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Posted by Sam Limbert on 07/11/2011

Crisis? What crisis? After all the doom and gloom surrounding Arsenal, we’ve finally had a day with positive headlines for the fans to read. With some writing the club off before a ball had even been kicked in pre-season, some of that negativity can actually be put behind us as the Gunners kick off their friendlies this week.

In his first press conference as part of the Asia Tour, Arsene Wenger said that he expects both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to be at Arsenal for next season. Obviously that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will stay, because clubs chasing the players won’t give up, but it is pleasing to see Arsene Wenger being confident and defiant about keeping our best players. It would be all too easy for Wenger to just accept that Fabregas will finally go back to Barcelona and decide that it’s better to sell Nasri before he runs his contract down, however he knows as well as anyone that the Arsenal squad will be worse off without Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Given how a large number of supporters had just accepted that Fabregas and Nasri would leave, if one of the two stayed, that would be considered a boost. However should Wenger’s defiance result in both pulling on the red and white shirt next season, optimism would increase massively amongst supporters. That piece of good news was then complimented by Arsene Wenger confirming that we’ve finally made a major signing.

As expected, Gervinho is now an Arsenal player. The transfer hasn’t officially been completed due to a ‘regulatory process’, however the Ivory Coast international will be at the Arsenal training ground this week whilst the formalities are finished. I haven’t seen much of the striker, but he had a good season in France last year, where he won the double with Lille. He isn’t going to be a big target man like Chamakh or Bendtner due to his stature, and with our current formation I think he’d be used primarily as a winger. It’ll increase competition in those positions with Walcott, Nasri and Arshavin, and mean those players will have to perform to keep their place in the side, and that can be no bad thing.

Gervinho might not be the marquee signing that fans have been hoping for, but he’s certainly a good player that could do well in the Premier League. If the Ivorian and Carl Jenkinson are the only players Arsenal sign this summer, then fans have every right to be frustrated at Arsene Wenger, however for the moment, Gervinho is a good start. Should more players with Premier League experience be added, the gloom around the club will gradually start to lift.

To add to the good news, it seems that players considered ‘deadwood’ by many fans are beginning to be cleared out. Manuel Almunia and Nicklas Bendtner weren’t part of the travelling party that boarded the plane for the Asia Tour, as both are in discussions with other clubs about leaving Arsenal. Almunia is reportedly going to return to Spain, whilst Bendtner could end up in Germany, Portugal or remain in England.

The Spanish goalkeeper has been far too error prone in recent seasons, with many questioning why he was ever number 1 in the first place. Having been overtaken in the goalkeeping pecking order by Lukasz Fabianski and Wojciech Szczesny, a move was always likely if a buyer could be found. Now that appears to have happened, I doubt there will be many fans shedding a tear over his departure.

The same can’t necessarily be said of Nicklas Bendtner. He’s always been a striker that has divided opinion with some fans still believing he could have been a good player for Arsenal. Personally I think he’s wasted too many big chances and isn’t reliable enough to lead the line for Arsenal. Given the right system to play in, Bendtner can be a success elsewhere, so I think for all involved it’s best for him to move on. Although they are strikers with different styles, it seems Gervinho will effectively replace Bendtner in the squad.

Whilst transfer dealings, or the lack of them, have been dominating stories about Arsenal recently, we’ll finally have the chance to forget those momentarily as the team will play their first game of pre-season on Wednesday. In the first leg of the Asia Tour, Arsenal face a Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur. It’ll be a chance to see Samir Nasri in an Arsenal shirt again, and see how youngsters Carl Jenkinson, Ryo Miyaichi and Emmanuel Frimpong perform when amongst the first team. Realistically, the match probably won’t tell us much we don’t know about the players, as the primary aim of it will be to gain match fitness. However it’ll just be refreshing to see the Arsenal on the pitch rather than in the papers.

Despite the sudden surge in positive stories for Arsenal fans, there is still a long summer ahead as clubs will continue to pursue Fabregas and Nasri, and other new signings need to be made. Although supporters can be reassured that things are beginning to happen both on and off the pitch with players coming in and out, and the first team squad kicking footballs again.

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Posted by KKGooner on 07/11/2011

Nice positive article :)

I was wondering if Van Persie is injured during the time of the African cup of nations, and with both Chamakh and Gervinho absent, who would fill in.

Personally, i feel that Nasri should be kept only if he gives it his all. Whatever is said about el-capitaan, he performs brilliantly whenever fit.

