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Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

It's the late hours of Tuesday, 29 June and even though most of you will read this on the 30th, I can't ignore the fact that 24 years ago today, Argentina defeated West Germany 3-2 at the Azteca Stadium to win the 1986 Mexico World Cup. How many times have we watched those images and how many frustrations have we lived since then? 24 years later, it's Germany in our way again and we need to stop with this painful streak against them. It still hurts to remember how they beat us in the final in 1990 and how they eliminated us on penalties four years ago. It's time to stop them now.

And what would be the best way to do so?

Frankly, I'm not so sure. Do we try to beat them at their own game? Or do we try to play our way?

What do I mean?

Simple. Do we play with wide midfielders (Maxi, Jonas or DI MARIA for example) to run their dangerous offensive midfielders down the flanks and try to beat them at their game? With pace and power?

Or do we play possession midfielders (VERON, BOLATTI, PASTORE plus MASCHERANO)?

Both ways could work. Both could fail.

I heard Jonas could be playing instead of DI MARIA and the rest of the team would be unchanged from our starting XI v. Mexico.

I see then Maxi on the right (chasing Lukas PODOLSKI and helping Nicolás OTAMENDI) and Jonas on the left (going after Mesut ÖZIL and giving Gabriel HEINZE a hand). Thomas MULLER plays more of a free role and roams around the entire 3/4 when they attack, so I'm thinking MASCHERANO could be minding his runs.

That formation and lineup would probably keep us covered at the back. I use the word 'probably' because with the talent Germany have (especially up front) you are never sure of cover for all of their weapons. They could be thinking the same, of course.

That's the other matter. How will we attack them? MESSI, TEVEZ and HIGUAIN should all start, but if we really are playing with Maxi and Jonas together with MASCHERANO in midfield, my fear is: who would provide our three forwards with the ball?

That's why I'm also thinking of the other option (not that MARADONA has it in mind -as far as I know-). What if we forget about what Germany do and concentrate on keeping the ball a la Spain and attack them instead?

I know we won't get to the same level of beautiful passing game Spain have shown since even before they won the Euro 2008. But we could try to frustrate Germany by denying them of the chance to enjoy a lot of possession.

I would be playing a fast RB like Clemente RODRIGUEZ instead of OTAMENDI (though I don't have a problem with the way Nicolás is playing, I would incline on using Clement because of his speed) and sticking with Gabriel HEINZE on the left (no, I'm not a fan of him overnight, but I have to give him credit for playing a very solid World Cup so far and I need my LB to defend exclusively if I'm going to use a midfield with more possession and attacking mentality).

My two CB, by the way, would be Nicolás BURDISSO and Walter SAMUEL. I'm not trusting Martín DEMICHELIS so far. I'm sorry.

In front of them, I would go with a combo of holding midfielders with MASCHERANO and Mario BOLATTI. Both could turn into defensive mode if we lose the ball and both could link up well with passing the ball around (especially BOLATTI). A little bit forward and just behind MESSI and TEVEZ, I'd use Javier PASTORE.

He would create mis-matches all over the pitch for Germany. Playing together with MESSI and knowing that TEVEZ could drop back a little bit every now and then, our rivals wouldn't know who to mark and where to mark him. Yes, we could risk being a little exposed on the flanks, but if Germany attack us from the wings, BOLATTI and MASCHERANO could give some support to whoever needs it. Just the thought of thinking of the creative mind of PASTORE linking up with MESSI and both benefiting from TEVEZ's X-factor and HIGUAIN's movement, makes me dream of great things.

That's why I keep asking myself. Do we play them at their game? Or do we play our traditional style?

I don't know. I keep playing this game over and over in my head. It's killing me.

How is this match developing in your brain and in your heart?

Join us at Mundo Albiceleste, to hear what hundreds of fans of the Albicelestes from all over the world have to say!


Posted by Yousuf on 06/30/2010

Firstly i love Argentina till death...

I have to agree and say we must play our game.


Otamendi Samuel Burdisso Heinze

Pastore Mascherano Di Maria

Messi Higuan Teves

That will be my starting for Saturdays game

Posted by Sari on 06/30/2010

I saw the Germans against England, their attacking formation can easily get passed our midfield and defence if Maradonna decides to push the players higher on the pitch and therefore leaving a big space between the midfield and the defence like he did in most of the first matches. Definitely need to have two midfield players to constantly drop back, but that will weaken our abilities to control the ball and get it to the front three. We can rely on counter-attack something that the Germans exploited against England. Dropping Tevez to the box from time to time and allowing him to run the ball forward towards Messi and Higuain.

