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Posted by Sam Limbert on 03/14/2012

Ever since the first few weeks of the season, it feels like we’ve been trying to build a comeback. It seemed to be going well, before we took some more hits in December, and then had the epic failure of Milan away in the Champions League, and Sunderland in the FA Cup. A comeback towards the league title was never realistic, and for a long time, the same could be said about the top three. However somehow we now find ourselves on the verge of completing a near miraculous turn around.

In the last few weeks, this comeback has been instigated by comebacks. Obviously we’d all prefer for Arsenal to not be a goal down in games, but it seems that isn’t a problem for the squad at the moment. Questions can legitimately be asked as to why we keep falling behind in games, but after five Premier League wins in a row, that shouldn’t be the focus. The focus should be on how this team keep surprising us and producing magic moments.

Fans’ expectations of the team and the players as individuals have undoubtedly been lowered this season, although the expectations of the club as a whole have remained high. Due to this, every time we do come from behind, I’m surprised and elated in equal measure. By now though, I shouldn’t be surprised. We’re the first team to go a goal behind in four Premier League matches in a row, and still win them. Amidst the strangest of seasons that we’re experiencing, that is superb.

‘Mental strength’, ‘unbelievable belief’, ‘total commitment’; they’re phrases and clichés that are trotted out by numerous managers, often mostly by Arsene Wenger, in relation to their teams, and usually they are pretty meaningless. However they really do apply to the Arsenal team at the moment. Even when the team aren’t quite playing in their desired flowing style, there seems to be a win-at-all-costs attitude that is seeing them through. Whereas cup defeats in the past have derailed our season, they’ve galvanised us this year. The players clearly feel responsible for those disappointments, and are doing their upmost to make up for it in the league, for the fans and the manager.

That was typified by Thomas Vermaelen. Usually, he isn’t a player that can be criticised for not giving everything when playing for the club, but even he has stepped it up in recent weeks. If it was possible to give more than 100%, I’m sure Vermaelen would. Having looked disconsolate after the Champions League exit against Milan in the last game, his emotions at the end of the following game couldn’t have been any different. He looked determined to make sure that he avoided disappointment again, and was a man on a mission near the end of the Newcastle match. After having a header well saved, Vermaelen came from nowhere to score the winning goal. When Song spread the ball out wide to Walcott, the Belgian was still on the half way line, yet within seconds he was scoring inside the six yard box. Immense.

It’s tough to single out individuals though, as each player that goes out in the red and white at the moment is doing the same thing. Therefore, we’re looking like a team. In recent seasons, we’ve had some great individuals, but the team spirit has been lacking. This season, the spirit is superb. Arsene Wenger and Robin van Persie deserve massive credit for bringing them together and instilling the belief that we can come back from any situation. Fans can ask why we didn’t have the same spirit and commitment earlier in the season, but these things take time. To get to the position mentally that the squad are now in, we needed the setbacks. There have been too many of them; but in a strange twisted way, they were needed. We still shouldn’t just accept them as part of football, but they haven’t done us as fans, and particularly the players, as much harm as they could have done.

Specifically from the Newcastle match, a few players deserve extra praise. Bacary Sagna continues to prove that he is arguably the best right back in the league. He’s helped get more out of Theo Walcott, and continues to be solid at the back. Theo himself had a very good game and had a massive hand in both goals. He’s not afraid to put in an early cross, instead of just running himself out of a crossing position, and his delivery has improved. We’re still waiting for the goals to come, but his assists tally this season is excellent.

In midfield, Mikel Arteta kept things moving nicely again. With Newcastle sitting deep, we were always going to need to move the ball quickly, and Arteta did that. Alongside him, Tomas Rosicky celebrated his new contract with another dynamic display. He continued his recent trend of running forward directly with the ball, and tracking back when others were caught up field. His miss in the second half was unfortunate and shanked badly, although overall he had another inventive game.

