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Posted by Sam Limbert on 08/11/2011

So the season starts on Saturday, and this is the first season that I can remember as an Arsenal fan, that I have virtually no expectations of it.

Almost every season in the Wenger years, I’ve been optimistic in the week before the season that we will win something, and that we have a great chance to win the Premier League. Not this season. Generally, I’m a positive Gooner, and always believe in Arsene Wenger and the team. Even through my extremely biased rose-tinted spectacles, I’m struggling to see how we’ll win the league this season.

I’m definitely not saying it’s impossible to see our captain, whoever that is, lifting the Premier League trophy next May, but this pre-season has left me the least confident I’ve ever been that it’ll happen in the coming season.

Our results in pre-season have been indifferent. After the win and draw in Asia, we beat Cologne but drew both games in the Emirates Cup. Pre-season finished with a disappointing defeat to Benfica last Saturday. We looked good in the first half of the Benfica match, with Robin van Persie finishing off a good passing move to make it 1-0. However, we saw the lack of depth in the squad exposed again as a changed second half team saw us lose the match 2-1. He wasn’t directly at fault for both goals, but there is an alarming correlation between Sebastien Squillaci coming on, and our defence suddenly failing epically. It was evident in the 4-4 at Newcastle last season, and has re-appeared in pre-season.

It isn’t just Squillaci however. Outside of our first XI, the squad doesn’t look strong enough, which is why injuries have a serious effect on the team. It’s most serious in defence and up front. As mentioned, Squillaci is not good enough and affects the team badly. Up front, as soon as Robin van Persie isn’t on the field, we can look lost going forward. Marouane Chamakh has had a dire pre-season and Nicklas Bendtner has long looked like leaving.

This is one of the main reasons that, like most fans, my optimism is low for the season. There’s a serious fear that if we are missing players, there isn’t the quality to fit in. Plus, if the first choice players aren’t firing, there aren’t good enough players to challenge them for positions in the first XI.

Then there is the mentality of the team. Is it too fragile? Is there really the ‘mental strength’ that Arsene Wenger always talks of? Honestly, August could make or break any mental strength in the side. Newcastle away brings back bad memories of last season, so getting that out of the system will be important. Udinese in the Champions League will be tough, and in recent seasons it has been unthinkable that we won’t be in the group stages of the competition. With key players missing in the first leg, it will help the mental strength to get through that qualifier. There’s also Liverpool at the Emirates, another bad memory of the late equaliser last season, so a good result can eradicate that from the mind. The month finishes at Old Trafford, and it goes without saying that winning up there would boost the mental strength of the team.

However, should any of the five games in August feature similar problems to last season, then we could be in the trouble for the whole campaign. It’ll also be dependent on arrivals and departures before the end of August. Pre-season hasn’t inspired confidence in the fans that this vital start to the season will go well. It can’t be stressed enough how important the next three weeks are for our season.

Whilst I want to be able to fully focus on matches on the pitch, there are still numerous rumours in the papers about certain Arsenal players. Once more, I’m writing the names Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona in the same sentence on this blog. It does seem the stupid saga is nearing an end, but it’s debateable if it’s a good end for Gooners. I’ve maintained throughout Barca’s merciless, and often disrespectful, attempts to sign our skipper, that it’s still better for Cesc to stay and that any move has to be for the right price. The rumoured figure being suggested is around £35m with various extras, but that’s still short of the £40m that Arsenal should expect to get in today’s market for one of the best young midfielders in the world.

As suggested by some, this is probably Barcelona’s last offer and Arsenal will probably accept it, but rejecting it could also end the saga for the summer. Another way of finishing the issue is playing Cesc against Udinese in the Champions League qualifier, as Barcelona won’t want to sign him when cup-tied in Europe. However things do seem to be progressing, and most Arsenal fans will be very surprised to see the name of Francesc Fabregas in the Arsenal squad when we play Newcastle on Saturday.

The move won’t come as a surprise to Gooners, but the way it has come still hurts. Barcelona was always going to be his likely destination, but the whole saga has shown the Catalans to be a lot less than their ‘More Than A Club’ motto. All Arsenal fans will agree that their pursuit of Fabregas has been verging on disgraceful and unfortunately their persistence could see Fabregas go for slightly less than he’s worth in the modern market.

I’m sure all Gooners will wish Cesc the best, but not echo that for the general success of his new club. Should we again draw Barcelona in the Champions League, Cesc will get a great welcome back, but Barcelona’s reception will deservedly be a lot more volatile.

I thought this blog post would have been finished yesterday, however the news is progressing quickly over the sale of Cesc so I’ve kept having to make amendments. The latest is that Wenger says that it will be resolved quickly one way or the other. Being optimistic, we could still say no. I’m probably the only Arsenal fan who has even contemplated that happening though.

Another recurring name on this blog over the summer has been Samir Nasri. As I said last week, he was shocking in the Emirates Cup, and could well be heading out the door as well. Whereas there will be genuine disappointment when or if Cesc goes, not many Arsenal fans will be overly gutted to see the Frenchman go. He isn’t committed to the club, has messed us around with his contract and looks disinterested. He is a lot more replaceable than Fabregas, so he can go.

Obviously, losing both just a day before the season starts wouldn’t be ideal, but life goes on. No two players are more important than the club and the transfers would give us money to reinforce the squad. Rumours are that a defender will be signed, with Scott Dann and Per Mertesacker the new names being mentioned. Neither would have been my preferred choice, but either would be better than Squillaci. Realistically, we’ll need an attacking midfielder. We can’t rely on a midfield three of Ramsey, Song and Wilshere for the whole season. Mata is an option there. Finally I’d like to see another centre forward, especially if Bendtner completes a move anywhere. Chamakh has had a rubbish pre-season and Robin van Persie will undoubtedly be injured at some point, so a good striker should be bought.

The signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was good, but not really what is needed at this stage. I’m sure he’ll do well at Arsenal, although he isn’t a centre back that has the experience we need now.

Although, as Arsenal fans, we know what Arsene Wenger is like with money. Whatever number of players leave before the end of August, I’ll be surprised if we sign at least three players in that time. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it’s what we need, but history doesn’t suggest Arsene Wenger will make such bold moves in the transfer market.