Posted by y2k156 on 06/30/2010

I think we will have to look back at Argentina Germany in March this year. Argentina started with quite a defensive line up and I expect similar line up this time round. So basically Romero - Otamandi/Samuel/Demichelis/Heinze-Mascherano/Gutiarrez/Dimaria/Messi-Tevez/Higuan. In march, Veron was in middle and Tevez started on bench. So i expect Messi to drop deeper with Tevez and Higuain also on flanks to provide additional protection. Argentina will hold quite a deep back line and with bodies in midfield, i doubt if Germans will get as much space. In addition, Mascherano will make sure that Ozil or Muller will not find it as easy to find space within lines. Germans will likely have better system and positional sense while Argentines will likely depend on better quality of players. I do expect both teams to score so the question would be who scores more. As Argentina fan, i hope it is argentina but i see this match as quite even right now.

Posted by Srujan on 06/30/2010

I think argentina defence is very week wen compared with german's plz concentrrate on d defence line if u want to win...

Posted by R Sridhar Rao on 06/30/2010

Messi played a much deeper role against mexico than he normally does. And that was because, Mascherano was the only central midfielder behind him. Thus, to allow Messi's full attacking flair, we need more cover behind him. Thats why i want Veron or Bolatti to play.I'd prefer Veron for his experience and his long-rangers. Maxi seems to be quite ineffective on the right wing. Frankly, I think Messi's and Tevez's movement is fluid enough to take care of the right wing and the centre.
Germany's main weapon is their pace and counter attacking style. Thus Veron and Masch will be our most important players, tracking down the runs of ozil and khedira from midfield.
My biggest worry is Heinze. He looks way too slow to handle mueller or ozil on the wing. Clemente does have the pace, but his defensive abilities are questionable, as he likes to bomb forward on the left too often...
My team would be Romero, Otamendi, Samuel, Burdisso, Heinze, Masch, Veron, Di Maria, Messi, Tevez, Higuain.

Posted by Germanyalltheway! on 06/30/2010

You guys are just to afraid of Germany!
Germany is the best team now, and I have no doubts we will win again! I'd love to defeat Argentina again!

Posted by A.K.M. sabbir on 06/30/2010

I think pastore should be used in the midfield he is creative, aggressive and can hold the ball well, Heinze is gr8 upto now, Samuel , Burdisso should as center back, in order to strengthen the defensive midfield i am not sure who should accompany with Mascherano. but we hav to stop the quick run of Germans. podoloski and Ozil is the main chain supplier, Muller is responsible for creating confusion. We need one run from Messi. I hope he will score that day.

Posted by Warren Dunick on 06/30/2010

I think Germany will win. I certainly hope they do anyway so Maradona doesnt get a chance to make the efforts of such a fantastic team (and they are a fantastic team!) just another "look at me I am awesome" opportunity.

Argentina play awesome football and I love watching you,( I am in New Zealand by the way and already have tickets to watch the Boca Juniors play here in a few weeks!), but I just cant stand Maradona. The man is/was a superb footballer, no denying that, but the arrogance is just too much to deal with. Look at Messi for an example of how greatness behaves.

He deserves to win the cup, but I fear it wont be him who did it, at least in the mind of Maradona anyway.


Posted by Hamdhan on 06/30/2010

yes we must play our game with two holding midfielders and no Demichellis in this match! He makes too many mistakes and we can't afford any mistakes in defence when playin with germany.Pastore should be in the startin eleven to play alongside messi.Later in the second half we can bring in aguero to replace tevez or higuain just to freshen up
and if we score goals and lead bring on another defender like clemente. That is in the last few minutes of the game.

so it will be romero/heinze/samuel/burdisso/otamendi/macherano/bolatti/pastore/messi/tevez/higuain


vamos argentina!

Posted by lamin on 06/30/2010

Germany has a fantastic attack so do Argentina. i expect a very high standard display from both teams. ay prediction is Germany vs Argentina 3-2

Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

I want to extend an apology to everyone of my readers. I woke up today and read a couple of comments that I got while I was sleeping. I always check comments and read them to make sure nobody is offending nobody and when I was editing the comments I got last night, I completely missed the reference one of our readers made about Hitler and allowed it to be published. I didn't read that comment entirely and it is my fault that it got through and you guys had to read such a terrible comment.
I hope you accept this apology and next time I'll make sure I'll drink my morning coffee and read each message very thoroughly before I hit the 'publish' button.
I have now removed the original comment and the replies some of you sent to the author.
Let's keep up the football discussion without making references to disgraceful things that have nothing to do with the beautiful game, whatever team you support.
Thank you very much and again, I'm sorry for that mistake. It certainly won't happen again.

Posted by Umang on 06/30/2010

Hi Sebastian,
A very good morning from an Indian fan from Australia. :)

I have been thinking of the same thing since Germany trounced England. One thing I noticed for German campaign is they are very good at counter but they have failed miserably in creating chances and chasing the game. (1-0 loss to Serbia, 1-0 win over Ghana, in which Ghana also created equal/more chances but lacked finishing touch up front.) and 2 of their 4 goals against Eng and Aust. were on Counter.