Posted by MattGooner on 07/11/2011

now feel more positive about the season ahead, decent signing in Gervinho there, he could add pace to the attack and keep competition going for the wide spots!

Could this now mean that rosicky is to leave?

Still need to sign a defender though!

Posted by Isaac Nuako (Kenyasi-Ghana) on 07/11/2011

Great article. Wenger should just go after more players who can strenghten our backline and matured players with an attacking prowess upfront.Benzima must be signed whilst we should pursue with our last pence to get on board Cahill/Per,Parker,Juan and other key players who are linked and are willing to experience life at the emirates.

Posted by Baale on 07/11/2011

I want arsen wiger 2 keep nasir 4 good purpose

Posted by Muigai k david on 07/11/2011

Arsene wake up, what a need 2 sign amid man and huge amount while nasir is there ,TOP UP his account. ?kamaa NAIROBI, kenya., hh

Posted by John on 07/11/2011

You are much more optimistic then I am. I don't believe Wenger is lifting the doom and gloom. He will promote Gibbs to the first team which I think is a mistake. Gibbs is injury prone and can he really be taken seriously against world class wingers? Nasri and Cesc are still up in the air, Wenger comments don't reassure me at all. We have a long summer as arsenal fans. I wont believe anything until Nasri signs a new contract with Arsenal. But Gervinho is a good start to the summer. Im excited to see him play. If Ryo is ready for the first team then our offense should be pretty good this season. Now for the defense..

Posted by pakcikkafe on 07/11/2011

its Kuala Lumpur,not Kuala Lumpar

Sam: Thanks and apologies, been corrected

Posted by lalaland on 07/11/2011

forcing want-a-way players is a bad idea. Look at Fabregas last year, rather be elsewhere as he guided us to loserville

Posted by steve on 07/11/2011


Posted by JoeUSA on 07/11/2011

Keeping Nasri won't necessarily be a positive if he leaves for nothing instead of picking up 20m for a player who doesn't want to be there.

Posted by Khalid on 07/11/2011

U arsenal need a central back not attarkers

Posted by Henry odeh onah on 07/11/2011

Pls tel wenga 2 kip our star player n stop selin dem.He shuld buy gud defenders n strikas

Posted by Joy on 07/12/2011

Arsene should get Nasri to sign a new contract or sell him. Yes we surely need to buy players, couple of defenders, a goal keeper and a world class midfielder. But I'll leave it for Wenger to decide. Many have started questioning Wenger and his policies (even players), i feel they are all wrong (hopefully) and still believe in 'Wenger knows best'. So please keep supporting Arsene and Arsenal.

Posted by cesc wannabee on 07/12/2011

wenger, pls give walcott a more central position, that guy certainly a mediocre winger without consistency in his crosses, this should be the season he became a center forward. give RVP a wider role and let nasri be the man playing in behind the striker.

Posted by gentry on 07/12/2011

thanks for saying nothing,

Posted by Ratha on 07/12/2011

In the 2nd phase of season 2011-2012, some of our player like Chamakh, Alex Song and Gervinho will be not available for Arsenal. I'm worry if someone like Jack or RVP get injury we will force to play without a reliable back-up. Good luck my team...!! :-)

Posted by Kekere maxwell eneji on 07/12/2011

Wengar should bring in 2 midfder,2纮 dfenda & 2 let fabrgas do his wish wile keepn nasir

Posted by Omolarge on 07/12/2011

Arsenal needs a good right back and a central midfielder, in the likes of Baines and cahill and He better stop Breeding youths who later wants to leave after they are developed. Cheers pips.

Posted by Emeka Obi Esq. on 07/12/2011

It is heart warming to read a nice piece on Arsenal, after a month of doom writing on Arsenal by the English media. It will be excellent for moral boost for the team, if Wenger can keep both Fabregas & Nasri, because as he said in his press conference - what intent will the club be showing if both should leave.
Finally he must buy seasoned and capable goal keeper and a central defender at least, before closure of the transfer window.

Posted by Yeancah on 07/12/2011

As an Arsenal fan, i think am beginning to thik like a fan but not like those boards........who cares if nasir plays his contract out and goes for free transfer next season because their profits enters my pocket not so all i want is see him play next season and if he goes for free, that is the board's problem not me cuz those board members are not thinking about we fans too.