All the indecision and lack of clarity over transfers has led to the massive amount of pessimism amongst fans ahead of the season. The last few weeks before the season should be about reading season preview pull outs, dreaming of what could be in May, booking to see the team live and feeling so starved of football that excitement reaches a fever pitch just before the opening day. I get a sense a number of Arsenal fans are fed up of football before the season has started. The club for one reason and another has been all over the papers and other media, and the pre-season friendlies haven’t gone as well as expected. Hopes ahead of a new season are at an all-time low in the Wenger years.

As downbeat as most Gooners feel, we are close to drawing a line under the debacles of the summer, and that can only be a good thing. Optimism may be low, but that shouldn’t squash excitement for the season. I’ve suffered with the lack of proper football over the summer, so am looking forward to finally getting underway at St James’ Park on Saturday. We can moan as much as we like about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but we know this season will be nothing if not interesting.

We need a statement result in August, one that gets fans off their seats and reminds them of the size and importance of Arsenal football club. Think of the thrill everyone got from the Chelsea or Barcelona matches at the Emirates last season, they’re the sort of games we look for as Arsenal fans, and we have to maintain hope that we can produce similar results in the coming season. In some ways, should a trophy come Arsenal’s way this season, we’ll appreciate and celebrate the victory more due to the underdog tag we’re increasingly taking on.

Arguably, a club like Arsenal shouldn’t be considered underdogs. We’re one of the biggest clubs in England, but unfortunately the game is changing and many don’t think we’re keeping up.

We’re nearing a point where all the players in the squad actually want to be at Arsenal, so our role as fans has to be to support them, whoever they are. Despite the low expectations, we can still try to enjoy this season as Arsenal can surprise us for good or bad. Obviously any hope could be killed by a dismal showing at Newcastle, but in the hours before then it’d be good to see some positivity from Arsenal and the fans.

It’s hard to do any sweeping predictions for the season given no-one knows who will be in the squad for most of it, so I’ll hold off until the end of August. For the moment, we need to be grateful that important football is returning. No-one will care if pre-season was rubbish if we get good results in August, with or without Fabregas and Nasri. If we’re depressed now, we’ve got another nine months to get through, so let’s start as we mean to go on and be positive.

Here’s a good season, and that Arsene finally cuts loose in the transfer market before the end of August. I know the second part of that sentence is very optimistic but August is the time to dream. Come On You Gunners!

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Posted by Arsenal :D on 08/11/2011

Still 3 weeks of the transfer window, but now we need a midfielder or two and I can't see mata and janson coming before saturday to play.

As long as we beat tottenham the seasons a success :D

Posted by Scott on 08/11/2011

My point if view is this-two of our best players are gone(or going at this stage),but regardless if how good a player is,if their heart is not in if,then they are wasting the clubs time and money by staying. Better get players of lesser quality that want to play for the club. I think Wenger has done everything he can,within reason,to keep the players,but the timing is perfect to sell them. Two or three weeks ago would have allowed us to buy and integrate new players,but we would then have questioned whether the club was just chasing the dollars. Two or three weeks later,and the same doubts would have arisen,as there would gave been no time for new signings. The timing is spot on,the circumstances gave been very,very unfortunate. Wenger had copped far more criticism than he deserves,and usually from those who know nothing about the game at all-the fact that the critics rarely offer up anything but rhetoric or heresy tells us that. The club will get new blood in,and be better for it.

Posted by w12mcee on 08/11/2011

most importantly, i hope the players still think were good enough

Posted by Phil23 on 08/11/2011

I'm optimistic you're going to have egg all over your face.

Posted by alliej on 08/11/2011

so in that case last season was a failure then

Posted by jamie on 08/11/2011

your talking rubbish no faith in the gunners

Posted by Moe on 08/11/2011

I honestly don't know how you CANT be optimistic!!??Yes we have Fabregas and Nasri leaving but look on the bright side we are signing Jedson and Mata.
Even if Fabregas and Nasri stayed at Arsenal they wouldnt have played their best plus when they leave players will improve,look at Viera for example he left arsenal and what happend Fabregas stepped up and what a player he has been for Arsenal.
To be honest after Fabregas leaves i can see arsenal changing our formation,4-2-3-1 was a good formation for fabregas only,it complemented him and gave him a more advanced role.
this is our probable formation for this season...
sagna cahill vermalean traore
Ramsey/jedson Wilshere/Rosicky

Walcott/gervinho Mata/Arshavin
Van Persie/chamakh

the players next (/) are subs or First 11 depending on how the play and their form.

Posted by yob on 08/11/2011

let be with arsenal forever, win or loose is just part of it, henry,cesc,nasri etc is just players ,arsenal have fight without them and yet we win. so lets the manager do his works. if you dont like arsenal then just dont be an arsenal fan.

Posted by John smith on 08/11/2011

The summer we were ment to have a spending spree and get a proper, experienced squad we actually sign two teenagers and buy a 10 goal a season (in the french league) attacker. Meanwhile we lose 3 established players in Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas. I really doubt proper replacements will be bought (if any)

Posted by TT on 08/11/2011

Before the 2003/4 seasong pundits were saying we were going to finish 4th or worse. Defence too weak, only Henri up front and no midfield.

We all know what happened next...

Posted by Robert Wiseman on 08/12/2011

For the current squad, and those leaving, they should take note of these quotes :-

Dennis Bergkamp - It means so much to me this club (Arsenal) it stands for English football.

Dennis Bergkamp - Everytime you put the shirt on it means you have to perform well, give 100% and try to win trophies.

Thierry Henry - You need big shoulders to play for Arsenal. The cannon is heavy.

Lee Dixon - It is important that supporters and everyone at the club remembers that the cannon on the chest is more important than anybody.

Posted by BP on 08/12/2011

I am really not optimistic at this point. I can manage losing Fabregas and Nasri (my favorite player last season), since they do not want to play for Arsenal. What I can't comprehend is why we haven't paid for high quality players as replacements, and why we haven't acquired a couple of very solid defenders. It just seems like we don't really want to win, but instead just hope to make the top 4 again. It's gut wrenching.

If Eden Hazard will cost us 20 Million and wants to play for Arsenal, we should be all over it. He is that good of a player. Good enough to make us forget Fabregas or Nasri. I can only think that Lille does not want to lose him at any cost. It surely can't be that we won't spend the money on him, but would spend the money on a 17 year old.

Hazard + a quality central defender and I will be fine for now.

Posted by pdxgooner on 08/12/2011

At this point taking into consideration Kroenke's statement to not budge on negotiations, as well as Cesc's contract still having a number of years on his contract I think it is quite possible that he will be here this season. I agree that he wants to someday move to Barca, but also feel that he has genuine loyalty to the club.