So, scoring first is the key if we want to convincingly win the game. Given our defence, we can also be chasing the game, and they will have upper hand. So, we have to cut their runs in the Midfield, and keep possession. If needed we can cut on strikers and put extra MFs or RB/LBs.

Romero-Samual-Burdisso-Otamendi-Masch-Maxi-Pastore-Angel-Messi-Tevez-Higuain would be my starting lineup.
Super Subs as Aguero, Milito, Heinze, Veron, Bolatti, Jonas and Clemente Rodriguez depending on the need of the game.

Posted by manih on 06/30/2010

---------Romero --------
heinze---Demecheilis---Samuel---clemente rodriguez




demechilis must be in start up..coz he knows german players more than anyone in the team... and he is used to facing them..masch and bollati are crucial in stopping ozil and mueller.Masch could also provide help to one of the wings and bolatti the other. These two will win the ball back and feed it to pastore, who then provides messi/tevez/ higuain.

and in the second half we could bring on Millito, Aguero, or Di Maria to punish the Germans even more!!!!/group.php?gid=107450319302589

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

I'm a great fan of Argentina and waiting since 1990, to take revenge on Germans. i hope Argentina will play their natural attacking game against Germany, only thing worrying at this moment is Argentine defence. they should concentrate a bit on their defence.

Hope,it should be a 2-1 win over Germany.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

I'm from Argentina but I'm afraid Germany will win. They're simply playing better and not making as many mistakes as Argentina. Messi is playing in the wrong position and Di Maria, Veron and Maxi are not controling the ball as they should.

The only chance we have is for Pastore to help Messi and Messi should play right forward the same way he plays at Barcelona.

I'm sorry but the best team should win and I'm afraid this time is Germany.

Posted by macca on 07/01/2010

i have enjoyed watching both of these teams so far and its a shame both teams can't get through. the germans have incredible movement in the attacking 3rd and the argentine defence has looked less than ordinary so far, sorry but they don't seem to have the options available to sort it out so i see nothing other than the germans progressing. really wanted Messi to dazzle in the final but maybe he'll do it in brazil 2014, the argentine stars are very young so they'll be very strong at next wc

Posted by brazil for life on 07/01/2010

if Demecheilis plays argentina sure to lose

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

While this will be a tough game and Germany is a good team, Argentina is simply better. This will not be a repeat of four years ago. Honestly, I don't think this game will be as close. Germany has a lot of class, but they have a lot of gaps in their midfield and their defense is not the toast of the cup. Sure, they beat England 4-1, but England was clearly a substandard team. Argentina is not. I predict 3-1 victory for Argentina.

Posted by Fareez Iskandar on 07/01/2010

I hope both teams play their own game and go for the goals!!! This is a great match-up! Attacking flair all round and both teams sure know how to put the ball into the net!!! Come on... I'm a fan of Argentina, but this German team is so un-German that I'm falling in love with the way they play now... I hope both sides score early, and go on to out-score each other. Forget the defence... save yourselves the headache!!! Hahaha!!!

Posted by Patricio on 07/01/2010

Like Sebastian said, the best method for an Argentine victory is for them to keep possession from Germany with their fantastic quick and short passes. Remember the Serbia/Montenegro game during last world cup? Yes, Serbia wasn't playing well, but Argentina would make over 20 passes without losing possession and would then take advantage of the other players' frustration and go for the goal.

Vamos Argentina!

Posted by oogudoowa on 07/01/2010

No worries, Argentina will hoist the cup.
quater final will be Messi's match. He will scre two goals, Higuain 1, Tevez will be cuationed early in the match, but will score a goal.
Germany would score 1 or 2

Posted by ian on 07/01/2010

first off, VIVA ARGENTINA! i've been impressed by their run through the cup so far and especially by the chemistry they seem to have as an entire team right now. unfortunately, germany is the only other team that also seems to have that completely fraternal feel to it. I'm not very confident in demichelis...out of position too often and tentative/off-target in his passing. is samuel going to be healthy for this match? if so, dimechelis should be replaced by him. gutierrez shouldn't see the light of day, he's a weak link. i'd love to see pastore start...we need speed and aggression out there and i think he'd serve the ball well to messi.

i think germany is susceptible (at least as much as argentina is) on defense and that the game will open up quickly. look for messi to step up and be the decider (even if he doesn't score...he's been the most influential player out there, assisting or creating rebound chances for others, also demanding double and triple teams)

Posted by fredy on 07/01/2010

oh man germany will kill them ozil will score at list 2 goals and muller 1 dont forgat podolski and klosa my o my i cant wait to see tevez crying on the field like cristian ronaldo did

Posted by Binod on 07/01/2010

Tough call!
lots of tatents VS a tough opponent

Otamendi samuels/demechilles burdisso heinze Maxi maschereno Veron
1. Tevez to play a bit deeper than higuan and links with maxi/otamendi.
2. messi to starts from deep linking with veron, and opening space for tevez/higuan.

