncue42 on 04/23/2012

Gotta give RM their due, they played better than Barcelona. I love my team and always will but Xavi just seems a bit slower this year, not as dominant. I really think Barca needs another striker who can pick up the slack when Messi is being quadruple-teamed. Too bad we got rid of Ibra, he was a great counter to Messi but he wanted all of the glory for himself. And what is up with RM having an extra day to rest before the clasico and another extra day before their match against BM?!

Posted by victor on 04/23/2012

Chelsea have great chance to win against Barca. Chelsea rested 8 players for their weekend match while Barca rested 3 (?). Rest makes a big difference. Chelsea is in Barcelona's heads and now having lost to Real their confidence is down too.

Posted by martin on 04/23/2012

The best team won and we could only congratulate them.

Posted by Real Madrid CF on 04/23/2012

Barcelona supporters should stop making excuses(why Tello started?/why not Cesc Fabregas or Alexis Sanchez)Because you are not responsible to intervene in this.It's PEP's duty to assign the starting XI. The only thing that matters in the end is the final scoreline. That's it & for L.Messi's concern in my opinion he's the best and even better than his Madrid counterpart. But it is just not practically possible to score in every game,Barcelona needs alternatives which can match the likes of Xavi & Iniesta. Unlike Cesc and Alexis who are just waste of funds.Please don't counter me on this we all know PEP terrible transfer's history. One another important concern that you all pointed is the inexperience in Barca bench.Real on the other side had the likes of Kaka,Marcelo,Higuain& Granero. Move out of La Masia and BUY players which are more likely to contribute. The return leg of UCL is on it's way.May .Los Blancos should also not under estimate Bayern,while Barca must try to overcome Blues.

Posted by la liga on 04/23/2012

it is actually quite ridiculous to hear people say pep chose his line up as he did because he had already given up on la liga. he had every reason to fight for it. had they won, la liga could have been theirs. who knows? but either he underestimated real madrid or just took a big gamble since he wanted to have both pies, in the form of champions league and la liga. well, he has lost one of the pies but it still remains to be seen if he can get his hands on the other one. chelsea won't be pushovers. that is for sure.

Posted by johnny on 04/23/2012

Though I was surprised at Thiago's preference to Fabregas, I was even more disgusted at Guardiola when he kept Tello in the match despite his below par performance against a team that should be second in the pecking order to Barcelona, a team that can easily punish you on counters.
Nothing gaurantees Guardiola a victory against Chelsea on Tuesday. In actual fact, Guardiola has even eased the tension on Madrid..konwing that they have won the La Liga, they can now rest players and ease their way to the champions league final.
What a poor selection on a night that the entire world was watching to see Barca's heroism as usual. Let's watch out for Tuesday against Chelsea in the champions League. Until then, have a blessed evening.

Johnny from Liberia

Posted by Mike on 04/24/2012

I know that pep was critised by people who claimed that he used the wrong tactics,formation and first XI. But who are those people to judge pep when he has been mentioned to win 13 out of 16 competition? what has the critics won? And he is the manager of one of the best team that has supposingly played the game..Does the critics really confident that they will win the match with their tactics? Come on,the further critics has played in games is probably some sunday amatuer games,CM or football manager..

I don't see anything wrong with their play, dominate possesion and creating chances..Had tello and alexis take their chances, critics view will change. All the missing fab,pique case will be changed to 'Well taken risk' and 'depth in the team' shitty thing. With all the bad critics directed to real madrid then.. Ball is round and it just happened that barca lost. It is never easy to play two big match in a week.
Good job to both barca and real madrid.

Posted by francisallen on 04/24/2012

emmmm, Barca Or RM? both hve exprince n win a lot of trophies. don b mad as its FOOTBALL, evryone expect d bez but smtme otherwise. Hope barca wil win cming macth against chelsea....evento im a MU fans but jz bet barca to beat chelsea at least for their dignity. he3

Posted by SHAHIR on 04/24/2012

hala madrid

Posted by kermitence on 04/24/2012

Good job Blancos,



Posted by Marthijn on 04/24/2012

I too am a Barca fan and have been for many years, so I too was dissapointed to see them El Clasico, but in saying that, they are clearly more focused on the Chelsea game. it is amazing to read the comments from non-Barca fans who always say the referee.s are on Barca's side, which is an absolute joke. there simply is no team as skilled as Barca and it annoys so many no-fans, just how good they really are.