Up front, Robin van Persie missed a couple of good chances, but even on a slight off-day, he buried an important one just seconds after Newcastle took the lead. We’ve come to expect the best from van Persie, and his control and balance in the box for his goal was just that.

The skipper was involved in an interesting incident at the end of the match with Newcastle keeper Tim Krul, one that didn’t show the best side of either player, but from an Arsenal point of view, what van Persie did was understandable. Krul’s time wasting had been ludicrous; I’ve seen Per Mertesacker run the length of the pitch faster than it took Krul to take a goal kick. It wasn’t just happening near the end of the game either, Krul started in the first half. I think van Persie was saying that scoring in the final minute of added time was deserved because of the time wasting, and that Newcastle should take their time over the kick off. It was good that Mikel Arteta was on hand to help diffuse the situation as van Persie could have needlessly got himself sent off, however at the same time it’s great to see him care so much. Van Persie has suffered from supposed time wasting before, think of his second yellow in the Nou Camp, so he’ll have been delighted that we made them pay for real time wasting by scoring so late.

You only needed to look around the stadium at the final whistle to see the faces of the players, the fans and the club staff to know how much the win meant. We’ve got back to the position we’re in from taking each game at a time, and not looking at the bigger picture. Now we’re back in contention for third, we mustn’t change that mind-set. Let’s just focus on winning games, and see where that takes us. If current form is anything to go by, it could take us past Spurs and give us an unexpected, yet massively appreciated, St Totteringham’s Day.

We don’t have a match until next Wednesday, so the team will have time to recover from the Newcastle game. We travel to Everton, which will be really difficult. Seeing Spurs lose there was funny, but we just have to be careful to not slip up there ourselves. If we do go 1-0 down, then we can still be confident of a comeback to aid the bigger comeback. We’re still playing catch up and might not finish above Spurs, but even if we don’t, we’re giving them the fright of their lives.

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Posted by Sam, Jakarta on 03/14/2012

I love RVP equalizing goal. To me, it was a beauty which reminds me of Bergkamp. Cool, composed, skillful, intelligent, confident.

On Spurs I guess, like Walcott, you are right. There's such a huge desire to finsih ahead of your rival. It's one of those things that makes EPL so interesting.

Go Gunners..Beat them all!

Posted by GoonerBear on 03/14/2012

There is something to say for competition within the team as well for the spots. The quality of play benefits from wingers and central attacking midfielders knowing that if they mess up someone on the bench will be there.

I am still worried about the center back situation. You can see that Vermalean was a man on a mission to make up for the early goal, where he felt responsible. Interest stat posted by ESPN: With Vermaelen, Arsenal concede an average of 0.94 goals per game. Without The Gunners concede 2.33 goals on average.

We are awfully thin at CB. Koscielny is sitting on 8 yellows. Per is out. I know we cannot sign 15 CB, but something will hopefully happen to motivate some of the bench CB to step up.

Sam, do you think Santos will return to the line-up now that he is fit?

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. I don't think Santos will immediatey get back in the team as Kerian Gibbs has been playing well, although Santos gives us a good option.

Posted by MegaMan on 03/14/2012

I'll speak on behalf of gunners everywhere in saying this, I am very proud of Arsenal!! they showed tremendous amounts of mental strength in winning against New Castle,, let alone the past 4 BP games!!!

Posted by david fitch on 03/14/2012

What a great come back yet again but also what an error to give them a goal how long they can keep this up only time will tell but third is sitting there for the taking.The next three games will be differcult as they play like Newcastle solid defense score on the break and best chance to score is set piece and strong tackles to force errors.The big worry is still the same one who replace's Van Persie if he gets injured the answer is still no one so as long as the captain stay's fit who know's how high they can be at the end of the season.

Posted by Louis on 03/14/2012

Awesome Article Sam, Nothing more could be said about the performance of the players. Rock solid.