1. Bollati for Maxi, was impressive against Greece, holding the ball well and good passes)
2.Pastore for veron, links well with messi, holds and passes

Posted by cannons96gk on 07/01/2010

i think argentina is not as good as evryone makes them seem i mean yeah messi is the best player in the world but there not strong enoungh in the mid field to beat germany who has such a strong attack germany wins 2-1

Posted by Sadat on 07/01/2010

I’m from Bangladesh but I m confused about Argentina vs. Germany game. I think there is 50-50 chance to win both the team.

Maradona must need a magic touch …………………..if he wanna win

Posted by michael on 07/01/2010

i'am from seychelles and a great fan of argentina .all i want is for diego to prove all the critics wrong .argentina will win

Posted by slim jim on 07/01/2010

At first I was disappointed with the media attention given to Schweinsteiger and his comments, etc. But now I think if all this pent up frustration comes out from both sides it will result in a better game on Saturday. I am pulling for Germany because of my blood, but I've always enjoyed watching Argentinien football. It's going to be a great game. To beat Germany it will take possession, Messi poking holes in the midfield and strikers making one extra move to get out of the way of those long legs of German defenders and Lahm's quick ones. Thank you South Africa! Go Germany!

Posted by Wild Son on 07/01/2010

I am no fan of both, but right now, I want Germany beaten (just for Backenbauer!).

I'd say play your own game, let them do the worry.You have smaller-sized attackers vs their 'giant' central defenders. 101% Tevez and Messi will penetrate them time and time again with their skills and speed. Even the worst team at this world cup,England, penetrated them on a few occasions.

Your defenders are much smarter and fitter than the stupid England defenders. Your only worry is to stop their playmaker, that Schwarsten....whatever his name is.

Posted by Chopan_afg on 07/01/2010

I Hope Its A Clean Game I Think It Well Be The Best Game Of W C 2010 IPick Germany 3-1 Wine

Posted by NEERAJ on 07/01/2010

Its GERMANY all the way. THE fast Attaching Game will Demolish every thing and anything come in the way of them winning the 2010 World Cup.

OZIL, PODOLSKI and KLOSE will make it happen for the Deutschen

Germany, Germany above all
Above everything in the world

Posted by bilal on 07/01/2010

argentina will win...! but do not go till the penalties cuz it will b anybody's game then... do score early

Posted by Ash on 07/01/2010

Hi Guys.
Im ashveer from Mauritius. I am A fan of Maanschaft. But i must say their football is not consistent. Furthermore, podolski needs klose and vice versa. Neutralising one, and the effectiveness of the play decreases. But i believe in their chance. Maradona was an AWESOME player..but a sh** of a person with too much arrogance. and his character can be reflected on the players like tevez also, who seems to be overconfident.
Argentina are good but not their mentality
Deutschland über alles

Posted by richard kambikambi on 07/01/2010

hi there, im a bit worried about argentina's way of attack! i see them attack as a whole team and thats not safe against those expert counter attacker germans,so please watch your back,good luck argentina!

Posted by Hoernerice on 07/01/2010

Hi from germany ^^
I just hope it will be entertaining match without 11m shooting ^^
I see both team at same lvl. So i think the team, which get its playstyle on the field, will win.
Ofc i hope it will our team (germany ^^) and when not.....99.9% from us germans didnt belive that we get so far with this team before world cup. and i still see them, if they keep their lvl of playing, more as a candidate for 2014 then now....everything since after the preround is bonus in my eyes already =)But also that could be the little differnt at this lvl to win a game...they have less to loose in the game then argentina do.
hope we will see the best match of the WC 0/

Posted by sanjib Poudel on 07/01/2010

I'm a great fan of Argentina and i want a goal from Argentina with in 10 minutes it helps to create pressure to Germany and game will be trun to favour of Argentina.Messi played well but can not score i want his score against Germany.I don't want to see miss pass from all players as like as the game against Nigeria

Posted by victor on 07/01/2010

I'm argentinean in the usa. Argentina should go to their strength which is attacking futbol. let the germans worry about that. if it doesn't work at least we went went with our strength. argentina 4-2.

Posted by Jerrik on 07/01/2010

Hello everyone,
I am a German living in Canada so yes I want Germany to win very badly. BUT,... I am almost 100% sure that whoever scores first will win. Almost, because since both teams' defenses have looked more than shaky at various point throughout the tournament there could still be more goals. Regardless both teams are fantastic at running the pitch at a very fast pace when they have room. Germany doesn't have to focus as much on Messi as some people might think. The reason he has been so effective despite not scoring is that all the double and triple teams have allowed him to give the ball to Tevez or Higuain at the last second, creating the space they have used very well to score so far. The weakness I see with Germany is clearly the sometimes missing communication between the CBs. If Argentina take advantage of those opportunities they have a good chance. To possibly one of the greates games in recent memory between two excellent teams my friends!! Good luck and have fun

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

Go Germany

Posted by AZZO on 07/01/2010

Am abig fan of albiceleste,bt maradona should concentrate in his defence,they r argentina11111111

Posted by Haridass on 07/01/2010

I saw Germany game.They will try to attack us in counter attack.That what i saw in England match.Argentina can win this game easily if they keep the ball possession and score and early goal.