We have to remember that key players were missing on Saturday and we shall see later how good they really are tonight against Chelsea when the strongest team possible will see victory!

Posted by Ashwin on 04/24/2012

It's interesting to see how your attitude has dramatically changed from your previous post! You sound more like Guardiola from the pre-match conference. A little objectivity would go a long way in journalism, i feel. Anyway, looking forward to an amazing match in a few hours.

Posted by Dre on 04/24/2012

"Only two important matches left this season " . This shows that you have already admitted that barca will go out of the ucl on tuesday. I figure you are wise for not underrating chelsea like most other blaugraranas

Posted by salamanca on 04/24/2012

barcelona i believe you

Posted by oweks on 04/24/2012

Barca played their utmost best but they lost to a better team on the night.Simple!

Posted by mossgari on 04/24/2012

our coach miss calculated, was very angry with him but we have won more. lets make history again by defending the champs league forca barca. kimberley south africa

Posted by Farid on 04/24/2012

I agree 100% with your comments. if they put the chelsea game let's say 3-1 (being generous with all the chances missed) we won't be having this conversation and we would still be alive in la Liga too....but forca barca :)

Posted by Kwaku Skirmish on 04/24/2012

I'm surprised by he number of comments from madrid fans.If you noticed, this is a barca blog.If you want to read something about madrid then.....When madrid loses or draws don't you guys talk about the what ifs? You took your chances and we didn't.Did you deserve to win? Yes.But please allow us to talk about what could have happened if things had been different.Fool us once...VISCA EL BARCA

Posted by nyandwi pacifique rwandese people on 04/24/2012


Posted by Peace on 04/24/2012

It was right Barcelona lost. The hype around them had made them loose sense of reality. Even in Copa deray, Madrid played far better, but because of some factors that can't be explained, Madrid lost, so the success Barca have enjoyed over Madrid in recent times has be most times due to ill-luck, and bad officiating. It was just the right time to start getting things right. The match should have ended 3-1 in favour of Madrid as a repeat to the previous meeting at Benaboue

Posted by chinedu olise on 04/24/2012

I love my barca 4 life.

Posted by Wesley on 04/24/2012

As a Manchester United fan watching from afar, it seems clear to me that the Villa injury was a huge blow. You have no out and out strikers who can get behind a defense and create space for Messi. Alexis can and did do it, but there is no other option after him. Madrid are not necessarily better, but they are much deeper and came in with a full strength squad. Another year, now just please have enough left to beat Chelsea

Posted by Terry O'Donnell on 04/25/2012

I have the benefit of writing after the Chelsea game. Once again we saw the strength of the English Premier League (EPL) - not necessarily an English team - check the amount of foreigners.

Barcelona, Read Madrid, Celtic and Rangers are all overrated teams there are a handful of former EPL players in those team - Barcelona and Real included - who did well in good teams - Liverpool and Man Utd. When you are playing in a league that only challenges you half a dozen times a year then of course you have fresh reserves when playing EPL teams who have to be on their metal every single name - cue Man Utd v Wigan!

Triumph for EPL team again and once again Spanish league shown up for second rate - Ronaldo did well with Man Utd - just - what about Messi challenging himself in a good league - then he can be best in the world - until then jury is definitely out!

