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July 3, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 07/03/2010

No more tricks then. Another World Cup and another defeat against Germany. This time, the result was heavier, but the way we lost it and with so much difference between both teams makes it somehow easier to absorb than when they knocked us out in 2006, when we were leading and we threw it away and then we failed on penalties.

It still hurts! Oh how it hurts indeed! It's painful to see yet another World Cup pass by and to do it knowing that we've got the best player in the world wearing our number 10 shirt.

But I think this outcome was only logical and here's why I'm saying this...

Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 07/03/2010

Enough with the war of words, Mr. SCHWEINSTEIGER and Mr. LAHM, it's time to play a game of football and time to see who gets the final word on the pitch.

Germany are a class act and I know I'm not discovering anything when I say this. They have always been tough to beat and they have always been there. Jorge VALDANO, who was one of the few Argentine players who can say 'I defeated Germany at a World Cup' after he scored our second goal in that famous 3-2 win in Mexico 1986, took a quote from Gary LINEKER and put it in Spanish so we could all realise that: 'Football is a sport played by 11 players on each side and the Germans always win'.

On Saturday, in the beautiful Cape Town, in my opinion, it could very well be a matter of 'who wants it more?' and for much as we can't compare to a superior Germany in many aspects, they can't get anywhere near Argentina in that department. WE SIMPLY WANT IT MORE THAN THEM!

June 30, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

I heard a rumour and I'm not a big fan of them, but seeing we have a tense wait before Saturday's match, I thought I'd drop it here and get some feedback from you.

Apparently, Diego and members of his coaching staff have agreed in playing 3-4-3 v. Germany.

DEMICHELIS-BURDISSO-HEINZE (SAMUEL is apparently not ready to make a comeback yet)

Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

I've been out all day and I've missed the live coverage (if there was any) of Argentina's training session or media activity.

So I'm taking this information from the national media reporting on what Diego MARADONA said today.

Among other things, Diego said the following:

Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/30/2010

It's the late hours of Tuesday, 29 June and even though most of you will read this on the 30th, I can't ignore the fact that 24 years ago today, Argentina defeated West Germany 3-2 at the Azteca Stadium to win the 1986 Mexico World Cup. How many times have we watched those images and how many frustrations have we lived since then? 24 years later, it's Germany in our way again and we need to stop with this painful streak against them. It still hurts to remember how they beat us in the final in 1990 and how they eliminated us on penalties four years ago. It's time to stop them now.

And what would be the best way to do so?

June 27, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/27/2010

I didn't like how we played tonight. I really didn't. But you want to know what I did like? That despite not playing a solid game, despite not enjoying that much possession, despite not creating as many chances as in our three previous games, we still won 3-1. And we still managed to make it look rather easy.

The reason? Apart from a horrible refereeing mistake that allowed our first goal in a clear offside position, was nothing more than our incredible individual quality.

June 26, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/26/2010

Allow me to go a little bit off topic here and talk about other teams and not just Argentina. It's just that I'm obsessed with the World Cup (always have been) and in a way, all 32 teams are related and they all take part of the same competition.

So here we are. Some people say: "The real World Cup starts with the Round of 16". I would tell those people to look at Italy or France and think again.

I would go even further...the real World Cup starts with the World Cup Qualifiers! But they are history now. We need to talk about the present and here are some points I thought I'd raise for all of us to engage in conversation.

June 22, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/22/2010

What a frustrating match of football that was! From every angle you look at it.

I thought Greece would have had the need to try and get something out of this game. I thought they would attack or at least try something to get what they needed from this meeting with Argentina. They gambled on getting a draw and shutting down Argentina and then on getting a result go their way from the other match in our group. Well...I'm glad it didn't pay off for them. Not only because we won, but also because I can't believe how negative they played tonight. It felt like they didn't want to be there in the first place. And I don't like it when teams that don't want to play football stay alive in the competition.

June 21, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/21/2010

When I was a boy, I was fortunate enough to read a book which is an excellent classic, one of the many brilliant pieces from the old Spanish literature. This novel is called 'El Cantar de Mío Cid'.

Now this was the story about a Spanish knight called Rodrígo DÍAZ DE VIVAR, born around 1041 or 1054.

Known as 'El Cid Campeador', this man was a master military tactician and he was feared by all the other armies. He was invincible.

June 20, 2010
Posted by Sebastian Garcia on 06/20/2010

What do I mean with that question?

Before you accuse me of counting my chickens ahead of time, I don't mean who are we going to face in the round of 16. We are not quite there yet. I'm cautious. Not pessimistic. Just cautious.

I'm also not an ignorant. I know we play Greece next. That's not what I meant either when I asked that question in the headline.

I mean...who do we play? Which players do we keep in our starting XI?


Sebastian Garcia was born just a few blocks from the place where a certain Diego Armando Maradona first kicked a football. Regretfully, Sebastian had to make do with punching some keys and writing about football. He worked for Clarin newspaper and ESPN in Buenos Aires before taking part in Press Operations in several major sporting events such as the Beijing Olympics, when Argentina won gold at the Birds Nest.

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