Posted by Joel on 08/12/2011

I'll put my hand up. I'm optimistic. We have the greatest manager in the world, we STILL have some of the greatest young players in Europe and we are looking to play some of the finest footie on the planet AGAIN. Who on Earth couldn't feel optimistic about that? I simply cannot wait.

Posted by aryjkt on 08/12/2011

i like your comment about this two players ,but all the fans talk about it and the end we are still "In Arsene We Trust",right .i think he knows what he,s doing,just matter of time ,i,m not denied what he has done to AFC but once again we,re in sport business need money more than loyal to the club ...not even decade a go nobody knew about those player even cecs but AW find the talent bring to highbury now how much cost those players?i think we still good enough to be contender this season...i believe that ,come on arsenal

Posted by NepaliGunner on 08/12/2011

This negativity is definitely spreading and is not good for the club. It is why I think them leaving is good. The headlines for the whole summer have been negative because of the transfer sagas, and that is why the negativity overtook any positive results.

Let them go, and bring fresh faces. I believe the fans will get behind the club, especially if we start well. But I do think we have enough to make a challenge. Perhaps a bit of luck (which is way overdue) is what will get us through, but I still have hope.

One reason I am optimistic is that Wenger has added something this summer that has been seriously lacking, which is speed. Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ryodinho all bring that, and I believe we will see a shift in strategy. I think Wenger will play more counter attacking football, specially for those teams that park the bus. So I think we have improved there.

If Cesc and Nasri go,We will add one attacking mid, and one defence. And with a bit of luck, we can win something!

Posted by youngGun16 on 08/12/2011

We will all be upset if the transfer market doesn't end the way we want to, but in the end we need to get out and support Arsenal. We can't sulk around just b/c we didn't get the players we wanted. Who knows maybe we might even win a cup. Anyway I just want to see the team play well, but most importantly beat tottenham!!!

Posted by jay on 08/12/2011

arsenal used to be the go to club. arsene used to be the go to guy for young promising players, who want to be a top player and win trophies. now it just seem like arsenal is a stepping stone club. 18-year olds come in, polish their game abit, and move on to bigger contracts/clubs to win trophies, while Le Boss keeps about his business of buying young players and repeat the cycle.

He knows we need better defenders,(he better do!), just that he don't really care. why?

Posted by J-Gunner on 08/12/2011

"Being optimistic, we could still say no. I’m probably the only Arsenal fan who has even contemplated that happening though."

You appear to have an extremely high opinion of yourself.

Posted by gaby on 08/12/2011

I think it's funny how much you take this at heart...barca!! satan!! boohoo... they are just doing what they think is at their interest. And quite frankly they are not the only bad side here... For years now arsene has been taking advantage of the fact that spanish players are not allowed to have a contract until they are 17, which is why he took the oportunity to snatch up many of the barca youngsters. Barcelona takes pride in they their youth academy and spends a lot on it so that is a big blow to them every time one of their talents gets lured away. Make no mistake, they did not want to lose Cesc. He just wasn't patient enough like thiago so arsene pounced and barca could do nothing but watch they investment go. As for the barca players, well they have every right to want their friend to come and play for them. With Cesc it's more than just having a great player, it's about La masia and catalan pride. The price is not 40 mil for hem because they feel robbed in the first place

Posted by Zgunner on 08/12/2011

"I get a sense a number of Arsenal fans are fed up of football before the season has started."

Not this Arsenal fan mate. I've never been thirstier for Arsenal football than this and I can't wait till Saturday.




Posted by gaby on 08/12/2011

But not disrespect to arsenal or Arsene...He is only looking out for the club's interest and taking oportunities that can only benefit the club considering their lack of spending power. But one must also understand Barca's point of view there. Moving on, I believe that the lack of trust that fans have for many players at arsenal is astonishing. I think that cesc and nasri leaving will actually be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal as more loyal players will get more playing time, not to mention that 60 mil will allow Arsene to get a great foward and, more importantly, a good experienced center-back. the midfield without cesc and nasri is in no danger. wishere, ramsey, song, arshavin, are all great and more playing time will do them good. but 60 mil can still provide for 3 great players, two in the positions I mentioned and 1, like mata or jadson, in the midfield. There is still more than 15 days for things to happen. And gervinho is a great addition too. best of luck arsenal!

Posted by Jay on 08/12/2011

I feel sad and depressed for what is happening to arsenal. We train the players and they dont want to stay. Wenger trained and groomed Fab and Nasri and they dont have the heart to stay with Arsenal. Thats a sad thing. But look at Manchester United. They bought Ronaldo and kept him and then when they sold him, it was said MU will not win the league and what happened, THEY WON!!! Same goes for our team, Even if Fab, Nasri, or anyone else leave, we can still win the league or any other cup. As long as they have the heart and desire to play for our team, WE WILL WIN....In Arsene we trust... He will lead the team to glory this season!!!!For all those who has given up...Wait for christmas to see our team Top of the table...We can do it...Our support will build the team more stronger...

Posted by LP on 08/12/2011

Remember these players that wish to leave are the same players that didn't deliver the necessary performance to win trophies.

I would have more respect if Nasri stated he was moving to Man City for the money. He played half a good season and wants to be the centre of attention.

Centre of attention players have never lasted long at Man City, Nasri will not last long either.

I am actually looking forward to watching the new blood, but not expecting a top 4 finish.

Posted by GoonersProtector on 08/12/2011

Cesc is a Spaniard not a French. Agreed with your posting.

Arsenal will be a club good for youngster but once they become a star they think of leaving for greener pasture. Flamini, Hleb, Diarra, Cesc and Nasri is a good example. They have forgotten who fed them when they are still dripping milk from Arsenal's milk bottle and had given them all the tender loving care.

Posted by Jon on 08/12/2011

I think every Arsenal fan should just boycott the games. This will make Wenger spend money on REAL QUALITY PLAYERS with EXPERIENCE. We need a LB, CB, CM, and a winger.

Posted by Lachlan on 08/12/2011

I have to say that I agree whole heartedly with your sentiment.
All we hear about is how Arsenal are doomed. Last season we were very close to winning the premiership in a lot of senses, and we definitely should have come in second. Only the last few matches were a problem.

We are building up depth at the moment, and although this season may be a struggle if Fabregas and Nasri move on, I'm sure we will still be able to compete for top place finish. I am confiden that unless we are plagued with injuries, this season will be a successful one.

