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Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

I heard a rumour and I'm not a big fan of them, but seeing we have a tense wait before Saturday's match, I thought I'd drop it here and get some feedback from you.

Apparently, Diego and members of his coaching staff have agreed in playing 3-4-3 v. Germany.

DEMICHELIS-BURDISSO-HEINZE (SAMUEL is apparently not ready to make a comeback yet)

That's your 3-4-3.

Whilst I think it's risky to play with a backline of three after playing with four every game so far, I don't think this is such a crazy idea.

We are talking about a 3-4-3 that could very well be considered as a 5-2-3 or 5-3-2 when we are under attack.

How? Jonas and Clemente could drop back and become defenders. They would be out there covering ÖZIL and PODOLSKI and helping MASCHERANO in chasing MULLER or SCHWEINSTEIGER (if he joins their forwards), but they could also join in the attack when we have the ball.

VERON would have a free role around MASCHERANO and would read the game to see what is needed from him at every moment.

The three at the back will have to worry about Miroslav KLOSE and will have to help out Jonas and Clemente when they are one against two in coverage.

I said it could be a 5-3-2 because I see TEVEZ dropping back a little bit if we are under real pressure.

The 5-2-3 could show up if we are set out to counterattack Germany. An early 1-0 lead for Argentina would be the perfect scenario for this. With Jonas and Clemente not needing to surge forward that much and with VERON launching long passes for the three guys up front.

Honestly, without even talking about the names, I don't think this would be such a crazy idea and I actually like it.

You could think of Maxi or DI MARIA instead of Jonas and Clemente. You could have a case for BOLATTI or PASTORE instead of VERON.

With this tactic and with the players we've got in South Africa, I think Jonas and Clemente would be better options than Maxi and DI MARIA. And I also think this could be a good chance for VERON to dictate the rhythm of the game and use all his experience. It could too much to give PASTORE his first start in such difficult conditions -even though I don't doubt PASTORE for a second, but the game is 90 minutes long -possibly 120- and he can still make an impact as a sub depending on how the game develops).

It still pains me to be without Javier ZANETTI as this would have been a perfect game for him. And Esteban CAMBIASSO would have been perfect to do the same on the left. ZANETTI and CAMBIASSO instead of Jonas and Clemente and I'd be 100% sure of our victory. With their experience, their form and their ability to play as wing-backs and midfielders with the same level of peformances, it would have been just perfect to have them out there.

Still, I think it's a good idea and I think it could give us the best possible chance to play Germany, probably be solid at the back, have a couple of holding midfielders (and one of them who could be a playmaker too) and all that without sacrificing none of our three forwards.

Wow! That's a long analysis based on a crazy rumour! I'm sure you'll understand I can't think of anything else than this game on Saturday!

Join us at Mundo Albiceleste, to hear what hundreds of fans of the Albicelestes from all over the world have to say!


Posted by Ujwol on 07/01/2010

Hi sebastian,
DEMICHELIS may know about the germans very well, but the guy makes lots of mistakes..i'd prefer HEINZE moving toward the CB alongside BURDISSO if samuel doesn't make it,coz HEINZE has played in this position very often and is very good in the if SAMUEL is out why not shift HEINZe alongside BURDISSO and clemente on the

otamendi BURDISSO HEINZE clement



Posted by Yousuf on 07/01/2010

hi I love your blog Sebastian Garcia.

i have to agree with this format, but i think that we must control the midfield and then get an early goal, messi will be much more influential in this format because he will be able to take on defenders...

only thing is we must be focussed and not loose on counter attack which the germans are too good at.

Posted by scott on 07/01/2010

I wonder if Mourinho had a hand in these tactics!??

Posted by sam on 07/01/2010

Considering the individual talent of all the players in the Albiceleste squad, a 3-4-3 formation (transformable to a 5-3-2) should work fine to start the match, and the team has plenty of players to choose from. I have other types of concerns for the coming game:

1) Argentina has always scored first against every opponent in this tournament and were never behind. What will Diego's strategy be "if..." ? I still have the 0-6 score against Bolivia in my mind.

2) If anything, the Germans are more "tactical" than the "technical" Argentinians and have the capability to punish effectively in FK, CK and throw-in situations.

3) In my opinion, Messi's position in the pitch will be crucial to prevent the speedy conter-attacks of the Germans, for which I think, he should be much closer to the right-band as he plays in Barcelona. Jonas' cover (I personally like Maxi better) will be fundamental when Messi attacks diagonally.

4) I hope I am wrong, but I am afraid Samuel will be missed...

Posted by SU on 07/02/2010

It dosent matter. Argentina will loose, they will be okay only if they play defensive football.


Posted by John on 07/02/2010

What physical contact that is allowed is the crucial factor.Germans will apply zonal and blocking is a key method of keeping the shape.they are more physical in their own league and always have been.we lost in 2006 when maxi was brought down and if Rahman sees things the same way and he will we should not expect any favors.we never have had any in the past so we can only apply a higher ability in a changing formation during the win

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