Here's to hoping we finish way ahead of spurs (e.g. they superceded by us and chelsea and continue their tradition of europa.)

Posted by iyn on 03/14/2012

a job well done.. but heard hazard mite go mu.. if he does pls steal the signature of sneijder, podolski and robben.. all r looking for transfers to the league.. get them.. we can do witout the injury excuse no more.. like wilshere this season..

Posted by CK on 03/14/2012

With only Premier League position to fight for, and the sound teamwork now knitted strongly, after recent comeback wins, Wenger should plan to build up next season NOW, and give youngers more chance to gain experience in the last 10 games ( if afford) and map out the 'big picture' financially and directionaly to the key players. Actions louder than words to keep the top players.


Posted by Clyde on 03/14/2012

great read yet again. i heear your point about sagna bringing more out of theo.what about rosicky?isn't his recent emergence also bringing out theo's best?with the through balls and evrything?

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. Agree with you about Rosicky helping Walcott. He's giving him things to run onto instead of giving him the ball with his back to goal. Walcott is always much more dangerous when on the front foot and running at players.

Posted by Raza on 03/14/2012

Great performance again; the commitment and desire was just incredible. Its sad that it comes a bit too late for silverware, but it bodes well for next season; especially from the perspective of RVP's stay. With the team having improved massively and come together (huge credit to RVP), I think we can really look forward to a couple of good signings and launching a strong bid for honours next season.

Go Arsenal! 3rd is ours.

Posted by makun olayinka on 03/14/2012

Good article but if arsenal can finish above spurs it will be great!But catch-up football is a thing most gooner fans will not encourage and the defence need to improve!

Posted by Anonymous on 03/14/2012

Super, super article, Sam!

I'll write in in simple words, 'i just love the fact that i have been, have and always gonna remain a hearty Gunner!' :)

aah, how i just love this Arsenal side!

Third is ours to achieve... #COYG

Posted by wole on 03/14/2012

Good write up as usual sam!

Posted by RVP139 on 03/14/2012

can arsenal still win the epl??

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. No.

Posted by Kelvin Nigeria on 03/14/2012

Well said Sam,the boys were in high spirit,they fought with their last breath and were rewarded F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ their player F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ the day was Vermalen,he is really d" VERMINATOR". I believe there is more to be done,we are up to a crucial match with everton who has everything to prove and then man city and chelsea to also play before d season winds up.We need to really be @ our best to ensure maximum points from these matches.if we are to end above spurs @ the end of the season. #Gonnerpower

Posted by Parthiban on 03/14/2012

This comeback wins should have come a bit earlier as it costed the team a chance to challenge for the trophy.... year in year out for the last 6 years, we have been goin back home empty handed...... When are we goin to rise from the slump... it has been so long since I saw Arsenal play like champions..... At every competition end they walk with their tails in between thier legs like a defeated lion...... When is the situation goin to change............The Professor needs todo something drastic like what he did in 03/04.... We need that steel back in the team..... That was a thunderous team with fantastic ability combined with matured brains that can think out of the box to solve the problem... Current team has to learn that trick and master it in order to be victorious...We just don't need comeback wins but wins that will assure us the trophy which is success of a comeback wins....

Posted by solomon mantswe on 03/14/2012

The performance of our team is phenomenal. The momories of how we demilished AC Milan at home will remain vivid forever. Good Luck Arsene. The boys are great and please be with them for longer. ONE DAY...........