Posted by hanszakaria on 07/12/2011

the question shouldn't be answered by AW, but the club board. I think AW really want to buy good, mature players, and there's a war chest for that to happen. BUT, the wage structure is the stumbling block. I believe the highest paid player in the 1st 11 is cesc, but yaya toure is paid TWICE as much as he is. money is a symbol of greed, but it also represent the ambition. AW is not making fan happy, just because he needs to keep the hands that feeds him and his family happy first, which is the board. wonder why Arsenal make huge profit every year? because we spend less in wages compared to our rivals. u pay less, u get less. big players doesn't necessarily come with big price tag, but they surely come with a big, day by day, maintenance. you can't buy a Maybach and pay a Honda money for its maintenance. restructure the wage setup first, then we'll talk. Period.

Posted by waley on 07/12/2011

keeping fabregas and nasri is a big boost for arsenal in the up coming season while signing cahill will be the best solution to our defence.

Posted by Blake on 07/12/2011

Regarding Bendtner: I hope the best for him, and I do think he could be a great player, but like you said, he just blew too many chances and did so with too few strokes of brilliance in between. It may have been a little unfair that he was so often left to play on the wing when he would likely fit so much better as the center forward. Regardless, there's just no room for him when we only have one spot for a CF in our formation and we have van Persie and Chamakh already filling that role, either of which have proven they're the better option.

Posted by alfred on 07/12/2011

Wht arsenal needs now are good and matured players wit premeir league experience. So wenger should really go for cahill and any other gud striker.

Posted by JMA on 07/12/2011

I got the feeling that Wenger gonna revert back to 4-4-2 formation next season with Arshavin playing just behind RVP and Cesc returning to central midfield role playing alongside Alex Song. Doing so shall relieve Arshavin from his lack of defensive effort whilst his place can be taken by a speedier wide player such as Gervinho. Nobody doubt that Arshavin is a special player and if he stays next season something need to be done to bring back the best out of him. Playing him in the same role shall repeat the whole story of this season. I believe Mr. Wenger is smart enough to sense this and could be the reason why he is not too interested to join the market frenzy. I really miss the season where Wenger's tinkering instinct able to transform good player to great player such as Bergkamp,Henry and Toure. I pray that next season gonna be another one of those...

Posted by Iyk on 07/12/2011

Let Fab go and if Nasri wants wage increase, give him. Get Samba or Cahill and get Scott Parker. Release Denilson, Bendtner, and Almunia. Get another non African striker and get good left full back. Let a gd psychologist work on all of them.Increase wages across the board but let it be reasonable. Goodluck 2 Arsenal.

Posted by Sam R on 07/12/2011

Hey Sam, great post as always. I definitely share your change in optimism. However I'm still a little worried about what will happen in defense. The Nasri/Cesc sagas will go on all summer so aren't even worth commenting on at this point over what will happen. Que sera sera with them I guess. The only thing is that if they leave AW will NEED to replace them and I'm not sure he will have the time or the available options to do so.

But I'm just curious what do you think AW should do in defense? I hate adding to the speculation but I just can't imagine going another season without any new defenders. Do you think Gibbs is good enough to start or should AW try something else? I personally hope that AW can sign Samba and Vertonghen and then plays Vermaelen at LB. That would give us height, power and hopefully no soft spots in defense. Whats more is Vertonghen can play CDM w/ Frimpong in January when Song leaves for the ACN. Just curious what your thoughts were on the matter. Cheers!

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comments, glad you're enjoying the blog! Obviously we need to improve the defence, although I doubt we'll sign a left back. I fear AW will gamble on Gibbs starting the season, with Traore as back up. Gibbs is probably good enough, but is too injury prone so I can't see us getting a full season out of him. However, I'd be reluctant to move Vermaelen out to left back as he is our strongest centre back. If we move him out there, we need to arguably sign two centre backs. I think Vermaelen would only play out there is both Gibbs and Traore were unavailable, but given Gibbs' injury record, that could be quite likely! Hopefully we'll sign Cahill or Samba and I think that should be enough to get us through the season. I think signing a DM would be good as competition for Song and to cover for him during the ACN, especially as Denilson has to go and isn't good enough anyway.

Posted by Salikin on 07/12/2011

Too many injuries, under performed players, inconsistencies, unable to get very good signings and lacking in commitment amongst key players led to Arsenal not winning any trophies past years. Perhaps the players ought to wake up and reflect where they have gone wrong.