If we can sign a good centreback, and ideally another left back before the close of the window, as well as a new creative midfielder (such as Mata) we should be fine. We will also have lots of money left for some big purchases next summer, and hopefully players will see how serious we are about winning the premier league again!

Posted by Muzz on 08/12/2011

Great blog! KEEP THE FAITH PEOPLE...Arsenal is one of the best clubs in this country and it will remain that only if Wenger gets Mata and this new Brazilian kid called Jadson. Bring in the Costa rican forward Joel Campbell and scott Dann, although I would prefer Samba from Blackburn. I also think we should get Joey Barton, his nature on the pitch will push Arsenal and he will provide that physical presence in the middle despite his temperment. Come on you gooners!!!

Posted by cin on 08/12/2011

Yes, this is disaster year for Arsenal if they sell Nasri.

Anyway AW will leave the club this season end and he will be proud himself for making good profit for the club.

Last result will be Arsenal finish 5th in the league.

Posted by zdrums84 on 08/12/2011

At least we don't follow a team that is trying to buy their history or a team that hasn't even won the premiere league since it's inception. Up the gunners!

Posted by Charade on 08/12/2011

Good article matey. Didn't enjoy it, but only because of the depression setting in the closer it comes to deadline day without the players we need to compete for the title and across competitions.

But, there is still time, and Wenger may have issued his press conference as an indication we're in for someone and have our man. Hopefully a sign of things to come, in the next few weeks.

Keep it up (blog writing and chin both)

Posted by Noni84 on 08/12/2011

Will be sad to see Cesc finally leave but his departure, and that of Na$ri, will do Arsenal wonders in terms of focusing on the football. Would truly be disappointed to see the captain who doesnt want to be in the club anymore, and the ungrateful, disloyal and greedy frenchman in Arsenal shirts again. Everyone must be pulling in the same direction and giving 100% for the shirt and I think we will have players ready to do just that. So am i optimistic? YES! The departure of Cesc and Na$ri cant come soon enough for me.think we will have players ready to do just that.

Posted by Black Hei on 08/12/2011

We need a new CB, but that alone only will not solve our problems.

For Arsenal, the best form of defense is to attack. Attacking puts the opposing team under pressure and you do not open yourself to attacks from the other end.

We lack penetration in the final third, especially in the 2nd half of the season. When we are unable to score, the midfield commits numbers to open up the opposing defense by trying to pass around them. A counter punch is the usual result.

Gervinho was purchased to give pace and directness to the attack. Nasri, Arshavin, RVP were all not fast enough whenever we play the ball behind the defense and Walcott cannot control those high balls. Ryo and Alex also have better instinctive ball control than Walcott.

A new CB to dispace Squi is required. But unless we can get a defender of David Luiz's quality, there is no immediate miracle cure. And I do not think the names mentioned are as good as spongebob.

Posted by kairat on 08/12/2011

sell both of them asap and buy quickly mata,jadson from shakhter donesk,cahil,samba and rodolega and with great Van Persie we will be invincables

Posted by henri karo on 08/12/2011

Ur blog is a long as the Fabregas Saga! I agree with the part about "pessimism arising because of the indecision due to the indecision and lack of clarity over transfers...", its quite frustrating, but mainly I think its because we are just bereft of games!! Plus, pre-season means nothing, last time we won the emirates Actually I think we shall do better this season. Both my hands are up

Posted by Robin on 08/12/2011

THe problem isn't the offense. Fabregas and Nasri are great, the former more so, but we need defensive stability to move forward. Just spend the money on a CB and a LB, mertesacker, vertonghen.

Posted by laoanywhere on 08/12/2011

We can win if referee is not Phil Dowd or Web. Hope this Saturday will luck.

Posted by hedgewire on 08/12/2011

I'm an optimist by nature so there is no proble with that, saying that doh i'd love to see a few shrewd an top of the range signings. I just dont want to be a frustrated as i was with some of last season. To no your team is good enough to beat the best an then to go out and get rubbish results against the lower ones, well lets just say it hard.
I'm also a great believe of positive thinking and doing has a massive effect of situations.

Posted by jaykum on 08/12/2011

Optimism is low bcos when u here AW make statements like we don't need a CB u wonder if we are accessing d same team. Why does AW always settle for less quality player. Again we ve left cahill, phil, samba and want to settle for Damn so we pay less despite the funds available. D team right now needs a quality striker to support RVP, a DM to support song and at least a quality CB and if Fab n Nasri go then we need a quality attacking midfielder. Unless we achieve this Sam, we will struggle to finish fourth this season.

Posted by Ken on 08/12/2011

My problem is that players that have gone or on the verge of going are either being replaced with youngsters or inexperienced players
In defense we have lost experienced and established internationals clichy and eboue though clichy not the best season when on form still great player these two replaced by the young an inexperienced pair of jenkinson and Gibbs
Up front experienced nik bentner and jet leaving us very short of attacking options should as likely Rvp gets injured
And midfield loosing two world class players in nasri and cesc being replaced by the inexperienced gervinio and Alex chamberland
Also don't forget we lost denilson also
I really hope that if wenger does not buy any more experience or quality and we have a bad start that he is sacked

Posted by chris from Cambridge on 08/12/2011

Optimistic ? .... NOT ME.

Posted by Goons_with_Guns on 08/12/2011

I wrote Gazadis and Kroenke yesterday (intentionally leaving out Wenger for obvious reasons you'll understand once you read it):


I appreciate the courtesy to take time to reply [this was in response to a previous rant].

Please be certain, however, that the boos heard 'round Ashburton Grove after the Red Bulls game will only continue if:

1. Replacements are not made based upon a heretofore invisible transfer budget. That is, prior to Fabregas and/or Nasri departing, the Board and Wenger has promised fans replacements before any of these players were/are to be sold.

2. Additional replacements are not made based upon the sale of Fabregas and/or Nasri.

Moreover, it is the opinion of many supporters like myself, that Arsene Wenger has had too much control at the club since Dein's departure: he simply cannot manage the team effectively AND also wear the hat of Director of Football as Dein had done. Furthermore, I might add that there is no accountability that he has had...

Posted by Goons_with_Guns on 08/12/2011 an individual on a day-to-day level for Wenger, such as the role that he had had with Dein. A qualified person needs to be there to do so.

Ivan, our patience is up with the marketing spin of The Board and Wenger's recalcitrance to not change course of the last seven years. The supporters want trophies and you want profits. The profits of the club, however, will only diminish if the The Board does not change the course and actually serve the supporters on whom they rely.