Posted by Sainty on 03/14/2012

Late December through to Feb seemed to be a miserable repeat of last years epic failures at the finish line, but this team has found a way to pull wins out of ties and losses. A horrible effort at Anfield that was won, a thrashing of Milan and a hard fought grind against Newcastle. As said, RVP is showing himself to be a great team captain, doing his job stunningly well and also making a point of acknowledging both the person who set up his goal and the fans in the stands. I have no idea where Rosicky's performances came from, but it coincides with our only winter signing, Thomas Eisfeld, who stated that the maestro was his boyhood idol. Whatever the reason he has never played better and here's hoping that like the captain he can put the oft-injured status behind him and show his true form.
The conceding of the first goal is worrisome, but overall the defense has looked good, and healthy fullbacks may give us an outside chance for a top three spot rather than a top seven finish

Posted by InfantryRed on 03/14/2012

Comeback Kings indeed, Sam. What pleases me the most is that throughout all of this, and not saying the season is over, the players told us faithful to believe. Believe in what they are doing and in what Arsene is teaching. I always did but any Gooner cannot hold a straight face and say that is an easy feat to do. Especially when we get embarrassed at Old Trafford early and kept losing players to knocks. It seemed the team had forgotten that they are a top tier club in the Premiership. I drew this conclusion after his visit but Henry clearly reminded the squad what it meant to wear the cannon. He restored the faith in our manager and the belief that the Wenger system is not dead. Glancing at the remaining fixtures, there's absolutely no reason we cant run the table. Home against City would be the glaring contest...we also welcome Chelsea but I am not spooked by them at the moment. We are catching Liverpool...Red out

Posted by King on 03/14/2012

Also good to see Vermaelen sheparding RVP off after the game to prevent another row with Krul, then getting a portion of the security team to separate them further as they entered the tunnel. Krul was obviously still looking to get into it with RVP, and Vermaelen did a great job protecting his captain from any unwanted contraversey.
He made sure we'll have RVP the next couple games (as opposed to sitting out with a suspension) instead of enjoying the moment with the fans after scoring that late winner...

Posted by AndyE on 03/14/2012

Best time to play Everton...two days after a draining defeat to at Anfield

Posted by Anonymous on 03/14/2012

watching Rosicky when he first came to the team you could see his class. now, after long periods out with injuries, some mysterious, others run of the mill, we can see his true abilities.What I see new is his fight and determination which has been a bit lacking from our midfielders earlier in the season, he is starting to remind me of Ljungberg, espesially his goal against spurs,driving forward from midfield. We have missed that. Third place will seem like winning the league after the dismal start.Graham Harrington.

Posted by tim on 03/14/2012

Our czech mozart was outstanding, he was in for every tackle and delivered killer passes, and fought for all lost balls, whatever has has been feeding on, he should do it more. He capped his new contract with an outsatnding performance.

Posted by JoeUSA on 03/14/2012

I've liked your analysis throughout the season, and it is nice to see Arsenal look mentally strong of late, but constantly falling behind in matches cannot bode well.

It seems that Arsenal supporters live and die by their most recent results, but those results cannot paper over the cracks of the squads continual problems. Kieran Gibbs was exposed far to easily on the goal and when Newcastle actually managed to get forward. Vermaelen and Sagna in particular had great games, but it is difficult to be confident that the team will put together consistent results when continuing to look vulnerable at the back.

Posted by Titansgunners12thman on 03/14/2012

The team has shown an unsual amount of grit, and it was a great and deserved win (actually any win is deserved).
I like the article, and it smells of team solidarity, from the executives to the players to the fans. They really are fighting for the team, and it great to know that professional athletes actually care.
Sam, you brought up an interesting point. We are needlessly falling behind every week. While we have to applaud the comebacks, we can't keep operating from behind. Our defense is our downfall. I believe that a club with more pedigree, with an established winning culture, would not have capitulated a late goal as such. The same can be said of Liverpool- (they are a long way removed from past glory). So while we are basking in the glow of these 5 wins, let's not forget we still have massive weaknesses in the back, and for us to challenge for titles, we must shore up the defense. Podolski is great, but defensive signings are paramount for the Arsenal.

Posted by Sanjin on 03/14/2012

"Looking like a team" is a point that summarizes last game perfectly. I've noticed that we have been disjointed most of the season in terms of both attack and defense. What I mean by that is, when Theo and Robin attack they seem to be the only two players involved. There is no one attacking back post or pulling that near post player away to exploit space, or no one perched up on the penalty spot for a follow up.Defensively, I'm not sure where to begin when talking about disjointed.