Posted by Zaharaddeen Getso on 07/12/2011

Why is it that everybody can clearly see problems with arsenal defence except Mr. Wenger? We will only have hope for next season if he sign atleast two top class defenders and goal keeper with premier league experience, convince nasri to sign a contract extension and also keep fabregas

Posted by Gunner0304 on 07/12/2011

Naldo,Gary Cahill Gervinho, Mata, Marvin Martin, Aly Cissokho, and arturo vidal should be Arsenals targets.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/12/2011

dont write arsenals chances off this season till around april/may,cos it will be the same old story that we have heard for the last 6 trofyless seasons. thats is unless wenger stop wasting his time on trying to buy teenagers and concerntrate on signing cahill,samba and proper like for like replacements for nasri and fabregas.oh and not to forget to sort out the goal keeping problem dogging us as well. but the way things are going(really slowly) the signings dont look anywhere close to being completed. if wenger fails to sign cahill (the player all fans want at the club ahead of samba) and to a lesser extent samba then he needs to go, as i dont think the fans deserve any more lies and excuses from him. the money is clearly there for these players but as usuall he is trying to haggle down the price for the sake of saving a pound and losing out to a rival club in the process. is refusing to pay the extra million for a decent player worth the risk of losing our top playerswho are now fedup

Posted by Alonge Olufemi on 07/12/2011

Arsene Wenger should allow Fabregas and Nasir to leave while he goes for better replacements.Are they best in the world?Arsenal could win trophy without the duo.I believe!

Posted by BajeGooner on 07/12/2011

really think that AW should get Samba and Cahill/Merterscker...they can become cb and TV left back to replace glichy...(i actually think TV can play a CDM role much better yes yes there is song) but maybe during this asia tour AW can tinker a bit..TV as CDM and song at LB just to see how it goes..something like this

Maybe this will very much work

Posted by yaya ismail on 07/12/2011

we need 2 good striker

Posted by sNIpES on 07/12/2011

AW needs to build the Arsenal squad. Gerv is alright but we need more experienced and mature players - hence get Per/Samba/Cahill/Phil/Mata. Our second team should compliment the first and in addition, the players dont get unecessary injuries. AW can learn a thing or two from Jose. He builds teams for the future - Chelsea - Porto -Inter and now RM. AW talks a big game and till i see 3 new faces i dont think AW is looking to buy any more players by the end of the month. Sad to say but i have prepared my heart for another trophyless season - Fire AW.

Posted by oswaldo on 07/12/2011

let wenger do what he does,he gets paid plenty more that all you fans to run the club he'll bring whoever is nessessary for the club,

Posted by bruno on 07/12/2011

Cahill and Samba should've been to sign. Ajax keeper should be our no1 next season. If fab and nasri doesn't wanna stay let them go and the money should used to buy Artetal, Fellani or possibly Barton and Scott parker. He should also buy osaze Odewigie. ALMUNIA, NICKLAS AND FABINSKI SHOULD GO. THEY ARE ALL NONSENES

Posted by Sejo,nairobi,kenya on 07/12/2011

Wenger atleast buy 2 striker lyk thiery henry n try 2 rainforce our defence jst know we r depending on u

Posted by hanszakaria on 07/13/2011

Wenger should monitor Per Mertesacker situation closely by now...he wants to go to the BPL...=)and save that Cahill money for Matuidi. I heard he's a very good midfield enforcer. Never got a chance to see him play though.

Posted by Semakalu James on 07/13/2011

Am so happy that we've signed Gervinho but still we need more big signings Garry cahill and samba we even need a replacemen t for cilchy because gibbs is ever injured.


Posted by Nsidibe Akpan on 07/13/2011

It is a welcome development since the summer transfer saga involving Samir and Cesc had started, we are now satisfied to know that Arsene Wenger wants to keep the duo for the couple of years, and with other clubs not relenting their effort in snatching them away, Arsenal should do something quickly about it and ensure their future is committed to us with attracting wages and silverware.

Gervinho is a good addition and we are hoping for more quality players to be added so that competitions should come in and a players should fight for a starting shirt.

Cahill and Samba will be welcome and we need that to happen fast so as to plan ahead of the coming season in other to annoy United and others.

Almunia became the worst that I've ever seen and I want see him going or to be release, same with Bendtner who feels so big for the team.

We need respect and loyal from our players in other to move on.

Posted by Nides on 07/13/2011

With Nasri on tour with Arsenal in Asia, it looks like he will stay. That's just my assumption.