Yours sincerely,

[Name withheld]"

I have yet to receive a reply, but I may once they conclude the transfer business.

Posted by the font on 08/12/2011

you make me laugh you say your a arsenal fan do me a favour i was speaking to a newcasle fan about his epectations he told me he would love a top six finish but we have to wait and see every true football fan is full of dreams at this time of the year and if your not its time to give it up

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment. As I said in the article, I don't have any expectations for the season, but that doesn't stop me dreaming and being excited for the season. As mentioned, fans need to be supporting the team whoever is in it, and trust me, I'll be there doing that.

Posted by Dk on 08/12/2011

Show Arsene Wenger door, Arsenal will see success.

Posted by Baresi24 on 08/12/2011

Arsenal is bigger than any player, so Cesc and Nasri can move on. No hard feelings. They have contributed their quota, but if u will agree with me, we need a breathe of fresh air in the club. New set of hungrier players and an absolute focus are keys to our success this season.



Posted by Anoop on 08/12/2011

Still I trust in Arsene...He knows it better than we all.. Is he a fool, not to understand the situation? He will again manage to get into the top for and wil win any of the cups..Since we dnt have much needed depth in our squad, we will not win the league.

Gunners 4 Life !!!!

Posted by Elvin on 08/12/2011

Very disappointed by Arsene Wenger. Even though i supported him, he getting rusty in his decision.

he has wasted the transfer season by not selling fab and nasri who are negative influence to the team. Club is always bigger than the players. he has also not strengthen the team in term of defence and midfield. I foresee a poor season by arsenal again.

thought he always go for economic reason. sell nasri for 20m is better than getting 0m for him next year. sell fab for 35m is better than having a injured fab who do not contribute to the team.

Posted by Gunnerian on 08/12/2011

We had a fantastic time when Henry, Pires, Berkamp and Viera were at their peak playing for us. We had the era of Fabregas and co, and it didn't work out. Wenger will establish another generation with Wilshere, Van Persie, Gervinho and Vermalen. We have been through a trough, a long 6 year low, and a peak is awaiting for all to embrace -- a new Gunner hero will emerge. Thank you Fabregas and Nasri. Let's bring on our next generation.

Posted by ojimaojo on 08/12/2011

As a fan, the drive for trophies and the optimism associated with new season has left me. the only reason i bought both the home and away jersies is the cannon on it and the anniversary badge. Wenger's dealings have left me wondering if he is still the right man and for once, lets go beyond the 'in arsene we trust' bandwagon and truly see the events unfolding since pre-season. How do u explain buying a teenager instead of spending money on a center-back when evidence has shown thats our Achilles heel every season for the past 6 years? personally, i thought we would be done with the Cesc and Nasri situation by now. Their character is definitely not encouraging and would demoralize the team. Wenger needs to move from his comfort zone of acquiring teenagers and buy stars. sell Cesc and Nasri and invest the funds properly.

Posted by Douglas on 08/12/2011

AW may be limited. but he knows what is best for ARSENAl. Let those who do not value our shirt go. We shall build another team of stars loyal to us. We shall still finish in the top 4 this season.

My worry is qualification to the group stages of the CL. coz our team has not had time to settle in the preseason. All because of those unloyal "stars" and disrespectful teams like Barca & Moneycity. BUT GUNNERS WE REMAIN AND WE SHALL OVERCOME ALL ADVERSITY>

Posted by Glenn on 08/12/2011

I agree with Gunnerian, life goes on and so will Arsenal, we still have many great players, some with another years experience in the best football league in the world.

if their heart arent in it, Fabregas and Nasri should part ways, i wish them well.

Posted by The Average Gooner on 08/12/2011

@Goons with Guns - perfectly said. Are some of you sick? Do some of you understand the goal of EVERY SEASON WITHOUT FAIL IS TO WIN AS MANY TROPHIES AS POSSIBLE?! So what if you asked a Newcastle fan if they'd be happy with a top 6 finish. That's Newcastle. Arsenal are the 7th richest francise in the world. Do you think United, Chelsea, Citeh, Barca, Milan, Real, think if only we could get a top 3 or 4 or 5 finish we would be happy... WAKE UP, CLOWNS!! I have no problem with players leaving, but Wenger has done a poor job adding depth and bringing in quality. Sometimes spending a couple million more to make a transfer happen is what is necessary. Does Citeh need to pay 23m for player they can get on the bubble in 12 months? It is about instilling a winning attitude.. And for those fans who question other fans loyalty because they criticize Wenger, I'll say stop being a Wenger sycophant.

Posted by Francis Sim on 08/12/2011

I am not upbeat about the coming season either. I watched the two Emirates Cup games and all I can say is that we were playing like last season. No urgency, disinterested players. I miss the days of runs made by Pires and Ljungberg to open up defences. While I am still a gooner, I am a lot less excited about the new season. *Sigh*

Posted by Emeka Obi Esq on 08/12/2011

Sam, depression and gloom is in the faces of all Arsenal fans all over the world, as the new season is about to commence tomorrow. And as you said it has never been so for many years. The question on every Arsenal fan lips is - what have gotten the club so low? The answer is, the sturborness of AW for some years in not bringing in established star players, but buying cheap players expecting they will be excllent like Varmallen. I am certain that by summer 2012 the issue will be whether Van Persie will be leaving for Barcelona and Jack Wilshire for Chelsea. May God be with Arsenal.

Posted by arthur on 08/12/2011

Every Arsenal fan wants the club to WIN so much!; on the field Arsenal enjoys immense ball possession and yet,with some of the best players in world football,cannot score enough goals to win matches.It is obvious that this inability to convert ball possession into goals is a coaching and strategy issue.Add to that the deplorable ineffectiveness of the back squad who drive fans to the asylum in just defending a corner!,again another coaching problem magnified by inept defenders who need replacing ( except Vermalen ). And there are continuing goalkeeper worries.It is inconceivable how AW and the club's management cannot recognise and correct the same deficiencies game after game.Is finishing under 5th impossible?.Can Arsenal win the Prem.League and Ch.League with the current squad and without strong new players & adjustments to playing the game on the field?.As much as I want it,keep your money in your pocket and let your wife buy you some tranquilizers for every game.Remember 4-4 ?

Posted by MICHAEL on 08/12/2011

this time we hopr all work out well.............honesty we need more players...........