All of that seems to get flushed out in the last couple of games. Alex is bombing down one flank, Tomas is running behind the center backs, Robin is checking in to receive the ball, Bacary is tight to Theo. All those things are happening at once and they are making me smile because even when we are goal down I feel like we can score at any point.

Two things I'm critical about are, Park has not been given any time and our personnel is only really suited for 4-5-1 formation

Posted by Tornike on 03/14/2012

I have been especially impressed by Rosicky. It took him a while to achieve a top form but by god now he is great. Walcott has improved too but overall I am impressed by team spirit. IN adittion to Podolsky I believe we definitely have to get one more good miedfielder but I won't go into lecturing Wenger. He knows better than anyone. Having at our disposal Wilshere, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby and someome else (M'vila, Goetze or I don't know) we can afford injuries. Defense has been improving too and if Mertesacker adjusts better to Premierleague football and Djourou works harder than we are going to be fine

Posted by Jack Conway on 03/14/2012

Sam, if the Gunners finish in third place is Arsene Wenger Manager of the Year in the Premier League? With all of the disarray, the loss of Fabregas and Nasri at the last minute, the absence of Jack Wilshere, devastating losses to Man U and Milan and all of the supporters' displeasure with the Boss how is it possible this team has stayed focused and performed as well as they have? RVP has proven to be a great captain and this team has real spirit but don't you have to be impressed by Wenger's performance. With Podolski almost in the fold and links to Gotze. Vertongen, M'Villa etc I can see us seriously challenging for trophies nexy season.

Posted by Andrew Kiken on 03/14/2012

Van Persie has every reason to stay at Arsenal. First, he is getting more praise than he ever has, because of his performance. Second, Van Persie does not score at the same rate with Holland as they say about messi with argentina compared to barcelona. There are only two teams in the world for whom van persie can score more goals than Arsenal, and that is real madrid and barcelona. Barcelona and Real Madrid create more chances than arsenal does. Third, arsenals style of play is designed to feed van persie. He has enough skilled player in walcott, gervinho when he plays, and the defenders who look for him. Everything is set up for van persie to score. However, for this reason a good forward should be able to score more often because of their style of play. Whereas playing for chelsea you are not getting the same movement, the quick pace with the ball, and the team determined to feed the forward. Arsenal is great for van persie and he knows it.

Posted by Sejo on 03/14/2012

Hae sam..u motivate me alot by ur articles u give me the zeal to keep on being a for me the kids are mature now and they are showing it week in week out its a matter of keeping them and for sure you will see the next generation of incredibles in Arsenal!!!

Posted by ernest.ogban on 03/14/2012

that was a nice piece,hopefully we will finished ahead of spur,i,m so delighted with the team cos of our come back in four straight games,we are known for making history,rvp misses were instinctive,but not ditinguished,though that is part of the game.tomas rosicky has being instrumental too and i,m happy for him,song too has being another person,going forward and recovering very fast to cover in defensive role,vamerlen finished was inspirational,i waited too long for the winner and its came at the nic of time,i was the most happiest.up gunner for life.i crossed my heart.a gunner,s faithfull.

Posted by tim chemweno on 03/14/2012

Great article Sam, The team is back, all our players are back to top form from Sir Chesny to King Robin. Do you think we need to sign any player?

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. We'll need to sign some players, but we don't need a massive overhaul. Now not the really the time to worry too much about new signings, just need to focus on the current squad until the end of the season.