This will give pressure to Germany side.Imagine a goal down and lose possession.Player like Podolski and Bastin easily lost their patient and will start to play rough.This may cause Germany lost a player due to Red cards.

Argentina just stick to your game plan.Dont scared to this little European country.
Remember this word :-

English create football but we Latin will teach them how to play football.


Posted by Yang Naing on 07/01/2010

ARGENTINA vs Germany. This is very interesting contest between two great teams. But .. I think ARGENTINA hv the edge to win it coz they hv more talented players than the rest in this World Cup. Look at how Lionel Messi is playing. Even though he is not scoring goals up to now in this WC, his tries are denied by bad luck or wonderful saves by opposition's keepers all the time. Look at Carlos Tevez's hunger for success & how he is playing. And .. a whole ARGENTINA team is playing with their hearts out. I sense it they will win this World Cup in style. They hv their weakness in Defence but they can cover it up by scoring more goals than their opponents. To be honest, I didn't know that GERMANY's Ozil has such a talent. The way he play is amaizing & MULLER as well. And .. all German teams are made of Steel as they say. So .. winning against GERMANY won't be easy. They are mentally very strong. If ARGENTINA play with attacking football without fear,the Germans will collapse. 3:1 to ARGENTINA

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

frankly, I hv seen both teams played and must said both were equally impressive. I believe it's going to be a fantastic game..Ozil for germany and messi for argentina, watch out for these 2 players. argentina shown great attacking football but the germans counter attack is awecome!
My heart go with the germans!

Posted by mus on 07/01/2010

Maradona has so far been playing with only one midfielder in mascherano so far. It has worked well so far against weak opposition and it will backfire against argentina. It is crazy to play 4-1-5. I dont consider rodriguez and di maria midfielders.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2010

Argentina needs to get rid of Maradona. Go Germany!

Posted by Mani on 07/01/2010

Dear Sebastian,and the rest of you all(who have posted!)
I'm from India,and let me start off by saying that Aye too love Argentina to death!Always have and always will!It all started in 1986, at that WC where I got baptised into football!
Everyone on here is raving on about positions and players.Let me share my views which are more layman, but more passionate at the same time. Anyone here thinks Germany is the better team or play better football...PLEASE go home!They lost to Serbia and struggled against Ghana.I oh-so-badly wanted Ghana to crush them out of the WC.Germany has been a constant thorn in Arg's flesh ever since FIFA 90.They should NEVER have won in '90.That cup belonged to Maradona!
The way to stop Germany on Saturday is put them under PRESSURE the way England did. Secondly, Germany always shows up it's weakness when they are challenged and not allowed the space to play or given freedom of movement. Thirdly, and not everyone may agree, tactics like Spain used against Ronaldo

Posted by qtub de maria on 07/01/2010

argentina will win, stick to the mexico line-up for starting, its good, entertaining, practical and effective to force opponent to play on argentina's plan. it just that, demecheliss need to tied his long hair, he looks like he's more concerns of his hair than of blocking long passes and overhead dummies...hehehehe, whenever he tie his hair in bayern, no balls can pass his walls,
just my 2 cents...
good luck argentina!!!
u'r goal will eventually come messi, the time has not arrived yet,
played as a team as always, hopefully you'll come out with flying colors!!!

Posted by Mani on 07/01/2010

Klose,Podolski and Ozil will Have to be contained thru unsavoury tactics like the opposition so loves against the great Messi.
To ALL you Maradona haters on this column...GO HOME to Mama!...Maradona is a Living Legend and he has proven it not just as a player but now as a coach as well!!I'm Passionate about Argentina, and Maradona is PASSIONATE about his team..and he Shows it at every match.If at all,I WANT Argentina to win this WC FOR Maradona.The wait has been killing(ever since 1990!).Moreover, None of the coaches/managers have inspired the kind of performance shown in this WC,in the earlier Cups...So Hurrah Maradona! We LOVE you!!
Back to the Match...some of my concerns are that Messi will be repeatedly and violently fouled. Lightening quick counters by Germany, and a weak defence.
My predictions for Formation are either 4-3-3 or the classic 4-3-1-2.A surprise could also be sprung with a defensive 5-3-2 in the earlier half.
The score will be 3-2 Arg-Germ. Viva Argentina!

Posted by sam on 07/01/2010


You have the right to be passionate & enthusiastic (with "layman" views), but...:

1) It´s no sin to be rooting for Germany the same way you are biased for Argentina... and probably many people are following this blog from "home" so don't worry!