Posted by Dave on 08/12/2011

@the font: Arsenal is the 3rd successful English club and 5th richest club in Europe, no offense to your Newcastle supporting friend, but comparing their club to ours is just ridiculous. I expect us challenging for trophies and competing against Man United and Chelsea, not just content with finishing in the top 4. Also, don't any label me some glory hunter or plastic fan because I expect Arsenal to win trophies. But under Wenger, he keeps sticking to his failed policies, so we will continue to end up with disappointing seasons like the last one until he's gone.

Posted by Arsenal For Life No matter What on 08/12/2011

If Wenger really wants to make a statement he will reinvest all of that 60 million coming in on Jadson, Mata, and a top defender (preferably Jagielka or Samba), and I know that is not his style, but he is in danger or losing alot of support this season if Arsenal tanks in the league

Posted by Ikenna on 08/12/2011

Arsenal will get the maximum points in August and qualify for the group stages of the champions league. I am very optimistic that this is the year. We have always done well till February and I don't expect anything less. Fabregas can go, Nasri? I will personally drive him. His disloyalty is appalling. He agreed a contract and then refused to sign it then says he has a muscle problem against Benfica then hubbles off to play for France. Even Modric who verbally asked for a transfer has given his best for Spurs in pre-season. I am also disappointed in Cesc because of his attitude as much as Wenger tries to defend them. That these two are not interested in helping Arsenal qualify for the Champions league has helped me make up my mind. That Cesc offered to write off Four million to go to Barcelona makes it more I don't know the word. Arsenal will win something big this season and all these reporters of doom will be put to shame. Quote me on this.

Posted by anthony on 08/12/2011

Players come and players go ARSENAL FC REMAINS. Gunners for life. However we need players who are fighters who will give full hundred while on the pitch. Every ounce of energy until we cross the line(May).Cesc and Nasri have lost the desire to be with the club, let then go with much thanks.we will succeed with whom ever Arsene send out on the team list Saturday on onward.

Posted by paddy mukwaba on 08/12/2011

With me am not happy with the way the manager is doing his things,it`s like is doing for the good of the management and forgetting the funs.We really need a Trophy and that means we need expricent players.More still it`s like is turning the Club into an academy that whoever gets good he is sold.He should know that we love our club.

Posted by Gun4ever on 08/12/2011

Hello everyone!
i used to watch arsenal every year and this is the first year i saw then in Asia - Malaysia. I have to tell you that the first time i felt the soul of cannon is missing. Everyone knows the reason for it but that is not my point. Yes it is going to be a testing season for Wenger yet! especially to finish in the top 4.
What i could not believe is the fact the board is not doing anything to change it. I disagreed when they asked David Dein to leave on the spot when he sided with the foreign investment. Look at the direction where the British top clubs are heading? I really hope he comes back in with somesort of power in the board. We have so much support around the world. The only thing that is missing is that we need investment! Wenger is very prudent, which is good for the business but what we need now is someone to put the faith in him and give him the money to buy 3 top quality players (50m-75m). We will still be in the top 4, which will pull enough to cover the loan

Posted by NMgooner on 08/12/2011

I am and always will be Gooner, and unashamed of it. There is no actual reason to be depressed - yet. Those kinds of feelings would only come after results, which are not predestined by any means. ALL matches are yet to be played, and the proof will be on the pitch. In terms of performances over the last few trophyless years, however, I feel that much of the club's steel over the past 10-15 years came from the man wearing the captain's armband, and the Gunners have found that lacking ever since Henry left for Barca. Can't make cannons without steel.

Posted by Bert on 08/12/2011

I'm seriously losing faith in the Arsene way, I have always supported his policy of youth but it is fast turning into stupidity, his stubbornness in signing a centre back of quality but then splashing cash on yet another attacker is also ridiculous. Where are the days when we had 11 class players ready to do anything for the badge? Our CAPTAIN openly expresses his desire to leave!does not bode well in my opinion...

Posted by Todd on 08/12/2011

Every fan has been lied to all summer by AW, where are the players he promised? Two 17 year olds? Please don't tell me that will be it, if it is AW has snookered the fans again. How is it that everyone and their mothers know that Squillaci stinks!, but AW doesn't? Sign a decent CB, not Dann(he was relegated, tells you something don't it) If it truly is all about AW, I feel sorry for all the fans that will suffer this year. MU,MC,CH,LIV all have added quality players, and like MU set the tone in the market by going out and getting P.Jones, not AW, waits to see what's in the bargain bin at the 11th hour. Please have some reporters in London that will ask the dirty questions to AW so the fans can actually get a sense of where his mind is.

Posted by arsenal65 on 08/12/2011

This summer transfer scene has been a farce!!! Wenger has lost the plot. We've weakened the team and have been lied to as supporters. What happened to the 40-50m pounds of transfer money that was promised in late Spring? Added, to not acknowledge that central defender is not needed is beyond reason. It is unbelievable to not have signed Mertesacker as he has all but said he would come to play for the Gunners along with but Chamberlain for 12m as long term but pay for Mata, already proven is also unbelievable. When Cesc and Nasri are sold and this continues, the NOT buying, it will finally show that Arsenal have given up being a top club. Until proven otherwise, Arsenal are nothing more than a mid-table franchise. Sad, sad time for the once proud Kings of North London.

Posted by dubix on 08/12/2011

Gunnerian,really you're gunners A wenger is the m.d of our club,i believe that he knows more than we the fans,but i will be the last fan to leave arsenal.

Posted by J on 08/12/2011

Guys, i really wonder our voices are heard by the board of Arsenal or AW himself?!?!We show them our frustration day in day out, but no physical action has been taken to resolve the problem instead of setting up tons of media conference saying "WE ARE ACTIVE","WE ARE SELLING","WE ARE BUYING CD","WE NOT REQUIRE CD"....

As a fan, stop wasting too much time to react to all this rumours or smoke on the mirror. Either we boycott or we start showing them why we are still there, we are not becuase of the players, we are there to embrace the club, the love we have to the club. And I choose to go with the latter.

No matter which player AW sign or sell or not sign or not sell, i 100% trusted that this season will be an exciting season to us.

With the current crop arsenal have, I think we will expect some WOW!

So why not sit back, support and watch the magic of Ryo, Gervinho and Wilshere, regardless of cesc or nasri is still with us.

Hope that is a good season and all the best!