Posted by saurabh gwalani on 03/14/2012 ask..u-dat-maybe.we r not playin d free flow style football we used too
is it because we play two defensive minded midfielders as song nd arteta..i mean..dat killer pass thing..lacks...after fab nd nasri goin
but does..dis defensive strongness helps..or we gonna be more attackin next year signing an attacking mf.
rocisky has been terrific.we can rely on him dis season
but not so much....nxt season..we need a amf.
i guess.nd wat is very optimistic is d buildup to nxt season
we r buildin a wonderful team for next season

Posted by zebra on 03/14/2012

Hi Sam, thanks again

i agree with the comment that Rosicky has certainly encouraged Walcott to move forward faster and push the team and create chances. it does seem like a team effort these last games, with the passion and fight for many 50/50 balls in the midfield, something we haven't seen often. the extra efforts are inspiring more out of the whole team.

Arteta also seemed fresh, having rested and recovered and it was nice to see Ramsey getting some time. i feel Gervinho needs more minutes to feel sharper, but Ox has been a fantastic addition to this team.

though as i watched the game, as we went down, and contrary to many of the past seasons, i wasn't worried! i knew we would retaliate, especially at home, but still, it is a bit dangerous to find ourselves trailing in each competition.

again, i feel that we willed our way into getting three points. it doesn't have to be beautiful but the points still add up! any way we can, let's keep it up!

Posted by mwylie on 03/14/2012

After the 3rd loss on the trot to Man U back in January, I posted here that Arsenal needed "36 points from the remaining 16 games" to clinch a top 4 spot. Six games in, Arsenal is 5-1-0 for 16 points. Ten games left to find another 20 pts.

I also posted that our table finish would depend on improved results against our nearest rivals. Arsenal were 1-1-4 in the 1st half of the season against other teams in the top 7 spots. That needed to be righted with 4-1-1 minimum in the back half of the campaign. After this tremendous come-from-behind run of victories, Arsenal are 3-0-1 with CFC and MCFC still to play at home.

So all remains within Arsenal's grasp provided the squad keeps playing with this same determination.

I want to single Rosicky out for praise. I felt our Xmas-January swoon was down to Ramsay, who looked tired, slow and out of ideas. We desperately needed someone to drive out of midfield with pace and challenge defenders, and Rosicky has done just that.

Go Gunners!

Posted by Canberra Gooner on 03/14/2012

Even on the other side of the world you can feel the love at the Emirates through the TV and over the internet. When we get a goal and get momentum in a game you can feel the lift from the fans and that to me is the best thing about our 5 wins: we the fans now believe with our hearts not just our heads.

Before, playing Arsenal at the Emirates was tough, now it is impossible.

Looking forward to next year, we need to bolster our depth in defence and attack (and manage our wage bill). In midfield I think we are okay. I worry that this turnaround is based on the quality of 14 players.

Posted by J. Evett on 03/14/2012

I love this club more than anything (wife and child excepted, I suppose), and watch every minute of every match in Boise, Idaho (that is the reach of the Arsenal). Having actual fullbacks available seems to be making a large difference, as the team generally has got width and speed it didn't have when things were sputtering at the end of the year and in January. It's fantastic to see things turning around. Hopefully there's a buzz about the club at the end of the season and we lure in some additional talent. Sczcesny is going to be huge for this club (and is now, the occasional screw up aside), and Sagna, Vermaelen, Kosc, Gibbs, Santos, Per, aren't going anywhere for a while. Bring in Podolski, keep RVP, hopefully Wilshere heals up, bring in an enforcer in midfield to spell Song every once in a while, and this club is going to challenge for things.

Posted by Bryc on 03/15/2012

Hi Sam and other gunners,

Thanks for the great Article-enjoyed reading it.

I was just wondering what are your thoughts on Djourou? Personally, I think he is just awful- got himself sent off at Fulham and conceded the crucial penalty away at Milan.

Sigh, he seemed so promising as a prospect years ago- I really think he should be let go; after all he hardly provides decent cover when our regulars are out!

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. The case of Djourou is a strange one. He's had some brilliant games for us, but recently he has nose-dived badly. I think he'll stay in the squad, but another CB might be signed if or when Squillaci goes.