2) "put them under pressure the way England did"... hmmm... are you serious?

3) Didn't Spain beat Portugal precisely because they stuck to their game and were not overconcerned about CR9?

4) Contain "thru unsavoury tactics"...? Whaaaat?

5) I think it takes a lot more than being "passionate and inspiring" to become a "Living Legend" as a "coach/manager"... don't you think?

Anyway, I expect a very fun game to watch. Monster Technique vs Methodical Strategy, Amazing Individuality vs Amazing Teamwork.

I love Argentinian football and respect German football, but I waited 4 years to see world class performances by all National Teams and this match contain every ingredients needed for a great show!

Saludos para todos!

Posted by Lily Westen on 07/01/2010

I am German and I am soooo rooting FOR ARGENTINA! I don't live in Germany anymore, and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the whole attitude and arroganz and sense of entitlement to be the soccer gods so much anymore. I just read a couple of articles on a German website the other day and had once again already had it. The way the German media and seemingly everyone over there has it in for Argentia - UGH! No wonder the Argentinians are talking back.
I just hope all the right decisions are made. Argentina can NOT lose against the Germans again. They just CAN'T! GO ARGENTINA!

Posted by Jason Palumbo on 07/01/2010

Every team is an extension of their coach.

So let's look at Diago Primadonna

An overweight, drug addicted, narcissist, who kindly refers to the press as "sons of whores" and frequently verbally attacks an aging transcendent icon of sports "Pele"

He also possessed otherworldly talent as a player.

He cannot pass on his talent, however he is doing a fantastic job at transferring his arrogance to the aspiring footballers.

Now let's look at Joachim Loew.

He has calmly, with great class helped lead his team to a third place finish in the last WC as Jurgen Klinsman's assistant. Then as head coach led the team to a second place in the Euro championship. Now? The team is an offensive force that can even muster an attack with only ten men.

He also picks and eats boogers.

Call me crazy I'm backing the cool booger eater over the arrogant narcissist.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/02/2010

german will win this one due to they got too many dangerous player around who can score. argentina only rely on messi. haguin need support, tever is dangerous but he alone cant change a game. german movement in the final third of the field is unpreditable..argentina ace is messi. german danger man can be anyone. i chose german team to win against messi one man team argentina.

Posted by sam on 07/02/2010

u guys (both germany and argentina fans) all shut need to argue and stop the mouth war....
Football is a sport, not politics ..wait and time will prove who will win.

Posted by capello on 07/02/2010

Germans are clinical, do not allow needless defensive errors. Do not give them space just outside the penalty box.

Klose and Muller should be man marked or tightly marked. You frustrate them, you'll frustate the entire German team.

Messi should be given a free role - those tall, big German players will foul him often and get cards or give a penalty. Germany is not comfortable playing with this type of player.

The forwards should not waste chances - Higuian, Tevez..

Veron makes too many passing errors, I don't think he's suitable for playing Germany. They will capitalise and punish Argentina for those type of mistakes that Veron make.

Make sure one holding midfielder with a defensive mindset playing all the time. England's error is preventable.

Maintain short pass strategy. Don't lose possession easily. The Germans are physically too strong or tall for long ball or winger-crossing strategy.

Lastly, must not lose focus till the last second of the game.

Posted by 808hawaiian on 07/02/2010

I think argentina just plays a dirtier game than the Germans do which is why I am hoping for a German victory. I agree with Schweisteiger, the Argentinian team really just doesn't show any respect to anyone and I think they're arrogance needs to be taken down a notch. Especially after Tevez's comments... I mean really, dude? Was he really serious when he said Mexico is a better team than Germany? Come ON!

Posted by John Dalis on 07/02/2010

I am Australian and love watching Argentina play..they will have too much class for Germany. Germany do not have a player like Messi that create something out of nothing..

Posted by Byson on 07/02/2010

Firstly, I think Maradona is using sentiments to make selections. I wonder why dimechellis is still playing. Please no dimechellis, he looks too shaky at the back. Secondly, Gutierrez, he is too slow, you can easily notice the difficulty in moving his body when he is running. Messi operates better when he comes from the right wing and then changes to the left. In fact he should be given a free role in this match. So my starting 11 will be Romero, Samuel, Burdisso, Otamendi, heinze, macherano, pastore, veron, messi, tevev and higuan. They will be on a 4-3-3 formation. no overlapping for otamendi and heinze, they should cover up at the middle when pastore ans veron go a litle too forward or to the wing. as usual veron to spread passes. with this formation, we can mke use of any available space whether at the wing or centre to attack the germans. Pastore can shine bc he is not well known and might be underatted

Posted by pal on 07/02/2010

Germany play a modern 4231 formation and they keep ball impecably, but unlike most midfield heavy gameplans they have a very fast and very direct attack in the final third, they do not go to the third or fourth phase in attack really they seek to score quickly. Why? two reasons. Firstly because the element of surprise in modern football is THE most important thing at this level something other teams are not reading. And secondly they keep their shape because quick attacking plays do not suck defensive players into the final third so they are always ready to defend and more importantly attack. So three things Argentina must do firstly when Germany attack they must hold them up in the final third and thus force the German defensive players up the pitch. Secondly when in possession Argentina must force the Germans to come to them so they have to defend further up the pitch. And third they must fight and hustle in midfield and never allow the Germans clean ball there. Simple eh Maradonna?