Posted by Philip on 08/12/2011

I am optimistic! We have the talent on the named squad to do well in the first few games and I have no doubt that reimforcements are coming.

This is too good a team, too good a franchise, too bold an experiment and too storied a team to become a nay-sayer now.


Posted by Rishab on 08/12/2011

I will support Arsenal no matter what. To be honest, I have to admit I cannot see Arsenal finishing higher than 4th given all the negativity and player issues. I really hope I am wrong. TO ARSENE WENGER: Please, PLEASE buy Mata, Jadson, Vertonghen as cover for Song, A good experienced CB like atleast 1 from Samba/Cahill/Jagielka Please sell off Squillaci especially. He is your worst signing. If you can splash 6 million on him please splash 10-12 on Samba and just get him. Get 2 CB's if required.
MY PREFERRED Starting line up next season:
Vermaelen Koscielny/Djourou Samba Sagna
Wilshere/Jadson Mata/Jadson
Walcott Van Persie Gervinho

Posted by mpenzi on 08/12/2011

We all love this team and are entitled to our own opinions. Sam touched on every point and concern we may be having but still remained positive at the end. My question to all is WHY IS SQUILACCI STILL IN THE TEAM EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNOW HE SUCKS AND HE IS A LIABILITY???.That's when I question AW judgement and intentions. Does he really care about mediocre players??.

Posted by istvan13 on 08/12/2011

I am optimistic. Not for this season. But for the future. It's clear that the plan is for this team to not extend itself during these financial hard times, which is the right thing to do. When we look at the uncertain futures of La Liga and Serie A, that the majority of EPL teams are losing money... the on-field performances of teams are a secondary story. Really, this is probably the most important EPL season of all time OFF the field, and the least important ON it.

Gazidis/Wenger/Kroenke have important roles right now, and I'm glad Arsenal have an economics prof and two major pieces from the frugal MLS in the office. I don't want to see headlines about Arsenal getting called in by the banks, of debt financing transfers, of imminent players strikes. In five years, Arsenal will be a financial force. And if we don't win diddly squat till then, fine. 10 years of no trophies is actually a very SHORT span.

Posted by hanszakaria on 08/12/2011

players, board members and MANAGERS come and go...but Arsenal FC remains. i believe, if AW is the manager for any top club in europe, he'll be long gone...6 years without trophy are unforgiven...let it be known that no one is bigger than the club, be it the players and also the manager. if we start this campaign badly (namely lost/last minute draw against NUFC), unleashed SACK WENGER & THE BOARD banner. we,supporters are the club itself. without us, there's no Arsenal and the cannon badge have no meaning...i rally all the hardcore, diehard ultras to be very boisterous on our first home match...half a decade is already too long. PLEASE,ALL SUPPORTERS...i know u hear me.

Posted by sanni Odilibe on 08/12/2011

The fact of the matter is that Arsene Wenger is gradually relinquising his responsibility as Arsenal club manager to financial manager. There is nothing wrong in loosing a quality player in the stature of Farbregas or Nasri if they are no longer commited to the club. My major concern is that over the years, Arsene Wenger has failed to bring in one or two of established high profile players to lift the spirit and confidence of the remainder of the squad. He has continued to tap from the kindergarten / crech fraternity. This is what Sir Alex Ferguson does best every year by bringing in quality replacement, and that is the reason why Man United have continued to win titles when Arsenal is fighting for 4th position. The fans needs someting to cheer about, if not the trophy, at least some quality players that would continue to raise the profile of the club globaly as well as expanding the fan base, which translates into high revenues.

Posted by African Ninja on 08/12/2011

Gunner 4 Life! Get rid of all players who have no loyalty to the club. I have wanted Fabre"glass) out of Arsenal for 3 years. He brings nothing to the club. We have Frimpong, and Gervinho...Go and bring in Mata, Jadson, Hazard, Ayew, ganso and 2 experienced defenders... Promote more of the tough kids from the youth teams. We need tougher pratices. I'd rather the players push each other so hard that the injuries occur at practice than in games...

I cant wait to see the trophyless era of Fabre"glass", eboue, clichy, denilson, Nasri, etc come to an end...

Wenger must also admit he has bought to many mentally questionable players.. We need the same player scouts during the invincibles era...

Posted by Mildred on 08/12/2011

Hey we are not managers so dont criticise our manager. He knows what he is doing. I am a gooner for life and I wont trade my loyalty to Arsenal, a team that provides the best entertaining football in the world for anythin because the manager did not bring more new signings to the club. Who exactly do u want him to bring because it is my humble view that the world is just full of average players. Those players you are talking about are average. Theres nothing special or perculiar about them. Wenger has an eye and nose for talent and that is why other clubs go after the players he is interested in. He made Henry a midfielder into a world class striker. Wenger is not buying because there is nothing worth spending money on currently. That is why barca is dominating europe because the world is full of average players and no one can challenge them. They are not the best and that is why they lost to us last season. If anyone begs t differ with my view that the football world is full of avera

Posted by RT Australia on 08/12/2011

they still need a good defender or two and if they do not get a first class goalkeeper they will not do any good this season.And Wenger should go.

Posted by Muntasir on 08/12/2011

Sam, what do you think of van Persie as the new captain for the squad? He's certainly one of our most consistently good performers on the pitch, and he does have a bit of a confrontational attitude that could fire up the players; the problem is that he's injured so often. Also, do you think that a reason Wenger is so wishy-washy over signing players is that he doesn't want to bring in players and make the squad bigger until the ones who are supposed to be leaving (nasri, fabregas, almunia, eboue, bendtner, etc.) actually leave?

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment, I think RvP would be a good captain, he'll just have to stay fit for long enough. I don't know why Arsene doesn't sign the players we need, hopefully know sales have been done then we'll see improvements.

Posted by passcloud on 08/13/2011


Your analysis is very naive and superficial. The Loss to Benfica was due to missing midfield continuity not because of forward play. predicting a full season based on a couple of pre-season games is a stretch. Chamakh is a solid presence forward, he is not there for pretty and showy football but to hold the line. If the wings and midfield are absent do not expect Chamakh to give you miracles. It is a team sport. Chamakh is underapreciated by some *centric fans who are inpatient and do not know much about football.