Posted by blave on 03/15/2012

As noted several weeks ago we were facing a stretch that would display the true character of the team and potentially define our season. Very satisfying is that the team has rallied even after the results in the Cup ties made one wonder if we were in for disappointment similar to years past.

I would agree the challenges have made the team stronger and you have to give credit to the players and manager.

It's exciting to see the team and fans really making the Emirates a great environment. Being a Gunner fan in the US unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to revel in this atmosphere but it makes me proud knowing the home fans are properly representing this great club!

Looking forward to witnessing some magic in person one of these days. I really like the current squad. I think lack of depth(especially on d) has been our downfall past several seasons. Address this and I see the Gunners winning many trophies with this core squad and manager!

Go Gunners!

Posted by tomasz 1309 on 03/15/2012

Great article sam!!!! I really liked it. But i do think the forward options should be kept available for the bench. Van persie may be in the form of his life, but anything can happen in football. I know, podolski is coming next summer but what about now? We have 6 or 7 odd games this season and we should be prepared for it. So, in my opinion, should'nt Park-chu-Young be given a chance??? Even if chamakh is not in his form, he should be given some chance to prove. Atleast for last 25 minutes of the game. And i Should really say, the real comeback was made by Szczesny who after suffering 8-1 from man utd, he was at his very best. And he's improving just like Rosicky, Walcott and Gibbs.

Posted by GunnerAt7 on 03/15/2012

I love to watch Arsenal play while sitting under the banner which read " Class is Permanent"...hopefully it will carry to 2012/2013 season whcih we will lift our first trophy in 8 years.

Posted by oscar on 03/15/2012

WOW, comeback king. WOW,trophyless king. what a shame gunner.

Posted by Sub on 03/15/2012

I really salute the determination of Arsene Wenger that this team will bring results in our favour.Only winning mentality was lacking before which they have prospered now.Team spirit is needed to succeed more than star players.I don't think departure of RVP will make it very difficult for silverware.Sir Alex Ferguson sold David Beckham in his peak form and replaced him with Christiano Ronaldo when he was unknown to everyone.He proved to be more than good replacement.But later he sold him too.And now look ManU still is a great title contender.Look at Man City, although they has squad of stars, their results don't show much of that.I have a strong feeling that Arsenal will finish second ahead of Man City given that Arsenal continue recent form till the end of this season.
Please do comment on my opinion Mr. Sam Lambert.

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. I think selling RvP would make it difficult for silverware, even with him at the club we've proved it's hard. In key positions, we didn't sign adequate replacements, and that goes back to the dismantling of the Invincibles side. We won't finish second, that's between the two Manchester clubs.

Posted by Sub on 03/15/2012

Mr.Sam, whom you want to include in our starting 11 and subs list and why? Full list please. Thank you.

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. Of the current players that are available, I'd have Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Song, Arteta; Walcott, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain; van Persie. On the bench, Fabianksi. Park, Santos, Ramsey, Djourou, Gervinho, Benayoun.

Posted by Yusuf Sam on 03/15/2012

Great article Sam!
The lads gave a good account of themselves and being the first team to reach another milestone in the League of coming back to win four consecutive times from a losing position! That's the character I always want to see in my Arsenal. In the past, once Arsenal was trailing by a goal, I gave up, they were not gonna come back! No need to give myself high blood pressure. But, this new Arsenal has shown mental strength that is needed to carry on. The never say die attitude. We must win ugly even if we don't play well like we did at Liverpool.

Wenger's decision to play Tomas in that hole is paying off. I always held that Ramsey doesn't have the experience to shoulder that responsibility.

Don't you think the break Ramsey got and the criticism of Walcott has helped him step up?

Now let's go for that 3rd spot!