Posted by Satish on 07/13/2011

Should we again see Mr Wenger kicking bottles or having the face between his hands.I think the prob is actually with him.Its time for him to go.
Everyone sees that FAB gives less than 50% of his full potential except Mr Arsene. FAB should not have played against Barca.
Why not top up NASRI and let FAB go.He is worth of that.
Mr Wenger promised that Arsenal would be active on the summer Mercato.Up to now, he has brought a kid for 3M. What a deal?

Posted by Josbert Quayson on 07/13/2011

All the best Arsenals we dey 4 U,forever

Posted by Bhawani chaulagain Nepal on 07/13/2011

A very commendable article as always. I think the transfer period is still long way from over but saying that if wenger doesnt cash in for players like cahill samba right now then there iz more n more chance that our rival clubs get their signature
what do u think sam???

Sam Limbert: Thanks for your comment, I think Cahill in particular could be in high demand, so if we do want to sign him then we'll have to be prepared to out bid others, something we don't do regularly enough.

Posted by Peter on 07/13/2011

Gervinho! good! what else! Mr proffessor,sign defenders,dont let spurs and chelsea usurp Samba and Cahill! It nhas happened b4! SPEND MORE MONEY MR WENGER!

Posted by titansgunners12thman on 07/13/2011

I don't care about Gervinhno. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to have a new quality player come in with something to prove, but when are we going to sign what we need, 2 defenders.
I don't care about any other signing or player released. Until we get defense, Wenger is treading water.

Posted by Gitau on 07/13/2011

Despite the fact that AW has been in this game longer than most of us does not mean our opinions are of lesser weight.AW as fans we are frustrated by lack of trophies.I believe we need world class defenders who don't concede 4 goal against NUFC or even two against tottenham in the second half.We need guys like Samba, Cayhill,Merterscker and also a defensive mid fielder like Lass Diara and world class striker coz RVP often get injuries.If fab wants to go let him go bring in stewart/juan or even vidal.

Posted by Maran on 07/14/2011

I applaud your attempt Sam. But I seriously think there is nothing to be optimistic about. We have seen this for many seasons. First pretend to look for players; Delay as much as possible; Second try and keep want away players; Third get some good deals and young players in; And lastly try last minute deals that falls through; Conclude by saying the current crop had performed well in the pre-seasone friendlies and are good for the season. And this is Arsene's tactful management of information to cover his inaction. It is really undermining the intelligence of supporters. It is mid July and where is the attempt to get a strong central defender? Where is the attempt to get a experienced, world class keeper? What about a defensive midfielder? Everything that contributed to perenniel failures is not addressed. I don't think many of us will really get optimistic till we see the committment from the manager in resolving the deficiencies. For me, it is still doom and gloom.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/14/2011

i just read wengers comments about zavi alonso and how disrespectfull he has been over cesc. but that particular artical wasnt what suprised me, it was the bit at the bottom of the artical in which he made a statement about spending money. apparently on one hand fans say he doesnt spend enough money and on the other hand us same fans say he spends to much. i have never read or heard any fan say he spends to much, if you ask me he just came out with a blatent lie. are the arsenal board fans of the club cos they mite be the ones telling him he spends to much cos it definitly aint any of the real fans who pay for the club with ticket price increases and shirt sales. my message to all fans is this. if wenger wont buy any defenders or a goalkeeper before the season starts its time to think something rotten is happening at the club and its us fans who are being insulted and laughed at behind closed doors. wenger is a shareholder so why would he want to spend what is effectively his money.

Posted by brando on 07/15/2011

Arsene Wenger needs to go!!!!

Posted by joe on 07/15/2011

Sam, I think Cheik Tiote has the 'Viera Mould'. He has established himself so well in the engine room of NC last season. The first time I saw him play, I thought AW should have bought him, not NC! Spurs are ready to splash 10M for him. For a commanding DM, he should be a brilliant signing for us, plus Alex Song needs a super tough competition!

Posted by jesty on 07/15/2011

pls lets nt b carried away,wher our team nds reinforcemt is d DEFENSE.pls let arsene wenger get defenders by all means else no trophy next season.GOOD DEFENDERS,deFENdERS,DEFENDERS,DEFENDERS,DEFENDERS,DEFENDERS,DEFENDERS,dEFENDERS,DEFENDERS,DEFEnDERS nOTHIN ELSE.