Posted by Brazilian Fan on 07/02/2010

I have supported Brazil all my life but not this time not under Dunga. Yes I do want an Argentina/Brazil final with Argentina winning. As a total Barcelona fan what more could I want for Messi.

Argentina will beat Germany especially if they score early. If Germany opens the scoring they begin to gel. If not they become frazzled. I have observed this during their campaign thus far.

I would open with your standard back four.
In front of them Marcherano & Bolatti
Then Pastore
Then Messi
Then Aguero (R) and Tevez (L)

Pastore links well with Messi & Messi with Tevez as has been seen BUT even more important Messi would link better with Kun than Higuain. Higuain does not respond as he should and very often has one touch too many by which time a defender is on to him. That triangle will explode

Outcome 3 1 Arg........then on to Brasil

N.B. The winner WILL have one hand on the Cup!

Posted by Ray on 07/02/2010

What if both teams waited for the other to attack so that they can counter-attack. That will result in a deadbeat game and extra time. Here's hoping both teams go for the goal right from the start.

Posted by remy remos on 07/02/2010

I wish maradona is reading this trail so he will consider not picking up demichelis and gutierrez in XI v Germany. Demichelis is too shaky for Klose & Mueller. Samuel is the better option. And need Pastore or Bollati in middle alongside Masch.
I am not worried about the forward as i trust the trio Messi/Tevez/Higuan will do a good job. All of them capable of scoring this Sat. Play the back four wisely and we are ready to take on the Deutchs. Maradona has the right to be arrogant, Argentina had won 4 games straight so far anyway. My prediction Arg 2 - Germany 1.

Posted by viknesh on 07/02/2010

me from malaysia and i support Argentina for every world cup. im very sure this year they can win germany and will proceed to semi & then finals.


Posted by Roslee on 07/02/2010

Maradona you can do it!!!! i believe you..

marking klose,muller & pdoski..
play graunder ball,

good luck all !!!!

Posted by chris njoroge on 07/02/2010

I think Germans hv better tactics than Argentina,especially on their defence wooou! its good and also they r taking it easy when passing ball to teammates. German 2 Diego 0 ama niaje?

Posted by Edward Chikwata on 07/02/2010

I have seen how the Germans play and the speed of their Game so I would play the same squad that played against Mexico and I will not put Veron for Tevez in the second half instead I would put Sergio Aguiro because Veron is now older, towards the end I would add walter samuel for Dimaria to beef up the defence that is if we will be carrying a narrow lead otherwise Milito needs to kick the Ball because I need him for his Height

Posted by CONAN on 07/02/2010

If I were Diego, I would go all attack. To beat Germany, a a very strong attacking opponent. I will go a foot further in attack. Defense won't do any good but when we loose first goal all will be over. To keep them in pressure would help our game. I predict who score more goals will qualify for next round....

Posted by gohar on 07/02/2010

Well, its quite earlier to predict the winner, but i guess it will Argentina, because big teams show their best on big match...
it will be Messi Vs ozil on weekend..

Posted by Anonymous on 07/02/2010

First of all i am a huge Italy supporter. However with the way Italy ended their run (lets not even go there)......The only other alternate team i wanted to win the worldcup was Argentina. I know Maradonna has been one of the most controvertial figures in football, and i can name a dozen prominent footballers trying to shun him, but what we cannot ignore is the fact that Maradonna is worshipped, not someone like Dunga or Joachim Low who have a fan following. Its not about whether you are as tactical or as prolific, Maradonna can instigate a cry within his squad that no other manager can at this point in time (sort of something like William Wallace). Having said that i dont see his team stuttering, even if it is infront of the germans.