Posted by Nnaemeka on 08/13/2011

Arsena FC are full of disappointment giving their fans fever, & High blood pleasure, they cant be trusted for once. but if i may say as an arsenal fan, Wenger should stop doing this business he is doing, buying childlen & selling, he should spend arsenal money on quality players and go for cup this season at least one more C B, 2 midfilders and 2 forwarders but if it is not done Arsenal cant achieve anything this season, as for Cesc, he can go but to let Nasri go is the worst mistake Arsenal 'll make. And i think Arsenal are under curse they should go and look for spiritual solution, by meeting a man of God to pray for them and break that curse.

Posted by Gunners USa on 08/13/2011

The time has been coming and its finally here. Arsenal has to decide are we a BIG club or not. No rhetoric or spin. we are dangerously close to irrelevant.

Posted by Gurdit on 08/13/2011

Good post, you. I'm a Man Utd fan, but even I've found Barca's "more than a club" farcical. They've been positively disgusting in their pursuit of Fabregas, with their established players saying nasty things. I don't know of any other club or any other bunch of players creating such brouhaha over the pursuit of someone else.

And just for the way it's all going down, I hope Cesc goes down the path most people go down after leaving Arsenal -- the path to failure. Like Henry.

Posted by amin on 08/13/2011

i'm still confuse why no one come in to replace clichy? fabregas and nasri will cost 57Million... buy mata+cahill just cost 37Million. even mertesacker cost arsenal only 6m... if we got a Centre Back, a Left back and a playmaker, i'm sure all arsenal fan satisfied and happy.... i'm Arsenal fan for 10 years already, but now i feel fad up with the way arsenal transfer policy. if no quality player arrive, Man U and Man city will be my favorite club. DISAPPOINTING!

Posted by kk on 08/13/2011

Arsene knows, but yet the fans hurt. since the days where Henry left, we've always been the brides maid, but never the bride.

As fans we'd continue to support the club; but to be fair, 6 yrs is a long time for us to wait... and continue waiting.

Posted by DD on 08/13/2011

Arshavin, that round thing on the pitch is the ball, do something with it!

These are the type of players left to hold the fort???

Roll on NEXT season without Wenger (& Arshavin), and dare i say it - no champs league!

Posted by Francis Sim on 08/13/2011

Just caught the game with Newcastle and I am left feeling that I am watching the exact same team with no ambitions. No one running into space in anticipation of through balls. Basically, everyone is passing to feet. No invention, no creativity. We were rubbish. The defence was a big improvement from last season but our attacking players were not convincing. I can see why Nasri doesn't want to sign a new contract.

Posted by Anonymous on 08/13/2011

i bet there are still fans out there who still believe in wenger even after all the lies he makes and promises he breaks. and it will be those fans who said arsenal would win something last year and the year before that etc etc. i spose were going to win something this year aswell although the emerates cup wont end up at the emerates this year. did wenger get that goalkeeper last summer that he promised just like the supwer quality sighning and 2 defenders he promised this year. did arsenal eventually become world beaters and win the league like wenger promised would happen in 5 five even tho its six years later. all you fans who still believe in wenger i reckon your board members pretending to be fans.

Posted by raphaelarsenal on 08/13/2011

I desagree with nigeria ninga's comment concerning fabregas, calling him fabrec-grass, a player dat has served us for eight-years,played is live 4 arsenal without trophys, to me fabregas is arsenal's best ever individual central mid-fielder in arsenal's history.

Posted by SG Gooner on 08/14/2011

I have a feeling that we might have a good post-fabregas season.. Afterall, the team did prosper after Henry left. It might jolly well remove the reliance on him and get the whole team to perform well regardless who is playing.

Posted by blave on 08/14/2011

Good blog and many good posts as well. I am a die hard fan of the Gunners and have alot of respect for Wenger and still believe the team is capable of great things.

I like the quotes from former players like Berkamp and Henry and Dixon about the greatness and importance of the club and no players are bigger than the club.
That said I do have to wonder how many current Arsenal players carry that spirit and the idea of losing two of our best players and having yet to land any real immediate impact signings (Gervinho may qualify, time will tell) is disconcerting.

While I respect that the Gunners are one of the few financially sound clubs at some point you have to reinvest some of the proceeds before players and fans alike lose faith.

The time is now. I don't know much about Jadson but if he is a creative playmaker bring him in. Obviously one more center back for cover makes sense and yes another goal scoring threat in case RVP goes down again, maybe Berbatov or Adam Johnson

Posted by AARON MARK HENDRIX on 08/15/2011

WOW.Thats the first thing that came to my mind after reading thru all these comments.Now Im a MAN UTD fan,but,i fell for you guys.But only a lil!!My take on this episode is this.When CRISTIANO left,he left a void in UTD.As did TEVEZ,RUUD,BECKHAM,KEANE,SCHOLES.But the fact is,no one,yes,no one is bigger than the club.Also,we have a great gaffer,one that can rally his troops and create a new team,character,and instill the hunger to win.Sometimes we bought replacements,sometimes we promoted youngsters.But at the end of the day,we were always there to challenge for trophies and and thankfully won a few.Cesc & Nasri are nothing compared to losing the players we lost.If Arsene still "has it" he should be able to rouse the remaining troops into the mood for battle.That you need to spend some good money is evident.Sometimes one covers the position,not buys a direct replacement.Anywayz,this season should be a rather exciting one for you guys,it'll answer many questions..with hindsight of coz

Posted by gaby on 08/18/2011

I always laugh when people say that When Henry left Arsenal he went in the path of He went on to win 6 consecutive trophies with barcelona while Arsenal kept on with their trophy drought.And he was a starter that year. And as for him going to the MLS well let's not forget that he is getting older. He doesn't have the same pace nor skills. It's the best decision he could have made after a successful career at arsenal and two season of winning trophies with barca. Now he goes on to compete for top scorer in MLS at his age. He won everything in europe and internationally and it would be the cherry on top if he won trophies in America too. What failure?? As for fabregas, well he may not be a starter now but we all know he is a replacement for Xavi in the long run. that's not failure at all...that's a little more patience. After 6 years of trophyless seasons I think he can handle 2 or 3 more years of partial playing time along with trophies. besides he is still competition.

Posted by Chris on 08/18/2011

Can someone tell me what is going on with Arsenal? Fabregas is gone, and Nasri is poised to leave as well. There's no comment about any replacements, or players to bolster the squad. The club is entering the new season with the same cast of characters it finished the last, disappointing campaign. What's happened to the feeling of ambition? This isn't the team I began following some 16 years ago.

Posted by Micheal on 09/04/2011

My own suggestion is may be arsene winger can buy skillfull player for the replacement of outgoing players that left arsenal to other clubs

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