Posted by SHASHI on 04/25/2012

here are some of the key observation.
The Barcelona scored is short in depth,in attack and defence,In defence for instance,Diego Millito should have been kept ,Marxwell should have been kept this would have mitigated the problem in defence with the absence of Abidal and in case the two first choice central defenders(in Puyol& Pique) are not available.
Midfielders no problem.plent of them actually more that it should,Cesc,iniesta ,macherano,thiago you name it.
Wingers no problem,Messi,cuenca,Tello,Alexis,Affelay,Pedro,all expected to bring in the cross in the box but Who is the Target man?this where the problem remains to be.
the style remain to be the same,the corner doesn't have any effect with barca,
Barca need a target man,a natural target man like villa,not the make shift target man.
Finally if this is sorted out,the style should also be adoptive,with situation,the depth in the scored could help to have the plan Bs.
next time Barca will come back strong.

Posted by LIFE SAMBAMBI JR SAMBAMBINOV on 04/25/2012

Its all over now.Barcelona aint gona be the champions nor Domestic league winner this year. But they were a better side for sure. Now let the truth be told Jo$e outplayed n outhought Pep. N its a fact he Jose never miss a domestic tittle in the first 4 years when incharge of your club with a better.

Posted by Gerard Harewood on 04/25/2012

@ Kasali Tajudeen why criticize your players so harshly when you lose games? you say your a die hard barca fan lets talk about what die hard means? its not just support your team in good times when your on top of the world but also in bad times when you lose crucial games. finally the same players villa & Alves you are talking about ARE THE SAME ONES THAT BROUGHT THIS GREAT CLUB SILVERWARE LAST SEASON!!... In success and defeat barca always walks out with their heads held high because we always play the most attractive futbol and that's we as fans have been graced with over the past couple of decades!.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/25/2012

unfortunately, the loss to real madrid adversely affected the confidence of the boys and it showed in the match against chelsea yesterday. barca were slow which allowed chelsea to close them down easily. there were also bereft of ideas in final third as they had no plan B on how to open up a resolute chelsea defence in 2nd half. matches against the big clubs will no longer be easy for barca

Posted by Brian John on 04/26/2012

I am a die hard Barca fan. However, we do have certain fundamental weaknesses which we must acknowledge and our away performances were a precursor. Having one unwavering strategy in the face of changing tactics by our opponents isn't smart nor admirable. When Barca is confronted with a barricaded defense long enough they run out of ideas. By now Pep should have seen, that in Messi, Barca has the weapon to unlock that blockage; Give especially Messi (and Sanchez to a lesser extent) the command/leeway to run at the backs and those backs must commit or suffer, either way Barca triumphs. Or try long shots to unsettle them. A club of Barca's calibre needs a goal keeper of equal talent. Valdez is like a sub who tries to impress but is miserable in his judgment. Then you have the best mid-fielders in the world but who combined are unable to provide Messi with half of the assists of Messi or Ozil despite the deftness of their touches and their ball possession; too much lateral movement.

Posted by Brian John on 04/26/2012

Continuing from my previous comments.
Then you have the newly promoted players, who to my mind are so hyped up by the media after their initial burst of success that all they see are the bright lights and the headlines. So they are more in a hurry and thus inclined to try a shot at goal from a ridiculous angle rather than raise their heads to see an unmarked Messi waiting patiently or impatiently (you can never tell with him) for the ball.
Some comment must also be made about Dani Alves. Great player, but I think he needs to keep his tongue in check and as well need to defend more in critical games. But then again if Pep would put a got right winger in there Alves would not have to stay up so much.

Posted by Aldo on 06/01/2012

1st of All. Madrid was the better team. 2nd I was stunned and stupified at Pep's lineup and I was very angry about it and of course the formation. 3 defenders against the best counterattacking team in the world is fucking suicide. and of course as much as I respect Tello and Thiago, they shouldn't have played that day, that game was for Fabregas, Alexis/Pedro to start cause they got more experience and of course Piqué the team sure missed his height so badly, but I'm sure Barca was focused on Chelsea rather than this game. This clasico even though Madrid won fair and square in my opinion was so pathetic, there was no entertainment at all. But I acknowledge defeat that day and always will cause the archrival played way better than our team that day and yes it hurts so much saying that, but you can't always win, we have to lose sometimes. what makes me proud of this team is that they lost but I did not see them kick, insult or brutally try to injure their oppponent.

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