Posted by Haridass on 07/02/2010

Please stop talking about Maradona

For me he is a great footballer and now a good coach

Please don't bring his personal behavior to his work

Every one of us has the dark side

Please don't pretend like all of you are so good

Look at your back before you look at Maradona's back

Maradona is a living legend the only man can be compare with Pele

Maradona is the great icon in world of football

Posted by piola vago on 07/02/2010

Nació en un barrio muy popular El fuerte apache se hace llamar El pibe siempre quizo jugar Y a su familia poder ayudar Hoy es un dia muy especial Porke carlitos pudo llegar Toda su gloria se va a disfrutar Y todos los giles se kieren matarY toda la midia se kieren matar Y ahora la gente grita sus goles El pibe tira sus caños Lo kieren de todos lados El pibe cumple su sueño Ahora tenemos una estrella mas *CARLITOS TEVEZ* se hace llamar el pibe de oro en las tapas esta y toda la prensa lo kiere bajar Y ahora el pibe tira sus caños Los deja a todos pagando Bailando con "PIOLA VAGO" Carlitos esta disfrutando

Posted by PDohm123 on 07/02/2010

Germany has played better football than Argentina this World Cup, the Serbia match notwithstanding. While Argentina is a tough team, I think if Germany plays smart, and doesn't let themselves get provoked easily by the Argentinian players, Germany could win.

If only by 2 - 1.

Posted by Mani on 07/02/2010

@ Sam...
Thanks for your comments!
I repeat...
1) Diego Maradona is a LIVING LEGEND.....BOTH as a player and as a coach
2) Argentina plays football....whereas Germany plays some kind of game which involves "methodological stragey" and all other gobbledegook.
3) Yes, England DID put germany under some serious pressure during that game. Please watch the highlights and observe the germans' body language.
4) Yes, Unsavoury tactics against Klose, Muller and the others coz that's what is being done to Messi, CR, and all the other greats.
Football today is very much physical, so I hope Tevez muscles himself into some of them Germans out there!
I rest my case.
@ Jason:-
"picks and eats boogers" and you support him?
Over someone who is arrogant and narcissistic?
I am at a loss for words!
Go Maradona!....Gooooo Argentina! We LOVE you!!

Posted by Til on 07/03/2010

How do you play? Forget it.
Germany is a well-oiled machine. Unstoppable.
You'll be lucky if you don't lose by a five goal difference.

Posted by Umang on 07/03/2010

I couldnt stop dropping my comment here, yesterday I saw the match Brazil vs. Holland. Brazil were a better side up until the Dutch started falling down all over the ground (especially Robben), and they just killed the game. After the frustration I dropped the comment criticising the Dutch on the Dutch Blog, and guess what?? It's not published !!!

I didnt use any foul language, didnt use any racist comments, it was just what I felt and I wanted them to know, and looks like they dont want to know.

It was not Brazil's day, but technically and sportsmanship wise they were better then crafty Dutch, but couldnt handle the mental game and Melo got sent off in the heat of the game.

Some players have a knack of diving, Italians, Germans, Dutch & Ronaldo to name a few. And I reckon, there should be an investigative watch for the fouls after the game, in which if a player is found play-acting should be banned from the next match.

Or This kills the game.

Posted by sam on 07/03/2010


Thank you for replying!

1) Really hope you are right about Diego being a Living Legend as a coach. Part of it, we will find out today.

2) As much as football is an art, it is also a battle of tactical dicipline, teamwork and strategy, decorated by improvisations which makes it a sport so loved by many. By the way, its "methodical", not "methodological"

3) I watched the ENG/GER match carefully and if body language express pressure, Brasil was under "serious" pressure against North Korea and Argentina too, at least, against Nigeria and Mexico. Pressure is always part of the game and ENG was not even close to what they are capable of doing. Watch some PL games and you will understand "pressure."

4) Being "physical" is not a synonym for "unsavoury tactics" and I think we all want to see a great spectacle... no?

Believe me, I am rooting for ARG because I live right nextdoor to them(in Chile). I just don´t think its necessary to disrespect the Germans.


Posted by Patrick Tong on 07/03/2010

Look why such negativity. Argentina has a wealth of attacking talent. Use them.

The Germans under Leow has only 1 direction forward so if Argentina has the talent, lets bring on an entertaining game.

Posted by Prine on 07/03/2010

Well, all that talk for nothing eh?
Germany World Cup Champions 2010?

Posted by perseus23 on 07/03/2010

Hey Mani

Quote Mani...
"Anyone here thinks Germany is the better team or play better football...PLEASE go home!"

Well Mani, guess who is going home now!! That 4:0 is especially for you.

Quote Lily Westen
"I am German...I don't live in Germany anymore, and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the whole attitude and arroganz...
Argentina can NOT lose against the Germans again. They just CAN'T! GO ARGENTINA!"

Please Lily, for the sake of you get another citizenship. You don't deserve to call yourself German. This 4:0 is also especially for you. With best wishes from your motherland...

Posted by Prine on 07/04/2010

Germany was/is the better team.
Argentina got beat by the current best team in the world. Nothing to be ashamed of.
They will now beat Spain and Uruguay/Netherlands to pick up their 4th title.
BTW, I am both US and German citizen. The "arrogance" in Germany? Nope. Actually the opposite. Most people looked at me like I was crazy when, 2 months ago, I said we'd win it all.
Germans (up here in the north, at least) are polite, kind, humble people for the most part. I think Lily must have had a very bad experience to think like she does.

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