Posted by C.J on 07/15/2011

Pleas al fans let us execis a litle bit of patiant cos the summer is stil far am sure AW wil not disapoint us.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/15/2011

i hear king kenny has flown back to england ahead and cut his tour of asia short so he can sign stewart downing. thats what i call a busy manager who is doing all he can to sign the best players he can. what is wenger doing apart from wasting time scouting for youngsters. if we all new wenger would use every tactic in the book to delay signing any of the so called targets he has named. its all a front to make it look like he is trying but he really just wants to keep the gates full at the emirates so his arsenal shares go up. he new last summer the problems that accure when you leave things till the last minute. so why is he wasting time on developing teenagers and strikers again. the defence is the problem area not upfront. are we all to believe he cant see that. every season is the same and the fans keep believing the lies that come out of wengers mouth. i give it till march/april befor he starts kicking the bottles again and saying his team are so close

Posted by Indra Santosa on 07/16/2011

Arsenal have been taking Barcelona's young players for years and years... I think, for fairness sake, Cecs should be allowed to rejoin his childhood club. Scott Parker is a capable enough midfielder to fill in the vacant Cecs' spot. And he is quite cheap for Arsene the Miser. As for Nasri.. ho hum.. no one's cheap on the horizon yet it seems... but why not try Ryo in his position? Nothing to lose, really...

Posted by Anonymous on 07/17/2011

seriously, having been an arsenal fan for a decade. mr wenger needs to wake up! it is true arsenal will never lacks in the talent department. but they are serverly lacking with players that run the arsenal blood. every champion team had one virtue which is a spinal of die hard true fan who is a player. arsene is trying very hard to develop this but with young players and if success is not immediate, such yearly exit of players is not unexpected. giggs, gerrad, adams, etc. these players creates a point of stability in the team. mr wenger does need new signing and ensure it is not only the signing of talent and also integrity. we cant fault folks wanting to leave, they are young and itz an expected behaviour to strive for the top. yes exciting to watch however i now realize the meaning of you can't win with kids. indeed true. imagine a company only hires free grads who are way talented to run a business, how far do you think it can go. highly profitable but can never BE THE BEST

Posted by Anonymous on 07/17/2011

stop the nasir and fabreges issues and start to buy players like defender and keeper. since both nasir and fabreges want to leave then no point to keep them since they already decided. buy replacement to replace them

Posted by Anonymous on 07/17/2011

Defender: Cahill, Samba and Per Mertesacker
Midfielder: Sneijder, Scott Parker, Mata, Mikel Arteta, Tim Cahill, Charles N'Zogbia, Arjen Robben
Striker: Sergio Agüero, Samuel Eto'o, Edinson Cavani, Antonio Di Natale

Posted by Anonymous on 07/17/2011

lukaku, another devopling teenager. what is wrong with wenger, why is he still buying these unproven youngsters that will take at least three years to mature. by the time these players start to show their value to the game the new crop of the arsenal we see now will be different from the arsenal we see then, cos the players will be fed up and request to leave like fab and nasri. we need defenders and a goalkeeper and that is it. dalgleish flew back from his pre season tour to sign downing, now that what i call working hard to get the best players for your club, and making a statement that the club are heading in the right direction. what is wenger doing? he is wasting time on signing not really needed at the club and moaning about other managers tactic towards his players interest. it all amounts to greed at the end of the day, wenger holds shares in the club and wants to make profits just like the board do and that why you wont see him spend like other managers.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/17/2011

wenger dont like spending money cos he is a shareholder . is it fair that because of this he fobs the fans of with six trothyless seaons. the transitionall period is over and yet the club havnt made any progress at all. apparently there is a unity at the club, but glichy who had been at the club the longest showed how strong that unity is by slaighting the club for not winning anything. why is wenger so conserned with how much money the club are making, managers shouldnt be conserened with such things unless the clubb are near administration, and this arsenal are far from that. And why build a new stadium and tell the fans its so he can compete in the transfere market against the likes of manu, chesea and city etc, when all along that isnt the real reason at all. the club would have been better of staying at highbury if his policy is to not spend. but what he has done is tell the fans a lie so their ticket money will pay for the stadium. once the stadium is payed for all profits go to?

Posted by innocent on 07/17/2011

wenger should try and sign Samba,Cahill, Given,and a left winger,midfieder that will substitude Song.add one striker.he should sale Aluminia,Bendtner and Denilson.try 2 keep Nasri and Fabregas at time 2 waste

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