Posted by Ethan on 03/15/2012

Hi Sam, great post!
Risky game, but it seems to the current trend for us.
For a moment, i feel the players and club can be forgiven for their performance this season. However, it's still too early for judgement day. 30 points are a lot at stake.
Whether it's 3rd or 4th, it doesn't matter. So long as we book a place in next UCL. Spurs has an easier fixture towards the end and we can still surprise ourselves by losing mid table teams.
I think AW will sign a couple or few big names and that's all. We are still fat as a team and AW has strong bonds with everyone. I wonder why we still need a central midfielder. Some teams have their creative players on the wing.
If I may recommend, an experienced and proven keeper and one more world class defender (italian or Brazilian?) might be good. That would mean some in these departments have to depart...

Posted by Chris on 03/15/2012

The Arteta signing saved the season. I've been impressed with his toughness and the way he takes care of the ball. He has not complained about playing deeper, instead adjusting beautifully to his new role alongside Song. Squillaci will of course have to go, and Arshavin deserves to play first team football, but not at Arsenal. AOC and Ryo will provide firepower behind Gervinho and Walcott. Chamakh just isn't working out, not for lack of effort, and maybe he needs a loan spell with a French club. A little more depth at fullback and CB, another top class target man like Podolski, and a creative midfielder to complement Wilshere, Rosicky, and Ramsay would be awesome. Injuries happen. But the current squad looks impressive these days. Finally, I hate to say it, but despite Fabregas's wonderful talent, his lack of on-field leadership hurt us year after year.

Posted by jephthah omoviye on 03/16/2012

Hi sam, u said in ur reply 2 RVP139 dat arsenal cannot win d epl dis season, but i disagree wit u cos if arsenal wins its remaining 10 matches we'll have 82points. So what happens if manu & manc lose 5 out of their remaining 10 matches each? I have d believe though is hard 2 believe dat anytin can still happens as long as is football.
for now lets takes each game as it comes. Gunners yes we can!

Posted by Emmanuel on 03/16/2012

Its nice to see Arsenal come back the way they are doing. What we need is to maintain the momentum for now. I hope that next season we can have Wishere, Diaby, Per, back and also add Verteghan, Gotz and Podolski. Those three will do as good if we dont get injuries. I also would like Arsene to groom a holding midfielder or buy one for the 2014-2015 season. If you look around the squad at the moment, only Song can do that well. I still feel that at full strength barring injuries and with 3 buys in the ones mentioned above, we can beat any team.

Posted by Emmanuel on 03/16/2012

Again great article. I have always believed that Ramsey would be better coming from the bench. He misses a number of great chances and is sometimes indecisive when called upon. His work rate however is unquestionable. He works realy hard. The difference between Ramsey and Jack is that Jack is better at passing, and tackling and seems to be more industrious. His attitude seems to be better too. His game against Barca at the emirates was fantastic.

Posted by christian on 03/17/2012


Posted by Joan on 03/18/2012

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

Posted by winnie pwns on 03/19/2012


Posted by Tundetire on 03/19/2012

What i believe in is that we will make the 3rd position, however, the Gaffa must be ready to spend some money in the next season as i believe, our 7years wait for trophy must end next season.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/20/2012

I'm really hope to see Arsenal team win all EPL games after this. Fight until last game. I have trust in Arsenal's player. Do some tactical change and Arsenal team will be a superb team. Arsenal player have great ability. Go Arsenal,beat them. Love to see Arsenal's win against Everton.

Posted by Noel on 03/20/2012

I'm from New York and I travelled with a couple of friends to the game. We couldn't believe our luck in choosing the game to go to. What a finish! We had great seats in section 91 which were right in the middle, behind the commentary box. I even got autographs of the ESPN US commentators Ian Darke and Steve McManaman. But the most important thing was, of course, we got all 3 points. And they way we did it made it all the more unforgettable. We'd definitely be back for another game, hopefully in the not too distant future!

Posted by wally on 05/10/2012

hi guys,good reading on the gunners.been a huge fan for over 20 years.yes,we will win trophies next year.rreally overdue.keep the faith.

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